Weird News

A man in California allegedly boosted a van from outside a mortuary only to return it after finding a dead body inside. According to the Los Angeles Daily News, police say Bobby Joe Washington, 24, is accused of stealing the van from a mortuary in Riverside, California on Sunday. Officer Ryan Railsback said that the van was returned an hour later when the suspect realized there was a dead body inside. After bringing the first van back, the suspect is accused of trying to steal another one. An employee at the mortuary tried to stop the second theft, the employee told police, but alleged that the suspect tried to run that person over. An officer responding to the call pursued the second van for two-and-a-half miles before making an arrest. Washington was charged with multiple counts including car theft and assault with a deadly weapon and is being held on $100,000 bail, the paper reports. Stealing a dead body was not included in the list of charges against him because police believe he didn’t mean to steal it.

Strangers are bringing joy to an elderly grandfather with dementia by sending Valentine's Day cards to the senior center where he lives. Jim Gaboardi, 89, is a former mailman who served in Danbury, Connecticut, for 45 years. Gaboardi has received 80 handmade cards and counting after his eldest granddaughter, Meghan Henriques-Parker, originally asked her Facebook friends to mail him Christmas cards on December 14. "He looks up to me and said, 'Sure been a long time since I got any mail,'" Henriques-Parker, 36, told ABC News. "I felt absolutely horrific, so I put it on Facebook and I just wrote 'Hey guys, do me a favor if you have time, or an extra stamp, pictures, just send it over.'" Within two days, the cards started arriving by the dozens to Gaboardi's home at the Maplewood at Stony Hill senior center. Gaboardi was diagnosed with dementia five years ago, but the disease progressed over the past year, Henriques-Parker said. To help lift his spirits, she asked her Facebook friends to send holiday cards to the senior center. Gaboardi received over 350 cards from across the nation after the Facebook post was shared over 100 times. Now, the Valentine's Day greetings are rolling in. Henriques-Parker thanks everyone who thought of her grandfather and hopes it inspires others to make a card for someone with dementia, she said.

The national food of Great Britain is as much of a staple of the English diet as tea. Now, a tiny fish and chips shop is gaining international attention as it may soon boast a Michelin star. Metro UK reports that Kingfisher Fish and Chips in Plymouth, a “chippy” -- an English term for a fish and chips shop -- was recently named best in the UK. Kingfisher won the Independent Takeaway Fish and Chip Shop of the Year at the 2017 National Fish & Chip Awards, for its tasty, sustainable menu designed by owners Craig Maw and partner Nikki Mutton. Michelin heard about the award and said, “We are aware of this establishment and our inspectors are taking it into consideration when they visit Plymouth.” Maw said of the interest, “Neither of us have ever eaten in a Michelin starred restaurant but we’re delighted Michelin are considering us.” He added, “Perhaps it’s about time the fish and chip industry got this level of recognition, many of us have balanced being a traditional chippy with modernizing our menus, you don’t just get cod and haddock now.” Kingfisher offers thirteen different kinds of fish including cod, haddock and Cornish hake, as well as sardine fish cakes and lobster. They have even commissioned their own locally-produced tomato ketchup. Kingfisher’s Twitter account has been exploding with accolades and encouragement. No doubt they will be the first to share the news if they get starred.

A New Jersey couple ended up canceling their very expensive wedding after guests at a rehearsal dinner got into a brawl that cops had to break up. The melee started when the father of groom-to-be Bradley Moss refused to let the brother of Moss's fiancee, Amy Bzura, make a toast -- leading to an argument that turned physical. Relatives from both sides began brawling, and by the time deputies arrived to calm things down, Robert Moss told his son that he refused to pay for the $325,000 ceremony -- and then threatened to cut his son out of the family business if the wedding continued. The groom decided that he'd rather be richer than poorer, and told his gal pal he no longer wanted to exchange vows, but did want his ring back -- an offer she refused. He's now suing her for $125,000, or the return of the sparkly bauble.

A Florida woman followed up her drunken car crash by taking a nap on the hood of her wrecked vehicle.

A Florida woman turned out to be the little engine that couldn't -- after following up her drunken car crash by taking a nap on the hood of her wrecked vehicle. Cops were called to investigate what sounded like a loud crash in the wee hours of Thursday morning and drove to the end of a residential street to find a BMW stuck in a ditch -- with Bridgette Potvin-Novak sound asleep on its hood. The officers roused the 55-year-old, who told them she'd swerved to avoid a rabbit and ended up careening off the side of a house and into the gully. When deputies talked with Novak, they said her words were slurred and she had a hard time keeping her balance, but she insisted she hadn't had a drop to drink and had simple been awake since early the previous morning. A breathalyzer test proved otherwise, so she was hauled in on DUI charges -- for "at least" the third time in the past 10 years.

Six sleepy bureaucrats are being punished for falling asleep during meeting about laziness. 

Six government officials in China are being punished and publicly shamed for falling asleep during a meeting. The meeting they dozed through was called to figure out how they could better motivate other lazy government officials. China's president has promised to crack down on government corruption and expose officials who are taking advantage of their positions. Photos of the six sleepy, mid-level bureaucrats were released to the media, and each of them has been forced to write self-criticisms and public apologies.

