Weird News

A 20-year-old man was arrested after police say he tried to steal a car. A police car. With a Fort Pierce police officer sitting inside. According to TC Palm, Officer Robie Troutman was sitting in his cruiser at the Fort Pierce police station, with the motor running. Troutman wrote in his report, “While in my vehicle, I heard the rear passenger side door handle make noise and then the front passenger side door handle make noise, where I was positioned seated in the driver seat of my clearly marked Fort Pierce Police Department Patrol vehicle.” Troutman got out of the car and saw a man run away and hide behind another vehicle. The man, Aaron Orlando Rodriguez III, of Okeechobee, was detained and arrested for attempted grand theft of a motor vehicle as well as loitering and prowling and possession of drug equipment. “Rodriguez said he saw my vehicle was running so he attempted to steal the vehicle so he had a ride home,” Troutman reported.

In the quiet Toronto suburb of Cathedraltown, a life-sized chrome cow statue, raised two stories high on stilts, is upsetting locals. According to the CBC, the sculpture, titled “Charity, Perpetuation of Perfection,” commemorates Brookview Tony Charity, an award-winning Holstein cow that was raised nearby on Romandale Farm. Residents gathered this week to demand that the recently installed artwork be removed immediately. Danny Dasilva said, "We don't like it. It scares the children.” Real estate developer Helen Roman-Barber donated the postmodern cow and insisted on the location. She also agreed to cover maintenance and installation costs, and the city council approved.  Residents also have  expressed safety concerns about children playing near the sculpture, but Dasilva questions the decision to install it. "The last thing that would cross my mind would be to raise a life-sized cow with chrome-like finish two stories in the air and consider that proper," he said. 11-year-old resident Chloe said, "I think it's strange to see the cow's butt every morning." Councilman Alan Ho urged residents to come to a city council meeting in September and demand the sculpture be moved to another location. reports that Anthony Cotugno, 60, of Newark, was pulled over after driving through the George Washington Bridge toll plaza in Fort Lee for driving through the E-ZPass lane without paying. Port Authority police said the electronic sign indicated the toll had not been paid. Police checked his E-ZPass account and found that it had been revoked. Police said that Cotugno accumulated 1,510 violations totaling $47,000 on the New Jersey Turnpike and $40,700 in unpaid tolls at Port Authority crossings. Cotugno was charged with theft of service, toll evasion and a traffic violation. Additionally, Cotugno’s 2001 Lincoln was impounded.

A Florida man who was found lying on a pile of crack cocaine took a gamble by telling cops the drugs weren't his -- and that his huge stash of cash came from his job...playing the lottery. Dwayne Fennell tried to hide behind a dog kennel in his yard when officers came to his house to investigate reports that he was dealing drugs, but was quickly spotted and pulled up for questioning. The 34-year-old first said that there was no crack in the yard, then said it wasn't his -- though the deputies didn't really buy either of those explanations. When asked where the $9100 in his pocket came from, he explained that he earned a living playing the lottery, and had a very good day. He was taken into custody on an array of charges.

A Florida bank robber fled the scene of his hold-up, then took off all his clothes and showered pedestrians with wads of cash.

A Florida bank robber decided to play Robin Hood and Lady Godiva -- by fleeing the scene of his hold-up, then taking off all his clothes and showering pedestrians with wads of cash. Alexander Sperber told a teller at a Regions Bank branch in Fort Lauderdale that he had a gun, then pulled his hand out of his pocket and pointed it at her as if it were a weapon -- which was enough for her to hand over $4700 in cash. She even threw in a little something extra -- a red dye packet designed to explode as soon as Sperber broke into the wad of bills. The teller's plan worked, but Sperber wasn't deterred from his mission -- and stripped off every stitch of his dye-stained clothes. He ran down the street naked, throwing cash at everyone in sight. He was subdued on a street corner and covered with a tarp before questioning -- in which he said he pulled the stunt to jump-start his career as a comedian.

The truck was likely hidden in an effort to commit insurance fraud.

Have you ever thought about what might be buried underneath your house or yard? A family in Oklahoma never expected to find an SUV buried in a six-foot hole in their backyard. Fredie Green says his family has long ridden ATVs on a trail behind his house and there was a jump that they always drove over, never thinking about why it was there. One day his son was digging to adjust the jump and discovered a large piece of metal underneath. After some more digging, he was shocked to find a 2003 Chevy Trailblazer that was covered in plastic wrap. Green was nervous to look any deeper into the vehicle because he was afraid there could be a body inside, so he called police. When officers arrived, they looked inside and found no bodies. A further investigation determined that the truck belonged to the property's previous owner, who had reported it stolen shortly after purchasing it. Detectives believe it was buried as part of an insurance fraud scheme.

The man showed sheer determination in trying to bring his sheep into a supermarket.

An Irish man was kicked out of a supermarket and eventually arrested after he challenged the store's "no dogs" policy. The man walked into the store with his pet sheep on a leash and casually strolled through the aisles. An employee approached him and told him he'd have to leave because he couldn't bring an animal into the store. The man refused to leave and insisted on seeing the store's policy on animals. He then pointed out that the policy says "no dogs" and not "no animals," therefore he should be allowed to take his sheep shopping. Soon other employees were called over to escort the man and his sheep out of the store. Once outside, he picked up a metal bar and tried to hit a security guard with it. The security guard grabbed him and tackled him to the ground while the sheep just stood and watched. Eventually the man calmed down and walked away with his pet. Police say they later caught up to him and arrested him for assault. (Irish Times)

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Schnuck Markets, known to locals as Schnucks, will begin testing a robot named Tally at one of its stores. The test is expected to last six weeks. Tally is 30-pounds, 38 inches tall and has two blinking eyes on a digital screen. It has an extension to scan high shelves and sits on a circular base similar to a Roomba. Tally is equipped with sensors to help navigate the store and avoid bumping into customers’ shopping carts. Tally does take breaks. San Francisco-based Simbe Robotics, the company that built Tally, says the robot will streamline the store’s performance, increase sales and cut expenses. Tally also frees up staff to focus on customer service. Simbe’s CEO Brad Bogolea said, “The goal of Tally is to create more of a feedback mechanism. Although most retailers have good supply chain intelligence, and point-of-sale data on what they’ve sold, what’s challenging for retailers is understanding the true state of merchandise on shelves. Everyone sees value in higher quality, more frequent information across the entire value chain.” Faced with pressure from Amazon, retailers including Wal-Mart Stores have begun using robots to perform tasks such as counting cash. Dave Steck, Schnuck Markets’ vice president of IT and infrastructure, said Tally is not a job-cutting measure. “This is not to displace jobs,” Steck said. “It still takes someone to order merchandise, receive it from the warehouse and ultimately to stock it. There are no arms or legs on this robot.” For now.

Bodycam footage shows the moment a police officer took matters into his own hands to deal with an alligator trespassing on the front porch of a home in Hollywood, Florida. The Boynton Beach Police Department posted the video to Facebook Wednesday, which shows officer Alfredo Vargas wrestling the alligator after he found it lying near the front door of the residence. In the video, Vargas first approaches the alligator with a pole about 5 feet long with what appears to be a noose at the end of it. Once the alligator's head is lassoed, the officer tapes its snout shut. Police received a call about the alligator around 2:24 a.m. on July 10, a spokesperson for the department told ABC News. Vargas decided to handle the gator himself after he called the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, who told him that a trapper wouldn't likely arrive for another 30 minutes and would likely kill the gator, the police department wrote on Facebook. FWC advised Vargas that he could release the alligator elsewhere, so he put it in the back seat of his patrol car and placed it in a nearby canal after removing the tape from its mouth, police said. Vargas had been trained on how to handle nuisance alligators and return them to their natural habitat by Gator Boys Alligator Rescue at the Everglades Holiday Park in Fort Lauderdale, police said. The department quipped on Facebook that it has made Vargas its "official alligator wrestler." Florida Fish and Wildlife did not immediately respond to ABC News' request for comment.

It sounds like the premise of a horror movie: a Virginia woman heard noises in her home in the middle of the night and soon discovered a man was living in her attic. WRC reports that the woman, who asked not to be identified, heard the noises in the house she rents in Arlington. She said, "I heard footsteps above me, and I checked in with my landlord, because sometimes he's used the storage above." The landlord called the police Officers searched the attic and found Anthony Jones, a 60-year-old homeless man. In a search of the attic, police found a backpack, clothes and bedding. It is not yet known how long Jones was in the house, but police believe he entered the home through an open sliding glass door.

A Florida woman was hauled in for a mugshot after cops pulled her over for driving erratically -- and found a large amount of meth hidden in a mug tagged with a cute anti-drug slogan. Tina Anne-Marie Gilmour put the pedal to the metal when she saw a state trooper behind her pickup truck, but decided to end the chase after just a few hundred yards. She then pulled to the side of the road and walked calmly towards the cop with her hands behind her back and crossed in the position they'd need to be in order to fit handcuffs. Gilmour clearly knew the routine well, since the same deputy had pulled her over less than a week earlier for driving with a non-valid license. A search of her vehicle turned up a number of ingredients used in drug manufacturing, as well as a plastic bottle containing meth and printed with the phase "My Future Is Bright, No Drugs in Sight."

A woman bought a vacuum, opened the box and found towels, rocks and a can of chili inside.

A Texas woman who bought a new $300 vacuum from Target was shocked when she opened up the box and found nothing but dirty towels, rocks and a can of chili inside. Annie Banerjee thought she was getting a new Dyson vacuum. She took it home and soon made the bizarre discovery. An hour later, she returned it to the store and told the manager, who didn't believe her and then called police. Banerjee, who's from India, believes she was being racially profiled. Target has reached out to her to apologize and refund her money. They even bought her a new vacuum. The store says they're also looking into how those items got into the box.

Video shot with a contraband cellphone shows the escape of three inmates from a maximum-security wing of a California jail last year, as well as scenes from their days on the run. Los Angeles news station KNBC-TV which aired parts of the footage Tuesday, says it was provided by an attorney connected to the case, and not by prosecutors. The heavily edited video, which includes voiceover from one of the escaped inmates, also shows the inside of the dorm where the men were housed in Orange County. One man is seen removing a sawed-off bunk bed leg, pulling off a metal screen and disappearing into a vent. The trio crawls through shafts within the walls of the jail. They led authorities on a weeklong manhunt before they were recaptured.

A man is accused of drunkenly strolling down a Maine road wearing a black-hooded sweatshirt and a clown mask and brandishing a machete taped to where his arm had been amputated. Maine State Police say 31-year-old Corey Berry, of Hollis, was arrested Tuesday and charged with criminal threatening. He was released after posting $200 bail. Police say Berry was first spotted in Hollis but then fled into the woods. He was taken into custody after re-emerging in Waterboro. Police say Berry was intoxicated but cooperative. He told officers that he was copying previous clown sightings as a prank.

A California man has been arrested on a federal smuggling charge stemming from the seizure of a package that contained three live king cobras hidden inside potato chips canisters, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. Special agents with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service arrested 34-year-old Monterey Park resident Rodrigo Franco on Tuesday, the DOJ said in a statement. He was charged with one count of illegally importing merchandise to the U.S. and was expected to make his first appearance in court Tuesday afternoon. On March 2, U.S. Customs and Border Control agents inspected a package sent from Hong Kong and discovered the cobras, a "protected and highly venomous reptile," according to an affidavit filed in the Central District of California. Each snake was approximately 2 feet long, court documents state. In photos provided by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the cobras appeared to be coiled inside of the potato chip canisters, which appeared to be sealed with a plastic lid. The parcel, which was sent through the U.S. Postal Service, also contained three albino Chinese soft-shelled turtles, the DOJ said. The smuggling charge against Franco carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in federal prison. It is unclear if Franco has retained an attorney or entered a plea.

No one likes seeing bugs in their apartment. Most people usually try to steer them out the window or go after them with a shoe, but a woman in Kansas tried something more extreme. The Topeka Capital-Journal reports that multiple fire companies responded to a two-alarm blaze at the Fairlawn Green apartment complex in Topeka on Monday and stayed on the scene for about six hours. Topeka Fire Marshal Mike Martin said that an investigation determined the blaze resulted from an “occupant trying to kill a bug with a lighter.” The occupant, Monique Quarles, was in the apartment with her daughter and grand-daughter. Quarles said she tried to burn a bug with a lighter that malfunctioned. Quarles told the paper she picked up a bug, put it in her hand “and lit it on fire.” She saw another bug near the mattress in the master bedroom, and said, “When I grabbed the bug and I had it, I went to light it and then the lighter started sparking, so these sparks then went onto the box springs. The sparks just started flying on it and inside of it." Quarles got her daughter and grand-daughter out and said she knocked on doors to alert neighbors. Everyone was out of the building by the time firefighters arrived. Several cats were rescued from the building and oxygen was administered to a couple of them. Fire officials said 13 adults and six children were displaced because of the fire but there were no serious injuries were reported in the fire. The fire caused an estimated $140,000 in damage.

A man in upstate New York was pulled over in a suspicious vehicle with no doors or windows. Police suspect drugs may have been involved. According to a Wyoming County Sheriff’s Office police report, Jared T. Price was arrested in Weathersfield on Monday after deputies responded to a complaint of a suspicious vehicle. Price was pulled over and during the traffic stop, his car was observed to have no license plates, no windshield and no doors. It also had an axe conspicuously stuck in the roof.  Price was given a field sobriety test, on which he performed poorly, and was taken into custody.  His car was towed and taken to the Wyoming County Sheriff’s Office for a drug influence evaluation. Price himself was evaluated by a certified Drug Recognition Expert and was found to be impaired by multiple different drug categories. It was not clear what the categories were. Price faces multiple charges including No License Plates, Unregistered Motor Vehicle, Uninspected Motor Vehicle, Operating Without Insurance, No Front Windshield and No Safety Glass. Price is due in court August 1. The Buffalo News has an excellent picture of Price’s car.

A Florida cop investigating a domestic disturbance found that a woman at the scene to be too hard to handle -- after she got a handle on his crotch and refused to let go. The 35-year-old woman, whose name was not released, was inside the home, causing a ruckus, when officers arrived to answer a 911 call from a neighbor. According to the police report, the home was too cluttered with refuse for the cops to make their way to the bedroom, where she'd barricaded herself. One deputy managed to talk her out of her lair, but she escalated things by grabbing a hammer out of a flowerpot to threaten the boys in blue, and then putting the squeeze on the junk of one, refusing to let go until he pried her hand away. She was taken to a hospital for observation.

A Florida woman just became a shoe-in for this year's dumbest criminals list -- by breaking into a house and stealing a load of stuff, including two shoes from non-matching pairs.

A Florida woman just became a shoe-in for this year's dumbest criminals list -- by breaking into a house and stealing a load of stuff, including two shoes from non-matching pairs. Ashley Renae Nobles was spotted running from a Gainesville condo and hopping into a getaway car, but still tried to deny that she had anything to do with the break-in, which caused damage to the residence's front window, a table and a large glass candle-holder. The victim was able to prove Nobles had something to do with the theft -- by presenting cops with one Nike shoe and one Converse sneaker, each a match for a shoe the suspect had in her car. Nobles was charged with burglary, criminal mischief, grand theft and driving with a revoked license.

Two guys tried to buy cocaine from a cop outside a police station.

Just when you thought people couldn't get any dumber, along comes a pair of guys who tried to buy cocaine at a police station. A police officer in Hartford, Connecticut had just finished his shift and was walking from the police station to his personal car in the parking lot when he was approached by two men. He says they asked to buy cocaine from him but said they had to go to an ATM first to get cash. The officer then informed them that there is an ATM inside the lobby of the police station. The duo walked into the station, withdrew $60 and walked outside where they were promptly arrested. The cash was held by police as evidence.

The driver was really a gluten for punishment.

Washington state troopers recently got a rise out of a truck driver who was hauling bread dough. Officers responded to a call about a semi truck on the side of the road that had rising dough spilling out through the top and the back. Apparently, the heat outside activated the yeast in the dough, turning the truck into a giant brioche. No one was hurt and the Washington State Department of Transportation eventually cleaned up the mess.

A Maine family is working hard to keep their city clean. WCSH reports that Dennis Meehan, owner of Summit Medical Marijuana in Gardiner, led a charge to cleanup his community on Saturday, incentivizing locals to help by offering them weed for weeds. Meehan said, “Bring us back the full trash bag, and we give them a gift of cannabis.” Meehan was inspired by a town in Colorado that did it. The plan is simple: Participants get a trash bag, fill it with trash from around town, bring it to the store and redeem a bag of marijuana free of charge. Meehan knows it’s not a strong business model to give things away for free but he sees himself as giving back to the community. “Something that caregivers do all across Maine that very few people know about is that they make huge sacrifices every week to help others live a better quality of life,” Meehan said. Meehan hopes to extend the day of service to the whole state soon.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, especially if she’s seen Waiting to Exhale. Tasha Nicole Hemlock, 29, of The Villages, was arrested Thursday after she allegedly burned the clothes and shoes of her boyfriend, who was cheating on her. Hemlock and her unidentified boyfriend, who live together, have been in a relationship for several years and have two children. The boyfriend admitted to a Sumter County sheriff’s deputy that he “has been seeing another female.” Hemlock, who was convicted of battery in 2010, was arrested on felony charges of battery and criminal mischief. In the 1995 movie, Waiting to Exhale, the character Bernadette, played by Angela Bassett, discovers her husband is cheating and gathers all his clothes and burns them in his BMW.

There are many things New York is known for: the Statue of Liberty; Broadway; pizza; Niagra Falls; the Finger Lakes region which boasts over 100 respected wineries; and being a cultural mecca for artists, actors and musicians. Things New York is not known for: gators. There were been a number of alligator sightings on the Tioughnioga River between Whitney Point and Lisle in upstate New York over the weekend. Whitney Point is approximately 200 miles northwest of New York City, between Binghamton and Ithaca. The Mayor of Whitney Point, Ryan Reynolds, said on Sunday that the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation had been contacted. On Monday, the DEC issued a statement. "DEC received the first report of an alligator sighting near Whitney Point in the Tioughnioga River on Saturday, July 22. At that time, DEC’s Environmental Conservation Officers were dispatched to investigate, but unable to confirm the sighting. There was a second reported sighting this morning in the same Whitney Point area. DEC is actively investigating this report.” American alligators are generally found in the southeastern U.S., from lower Virginia to Texas, yet oddly not unheard of in New York State. However, it is illegal to keep an alligator as a pet in New York.

There are a lot of deer inside a North Carolina taxidermy shop, but they're usually stuffed. That changed early Sunday morning. The owners of Bowman's Wildlife Taxidermy received a phone call at 3 a.m. from a sheriff's deputy letting them know there was a live deer inside their shop. At first they thought the call was a joke, but the officer insisted it was real and said that a live deer had broken into the store "trying to free his friend." The deputy took a video that showed the deer and the approximately $3000 worth of damage it caused.

A sheriff's deputy in Florida gave new meaning to the phrase "junk justice" -- after getting himself fired for taking over 100 pictures of his junk while on duty at the county courthouse.

A sheriff's deputy in Florida gave new meaning to the phrase "junk justice" -- after getting himself fired for taking more than 100 pictures of his junk while on duty at the county courthouse. Macen LeVan had his department-issued cell phone seized for investigation on a separate sex-related issue, and when his superiors began examining the contents, they found about 125 pictures of the veteran lawman in various stages of undress - all of which displayed his private parts. Under questioning, LeVan admitted he'd spent a lot of time examining his own "evidence" instead of doing county business, so he was axed by the office. He won't be charged with a crime, though. His supervisor said, "It appears as though he was sending those photos to other people, all consenting adults. There’s nothing criminal associated with this case.”

He showed a lot more than his emotions.

A Florida man has an unusual way of showing his emotions and it has landed him behind bars. Police in St. Petersburg say 47-year-old John Walter Lee Gill stripped off his clothes outside a motel where he has been living and walked along the sidewalk in full view of people, including young kids. When police stopped him, he explained, "I get naked when I get really happy or really sad.” Police did not mention if he was happy or sad at the time, but he's likely sad now that he's charged with indecent exposure and obstruction.

Traffic on a major highway in England has been disrupted for hours after a truck laden with chocolate bars burst into flames. Drivers faced long delays after parts of the highway in Kent, southern England, were closed Thursday as fire crews put out the blaze and road workers tried to clear the debris. A Highways England spokeswoman said the fire occurred in early Thursday, saying: "Some of the chocolate had melted onto the road. There were lots of chocolate bars everywhere." No injuries were reported and all lanes on the highway reopened Thursday afternoon. Kent Fire and Rescue Service said the cause of the blaze was not known. The chocolate bars were reported to be Lion candy bars made by Nestle.

A woman in California woke up to find an alleged burglar asleep on the floor. The San Gabriel Valley Tribune reports that Pasadena police Lieutenant William Grisafe said that Marvin Donnerson, 51, allegedly broke into a home early Saturday morning and started rummaging around the house. While he was there, Lieutenant Grisafe said, “He decided to make himself a sandwich.” It must have been some sandwich, because after eating, Donnerson allegedly decided to lay down on the floor and take a nap. The homeowner, who was not identified, called Pasadena police who took Donnerson into custody without a struggle.  He was booked on suspicion of burglary.

A robbery attempt at a Starbucks in California was foiled by a customer who was not having it. KTVU reports that a man walked into a Starbucks in Fresno last Thursday wearing a Transformers mask and carrying a plastic gun. Surveillance video has been released of the incident, which shows the man demanding the cashier put money into a yellow plastic bag. The cashier seems to be stalling or having difficulty getting the register to open. The robber then pulls out a knife. While this is going on, a man can be seen in the background grabbing a chair and approaching the robber. The customer, Cregg Jerri, 58, then comes up behind the robber and whacks him with the chair. A struggle occurs as the suspect turns his knife on Jerri, but Jerri quickly overpowers him -- and then stabs the robber several times. Surprisingly, a Starbucks employee doesn’t seem to notice any of this and can be seen cleaning tables. The robber was able to get away, but Fresno police caught him a short time later and brought him to the hospital before arresting him. Jerri had some minor injuries but is expected to make a full recovery.

A Florida man didn't wait for cops to lock him up for breaking into a stranger's house last week --  he decided to do it himself, by latching the door when he heard the homeowner pull into the driveway and try to come inside. The victim called 911 when he turned the outside knob on his front door and found it locked, with a stranger inside saying he was stuck. As cops arrived at the scene, George Wayne Felder came out, chatting happily as if he knew the homeowner -- who insisted he had no clue who he was. Deputies found $700 in damage to the door, which Felder had kicked in, and a half-empty Pepsi that had been swiped from the fridge lying on the floor. He faces charges of criminal mischief, burglary and possession of cocaine -- for the crack that was found in his pocket.

A Cleveland-area man got a hankering for something green to go along with the pizza he'd just purchased.

A Cleveland-area man got a hankering for something green to go along with the pizza he'd just purchased at a takeout shop -- so he pulled a gun and demanded all the greenbacks in the cash register as a chaser. The guy, who is still at large, approached a worker who was taking a cigarette break outside Happy's Pizza and said he'd like to place an order, so the pair went in together. While the clerk told police he became a bit nervous when he saw the suspect carrying a gun, the guy calmly ordered his pepperoni, sausage and pepper pie and asked for a job application, then paid for his meal with a $10 bill. But when the employee opened the register to put the ten-spot inside, the guy pointed the firearm at him and demanded all his cash. The man said he was "going through something" and was "sorry to put [the employee] through this," before he took the money and ran away.

A Utah man finally received his package after 14 years.