A man in France is suing Uber for $47 million because a glitch in the app informed his wife about all the times he went to see his mistresses. The bug caused the app to broadcast notifications of pickups and destinations to her phone, even though he – stupidly – only used her phone one time for a pickup. Thanks to the messages from Uber, the wife had enough evidence to prove that he was cheating, so she dumped him and filed for divorce. And to fight back, this guy is making a run at Uber to the tune of $47 million.

When a California woman donated old clothes to Goodwill, she unknowingly gave them her husband’s secret cash stash. Linda Hoffman, of Placentia, was more generous than she intended when she brought them a bag of old clothes that included her husband’s secret vacation stash of $8,000 in cash hidden in a pocket of one of his old shirts. For six years, Bob Hoffman had been saving the cash and was going to surprise his wife with a vacation in Italy when he retired. Two days later he discovered the shirt and the cash were missing. After he told his wife about it, they rushed over to Goodwill. Employees looked frantically for the shirt, but had no luck. Linda said, "We looked at it as if it was gone, that we hoped it would go to somebody to help that family out.” It looked like the Hoffmans had to say, “Addio, Italia,” until the very next when Goodwill employee Caitlin Mulvihill came across a bulky pile of shirts. After sifting through it, she found the shirt -- and Bob's stash. Hoffman said, "I describe it as a miracle. I would say that it was honest people and what touched our hearts the most is how honest they were."

His squirrel is a hero. When Adam Pearl, of Meridian, Idaho, got home Tuesday he realized he had been robbed. Pearl was greeted by his pet squirrel Joey, but soon noticed doors that would normally be closed were open. His fear was confirmed when he saw his gun safe, saying, "I started looking at it and saw the scratches that are around the locking area and at that point I knew somebody was definitely in here messing around.” Pearl called Meridian Police and when Officer Ashley Turner arrived, she met Joey. After observing the scene and taking some information, Turner left, only to return later with some of Pearl's stolen belongings and some incredible news. Pearl explained, "She said while she was questioning the individual he had scratches on his hands so she asked him, 'Did you get that from the squirrel?,' and he says 'Yeah, damn thing kept attacking me and wouldn't stop until I left'." Pearl thinks it’s funny, but realizes how lucky he is to have Joey. "Nobody can believe it because who can say they have a squirrel that guards their house, which is crazy," he said. "You can't ask for much more than that. He is a pain in the butt, but he is great." Pearl rewarded Joey with some Whoppers candies treat.

Some New Jersey residents are upset about officials changing the name of their street. City council officials in Clifton, New Jersey, are considering re-naming a short part of a street currently known as Ellsworth Street, to Dick Street. The street currently known as Ellsworth is separated, and officials think giving its two sections separate names will make it easier on first-responders. But people who live on the section of Ellsworth that could be re-named think the new name will conjure up off-color associations. Resident Damon Kuzniar said, “I think their solution lacks thought and consideration about how it will impact residents.” The next city council meeting is February 21.

A Florida woman is nothing if not persistent, but her tenacity to land prescription drugs has landed her behind bars. 40-year-old Kimberly Keener was so desperate to score prescription painkillers that she called 911 seven different times over a 26-hour span and each time asked for an ambulance to take her to a different hospital. She ended up visiting seven area hospitals before she was finally stopped and arrested. Police say each time she was taken to a hospital she tried to "obtain fraudulent prescription pain medication." Keener admitted to her scheme and was charged with misuse of the 911 emergency system and obtaining a controlled substance by fraud.

A brilliant rock fan scammed his way into the VIP section.

Every rock band has die-hard fans who will do just about anything they can to get into shows, but one fan took it to a clever new level. Adam Boyd came up with a brilliant twist to the old "I'm with the band" line to sneak into the VIP section of Royal Albert Hall in England to see his favorite band. Boyd arrived late to see the band The Sherlocks and was stuck having to watch from all the way in the back. That's when he hatched his scheme. From his cell phone, he edited the band's Wikipedia page to say that he's the cousin of the band's lead singer and inspired one of their songs. He then told the security guard that he was with the band, showed the Wikipedia page as proof, and was allowed in. Boyd later admitted, "I couldn’t believe that he’d actually let me in. I was expecting someone to drag me out and ban me from the venue. But no, I was given free access to all the VIP section." The band's members found out about it and said they were very impressed with Boyd's effort.

A man in England asked a woman to pay him back for their first date ... because she declined to go on another date with him. The man, whose name was not released, met Lucy Brown on the Plenty of Fish site and took her out for drinks and conversation, but she didn't feel that special spark and told him "no thanks" when he asked to hook up again. After telling her he was disappointed because he thought everything went well, he said he thought she should foot the bill for the first date, and asked for about 60 bucks to cover the evening. Amazingly, Lucy agreed and used a money transfer service to wire the funds, then donated the same amount again to a donkey sanctuary, claiming she had never laughed so hard.

Where do you hide a 1,000-pound chicken? That's what sheriff's deputies in Alexander County, North Carolina, are trying to figure out as they search for the concrete statue that disappeared from a farm west of Taylorsville over the weekend. While the chicken may be heavy, it's only 3 feet tall. Deputies think the statue was taken sometime between 8 p.m. Saturday and 9 a.m. Sunday from the driveway of the farm. Chief Deputy Tod Jones told the Hickory Daily Record the statue's base was found several miles away. Jones said the statue is valued at about $1,100.