A Utah man waiting for a package to be delivered finally received it last week... after 14 years. Dave Taggart says a package was delivered by UPS to his home although he didn't recall ordering anything. But when he opened it he realized what it was. It was a poster he had ordered from the American Physical Therapy Association back in 2003. He remembered paying $8.50 for it and had planned on hanging it in his physical therapy office for National Physical Therapy Month. Taggart says, "I just forgot about it and didn't sweat it. It was just a simple poster, you know. I didn't have any heartburn over it." The packaging was a little banged up and it had two stickers on it -- one dated 2003 and the other dated 2017. The company that sent the package said their records show it was sent in 2003 and the only record UPS has is that it was delivered on July 11th, 2017. Its whereabouts for 14 years remain a mystery.

A truck crashed and spilled 250 gallons of glue onto an Oregon highway.

The Oregon Department of Transportation found itself in a sticky situation when a freight truck carrying glue crashed and tipped over, spilling its load all over the highway. Authorities say the truck spilled 250 gallons of glue, which quickly started to harden. It took crews nearly 24 hours to clean up the mess, which left part of I-105 closed. They could have removed the glue faster but that would have entailed grinding up the road and then repaving it. No one was injured and police are investigating the crash.

An upstate New York woman has found a World War I artillery shell in her basement. Buffalo resident Judith Sobresky says she was pulling up tiles in her basement Thursday when she saw an odd object in the corner. Lodged between the floor and wall was the old artillery shell. Sobresky called the police after examining it. Buffalo police, the fire department and bomb squad arrived and later U.S. Air Force bomb specialists were called. Officials took close to four hours to remove the shell. Authorities say it was taken to a secure location to be detonated. Sobresky has lived in the home with her 7-year-old daughter for two years. She tells WKBW-TV the find was odd and "pretty nerve wracking."

Philadelphia police say a 65-year-old woman stole a taxi and picked up a fare. They say Betty Thomas caught the cab around midnight Thursday and asked to be taken to the SugarHouse Casino. On the way, she asked the driver to make a stop at a gas station. It was at the station where police say the woman got into a dispute with the driver about a fare before jumping into the driver's seat and driving off. Police stopped the taxi 30 minutes later and found a 23-year-old woman and her infant daughter in the backseat. The mother told officers she had hailed the cab earlier, not realizing it was stolen. Thomas has been charged with various types of theft. Her public defender lawyer was not immediately available for comment.

KXAS reports that an FDA lab analysis detected a drug that is structurally similar to the active ingredient in Viagra in a coffee product made by a north Texas company. Bestherbs Coffee LLC, in Grand Prairie, issued a voluntary nationwide recall of its "New of Kopi Jantan Tradisional Herbs Coffee" after the FDA notice. The ingredient in question, desmethyl carbodenafil, may react with nitrates found in some prescription drugs, dangerously lowering blood pressure, and poses a risk to men with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or heart disease. The coffee was sold online. Anyone who purchased the coffee can return it to the Bestherbs office for a full refund. It is unclear if any men who had the coffee enjoyed it more than usual.

CTV News reports that Gavin Strickland, 19, of Syracuse, New York, drove to over the Canadian border to Toronto to see Metallica Sunday night. Unfortunately, when the concert was over, he couldn’t remember where he parked. Strickland spent the night wandering the city looking for his car. Toronto police officers even helped him look for the car for several hours. Monday morning, he called his parents, Eric and Michele Strickland. They decided to turn to Craigslist for help, and their post caught a lot of people’s attention. They offered a modest reward and wrote, “Our doofy son parked the car in an indoor parking garage, in the first floor, slightly lower basement level, but that garage cannot now be located. Please respond with photos of the car and specific location instructions to claim the reward.” All Gavin could remember was that he parked in a garage near a Starbucks, a strange spiral outdoor sculpture, a bank and a construction site. After two days, it seemed hopeless. Luckily, Craigslist users rallied for Strickland. Madison Riddolls saw a post about the car on social media and decided to go looking for it. She said, “Wednesday night, my boyfriend and I took his car out and we went for a drive. We started with every Starbucks with a construction zone and a bank nearby.” She found the car early Thursday morning in the TD Bank Tower on Wellington Street. Gavin’s father is sending Madison the $100 reward and will also donate $100 in her name to a charity she likes. Gavin took a bus from Syracuse to Toronto to pick up his car.

A Miami-area man was upset that an AT&T utility truck was parked in front of his home, so he shot it, cell phone video appears to show. WSVN reports that AT&T utility employees Derrick Taylor and Gilberto Ramos were working on telephone lines in front of a home in Hialeah when Jorge Jove came outside. Jove, a retired Miami-Dade firefighter, had a verbal exchange with Taylor and Ramos, the gist of which is that he wanted them to move their truck. Hialeah Police Sgt. Carl Zogby said, “The owner of the house came out. He was upset that the trucks were parked in front of his house, asked them to move.” Ramos and Taylor told Jove that when they were finished with repairs, they would move the truck, but that didn’t satisfy him. A few minutes later, Jove is accused of coming out of the house with a gun and firing at the truck in front of his house and another utility truck on the scene. Cell phone video shows Jove firing at the tires of the truck, then at the front grill. Taylor called 911. Responding officers say they saw Jove fire at Ramos, who was in the utility bucket fixing a line. Fortunately, Jove missed. No injuries were reported. Luisa Morales, a neighbor of Jove’s, spoke highly of him. She added that this is not the first time Jove has confronted AT&T workers in front of his home.  Jove was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Tampa residents Jacob Harris, Daniel Posey and Brant Tucker, all of whom are 18, were stopped by the Florida Highway Patrol for doing 113 mph on Tuesday. Harris, who was driving, was speeding in a 65 mph zone. All of them said they were speeding because they were late for class in Tallahassee. Troopers say they found hash oil, marijuana and drug paraphernalia in the car, a 2014 Mustang. According to police, Tucker claimed possession of the drugs and was charged with felony drug possession, possession of hash oil, possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana and paraphernalia. Harris was cited for speeding.

A Canadian grandpa got the wrong kind of chill from a tub of ice cream that he'd bought to celebrate the birth of a baby boy -- when he put a spoonful of the treat into his mouth and bit down on a catheter! Family member Carole-Anne Christofferson says that the elderly gent, who was not identified, initially thought he was chewing on a nut, since he'd chosen butter pecan flavor, but after the texture turned out to be wrong, he spat it out and discovered the truth. The family said they noticed something dark on the tip of the medical device and decided to seek medical attention, since they weren't sure if it was caramel or blood. The owner of the company that manufactured the ice cream says that surveillance tape showed nothing out of the ordinary the day it came off the assembly line.

The public has voted, and a Swedish train has a new name.

Residents of Stockholm, Sweden were asked to help come up with a name for four commuter trains with predictable results. Swedish rail company MTR Express held an online poll and asked people to name the trains. Not surprisingly, the majority of those polled voted for "Trainy McTrainface," so from now on, that's exactly what the train will be called. Unlike British officials who overruled the public's call to name a boat "Boaty McBoatface," the Swedish rail company says they will stick with the name and hope it brings people joy. Other names that were in contention included "Miriam" and "Poseidon."

A Cleveland-area man who did not think his sandwich was very well done threatened to shoot the guy who made it.

A Cleveland-area man who did not think his sandwich was very well done took the rare step of threatening to shoot the guy who made it. Dearyus Arki Menefield ordered breakfast at a Steak 'n' Shake location, but couldn't stomach the look of his sandwich, saying the egg was underdone and runny. He also suspected someone had spit into it. While the cashier offered a replacement, Menefield ran into the kitchen shouting profanities and threatening to shoot everyone there. When officers arrived at the scene, the 20-year-old insisted he made no threats of violence, but witnesses testified otherwise. He was not in possession of a weapon other than his big mouth.

A golden retriever who was out for a walk on the beach rescued a fawn who was drowing. Mark Freeley said he had been walking his Golden Retriever, Storm, on the beach at Port Jefferson Harbor Sunday morning when Storm ran into the water and started swimming toward something. Freeley took video of the dog swimming back, holding something large in its mouth. When he got closer, Freeley could see that Storm had a small fawn in his mouth. The video shows Storm tossing the deer onto the beach. The fawn has trouble standing up so Storm then takes it in his mouth and brings it farther up the beach. The weak fawn got friendly licks and nudging from Storm, who appeared to try to revive it. Freeley and Storm stayed with the deer until a vet showed up. The fawn is expected to fully recover.

A California couple’s Uber ride took an unexpected turn Friday night after a woman gave birth inside the car. Niv Davidovich told ABC News that minutes after entering the backseat of the car, his wife, Erica, gave birth to a son. “Everyone is telling us to name the baby Uber,” Davidovich joked. “But we can’t do that -- as much fun as it would be." Davidovich, 37, a father of three, said that the couple was at home lighting candles for Shabbat when Erica began to experience strong contractions. Because Davidovich and his wife do not drive while observing the Sabbath, he said he called an Uber to bring them to the hospital. He also wanted to be able to comfort Erica in the backseat, he added. "We got a minute out onto the road and by that point, she said, 'Call 911. I think the baby is coming right now,'" Davidovich recalled. "We got one block and she said, 'My water broke.'" "The driver was doing everything he could. He was running red lights, basically trying to get there as quick as possible," he added. Davidovich dialed 911 and the driver, Raymond Telles, remained on the phone with the police dispatcher. Telles pulled over in front of a grocery store in Sherman Oaks, and Erica gave birth to a baby boy. Erica, 31, and her son, who weighed 6 pounds, 12.5 ounces, were transported to Saint Joseph Medical Center in Burbank. The Los Angeles Fire Department confirmed on its Facebook page that the Uber driver was the primary assistant in "the successful delivery of a newborn in the vehicle." An Uber spokesman confirmed Telles was the driver who assisted in the delivery of the Davidovich's baby.

A girl in England pulled her own sting on the thief who stole her bike when police were unable to help her get it back. According to the Bristol Post, Jenni Morton-Humphreys, 30, of Bristol, locked up her expensive Cube brand German bike and went for brunch and to do some shopping in town. When she returned, the bike was gone. She reported it to the police and put a picture of the bike on the Bristol Cycling Facebook page with a note about what happened. An unidentified man who considers himself a member of the cycling community, contacted Jenni when he spotted it for sale. Although they were strangers, they worked together on an elaborate plan to get her back. Jenni’s new friend contacted the seller and they arranged to meet. Jennie went back to the police who were unable to do anything and cautioned her against the ploy. She went anyway and brought another friend. The three met up with a guy named Rocksteady, who had brought the bike. Jenni said, “I pretended to be interested and asked silly questions about the bike. I said the saddle was too high, and asked if I could get on it to test it out.” When he let go of the bike, Jenni said, “I wobbled off a bit on the bike and then when I was a couple of yards away I just went for it. I pedaled as fast as I could.” Rocksteady was left empty-handed. Her friends broke the bad news. There was a nice surprise for Jenni when she got her bike home. Jenni said, “They had spruced the bike up a bit overnight – they’d even fixed the front light.”

A Florida man got a wake-up call from cops who hauled him off to jail for making nearly 100 calls to 911 in one night! Michael Mott dialed dispatchers again and again to say that he was in search of a large sum of missing money. Only the cash was actually in the hands of cops. He'd been busted on drug dealing charges earlier in the year, but insists the state attorney decided not to go forward with the case and wanted his seized money back. According to phone records, most of Mott's calls consisted of little more than him saying "y'all better give me my money" before hanging up. Mott was so hellbent on delivering his message that he made "at least two" of the dozens of calls while a carload of officers was still on the scene from his previous call. He faces charges of misusing 911 and making harassing calls.

A doctor found 27 contact lenses in a woman's eye.

A British woman who visited her eye doctor because of discomfort assumed it was due to dry eye. Turns out she didn't realize that when you put contact lenses in, you have to take the old ones out. Doctors were shocked when they found 27 old contact lenses in her eye. At first doctors found 17 lenses all stuck together, and then discovered another 10 tucked under her eyelid. The 67-year-old said she has worn contact lenses for 35 years, but admitted she doesn't get regular check-ups.

The member of Parliament recently found out he's actually a New Zealand citizen and therefore ineligible to serve.

An Australian senator who has served in Parliament for nine years resigned over the weekend after he discovered that he's not actually Australian. The Australian Constitution requires members of Parliament to be Australian citizens. 47-year-old Scott Ludlam, who is serving his third term in Parliament, says he recently discovered that he is actually a New Zealand citizen. Ludlam was born in New Zealand and moved with his family to Australia when he was three. But his parents never renounced his New Zealand citizenship, thus making him ineligible to serve in the Australian government. Ludlam called the mistake an "avoidable oversight" that was "entirely my responsibility." An Australian court will now have to name his replacement.

American Airlines is refuting a report that passengers had to be evacuated because of a gassy passenger.

An American Airlines flight from Charlotte, North Carolina to Raleigh-Durham International Airport got a little stinky Sunday and initial reports suggested that some flatulent passengers had made others sick. An airport official in Raleigh-Durham reported that some passengers on board were sickened by "passed gas" during the flight and needed medical assistance. But the airline is denying it. A spokesman said that a plane had been taken out of service due to a mechanical issue and an odor in the cabin, but insisted that it was not due to cut cheese.

A WiFi company in the U.K. takes “terms and conditions” seriously, and now everyone who neglected to read the fine print is liable to clean sewer blockages and public toilets. According to The Guardian, some 22,000 people are legally bound to 1,000 hours of community service because they accepted the WiFi agreement without reading the contracts. These people may be liable to clean toilets at festivals, scrape chewing gum off the streets and clear sewer blockages. For about two weeks, Manchester-based WiFi company Purple inserted unusual terms and conditions, “to illustrate the lack of consumer awareness of what they are signing up to when they access free WiFi” It remains unclear whether these new, farcical “terms and conditions” actually will be enforced on customers.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that Bruce Redding came home Sunday afternoon to find an SUV on his roof. Police say that the driver of the SUV was speeding down a street that ends in a in a T-intersection in front of Redding’s house. The SUV hit an embankment and went airborne, crashing onto Redding’s roof. Redding, 66, of St. Louis, recently paid off the home and said, “I can see straight through my house. This is everything that I’ve worked for all my life, and for someone to run through a stop sign and destroy it...” The unnamed driver was taken to a hospital: his condition was unknown. Redding does not know if his house will ever be habitable again, but tried to be optimistic, saying, “The good thing is, I’m alive.”

He didn’t want to buy her any ticket because she never wins, but she told him her luck was changing. Michigan Live reports that Melissa Cramer, 46, of Laingsburg, and her fiancé Mark were camping in Cheboygan and he went out to make a run for supplies. She texted him, she said, saying, "My fiancé had left our campsite to pick up a few things, so I sent him a text and asked him to buy me some instant tickets. He wrote me back and said he wasn't going to because I always lose when he buys tickets for me." Cramer assured him she would win, so he picked up a few tickets. "When I scratched the ticket off,” she said, “I thought I had done something wrong. I called for my friend to come into the camper. When she saw what I'd won we both started screaming and jumping up and down. My fiancee, Mark, came running inside to make sure we were OK.” Cramer won $500,000 playing the Michigan Lottery's Lucky Streak game. Lottery officials said came in to retrieve her winnings. It is unclear what she plans to do with the money.

A woman in L.A. destroyed over $200,000 worth of art … while attempting to take a selfie. The artwork was a sculpture collaboration called "Hypercaine," involving artists Simon Birch, Gabriel Chan, Jacob Blitzer, and Gloria Yu. After crouching down in front of a pillar holding a sculpture, the woman tried to take a selfie, fell back into the pillar and the rest of the row fell down in rapid succession – like dominoes. Apparently three sculptures were permanently destroyed and the others were badly damaged. The entire thing was caught on security camera, and the damages exceed 200 grand.

Arizona cops are used to getting called in to help people who've gotten lost, but they were left perplexed by an emergency call from last week -- when an intruder asked for help getting out of a house he'd just broken into. David Leigh Murphy jimmied open a door at the luxury dwelling and, according to surveillance video, helped himself to several beers from the fridge before taking a nap in the living room. When he awoke, he started going through drawers and rifling through papers, but didn't seem to pocket any items. The 37-year-old then rang 911 to say he had no idea where he was and wanted help in getting out. When officers arrived, he repeated the story and handed them a single unspent bullet. The homeowner, a relative of the Busch beer family, intends to press charges.

A New York City woman who thought she was taking the subway's "J" line suddenly found herself on the "P" train.

A New York City woman who thought she was taking the subway's "J" line through the borough of Queens suddenly found herself on the "P" train -- when she was awakened from a nap by a stranger urinating on her. The victim told cops she was sitting near the middle of the eight-car train as it left the little-used 75th St.-Elderts Lane station just before two in the morning. She was only half awake and listening to music on her headphones when she felt something wet hit her face -- and was shocked to see the suspect standing over her, unable or unwilling to shift gears in mid-stream. The man ran off and left the train at the next stop, but cops plan to follow the yellow brick road to track him down for public lewdness.

A Florida man has survived a harrowing drive after a large piece of scrap metal fell from a tractor-trailer and crushed his van. The Florida Highway Patrol says 36-year-old Jesus Armando Escobar of Orlando suffered only minor injuries on Saturday when the metal fell from an interstate overpass and landed on top of his Pontiac van, smashing the roof. The metal became loose when a truck lost control and struck a guardrail. The truck flipped over and caused the metal object to fly off the overpass. The truck was driven by 33-year-old Antonio Santiago Wharton of Kissimmee. He also had minor injuries and was ticketed for careless driving. The exit ramp where the crash occurred was closed for several hours while debris was cleared.

A collection of amputation tools used in the Revolutionary War has fetched more than $100,000 at auction. The amputation kits were owned by Dr. John Warren, a Continental Army surgeon and a founder of Harvard Medical School. Boston-based RR Auction didn't identify the buyer Thursday. Auction house officials say the tools show signs of heavy use and come from a time before doctors understood the importance of sterilization. The tools include saws, a curved amputation knife, surgical scissors, forceps and a tourniquet. They were previously sold by Harvard University in a warehouse auction. Warren practiced medicine in Massachusetts before becoming a surgeon for the Continental Army. He treated the wounded at the battles of Long Island, Trenton and Princeton, and he later became Harvard's first professor of anatomy and surgery.

That’s one way to get back at your neighbor. The New York Daily News reports that Brian Juel, of Sequim, Washington, mowed the words ”A HOLE” into his lawn on West Nelson Road, then added an arrow pointing at his neighbor’s house. An image of the audacious landscaping was captured on Google Earth and has since gone viral. Juel is one of several residents who once protested his neighbors’ brightly painted home. The neighbors, Cindy and Blaine Zechenelly built a large garage apartment and painted the whole property purple in 2009. When asked about the landscaping, Cindy Zechenelly said she was aware of the viral image, but added, “I’d just as soon let it die.”

A Texas man made an unusual deposit at an ATM on Thursday. Himself.  KZTV reports that an unidentified man in Corpus Christi got trapped inside the ATM room at a Bank of America when he was changing out a lock. The man, a contractor, ironically was locked in for two hours. Without his phone, he tried to slip notes to bank customers through the ATM’s receipt slot. One of the notes read, “Please help. I’m stuck in here. I don’t have my phone.” Most customers considered the notes a joke, but one person did call the police. Police arrived and kicked down the door to free the man.

A Connecticut rapper thought he was about to blow up, but he got taken down instead. According to the Hartford Courant, police had been looking for Zoe "Gangstalicious" Dowdell, 19, of Bloomfield, on suspicion of burglary and credit card theft. Police said they had identified him from surveillance videos of transactions in which the cards were used at stores throughout the Hartford area. He was easy to find online. Dowdell goes by the name "Gangstalicious," and produces rap videos which he posts on YouTube. Some of his NSFW songs include, "Cutie Pie," "Do That" and "Not Supposed to Be." In an effort to track him down, Glastonbury officers posed as record producers and contacted the rapper via email expressing interest in his music. They set up a meeting at their "office" -- a retail and office building in heart of Glastonbury Center -- and arrested him Friday on multiple charges. The rapper posted $20,000 bail and is scheduled to appear in court next week.

11-year-old Brodie Brooks was disappointed when he didn’t reel in the huge fish he thought he’d nabbed on Lake Hartwell in Anderson, South Carolina. “I felt like it was a big fish because it was bobbing my rod up and down and I’d just gotten an Ugly Stik so I was scared I was gonna break my rod. I was scared the line was going to snap,” young Brodie told ABC News. But then he realized he’d caught something even better: a woman’s purse. “I told him, ‘You ain’t got no fish, you got a treasure,” Ben Myers, Brodie’s distant relative who was fishing with him, recalled of the unusual find on July 3. The purse belongs to April Bolt, who told ABC News it’s been missing for 25 years after she left it on her boat in the nearby marina during a family cookout in 1992. “I couldn’t believe it. I was lost for words,” Bolt, 49, said. “You never think you’d see it again. I knew somebody must’ve just gotten the cash out and threw it in the lake.” The purse had been zipped up so most of its contents -- baby photos, lipstick, old credit cards to stores that no longer exist, Clemson University-themed checks and of course, her 1990s hair teasing comb -- were still intact, despite lurking around the 29-foot-deep lake for 25 years.

A New York City man was slapped with a restraining order after a whine-and-dine session -- where he tried to drive a neighboring restaurant out of business by blasting it with loud music, posting negative online comments and even sneaking in to lick the joint's silverware. According to court papers, Jay Meetze has spent about two years harassing the owner and employees of Indian Road Cafe out of "spite and malice." The beef started when Meetze, who admits to dealing pot out of his apartment, was robbed by an unknown suspect who he insists was an employee of the restaurant, but who cops say was one of his own drug customers. Meetze posted on the Internet about urine and feces being found in the cafe, and shouted obscenities at customers, but things really went south when owner Jason Minter spotted him licking spoons at the coffee service station and putting them back in the clean silver drawer.

He broke into the church and stole chocolate coins from the freezer. 

Police in Mesa, Arizona made an unusual burglary arrest last week after a man broke into a church in search of chocolate. Cops say 57-year-old Robert Brian Wade was caught on surveillance video breaking down the front door of Living Messiah Ministries, but he wasn't looking to steal from the collection plate. He made a beeline to the kitchen and swiped three canisters of frozen chocolate coins from the freezer. Police found Wade just a block away from the church and recovered the candy coins. He was arrested and charged with burglary.

He was giving a toast at his daughter's wedding when he was struck by lightning. 

The father of the bride gave a toast at his daughter's wedding in Canada last week, but he was the one who ended up toasted -- by a bolt of lightning. J.P. Nadeau was in the middle of making a toast in his family's apple orchard when storm clouds gathered and a bolt of lightning struck the microphone he was speaking into. He had just addressed his new son-in-law and said, "You know Adam, you are one lucky guy." Just as he said "lucky guy," he was struck by lightning. He said the shock went through the wire and and into his hand.  Nadeau says he saw the lightning in his hand and it freaked him out. But it turns out that he is even luckier than the groom because he was unhurt by the shock. In fact, guests at the wedding said they were shocked that he wasn't killed.

Sometimes the early bird doesn't get the worm.  Police in Iowa are looking for a would-be bank robber who showed up to two West Des Moines branches before they opened on Wednesday. A security recording shows a man wearing a bandanna over his face trying to enter a Marine Credit Union branch at around 8:15 a.m. — nearly three hours before it opened. Police Sgt. Tony Giampolo says that employees in the parking lot watched the guy yank on the doors before fleeing upon realizing they were locked. Giampolo says a similarly dressed man tried to enter a nearby First National Bank branch at around 8:45 a.m., but it wasn't scheduled to open until 9. He says the man fled when he spotted an officer inside who was alerting the staff about the earlier robbery attempt.