In Philadelphia, no one escapes the scrutiny of the parking authority — not even the city's police commissioner. Commissioner Richard Ross was attending a speaking engagement at a downtown hotel Tuesday morning when he was ticketed for parking in a zone that is off limits during rush hour. Police say he paid the ticket. The amount was not disclosed. Anyone who parks in the city knows the Philadelphia Parking Authority means business. It's a reputation that was reinforced when its ticket-writers and booters were featured on the A&E reality TV series "Parking Wars."

Some people long for a home where the buffalo roam, but this rancher in Texas has a home and his buffalo is allowed inside. 60-year-old Ronnie Bridges 44-year-old Sherron Bridges, of Quinlan, Texas, have an 11-year-old pet buffalo named Wild Thing who has his own room inside in their home. Ronnie says, “He’s a house pet. Outside, he plays really rough but inside the house, he’s really a gentleman.” Ronnie owned a herd of 52 buffalo but had to sell them in 2004 to pay for medical bills. However, he kept Wild Thing, who was three months old at the time. Wild Thing now weighs 2,500 pounds. Sherron said, “It was kind of my idea to bring Wild Thing in the house. We bring the dogs in the house, and he said, ‘You don’t understand -- he’s a buffalo, we might not have a house left.’ But we brought him in the house, and ever since then, he’s been in the house.” When the couple renewed their vows, Wild Thing was the best man. “We put the rings on his horn, but he threw ‘em in the air,” Ronnie said. Wild Thing also is potty trained. Ronnie explains, “He walks right out, potties, turns around and comes right back in the house.” Wild Thing has his own room and is welcome in other rooms as long as they move the furniture. Wild Thing loves watching television, and apparently loves cartoons. Ronnie says, “I think the news bores him.”

It’s a challenging job removing snow and ice from roads but one Massachusetts town has found a sweet solution. WJAR reports that officials in Dighton got a delicious idea from their friends in Somerset and Swansea. As part of a new effort to combat icy roads, workers at the Dighton Maintenance Yard are mixing molasses with rock salt. When mixed with rock salt, molasses turn a dark brown which soaks up the sun, melting ice faster. Dighton Highway Superintendent Tom Ferry said, "It's less to clean up. It's better for the storm water management. You don't have to clean the sand out of the basins and road sweepings.” Molasses sticks better to roads which makes the salt more effective, which means workers don't have to use as much. And it works even the coldest of weather, staying on roads for days. The town concluded that using molasses is not only works better, but is economically prudent as the town uses less equipment.

It’s not a new idea, but it’s not common. So when a funeral home in Memphis decided to start offering drive-thru viewings, it got a lot of people’s attention. WATN reports that Ryan Bernard, owner of R. Bernard funeral home, says he got the idea from a funeral home in California. Bernard wants to make it more convenient for families to say goodbye to their loved ones without having to get out the car. Bernard says, "Say a family has a visitation from 4 to 6. We would put their loved one in the drive-thru viewing area say around 1 o'clock and they will have a drive-thru viewing from 1 to 2:30.” The funeral home offers the service free for customers who have purchased funeral packages, and four families have already tried it out. "We've been getting rave reviews. We've had people actually just pull up drive-thru just had a curiosity they didn't even know the person who passed,” Bernard says. The reaction so far has been positive. Bernard says he hasn't received any complaints from families who have used it. "They loved it. They loved it, yes." If people can’t drive to Memphis to visit their loved ones, Bernard says his funeral home is even offering live streaming of funeral services.

Some guys think they can boost their romantic chances by throwing themselves at a woman, but a Florida man took things to a bizarre new level when he tried to pick up a gal by throwing his dog at her. Howard van Swearingen should have realized he was barking up the wrong tree when he tried to follow Kristina Fuller's car after she dropped her daughter off at school last Thursday. She sped up to try to ditch him, then tried changing lanes and making U-turns, but couldn't lose the guy. Fuller says things got really weird when she stopped at a red light and “he got out of his vehicle, came up to my window and threw his dog on me. I thought it was going to bite me or something, so I tossed the dog back at him." She called 911, then turned around and headed back to the school, where cops were waiting to question van Swearingen. He first claimed he knew the woman, but, later admitted he just thought she was pretty and wanted to find a way to force her to talk to him.

The term "thick-headed" suits John Ferraro just fine, because it's his very thick head that just helped him land in the Guinness Book of World Records. Ferraro, who's earned the nickname "Hammer Head" and is also a professional wrestler known as Gino Martino, recently used his head to nail 38 nails into a wooden board in under two minutes. Ferraro is able to do it with ease because he is a medical marvel and really is thick-headed. His skull has been measured at 16 millimeters in thickness, which is more than twice that of the average human skull. In addition to his most recent record breaking achievement, he also holds the record for most nails hammered with his head in one minute and "most concrete blocks broken on the head with a bowling ball in three minutes" with 45 blocks.

This time, the ones who knocked were the police, coming to take them into custody. The would-be Walter White and Jesse Pinkman were arrested after police discovered a mobile meth lab in a motor home in Daytona Beach, Florida.  Police said it reminded them of the television series Breaking Bad. Daytona Beach police arrested Theron Greer, 38, and Douglas Williams, 40, Tuesday morning after receiving an anonymous tip. Police found an RV in the parking lot underneath the Seabreeze Bridge, its windows covered and taking up several spaces. Volusia County sheriff's deputies searched the vehicle in hazmat suits and found all of the chemicals needed to make crystal meth. Deputies said the situation reminded them of Breaking Bad, where a high school chemistry teacher and his former student turns to a life of drugs, manufacturing meth in an RV.  The wannabe Walter and Jesse are being held on $37,000 bond each. 