You know when you see a police car sitting just off to the side of the road that you’re probably being clocked on radar and naturally slow down. WFXT reports that a man in Lakeville put a life-size Crown Victoria-shaped sign in his driveway, made from plywood and aluminum siding. It's been getting people to slow down for years. Kelly Tufts said, "It’s reflective, so even at night it catches everybody's eye.” The speed limit on the road in front of his house is 35 but people usually go much faster. "They go 50, average 50 plus. We try to keep them slowing down for kids and dogs,” Tufts said. A friend of Tufts gave him the sign years ago, and now puts it out on weekends and holiday weekends in the summer.  It works: people see it as they approach and slow down. As impressive and positive as it is, Tufts said a lot of people aren’t too crazy about his fake police car. He said, "We've had some people give us the one finger. But whatever. If it was their neighborhood, they'd enjoy it.”

The Los Angeles Times reports that a freeway litter cleanup in La Crescenta, just north of Los Angeles, yielded an unusual find on Saturday. A bag filled with marijuana. A garbage bag. City Councilman Mike Classens, who was participating in the cleanup, said, “I could tell immediately it was full of marijuana. It emitted a really strong odor, no question about it.” While he was moving the bag over to another part of the cleanup area, he noticed a second large bag about 20 feet away. It also was filled with marijuana. “It was quite a lot of marijuana. I’ve never seen so much,” he said. Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies arrived to take custody of the bags. Lt. Mark Slater said it is doubtful the owner will return. He said, “We’ll make an attempt at trying to find out who the owner is, but the likelihood of that happening is very slim.” If no one claims the marijuana, all 15 pounds will be destroyed.

Cookie Monster is known for his love of chocolate chip cookies, not cocaine. The Marathon County Sheriff’s office took to Facebook to share information about a traffic stop that involved the adorable Muppet monster on Wednesday. Deputy Orey Swilley was parked in his cruiser near U.S. One in Marathon when he spotted a black Dodge with tinted windows and its license plate obscured. The tint on the windows was so dark he could not see who was inside. He pulled the car over, and when the driver, Camus McNair, rolled down the window, Swilley alleges that he could smell marijuana wafting from inside the car. According to the post, Swilley searched the car and found a backpack with a Cookie Monster doll inside. Noticing that it was heavy for a plush doll, Swilley saw a slit cut in the doll and found two packages of what turned out to be a total of 314 grams of cocaine. McNair was arrested and charged with trafficking in cocaine. It is unclear what happened to Cookie Monster.

It’s been less than two weeks since the state of Nevada legalized recreational marijuana and the response has been so great that dispensaries are worried they’ll soon be out of weed. The Reno Gazette-Journal reports that dispensaries licensed to sell must receive all product from a distributor licensed to transport recreational marijuana, but only so many are licensed. The Department of Taxation issued a Statement of Emergency which Governor Brian Sandoval endorsed. This action would help dispensaries navigate around the regulation. The Nevada Dispensary Association estimated that dispensaries made about $3 million in sales and the state made about $1 million in tax revenue between July 1 and July 4.

An Australian man wanted to have some fun on tap after a three-hour flight - so he decided to forget about checking his luggage and checked a single can of beer instead. Dean Stinson thought about carrying his 16-ounce Emu Lager into the cabin on his trip from Melbourne to Perth, but an airline employee reminded him about the rule against bringing liquids onto flights. Rather than toss the brew into the nearest trash receptacle, the thrifty 30-year-old asked if he could stow it in the cargo hold, since he had no other luggage to check. The can survived the trip just fine, according to the thirsty traveler, who cracked it open as soon as he got it off the conveyor belt. He says, "I thought it was bloody great! And it was in perfect condition."

A teenager in Canada is under arrest after he tossed a slice of pizza at someone from his car window. The 18-year-old is accused of rolling down his window and throwing the pizza at a man standing outside his home in Newfoundland. The cheesy slice missed its intended target, but the man called police anyway to report the attempted assault. Police reviewed surveillance footage obtained from the victim and saw the saucy strike. The teen was subsequently arrested. Police say he and the victim know each other and appear to have a bitter history.

The owner of a meat company in London is in big trouble for passing off horse meat as "100 percent beef" -- and you'll never believe how the scam was uncovered. A business in Ireland received a wrong shipment of meat from Dinos & Sons, and they were suspicious of its contents. So they had the meat analyzed and found that a large amount of it was actually horse meat. They contacted authorities, and a surprise inspection was conducted at the meat plant. When portions of the meat were analyzed, inspectors actually found three equine microchips used to identify horses. The chips, which were about the size of a grain or rice and not unlike the ones pet owners use for their dogs and cats, identified two horses from Poland and one from Ireland. The owner of the company, Andronicos Sideras, is charged with conspiracy to defraud and is on trial. Two other men involved have already pleaded guilty to the same charge.

It’s the ultimate nerd debate: which is better, Star Wars or Star Trek? Two men allegedly went too far in an argument over which sci-fi franchise is better. It didn’t happen in the final frontier nor in a galaxy far, far away: it happened in Oklahoma. According to Oklahoma City Police, Jerome Whyte, 23, was allegedly at home with his roommate on July 1, when they began to argue about the cherished science fiction franchises, though it's unclear who took which position. The unnamed roommate reportedly told Whyte, "You're just a trick," before going to his bedroom. Whyte followed him and pushed him down. The two fought until Whyte started choking him. The report said, "At this point, the victim was fearing for his life and he reached for a pocket knife on his night stand.” Whyte apparently fled after he was cut but was later deemed the aggressor in the fight and booked on assault. Whyte has a preliminary hearing set for July 27. If you need more to fight about, Star Trek: Discovery is set to debut on CBS September 24. Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens December 15.

If you’ve ever played the lottery and lost, you're gonna have seriously mixed feelings about this. According to the California Lottery website, 19-year-old Rosa Dominguez, who lives in Northern California, won the Lottery twice in less than a week, and she owes it all to stopping for gas. On a trip home from Arizona, Dominguez stopped at a gas station in Paso Robles. While there, she bought a $5 Power 5’s ticket. She scratched the ticket and won $555,555. Dominguez said, “I was so nervous I just wanted to cry.” A few days later Dominguez stopped for gas and did it again. She purchased another single $5 ticket, but this time only won a paltry $100,000. The lucky teen recently claimed her $655,555. She said she plans to go shopping and buy herself a new car.

They say slow and steady wins the race, but 40 turtles crossing the runway caused delays at JFK Airport in New York City Friday afternoon. The New York Daily News reports that 40 diamondback terrapins caused the delays during their annual migration for a nesting ritual. Terrapins are a species of turtle native to the eastern United States. JFK Airport sits on the shore of Jamaica Bay, where terrapins nest in coastal tidal marshes there. Port Authority spokeswoman Cheryl Albiez said, “There were planes briefly stuck in queue. It is turtle season here, but it was a little unusual to get the turtles at this time.”

A New York City woman and her boy toy make love so loudly neighbors have been calling to complain. Brooklyn neighbors have called the city helpline six times in three months over the "carnal cacophony" coming from the bedroom of 49-year-old Olga Valerio, who has been getting it on at all hours with 26-year-old handyman Byron Perez. According to the New York Post, reporters assumed Valerio's 31-year-old daughter Dahiana was the noisemaker when she answered the door of her mother's apartment, but mom stepped forward to set the record straight. Olga told the paper, “It’s natural, it’s normal. I didn’t know that we were doing it too loud!” She promised to keep her bedroom window closed from now on.

A Pennsylvania policeman was called out to arrest a flock of ducks for loitering outside a restaurant near their home.

A Pennsylvania policeman discovered that his job isn't always what it's quacked up to be -- after he was called upon to arrest a flock of ducks for loitering outside a restaurant near their home. A Great Bend cop identified only as Officer Sheehan put out an all-beaks bulletin saying he'd been asked to head over to a joint called the Pump and Pantry, where four birds had taken up residence outside the front door, refusing to move. Cindy Osiecki, who owns and cares for the ducks, says she was surprised that anyone got their feathers ruffled by seeing them waddling around in public. She says, "I thought it was funny, I'm like 'are you serious?' There were like 'yeah we took them' because I guess people were trying to take my ducks, and everyone was feeding them, even the cop fed them bread." Fortunately for the critters, Peking Duck was not the special of the day.

A Florida woman got into some major trouble for mixing meth with crack -- her butt crack.

A Florida woman got into some major trouble for mixing meth with crack -- her butt crack, where cops found her storing a large bag after a traffic stop. Summer Adamson was pulled over by cops who wanted to question her on charges of breaking the window of another driver during an argument. But when they approached the vehicle, they saw a syringe and drug paraphernalia on the seat next to her. Forced into a search at the police station, the 30-year-old removed the bag of meth from between her cheeks and shoved the contents into her mouth to chew it. An officer stopped Adamson from swallowing and retrieved the substance she was munching -- which tested positive as meth. That really puts the "ewww" in chewables!

The vandal tried to frame liberals by scribbling "Kill Trump" and "Death to Trump" on a school playground.

A Donald Trump supporter in Connecticut who was arrested for writing anti-Trump graffiti on an elementary school playground says he did it to make liberals look bad. 32-year-old Steven Marks said he was angry at liberals for "breaking major laws every day and being disrespectful towards our government," so he scribbled things like "Kill Trump," "Death to Trump" and "Bernie Sanders 2020" because he wanted people to think it was liberals behind the vandalism. Marks was captured on surveillance cameras and later saw himself on the news, which is when he decided to turn himself in. Police said, "He admitted to doing the criminal act and said he regretted it... He said the reason he did do it was to show support towards Trump by having the other side bash him, to show how the other side is basically crazy enough to go and write stuff on a school playground." He was charged with criminal mischief and ordered to stay away from the school.

She may not have been born to be wild, but a Michigan septuagenarian had no difficulty getting her motor running and heading out on the highway. According to Michigan Live, Michigan State Police received multiple reports Wednesday of a woman in an Amigo mobility scooter cruising down the shoulder of Interstate 75 in Ogemaw County.  And yes, they have a photo. Sergeant Pete McNamara said the woman had just finished shopping at Walmart and decided to take the expressway home, instead of taking a safer, legal route. MSP trooper Jeff Devine took the call and flagged the woman down. The unidentified driver had already covered about a mile but was still three miles away from her home.  So Devine thoughtfully loaded the scooter in his cruiser and gave her a ride home. Mobility scooters like Amigos have a top speed of five MPH.  Surprise -- they're not legal to operate on an interstate highway. Troopers let the woman off with a warning.  It is unclear what route she took to Walmart in the first place.

Florida firefighters went beyond the call of duty to help a curious 6-year-old boy after he got stuck in a tight spot. "I went to pick him up from daycare and was in my car when one of the teachers ran out and said, 'Everything is fine, but Gio got one of his hands stuck in a desk,'" Leah Aponte told ABC News.  Firefighters used a mirror to let Gio see what they were doing and kept talking to him throughout the process, Delegge said. They ultimately wrapped a wide ribbon around Gio's finger to help the swelling go down and then were able to pull it out. Gio helped the firefighters the entire time. Gio got to explore the truck, honk the horns and turn on the sirens and lights. But it was the photo Aponte took that had all of the adults laughing. To make it clear: a smiling Gio raised his middle finger, completely unaware of the gesture's usual meaning.  You can see the photo on the Lakeland Fire Department's Facebook page. Gio's finger did not need further treatment. He plans to have a spaghetti lunch at the fire station with his new friends sometime next week.

Not that you should be speeding in the first place, but if you ever get a ticket, maybe try this to get out of it. A Seattle judge has sided with a local man who received a speeding ticket in a school zone, accepting the motorist's  and argument the ticket was unfair because the cluster of speed limit warning signs was excessively wordy. According to the Seattle Times, back in March 2016, Jason Canfield received a camera-generated speeding ticket for $234 for speeding in a school zone. Canfield, acting as his own attorney, took his case to the Seattle Municipal Court, arguing that there were so many conditional signs related to the speed limit posted on the single pole that it was difficult to digest all the information. It all makes sense when you see the sign, a photo of which the Seattle Times has posted on their Twitter. The local court upheld the fine, but Canfield persisted and took his case to King County Superior Court.  That's where Judge Catherine Moore reversed the lower court decision, siding with Canfield. Central to Canfield's argument was that city signs say the 20 mph limit in a school zone applies “When Children Are Present” or “When Flashing.” National regulations, however, prescribe only one such small sign is necessary so drivers can react faster. Of the decision, and the city’s confusing signs, Canfield said, “I have an 8-year-old daughter, and I’m not in favor of speeding in school zones. To make it so people pay fines unintentionally, that’s dishonest.” In response to the ruling, the city recently lowered the speed limit on the street on which Canfield was fined.

A 14-year-old boy took his mother’s SUV on Tuesday to go buy fireworks with a couple friends.  That was bad enough. But then, according to the King County Sheriff's Office, the boy and his friends decided to have a "Roman candle fight."  You know -- shooting each other with fireballs from the lighted fireworks. -- one of the fireballs entered the car and set it on fire, completely gutting the vehicle. No injuries were reported.

A Florida man might want to consider a 12-step program -- after being hauled in by cops who stopped him trying to drunkenly drive his car up a flight of steps near a lake promenade. Derek Whiting was tooling around in the wee hours of last Friday morning when he swerved onto the sidewalk -- then continued on the walkway until he reached the boardwalk-like area along Lake Mirror. Witnesses say that the 25-year-old stopped when he encountered the stairway, then backed up and tried to speed up the steps in his Jetta. That didn't work out well for Whiting, who was apprehended with the vehicle stuck near the bottom of the flight and charged with driving under the influence after his blood alcohol level turned out more than double the legal limit.

A pair of South Carolina teenagers broke into an amusement park to scarf down a few frozen treats, and broadcast the whole caper on Snapchat.

A pair of South Carolina teenagers were arrested for a serious case of ice vice -- after they broke into an amusement park to scarf down a few frozen treats, and broadcast the whole caper on Snapchat. Logan Brooke Larrimore and Farren Marie Lane hopped a fence into the Myrtle Beach Waves Water Park in the middle of the night last week, sneaked onto several rides and helped themselves to some Italian ices -- valued at about eight bucks, according to the park's operator. They might have gotten away with the whole thing, but they decided to post video of the excellent adventure on the social media service, making them easy to find. Cops got their names through their Snapchat accounts, and confirmed them through DMV records -- and since the video included both of them giggling about breaking into the locked part, they were booked on charges of third-degree burglary.

A large bear broke into a Colorado jail and then busted out.

Surveillance cameras inside a Colorado county jail caught an unusual jailbreak earlier this week. It was unusual not just because the suspect broke into jail, but because he was actually a bear. The sheriff's office was stunned to find the large bear inside a secure area of the jail and reviewed the footage to discover that it had managed to climb the fence to get in. Fortunately for deputies, they didn't have to do much to get it out because the bear eventually scaled the fence again and escaped. It then ran away from officers and climbed up a tree.

Officers used junk food to capture a family of loose pigs.

Animal control officers in Texas pursued a family of runaway pigs that weren't going down without a fight. Fortunately, the pigs like junk food more than they like freedom. The mother pig and her piglets somehow broke free from a barn and walked about a mile down the road before they were spotted by neighbors who called police. When animal-control officers arrived, they tried to lead the pigs to their vehicle, but the porkers weren't having it. So the officers reached into their car and pulled out some snacks. It turns out the pigs really enjoyed the Doritos and Cheetos. They munched on the salty snacks for a minute and then very willingly climbed into the back of the vehicle and were taken back to the barn. The mother pig, however, was too big to fit in the vehicle, so the officer walked her back to the barn while feeding her snacks.

Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.  Especially when they've got a bag of weed to deliver. The Sun Sentinel reports that Evelyn Ramona Price, 53, of Deerfield Beach, Florida, may soon be delivering mail in federal prison. Price admitted to illegally redirecting packages on her Boca Raton delivery route over five months in 2016. According to investigators, Price met with a man known only as “Steve” in June 2016. Steve would call Price when packages were due to arrive at the Post Office, and she would bring them to him at a supermarket or veterinary office. Steve would pay her $50 per package when she delivered them. Price said she was never told, nor did she ask, what was inside the packages, but admitted she knew something was up. She told investigators, “I figured it was some kind of drugs, but I don’t know what drugs.” Price lost her job when the scheme was uncovered. Last week she pleaded guilty to bribery of a public official. She'll be sentenced in September.

Allan Dunn's wife, Margaret, died in 2002.  Very sad.  Unfortunately, no one knew about it until Dunn himself died in 2010 -- and his wife's body was discovered in a freezer in the condo they shared. According to investigators, the Hillsborough County, Florida resident hid his wife’s corpse in the freezer so he could continue to collect her Social Security benefits, to the tune of $92,088 over eight years. Then Allan died in 2010.  That when officials learned of the scam. Acting United States Attorney W. Stephen Muldrow announced that his heirs agreed to waive their rights to inherit the condo, and will instead put it up for sale to clear Dunn’s debt. It is unclear how much the condo sold for, but after paying the back taxes, sales costs, and condominium association fees, the remaining sales proceeds of $15,743.14 were forfeited to the feds.

Like your mom said, you should always wear clean underwear in case you're in an accident.  Then again, maybe you shouldn't wear clean underwear, in case you're arrested. According to the TC Palm, a Port St. Lucie, Florida police officer spotted a suspicious vehicle and smelled burned marijuana wafting from inside.  The police report says that one of the vehicle's two occupants, 32-year-old Tyce Fields of Palm City, was in violation of probation warrant, so the officer was placed him in custody. While patting him down, the officer found a bag of marijuana from Fields’s “groin area.”  His excuse?  “[He] stated that he didn't know the cannabis was on him because he recently changed underpants,” the officer reported. Fields was arrested for possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana and his probation violation.  It's unknown if Fields was wearing boxers or briefs.

The mayor of a Mexican town had a lot of his constituents saying "oh, snap!" after he staged a wedding between himself and a crocodile -- in order to bring luck to local fishermen. Victor Aguilar, who runs the town of San Pedro Huamelula, tied the knot with the toothy creature after she had her jaws tied shut by a wildlife expert who also oversaw her baptism at a Catholic church. The bride, named Princess because it's presumed that she's the reincarnation of an 18th century Indian princess who lived in the area, wore white, as well as a custom veil. Afterwards, a wedding guest said, "The dance they do here is like an offer to God, to thank for the land, the harvest, the fish." There was no word about how the happy couple spent the wedding night.

Siblings used weapons of mass confection in messy dispute.

Cupcake Wars isn't just a show on the Food Network. It's also a messy and ridiculous dispute that landed a pair of Florida siblings in handcuffs. Police say a 24-year-old pregnant woman named Latonya Daugherty got into an argument with her 30-year-old brother Eddie Yaddow that escalated and turned physical when she picked up frosted cupcakes and threw them at him. According to the police report, the cupcakes struck the man in the arm and chest. He responded by wiping off some of the frosting and rubbing it into her hair. He also allegedly kicked her in the stomach. Police arrested Latonya for domestic violence. Eddie was also arrested for aggravated battery after police determined that his reaction "exceeded a reasonable response in self defense."

Maine State Police say they arrested the driver of a stolen vehicle who identified himself as Santa Claus following a nearly 50-mile  chase Tuesday. Police said the chase started in Clinton after they tried to pull the driver over for a traffic violation. The chase reached 112 miles an  hour before spike strips were deployed in Newburgh, about 30 miles (48 kilometers) away. Christos Kassaras, of Goffstown, New Hampshire, drove on busted tires another 15 miles before troopers caught and arrested him. It wasn't immediately known if the 54-year-old had a lawyer. A woman who identified herself as his mother said she hadn't spoken to him and had no comment. Kassaras was jailed on stolen vehicle and criminal speed charges.

A groom donned a bud of marijuana in his coat pocket as he and his bride said "I do" inside a Las Vegas facility growing the drug that's newly legal to buy. Anna Balfe-Taylor says she had to think about it when Mark Balfe-Taylor asked her to marry him inside the grow house but eventually supported it. However, neither of them will be smoking what was in the groom's pocket Saturday, the same day Nevada launched recreational pot sales. The two were sober and say they plan to stay that way. The couple said a grow house wedding was more about supporting Nevada's new marijuana laws. Mark Balfe-Taylor says his father was once imprisoned because of a marijuana-related offense, so the issue has always been personal for him.

According to Michigan Live, a man in Grand Blanc was apparently trying to remove a bees nest from his garage Monday. Rather than spend a hundred bucks on a pest control service, he decided to take a run at it himself. Specifically, according to Grand Blanc Fire Chief Bob Burdette, “The homeowner was doing something with a smoke bomb trying to get a bees nest out of the garage.” The good news: it worked.  The bad news: it worked because it burned the garage to the ground. Mike Tingley, the homeowner, said he was saddened by the damage to his garage, but acknowledges it could have been worse.  "Everyone is safe and that's the main thing," he said.

What do you do when you've got a baby rhinoceros that just won't sleep?  You play a little guitar, of course. That's what a caretaker did for a baby rhino rejected by her mother at a South African game reserve. "The people observing her quickly noted that the mother was not allowing the calf to drink any milk," the sanctuary wrote in its YouTube video. "By morning, it was clear that she had rejected the newborn, so it was decided that human intervention was urgently needed if the calf was to have a chance for survival." An emergency rescue plan was enacted, which involved flying a helicopter to the reserve, sedating and milking the calf's mother and evacuating the calf.  She arrived at the Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary a day after her June 19 birth. Nearly two weeks into her stay at the sanctuary, officials brought in senior keeper Mark Mills, their "baby rhino sleep whisperer." He brought a guitar into the pen to play some calming chords and lull the rhinoceros to sleep, all captured in the video. "Whenever Mark plays the guitar, this baby rhino will listen intently and then snuggle up next to him where she falls into a deep sleep," the sanctuary wrote on their Facebook page. "She is doing well and continues to improve as each day goes by."

Some people dream about flying.  An Iowa man named Wynn dreamed some numbers that he then used to win the lottery. WQAD reports that Kelvin Wynn, 57, of Davenport, won the Iowa lottery’s Pick 4 game last week playing the numbers 2-1-1-2. Wynn said he picked the numbers after having a dream about them weeks ago. Wynn said, “Actually I had a dream and in that dream it was hotel room number 2112, but I thought nothing of it.” Then Wynn started to notice some signs. First, the day after his dream, it turned out that one of his clients had an address with the numbers 2112. Later that day, he was at a stoplight and the car in front of him had 2112 in the license plate. Then, he made a small purchase at a department store that totaled $21.12. Wynn, with some encouragement from his wife, decided to play the numbers, and the next day he found out that he’d won -- 10 prizes of $30,000, for a total of $300,000. The lucky Wynn said most of the money will be used to help pay education expenses for his three kids, but he plans to get a new set of golf clubs for himself.

According to The Villages News, Marion County, Florida, sheriff’s deputies responded to an incident in Summerfield after Jorge Isaac Cruz-Garcia, 27, took a woman’s phone and smashed it on the concrete. Evidently, the man is a family friend staying at a residence there. According to a deputy’s statement in the arrest report, “I then spoke to the defendant who was advised of his Miranda Rights. When I asked him about the incident, he repeatedly told me to call Donald Trump.” Cruz-Garcia was arrested and booked at the Marion County Jail. It is unclear if he knows the president.