Most people don’t want bugs in their food, but a new company wants to change that. A Nebraska start-up is trying to figure out how to make food from crickets. Bugeater Foods, a startup working out of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, is developing new products made from crickets. By improving the taste, Bugeater hopes to convince consumers that certain insects are high in protein, healthy fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals. The company's even received funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to make bugs into safe, healthful food products that taste good. Currently, Bugeater is working on turning crickets into powder for pasta dough. The result is said to look and taste like whole-grain pasta, with a slight nutty flavor. Bugeater believes bugs are the future of cheap, sustainable food that will feed the world’s growing population.  Leon Higley, a UNL insect ecologist, said insects have long been a source of protein in human diets, and still are in places like southeast Asia. Mind you, he says there's “not a chance” that eating insects will become mainstream in the US, but he sees a market for it.

An orange alligator spotted in a South Carolina pond has residents wondering -- is it an anomaly, stained by algae, or a diehard Clemson fan? An orange-colored alligator has made its home in the retention ponds at Tanner Plantation in Hanahan, just inland from Charleston. Residents say the gator is rust-colored orange and between four and five feet long. Herpetologist Josh Zalabak of the South Carolina Aquarium in Charleston says albino gators are born that way, but the Hanahan orange gator is likely colored by an environmental factor. Zalabak guesses it's “Algae -- maybe some pollutant in the water, but it’s hard to say unless the water is tested.” Alligators routinely shed their skin so it is likely the gator will return to a normal shade.  In the meantime, neighbors are calling him the “Trump-a-gator.”

An Alabama man went over the river and into the woods -- to try to steal money from his grandmother's house by faking his own kidnapping. Preston Kelley texted his grandma on Monday, begging for help and attaching a photo that appeared to show him bound and disabled in the woods a hundred or so miles away, over the Tennessee border. The 23-year-old said he needed $1,000 ransom to keep his captors from killing him. The elderly woman, fearing the worst, contacted the authorities. They looked at the evidence, called some of the kid's contacts and told her the whole thing appeared to be a fraud -- that Kelley was in no danger and wasn't even in Tennessee. Kelley later told investigators he had indeed been kidnapped but somehow managed to escape. They didn't buy it and charged him with extortion.

A Louisiana crook trying to break into a business ended up in cuffs after he got stuck in a flue.

A Louisiana crook ended up in cuffs last week after being hit hard by the flue -- the chimney flue that he got stuck in while trying to break into a business. Matthew Mobley got himself wedged in the chimney in the wee hours of Friday morning and began calling for help when employees arrived for work. One alarmed worker called 911, but Mobley managed to get free before they arrived on the scene, threw a brick at the employee and fled. Officers tracked down Mobley a short distance from the building and arrested him for the 77th time!

A Texas woman shot her boyfriend during a food fight.

A Texas woman shot her boyfriend in the shoulder during a fight over a soft-shell taco that wasn't hot enough for her liking. The woman, whose name was not released, bought a taco and then started a beef with the guy who served her when he said he couldn't reheat it. As the fight escalated, she went to her car to get her gun. Her boyfriend told her to stop being so hot-headed. At some point during their argument, the gun went off inside the vehicle, striking the victim once. He declined to press charges. We don't know if the taco ever got heated or eaten.

The St. Louis University Billikens lost their game -- and then lost their bus. 

Bummed about losing to St. Bonaventure Wednesday night, the St. Louis University men's basketball team was looking forward to getting on their bus and going home. Unfortunately, their bus was gone. The Billikens walked out into the parking lot of the upstate New York university and couldn't find their team bus. Their driver was also nowhere to be found. They called police, who used GPS to track down the bus 40 miles away. They found the driver, too, and she was drunk. Police arrested 56-year-old Linda Edmister for driving while intoxicated. They say her blood-alcohol content was five times the legal limit. The team eventually got another bus with a sober driver.

A Florida man fell asleep in a dumpster and woke up in a trash compactor. 

A Tampa man is recovering in the hospital after literally getting trashed earlier this week. Police say 32-year-old Tristan Godsey was sleeping in a dumpster early Wednesday morning and woke up in the belly of a garbage truck. The driver of the truck was making his routine pickups when he heard a voice calling for help. Police arrived and saw Godsey trapped among the trash in the compactor. He was conscious but injured. It took emergency workers an hour to free him from the truck. He was then transported to the hospital. His condition is unknown.

A septuagenarian’s libido caused him to run amok because, he says, his wife never consummated their marriage. Donald Royce, 76, of Lehigh Acres, Florida, he shot his wife following an argument over the couple’s sleeping arrangements. Royce’s 62-year-old wife, who was not identified, was rushed to the hospital with gunshot wounds to the buttocks and hip and is now recovering at home. The couple’s roommate heard the gun shots. When she went to investigate, Royce pointed the gun at her, but she managed to convince him to let her call for help for his wife. Police say when they arrived on the scene, Royce said, “I shot her and the gun is in my room.” He later told deputies that he and his wife were married in August but still hadn’t consummated their marriage. He added didn’t intend to shoot his wife, he only wanted to scare her by shooting the mattress. He was arrested and charged with charged with aggravated battery. Royce and his wife were together for six years before getting married. Royce's neighbor, April Bailey, said, “A woman should have a right to her own body, regardless of age or marriage status."