Just ahead of participating in the annual July 4 Hot Dog Eating Contest at Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs on Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York, one competitor from California decided to get in a little practice. Competitive eater Matt Stonie, of San Jose, went to his local In-N-Out Burger and ordered 4 4x4s -- that's four quadruple cheeseburgers -- with the goal of downing them in three minutes. In a video he posted on YouTube, Stonie sits outside the restaurant with the impressive looking burgers -- loaded with lettuce, cheese, tomatoes onions and pickles  -- and, with the help of a large Diet Coke, his off-camera female companion counts him down and off he goes. With a clock counting him down, Stonie -- who's actually quite skinny -- practically inhales the massive burgers. At the end, he seems relatively unfazed, though he explains he had trouble holding on to the burger buns. Stonie has already arrived in New York City and has been sharing pictures on his Twitter account. The 101st Annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest takes place July 4 at Noon at the Coney Island location.  You can watch it on ESPN.

A New York man who stopped at a convenience store to put air in his tires and ended up buying a lottery ticket has won a $1 million jackpot. State lottery officials on Friday introduced 19-year-old Anthony Iavarone as the winner of the jackpot on a $1 million Cashword scratch-off ticket. Iavarone, of Clifton Park, says he recently stopped at a Stewart's Shops store in the Saratoga County town of Ballston to put air in his tires. While there, he decided to buy a lottery ticket. Iavarone says he chose the $10 Cashword scratch-off because it's the one his aunt always plays. He says he at first didn't believe he won the jackpot, so he had his father double-check. Iavarone will receive a one-time lump sum of $661,800 after taxes.

Authorities have again charged two former Pennsylvania restaurant owners accused of scavenging deer parts from trash bins outside butcher shops. reported Thursday that charges were re-filed against Shi Eng and Chun Eng after wildlife officials said the couple had been collecting discarded deer parts for a couple of years and violated laws against selling wild venison. Investigators found more than 300 pounds of deer heads and other parts at their restaurant, but Chun Eng denied selling it, saying they used the meat to make soup for themselves. The charges had been dropped in November after a witness decided not to testify. Chun Eng previously pleaded guilty to restaurant violations, and Shi Eng was fined after pleading guilty to selling deer parts from a van in New York City.

Police in Hastings, Minnesota arrested a man over the weekend who tried to use a “Get Out of Jail Free" card from the Monopoly board game to deter his arrest. It didn't work. The unidentified 35-year-old man was arrested on a warrant out of Ramsey County for possession of a controlled substance. Bail was set at $5,000. He went directly to jail, did not pass GO and did not collect $200. The Dakota County sheriff's office posted a picture of the card on Facebook, writing, "We appreciate the humor! Deputy Vai arrested a gentleman this weekend on an outstanding warrant. He carried this Monopoly card just in case. ‘A’ for effort!”

A man in England was hit by a bus this weekend. Then he got up and went to a pub. According to the U.K.'s Metro, Simon Smith, 53, was on his way to the Purple Turtle bar in Reading, Berkshire this past Saturday. Smith was crossing the street, walking past a bus stop, when he was struck from behind by a double-decker bus. The incident, which was captured on closed-circuit television, shows the bus, which appears to be going too fast, careening around a corner. Smith wasn't run over, but rather lifted from his feet and carried on the front of the bus for over ten feet, after which he falls to the sidewalk and slides half again that far.  The impact of his head striking the windshield shattered it, and Smith was tossed aside like a bar rag. The bus also sideswiped a building and then a wall. Yet despite the impact, the video shows Smith calmly get up and walk straight into the pub. The owner of the bar, Daniel Fraifeld, 50, said, “I think he pretty much got up, brushed himself down and then an ambulance came and took him to be checked. He got looked over and didn’t have any lasting injuries -- but he’s covered in scrapes and bruises. He then got released from the hospital and I think he just went for a pint to relax.” A spokesperson for Reading Buses said they are assisting police in looking into the matter.

No good deed goes unpunished WFLA in Tampa, Florida reports that on Saturday, a man watching a baseball game with friends at the Southwest Sports Complex noticed a 2-year-old girl wandering by herself, and thought she was lost. According to Lakeland Police Department, the man asked the girl where her parents were and walked her around trying to find them. An independent witness corroborated this. However, other witnesses saw only a stranger walking with the child and told her parents, who thought the stranger was actually trying to abduct her.  So dad attacked the stranger, punching him several times. “I saw this man with my daughter in his hands walking toward the parking lot. What would you do? I wanted to kill him!” said dad. Lakeland Police Sgt. Gary Gross said, “In the heat of the moment the parents were scared, and I’m sure shocked. What they see as an individual with their child walking off, but he was a Good Samaritan trying to get that child back to her parents.” After a thorough investigation, police determined no crime was committed. Not only did the Good  Samaritan not have a criminal history, he was at the sports venue with friends who were off-duty deputies. Apparently, that wasn't good enough for dad, or his family and friends, the latter of whom shared the man’s picture on social media, calling him a child predator. One post was titled, “This guy tried to take my little cousin today, so Twitter do ya thing.” The Good Samaritan has taken his family out of town for the time being.

An Ohio man is probably kicking himself for getting arrested -- after assaulting his wife with his prosthetic leg during an argument at their home. Richard Wilson did not put his best foot forward when he and wife Ronna got into the verbal dispute -- which escalated to the point where he threw one of his artificial limbs at her, striking her in the head. She called 911, but before cops arrived, her hubby removed his other leg and hit her with that, injuring her wrist. The 63-year-old suspect, who wasn't wearing either of his prosthetics when officers arrived on the scene, denied committing any acts of violence. 

A Florida man was a little bit shorts-sighted when he decided to flee the scene after wrecking a boat he'd stolen -- while leaving his shorts behind with his ID in the pocket. Jonathan Race swiped the small craft from a private marina where the owner had left it for some minor repairs, but it turned out he wasn't much of a sailor, and ended up running it aground before leaving. Cops tracked the 20-year-old to his trailer using the ID, and he told them he had knocked back a whole batch of Four Loko drinks before blacking out -- and had no memory of his seafaring adventure. Race also said he was surprised to wake up at home wearing a pair of shorts that belonged to someone else, and asked that his ID be returned. It was, once he was taken to jail on charges of grand theft -- and held on $100,000 bail.

A Minnesota man who was arrested for an outstanding warrant thought he had nothing to worry about because he had a "get out of jail free" card. Deputy Mike Vai pulled the man over for a routine traffic stop and discovered that he had a warrant out for his arrest. The guy obviously knew he would be caught eventually, because inside his pocket was a "get out of jail free" card from Monopoly. He smiled and presented it to the officer, who got a good laugh out of it. The Dakota County Sheriff's Office shared a photo of the card on its Facebook page and wrote, "We appreciate the humor! Deputy Vai arrested a gentleman this weekend on an outstanding warrant. He carried this Monopoly card just in case. 'A' for effort!" It was a nice try, but he was still arrested.

Bad weather and crowded skies are typically the reasons given by Chinese airlines for delays, but a woman with a pocketful of change is being blamed for grounding a flight for more than five hours. China's airlines have the worst on-time record in the world, but the delay of a China Southern flight from Shanghai was completely out of their control. Airline officials say an elderly woman was boarding the plane when she tossed a handful of coins at the jet's engine. She said she'd intended to bring the flight and all of its passengers good luck for a safe trip. But one of the nine coins she threw landed inside the engine, and mechanics worked for hours to ensure that no damage was done. The woman was detained by police for a short time but eventually let go without any charges.

Former Williamston Police Chief Richard Inman has been arrested in Franklin County, Georgia. Inman is in police custody and will be returned to South Carolina to face charges. On Saturday morning, Inman allegedly entered the Bank of America in Simpsonville and handed the teller a note demanding money and stating that he was armed. According to officials, images from the bank's security cameras show that Inman did not wear a disguise of any kind. Inman is accused of obtained an undisclosed amount of money before exiting the bank and fleeing the scene. No one was injured during the robbery.

A New Mexico television news crew’s SUV was stolen while they were reporting on crime in downtown Albuquerque. According to The Albuquerque Journal, reporters for news station KOB were gathering footage for a story about crime and safety when they became part of the story. KOB news director Michelle Donaldson, said, “I have a rule, that you can never be the lead of your own newscast. So this violates that rule.” The crew was able to recover the truck 30 minutes later by using the GPS tracking device that was on board. Local business Lavu wrote a letter to the city expressing concerns about safety in the area for their employees, and KOB was working on a story about it. Donaldson said, “We were doing a story about those concerns, and the city’s response to those concerns when, ironically, we became victims of crime ourselves in exactly the area they’re talking about.” In the short time the truck was stolen, it had already been damaged. Donaldson said she is not sure how the thief started the SUV.

A video of man who tried to take a picture of an alligator in Florida has gone viral. The incident took place at the La Chua Trail at Paynes Prairie in Gainesville. In the video, a gator lunges at a man from the edge of the water and while the unidentified man does move out of the way, he starts to capture the moment on his cellphone. When the gator returns the water, rather than grab his gear and get back on the trail, he continues to film. Naturally, the alligator, who was apparently with young, rushes at the man again. Ben Boukari Jr. shared the video on Facebook and explained what was happening. He wrote, “Guy is way too close! Everyone else around this video is on a boardwalk above the gator in a safe location. This gentleman was trying to get a little closer for pics. Much of the trail is not on a boardwalk and gators typically just sun and leave visitors alone. Watch what gator does at 1:24 & 1:42.” One of the tags Boukari used on his post was #notsmart.

Police in Avon Lake, Ohio, say that a local man stole more than 500 signs from city-owned property because he felt they were distracting to motorists. The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that John Hoelzl, 62, allegedly stole more than 500 signs, valued at more than $5,500. Police say that he admitted to taking the signs, because, he said, they were distracting to drivers. After receiving numerous complaints several months ago, the Avon Lake Police Department began investigating multiple thefts of signs. Police eventually obtained video of a person removing a sign who they later identified as Hoelzl. Investigators searched Hoelzl's home Monday and say they found signs behind his garage and in a breezeway between his home and garage. Police say that some of the signs had been posted illegally, but many of the signs had been posted on city property with permission. Hoelzl was released on a personal bond and will appear in court later this week.

A Las Vegas man got way too chippy when complaining about his order in a taco shop -- pulling out a knife and stabbing a cook over what he thought was a sub-standard plate of nachos. The suspect, who's still at large, walked into the eatery late Tuesday night with a friend and asked for a plate of nachos topped by chicken mixed with carne asada beef -- which isn't on the menu. According to the police report, “the cashier told them they could have one or the other but not both per company policy. The men then got angry and went into the kitchen.” Chef Marcos Mendiola says one of the guys took a swing at him and missed before the other came up behind him and plunged a kitchen knife into his arm and back before fleeing in a silver Honda. He's expected to recover fully.

A railway employee in India requested a week off to eat as much chicken as possible.

An Indian railway worker preparing for the holy month of Shravana put in an usual request for a week-long leave of absence. Pankaj Raj asked his employer for the time off so he could sit at home and eat chicken all week. The month of Shavrana is a fasting month in which Hindus abstain from meat. Raj says he's worried he won't have enough energy to work all month, so he wants to spend the week beforehand eating as much chicken as possible. He wrote in his request, "Since Shravan is to begin soon, I will not be able to touch non-vegetarian food for the entire month. Grant me one week's leave from June 20th to June 27th so that I can eat enough chicken to build energy to work."

Houston Plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose says first lady Melania Trump has eclipsed first daughter Ivanka Trump.  In a press release, Rose said, "I've have had many women visit my office wanting the 'Ivanka look.’ So it's not really surprising to see women now requesting to look more like Melania, who is simply gorgeous." Claudia Sierra, a Cypress mom and cancer survivor, said, "I want to feel like the first lady that I know I am inside.” Sierra will undergo eight surgeries to look like President Donald Trump’s Slovenian-born model-turned-wife. The first of these began on Tuesday, Sierra’s procedures will include a Brazilian butt lift, breast reconstruction, rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, liposuction, eyelid lift, Botox, fillers and unspecified injectable treatments. Sierra's entire "Melania Makeover" will air on Inside Edition this fall.

A sleepy retirement community in central Florida was buzzing with activity when five people were arrested after a police raid on Wednesday. WFTV reports that the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office said undercover deputies went to a residence in The Villages, northeast of Orlando, three times to purchase drugs prior to the raid. After a search warrant was served, police say that, in addition to the drug dealing, they found evidence of an illegal golf cart chop shop. The elderly man who owns the home was apparently unaware of what was going on in his home. He was not arrested. His niece, Kathleen Unrath, however, was arrested. She moved in to take care of him, but the Sheriff’s office said that she was running the illegal drug operation and chop shop. Police arrested Kenneth Ray Padgett, 53; Charlotte L. Gajewsky, 42; William Anthony Wade Romska, 45; Michael Edward Witkowski, 63; and Unrath, 43. All of them face multiple charges. The investigation is ongoing.

According to a Facebook post by the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office on Wednesday, a Chinese food delivery driver shot at three suspects after they tried to rob him during a delivery. The victim of the attempted robbery was delivery driver for Hot Wok Chinese restaurant.  He told police he was delivering an order around 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday when two men answered the door. The driver said that they pointed guns at him, one of them with a laser sight that cast a green light on his face as soon as they opened the door. The laser sight was attached to a black semi-automatic pistol. They told the driver, "come inside, it's over, come inside" and motioned him to enter the house at gun point. The driver tried to leave when he was stopped by another man armed with a black handgun. The driver threw the Chinese food at this third man and backed away, drawing his Glock from its holster and fired at least 4-5 shots at the suspects. He ran across and yelled for neighbors to call 911. When police arrived, the driver was holding one suspect at gunpoint. Police arrested two men in relation to the incident. A third suspect remains at large. It is unclear if the suspects fired their weapons or returned fire. It is also unclear what they ordered from Hot Wok.

A Washington state woman went into a chicken snit after her drive-thru order came up one McNugget short -- pulling a gun on the cashier before flying the coop. The woman got her feathers ruffled when it took too long for her drink to arrive, then complained that there was something in the cup. By the time her food came out, the 19-year-old was in an extra crispy mood -- and whipped out her handgun, saying she didn't get her entire order. The clerk pulled the window shut, but the woman began banging on the plexiglass with the gun, running the risk of pulling the trigger and winging someone. She then fled the scene -- but was caught at her home a short time later.

A police officer dressed as Batman arrested a shoplifter at Walmart. 

Batman was at the right place at the right time to stop a brazen thief from stealing DVDs from a Walmart in Texas. Fort Worth police officer Damon Cole was dressed as Batman for a children's safety fair near the store. He suddenly got a call about a theft at Walmart, so the Caped Crusader jumped into superhero mode and responded. He ran into the store with his full costume and mask and, after convincing everyone that he's actually a cop, arrested the thief. The stunned shoplifter tried to get out of the store with four stolen DVDs, including The Lego Batman Movie. Since the value of the stolen goods was less than $100, the thief was given a citation and sent on his way, but not before he asked the Bat-cop for a selfie.

An angry dad is going to big-boy daycare, otherwise known as jail. 

A 33-year-old man who chased down a thief and pinned him to the floor until police arrived has been arrested -- because the incident occurred at a day care center and the accused thief was five years old. Police in Connecticut say Lance Churchill was attending a Father's Day celebration at his son's day care when another child ran up to him and swiped a card that his son had made for him. The 6-foot-4, 270-pound Churchill chased the boy down, picked him up over his head and pinned him on the ground while yelling at him. Staff members freed the boy and called police. When officers arrived, Churchill demanded that the five-year-old be arrested. Instead, cops arrested Churchill and charged him with disorderly conduct and risking injury to a minor.

McDonald’s cashier Hunter Hostetler is on the lookout for the customer who started a 167-driver pay-it-forward chain at the Scottsburg, Indiana, McDonald’s where Hostetler has worked since October. Hostetler, 19, was working the drive-thru on Sunday night when, at around 8:30 p.m., the mystery woman drove to the window to pick up her approximately $6 food order. When the woman, whom Hostetler described as being in her early 60s, saw there was a man with four kids in the car behind her, she told Hostetler she’d pay for his $36 food order too. When Hostetler told the man that his four Happy Meals and other food were paid for, he offered to pay for the next two cars behind him. “It just snowballed from there up until we closed,” Hostetler said. When Hostetler closed the drive-thru at midnight, the total number of cars who had joined the pay-it-forward chain was up to 167. “It was very heartwarming,” Hostetler said. “The last customer who came through even asked if there was another car and I said, ‘Ma’am I’m sorry you’re our last customer for the night. We’re closing.’”

WPTV reports that soda cans led to the arrest of a Florida man on Tuesday. A Martin County Sheriff’s deputy was on patrol when he noticed a suspicious vehicle. Inside the car were some odd soda cans with pop-off lids. Upon closer inspection, hidden inside the cans the deputy allegedly found Clonazepam, Xanax, fentanyl, methamphetamine, heroin and crack cocaine. William Joseph Lefler, 31, of Tequesta, was arrested and faces a number of drug possession charges. Lefler is being held without bond.

A Florida man couldn't stomach problems in his personal life, so he went on a rampage at his father's house -- then told cops he was freaked out because cannibals wanted to eat his intestines. McKade Samuel Cumby started a massive fight with his dad, who ended up calling 911 once he'd decided he'd bitten off more than he could chew in tussling with his wild-eyed offspring. Officers responding to the scene found they couldn't reason with the 23-year-old, who just kept ranting about cannibals looking to chow down on his innards -- and threatening to kill his father for trying to make him stop dealing drugs. Deputies needed several shots from a taser to bring Cumby down, then took him to a hospital for observation.

After being told he couldn't wear shorts in his sweltering office, he came up with a better idea.

A recent heat wave in England made the workplace very uncomfortable for 20-year-old Joey Barge -- but he soon found himself fighting more than just the heat. Joey, who works at a call center, couldn't take the heat anymore, so he ditched his suit and went to work wearing shorts despite the company's dress code. 30 minutes into his workday, his boss sent him home. Joey thought this was unfair because the women he works with are allowed to wear dresses, skirts and sleeveless tops. So he decided to take a stand. Joey went home and raided his mother's closet. He found a dress that was just his size, so he changed into it and went back to work. He expected to be sent home again, but that didn't happen. Instead, his boss responded by making a change to the dress code. An E-mail was sent out to employees that read, "Due to the extremely warm temperatures currently, it has been agreed that...gentlemen in the office are permitted to wear three-quarter-length shorts," as long as they are black, navy or beige.

A 34-year-old man hopes that changing his name to Trump will help him professionally.

A Texas man is expecting a bright future and a lot of success now that a judge has granted his request to change his last name to Trump. 34-year-old Ernesto Baeza Acosta, the son of Mexican immigrants who entered the country illegally 40 years ago, filed a petition in court to legally change his name to Ernesto Trump. In his filing he wrote, "I want to use my new name because it is more suitable for professional purposes." Ernesto, who is covered head to toe in tattoos, works as a supervisor for a major retailer and hosts a popular YouTube channel that contains videos of him performing various stunts. He says that although he supported Donald Trump for President, he didn't actually vote for him because he's unregistered. He adds that his mother doesn't like Donald Trump and is upset about her son's name change.

Austrian police have arrested a suspected thief. But first, they made sure he put on some clothes. Police say a naked man took a watch and money from a Vienna hotel guest after climbing through a window into his room, then was seen in the lobby before he clambered onto the hotel roof. Fire fighters with a rescue net and an ambulance were called to the scene. But by the time they arrived, the man had made his way into his own hotel room, where police woke him and took him into custody A police statement Wednesday said the man was apparently drunk.

Three men were arrested in California for allegedly selling avocados illegally, which caused a Ventura County business to lose more than $300,000. Ventura County sheriff's deputies arrested Joseph Valenzuela, 38, of Santa Paula, Carlos Chavez, 28, of Oxnard, Rahim Leblanc, 30, of Oxnard. An investigation began in May after Mission Produce proprietors expressed concern that employees at the facility were conducting unauthorized cash sales of avocados. Detectives found evidence that confirmed the claims, and believe the illegal sales may have been going on for months. Furthermore, it appears the suspects sold the avocados to customers who thought they were buying from Mission. Mission estimates the value of the stolen avocados to be in excess of $300,000.

As if people living the Southwest didn't have enough problems with scorpions, it turns out that they can swim. As a punishing heat wave blankets the Southwestern United States with temperatures expected to hit 120 degrees, an Arizona woman found a scorpion in her pool. Jen Lawson of Maricopa saw the annoying arachnid in her pool before the weekend. She says she’s since found two now in her swimming pool, in addition to several others in her backyard. Lawson called her local exterminator and said, "The pest control company seems to think that maybe they’re traveling from the block wall closer to the house and they’re getting in the pool,”. According to Arizona State University, some species of scorpions can live for up to two days underwater. It’s not clear what kind of scorpions Lawson found, but apparently they’re the kind that like pools. Just as the heatwave arrives, Arizona, New Mexico, California and Utah, now have this to worry about. According to Slate, of the 80 species of scorpions that are found in the United States, only the Arizona bark scorpion is considered lethal.

Green Bay Packers fan Russell Beckman owns Chicago Bears season tickets and when he attends Bear games against the Packers, he shows up dressed in green and gold. This became a problem for the Bears last season when Russell won a special prize package that allowed him the right to stand on the field during pregame warmups. The Bears didn’t mind that Russell won the prize, but they wouldn’t allow him to stand on the field wearing the Packers’ colors. Because of this, Russell is now suing the Chicago Bears for the right to wear whatever he wants at Soldier Field. Russell is representing himself and will try to convince the court to reverse this rule. He’s arguing that the restriction is illegal because Soldier Field is a publicly owned stadium. You know … Freedom of expression and all that.

A Pennsylvania man still hasn't gotten his wakeup call -- even though an alarm clock that somehow got wedged behind a wall of his home has been going off every single day for the past 13 years. Homeowner Jerry Lynn says he set the wheels in motion for the daily disruption himself, by dropping the clock, tied to a string, through an air vent to let him know where to punch a hole in the living room wall to pass a wire through for a TV hookup he'd planned to install. The string broke, according to Lynn's recollection, and he didn't think anything more of it, figuring the clock's battery would die soon enough. Wrong. More than a decade later, it's still going strong: During daylight savings time it goes off at ten minutes ’til eight. And during standard time it goes off at ten minutes to seven at night. Lynn says his family has gotten used to it, and he sees no reason to go in and retrieve it.

A California man caused quite a stink at his local Walgreens when he had trouble controlling his bowels -- and decided to cover up the incident by setting his undies on fire in the store's bathroom.

A California man caused quite a stink at his local Walgreens when he had trouble controlling his bowels -- and decided to cover up the incident by setting his undies on fire in the store's bathroom. Andrew Cheadle was midway through a shopping trip when he felt a bit of a rumble and decided to head to the restroom, but didn't quite make it in before nature took its course. He managed to get his pants off, but had a little more trouble when it came to his tighty whities, which he says wouldn't budge. Cheadle got the skivvies off after they were soiled, and tossed them into the bowl, where he took a match to them, filling the room with enough smoke to cause an evacuation of the entire store. Cops tracked down his scent a short time later and booked him on charges of criminal mischief.

A Massachusetts woman sounds like a criminal -- literally.

A Massachusetts woman recently did her best to live up to her birth name and is now sitting in jail. 31-year-old Miracle Crimes of Springfield is going to need a miracle to get out of trouble. According to police, she got into an argument with the manager of a convenience store and threw a tray of donuts at him. Officers arrived on the scene to arrest Crimes, but she resisted and threatened to kill them. She was Tasered and taken to the police station. At the station, Crimes told an officer she was going to hit him in the head and then kicked him in the groin. She's facing seven charges, including threatening to kill an officer and assault and battery. She received an additional assault charge the next day when she showed up to court for her arraignment ad spit on a court officer.