You may have heard of fire departments hosting pot luck suppers and bingo nights to raise money, but have you heard about naughty bingo? the Hometown Volunteer Fire Company in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania, is preparing to host its second -- that's right, they've done it once before -- adults-only naughty bingo night. The volunteer company said it had to get creative with fundraising events and the first one turned out to be so popular, it was standing room only. So what exactly is naughty bingo?  Volunteer fireman Jason Messerschmidt explained, "So instead of obtaining individual or cash prizes for winning bingo, you get adult toys.” He says at first, the fire company was worried about the reaction but so far, it's been positive. The fire company said that with its first naughty bingo fundraiser, they raised a few thousand dollars.  The next naughty bingo night is set for March 11. Tickets for the event cost $20 each, if you want to attend.

Dolphins are highly intelligent and love to play.  Now it appears they like to get high as well. Researchers and scientists in Australia have been observing strange behavior in local dolphins, who appear to be getting high using blowfish. Krista Nicholson, a researcher from Murdoch University, said several records show dolphins interacting with blowfish around the world.  A 2014 BBC documentary, Dolphins - Spy in the Pod, showed dolphins chewing on a blowfish and, she said, "passing the puffer fish around.” Blowfish They contain tetrodotoxin, which can kill if enough of it's ingested.  However, small doses of the toxin apparently have a narcotic effect on dolphins. Nicholson, who monitors dolphins occupying the Peel-Harvey coastal waters off Mandurah, in Australia, says dolphins are using the fish as a recreational drug. 

Working an airplane tray table isn't brain surgery -- but an Australian brain surgeon disagrees, and he's suing because he hurt his little finger while trying to do that. Dr. David Walker has filed a lawsuit against Austrian Airlines, which he was using to get from his home in Brisbane to Manchester, England. The doc says the cabin crew folded out the horizontal table tray from his armrest to serve his in-flight meal, but says they failed to put it back after he'd finished eating, requiring him to fold it himself. Walker says the re-fold was too complex and caused him to jam his pinky, resulting in serious physical and emotional pain. He's asking for an unspecified amount for loss of income, as well as "anxiety and depression."

A Washington state man was busted by cops after offering some Girl Scouts what he thought was a sweet deal -- trading some of his vodka for a couple of boxes of their cookies. Jerry Swanson was already a bit blitzed when he arrived at a mall in the town of Ardmore and spotted the uniformed youngsters sitting at a table behind a display of Thin Mints and other treats. He told them he was a bit short on cash, but said he was willing to barter -- with some of the booze he'd been knocking back that afternoon. The girls declined the swap and contacted security, who detained Swanson for cops. According to the arrest report,  "he didn't even know what they were talking about. He was unsteady on his feet and basically had to place him in the police car and barely able to walk."

A Buddhist holy man is going to have plenty of time to meditate after authorities caught him monk-eying around -- by distributing millions of dollars worth of meth in his home country. U Arsara was pulled over on Sunday by members of a narcotics task force who found more than 400,000 capsules containing the drug in his beat-up Toyota after getting a tip from an informant. The lawmen hauled Arsara back to his compound in the small town of Shwe Baho, Myanmar, where they found another four million capsules, along with weapons -- including at least one hand grenade. Myanmar is one of the world’s top narcotics-producing countries, manufacturing massive quantities of meth and opium.


Police in British Columbia reported an unusual traffic stop that could only happen in Canada. After a snowstorm left Marko Kardum's neighborhood impassable, the farmer decided to fire up his Zamboni and use it to clear the snow off the streets. One neighbor was concerned about the large ice-removal machine driving on the street and called police. Officers arrived and pulled him over. They told him that while he may have had the best of intentions in using the vehicle to clear the snow, it was actually melting the snow which was then re-freezing into a sheet of ice. Officers understood that he was just trying to help and did not ticket him. They escorted him and his Zamboni back home to his farm.


A Florida man accused of stealing $7 billion from "a large, nationally renowned financial institution" says he did it because Jesus wanted him to be wealthy. Police arrested John Haskew for allegedly setting up fraudulent wire transfers, which the unemployed man says he did to pay off a debt to the federal government. He told police he was "self-taught on the banking industry" and learned how to make the fraudulent wire transfers. He added that his scheme would allow him to "obtain the wealth that Jesus Christ created for him and that belonged to him." Haskew is facing up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

If you have something clever to say about highway safety -- and who doesn’t? -- now’s your chance. KSAZ reports that the Arizona Department of Transportation is holding a contest, encouraging people to contribute witty safety messages to be displayed on the state’s digital freeway signs. Some examples of the ADOT’s wit include, "Hello from the other side, buckle up and stay alive," "New year, new you, use your blinker," and "Mash potatoes, not your head. Buckle up." Kevin Biesty, ADOT deputy director for policy, said, “We want to get to a point where impaired driving, distracted driving, speeding and aggressive driving are socially unacceptable and the messages ADOT displays on signs are a good way to start those conversations.” The ADOT will select 15 messages and post them on the ADOT website in March, when people will be able to vote for the best message.  The winning entry will be displayed on a freeway sign sometime after. Messages can be submitted on this page until Feb. 19.

He was a stand-up guy, until he slipped and hurt himself. According to the New York Post, Thomas “Tommy Shots” Gioeli, a former boss for the Colombo crime family in New York, is suing the federal government for $10 million over injuries he sustained from a game of prison ping pong. The accident occurred August 29, 2013, when Gioeli was being held at Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn while waiting to be assigned to a prison to serve his 18-year sentence for racketeering and conspiracy to commit murder. The New York capo argues he slipped and fell while playing a game of table tennis because prison officials ignored a hazardous wet floor in the recreation area, which was near showers and an allegedly leaky sink pipe.  Gioeli fractured his right kneecap and was hospitalized. He ultimately required surgery, physical therapy and occupational therapy. The government rejects any charge of negligence, and added that there is risk involved with playing table tennis. Gioeli's currently serving his the FCI Butner Low Correctional Facility, in North Carolina.  It is unknown if he's started playing ping pong again.

A Pennsylvania man got his panties in a bunch and threatened to shoot a group of cops who showed up to arrest him for passing out in his car while wearing nothing but lingerie -- which didn't cover his naughty bits. Officers who were called to check on a car that had been idling at a bus stop for a long while found Daniel Marchese drifting in and out of consciousness with his manhood peeking out from a pair of pink panties. The 51-year-old didn't take kindly to being disturbed by the deputies, kicking one of them and telling the others, “Just wait ‘til I get my AK. You’re going to see what happens then." After running the plates, police found the car, which Marchese customized with an open bottle of whiskey and two guns, had been reported stolen earlier that day.

A notorious potbellied pig known as Piggy Smalls has been captured after a long swine spree in Oregon. The porker spent several months tormenting residents of Forest Grove, Oregon, often sneaking up on unsuspecting people or running into traffic. Police had responded to many calls about the pig but were never able to locate him. Finally last week, they got him. Police say there's no known owner, so Piggy Smalls will be turned over to an animal rescue facility outside of the city.

Police officers have heard drivers use all kinds of excuses for why they were speeding, but this one really stinks. A traffic officer in England pulled over a taxi that was speeding through town. When he questioned the driver, the cabbie said he was rushing because one of the passengers had farted and he couldn't stand the smell. The officer wouldn't accept it as a valid excuse and cited the driver for speeding.

A crafty French politician has figured out a way to be two places at once.  Jean-Luc Mélenchon, a tech-savy candidate, has incorporated the use of a hologram in his campaign to speak to audiences in two separate places at the same time, according to the website French 24. Mélenchon’s spokesman, Alexis Corbière, tells the website that a crowd of 12,000 was on hand to see Mélenchon speak in the city of Lyon, while another 6,000 people watched a virtual rally by the candidate in two separate halls in the Paris suburb of Aubervilliers. However, the stunt came with a hefty price tag -- over $43,000 U.S. Mélenchon says the hologram should be an “occasion to discover what everyone knows: That when the human spirit invents, when no conditions of skin color, religion or gender are placed upon it...the imagination unleashes itself and shares knowledge.”

An obese Mississippi man is finally getting his life back after doctors discovered his weight problem was actually caused by a 130-pound tumor. Doctors tell Arizona's KPNX-TV that Roger Logan, 57, had a benign tumor that probably started out as an ingrown hair in his abdomen 12 years ago.  And it kept on growing, until it was so massive it had its own blood supply. As a result, Logan, was confined to a chair and unable to run his antique store or go fishing, until his wife found a specialist in California who could perform the surgery to remove it. Logan, who rode from Mississippi to California in the back of a cargo van with his armchair bolted to the bottom, was told there was only a 50 percent chance the surgery would be successful, but he's now walking for the first time in years.

A Florida man demonstrated just what it means to be built Ford tough. WKMG-TV reports that an altercation occurred Wednesday afternoon in High Springs, Florida, when Adalberto Aponte, 53, was in his Toyota Camry trailing closely behind a Ford F150 with an 18-year-old man, his girlfriend and their baby inside.  Police say Aponte was driving recklessly and nearly caused several accidents. When the truck topped at a light, Aponte got out of his car, went over to the truck and started punching the driver in the face.  In an attempt to scare him off, the truck driver’s girlfriend screamed that there was a gun in the truck, though there wasn't. Angered, Aponte threated to get his gun and walked toward his Camry. Not wanting to risk Aponte getting his gun, the truck driver threw it into reverse and backed his truck onto the Camry. Witnesses confirmed the victim's versions of events. Aponte was arrested at the scene and charged with multiple crimes including driving with a suspended license.  The truck driver wasn't arrested.

A casino in Pennsylvania was recently fined $25,000 by the state's Gaming Control Board after it was determined that one slot machine player was served 27 alcoholic drinks over nine hours. Officials cited an October 7th incident at the Mount Airy Casino in which a man was playing a table-top slot machine inside the bar and ended up getting so drunk that he fell off his stool and fought with police when they tried to remove him. There is a state law that prohibits casinos from serving alcohol to visibly drunk gamblers, and clearly they should have realized the man was already drunk long before he was served his 27th rum-and-Coke.  It's only the third time in 11 years a casino has violated the law. In addition to paying the fine, the casino has fired three bartenders and will train the rest of the staff.

A Texas family found a rattlesnake in the toilet, and another 23 in the basement.

The past year has seen an unusual number of news stories involving snakes in toilet bowls. The latest nightmare-inducing story comes from Abilene, Texas, where a young boy woke up, went to the bathroom and found a rattlesnake taking a soak in the toilet. He immediately called for his parents, who used a shovel to kill the reptile and then called a snake removal company. Upon further inspection of the house, experts found another 23 diamondback rattlesnakes -- 13 in the cellar and another 10 hidden under the house. They have all been removed. Local residents are being warned to have their homes checked regularly for snake infestations.

A giant sinkhole in suburban Detroit is being threatened by the Super Bowl. Macomb County public works chief Candice Miller is worried that thousands of football fans will flush toilets at halftime Sunday night. She tells radio station WWJ that it could overwhelm a broken sewer line blamed for the sinkhole. Miller says her bathroom advice "sounds crazy." But she fears trouble unless people are willing to hold it — or at least not immediately flush. Crews are building a bypass to get around the broken sewer line in Fraser, but it's not ready yet. The line affects more than 300,000 people in 11 communities. Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has announced grants of up to $100,000 for local governments affected by the sinkhole, which was discovered on Dec. 24.

A giant sinkhole in suburban Detroit is being threatened by the Super Bowl. Macomb County public works chief Candice Miller is worried that thousands of football fans will flush toilets at halftime Sunday night. She tells radio station WWJ that it could overwhelm a broken sewer line blamed for the sinkhole. Miller says her bathroom advice "sounds crazy." But she fears trouble unless people are willing to hold it — or at least not immediately flush. Crews are building a bypass to get around the broken sewer line in Fraser, but it's not ready yet. The line affects more than 300,000 people in 11 communities. Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has announced grants of up to $100,000 for local governments affected by the sinkhole, which was discovered on Dec. 24.

Vandals have struck a banana yellow car blamed for ruining visitors' photos of a famous English village. "Move," someone scratched into the hood of Peter Maddox's car in the Cotswolds village of Bibury as part of a January rampage that caused around 6,000 pounds ($8,000) in damages. For the past three years, the 84-year-old widower has parked his Vauxhall Corsa outside his retirement cottage on Arlington Row in Bibury. The grey-stone 14th century homes are among the oldest inhabited dwellings in Britain and feature in the artwork of British passports. With locals' public backing, the retired dentist says he won't have his style dictated by tourists. Told by mechanics that his car was probably an insurance write-off, Maddox says he plans to buy a replacement — in lime green.

A Kansas man didn't just win Super Bowl tickets -- he won Super Bowl tickets for life, thanks to a lucky beer run. The Wichita Eagle reports that Lyle Randa, 52, of Wichita, will get two tickets to every Super Bowl for the rest of his life thanks to Bud Light's “Super Bowl Tickets for Life” sweepstakes. Randa said he went to the liquor store to stock up on beer. When he got home, he found a gold can in his brews.  Turns out Budweiser had included over 37,000 gold Super Bowl 51 cans in select cases of Bud Light. Anyone finding a gold can could enter for the chance to win Super Bowl tickets for life by uploading a picture of the can. And that's what Randa's wife did.  Ultimately, six contestants won a pair of season tickets to their favorite team for the next season, but only Randa’s gold can won the grand prize. Randa said, "I had no idea that an ordinary Bud Light run would change my life. This is a dream come true!" He'll attend his first-ever Super Bowl in Houston this weekend. A lifetime Kansas City Chiefs fan, he’ll says he'll be rooting for the New England Patriots over the Atlanta Falcons.

If it makes a delicious cookie, it must make a delicious beer.  Right? Introducing Oreo cookie-flavored beer.  The Veil Brewing Co. in Richmond took their Hornswoggler milk stout and tweaked it using Oreo cookies to create the “Hornswoggler with Oreos.” The company first announced it on Instagram, saying, "That's right. You heard right. We took our 7 percent robust chocolate milk stout Hornswoggler and conditioned it on hundreds of pounds of Oreo cookies. If you like Oreo cookies, this is a must try." Matt Tarpey, head brewer and co-founder of the brewery said, “We made 64 cases and quickly sold out within a few hours last week.” There was still a limited amount available on tap at the brewery but on Tuesday night, they tweeted they'd completely run out of it. No doubt the sales were helped by a January 31 feature on the ABC show The Chew, where the hosts sampled the Oreo-flavored stout. Neither Tarpey nor the brewery have indicated whether they'll make another batch. One can only hope.

Valentine’s Day will soon be here. It’s that time of year when people rush to make dinner reservations and try to corner the market on flowers and chocolate. But what if flowers and chocolate and dinner in an overcrowded restaurant don’t cut it? Say It with Beef has the solution. The online retailer has put a twist on the traditional Valentine's Day gift, by replacing flowers with beef jerky -- shaped like flowers -- from stems to petals. They offer roses and daises handcrafted from over a half-pound of 100 percent beef jerky. They're marketing it as a "bro-quet," the alternative Valentine's Day gift for men. Say It with Beef says they got the idea for beef jerky flowers from the absence of appropriate gifts for a man to give another man who was hospitalized. According to the site, “Whether it's an anniversary, a special occasion, a get-well-soon, or more of a slap on the back, a Broquet from Say It with Beef is the best way to say anything -- period. Flowers are lame. Say it with beef instead.” Currently, the site has been overwhelmed with orders for the holiday but a recent update on Twitter sounds encouraging.

Police in New Jersey have arrested a man on child porn charges, just as he was desperately trying to destroy the evidence. Police showed up at the home of 57-year-old Brian Ayers, just as he was attempting to chop up his iPad with a hatchet. It was clear he knew exactly why officers were visiting him. Police say they were alerted to his online activity a month ago and charged him with possession and distribution of child pornography. He was also charged with hindering apprehension or prosecution because he tried to destroy his tablet, which he used to access the Internet.

The mega fan has been in the news before because of his crazy head tattoo.

A Tom Brady super fan, who literally wears his fandom on his skull, is wanted by police in Florida and they really shouldn't have a hard time finding him. 48-year-old Victor Thompson, a Massachusetts native and die-hard Patriots fan who relocated to Florida, has been in the news before -- less so for his previous criminal activity and more for his crazy tattoo. Thompson has Tom Brady's football helmet inked on his bald head. Each side of his head has the Patriots logo. The back of his head has Brady's number 12, the word "Patriots," an American flag and an NFL logo. He even has the helmet maker, Riddell, inked on his forehead. Thompson was arrested in 2014 on narcotics charges and his mugshot went viral. He now has warrants out for his arrest for drug possession and failure to appear in court. The new allegations occurred in 2015.

A high school teacher performed a cartwheel for her class while going commando and got arrested.

A substitute teacher in Oklahoma was arrested for indecent exposure after she did a cartwheel in class without any underwear on. It's unclear why 34-year-old Lacey Sponsler was doing cartwheels in the high school choir class she was teaching, but it was very clear that she had nothing on under her dress and the students got an unexpected show. A video of the commando cartwheeler was captured on a student's cell phone and subsequently posted on Snapchat. It was also turned over to police who reviewed it and arrested Sponsler for indecent exposure. One student in the class told police that before Sponsler did the cartwheel, she informed the class that she wasn't wearing any underwear and also talked about drugs. When questioned by police, Sponsler said she was "just dancing with the students" and "trying to be a cool teacher."

A couple in Canada was awarded $15,000 in damages after their neighbors were found to have willfully spread manure near their property.  So much manure, yo could reportedly see it via Google Earth. According to The Calgary Herald, David and Joan Gallants purchased their home in New Brunswick in 2001.  Sometime around November 2013, things went south with their immediate neighbors, Lee and Shirley Murray. No one knows what happened between the two couples to sour their relationship, but the Gallants say that the Murrays began dumping load after load of “fresh, unseasoned, wet, raw manure” onto land abutting their property. They complained to the New Brunswick Farm Practices Review Board, who got the manure pile removed.  But a number of other alleged transgressions continued, so the Gallants sued, and won their judgment. The Murrays think that stinks, and say they will appeal.

Somebody sure does love Zelda the ferret.  The animal was fitted with a pacemaker during a rare surgery at Kansas State University. According to the Kansas State University website, Zelda, who's 4, is owned by Carl Hobi of Olathe. After he noticed she was laying down more than usual and her appetite was off, Hobi took her to the Veterinary Health Center in Manhattan, Kansas, where doctors found Zelda had a heart blockage that explained her symptoms. Tests determined Zelda was a good candidate for a pacemaker, which had to be special ordered because of her small size.  Two days after it was surgically implanted, Zelda was sent home, where she should enjoy a normal ferret lifespan of about 10 years. It was the first time the center implanted a pacemaker in a ferret, but not the first time a ferret has received a pacemaker.

According to the Treasure Coast Palm, a 73-year-old Indiantown, Florida woman threw a bucket -- that's right, a bucket -- of cherry Kool-Aid on an unidentified 86-year-old man while he and his 80-year-old friend were walking their dogs. According to deputies, the 73-year-old woman said she threw the Kool-Aid because the victim and his friend “smiled at her and she knows that they did it in a malicious manner.” She added that the man “is always the one causing trouble for her so she threw the Kool-Aid on him.” The victim declined to press charges but wanted the woman to stay away from him. It is unclear why the woman was carrying a bucket of cherry Kool-Aid. 

Two Pennsylvania teens are under arrest for robbing a pizza delivery man at gunpoint, and one of the thugs is ironically named Cheese. 17-year-old Sheldon Cheese and his friend, 18-year-old Logan Alexander, are accused of robbing a man as he was exiting his car to deliver pizza. The victim told police they made off with two pies and $25 in cash before escaping into the nearby woods. Police were able to locate Alexander's car near the scene of the robbery and Cheese's wallet and ID were found inside. Alexander and Cheese were each charged with robbery and conspiracy.

A viral photograph showing 80 birds of prey on board a Qatar Airways flight is finally explained.

A airplane maintenance worker opened the nose cone of the plane and found the drugs.

Authorities in Tulsa, Oklahoma are investigating the discovery of 31 pounds of cocaine found inside the nose of an American Airlines jet. A maintenance worker was checking the electronics bay in the nose cone of the plane and found a brick of the drug stored inside some insulation. The Boeing 757 had flown in from Miami, but originated in Bogota, Colombia. Investigators say the drugs had a street value of around $200,000. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration is leading the investigation.

The Internet is getting a chuckle out of a viral photograph that shows 80 falcons on an airplane, and they're not the ones heading to the Super Bowl. These real birds of prey recently accompanied a Saudi prince on a Qatar Airways flight over the United Arab Emirates. The large birds are seen sitting throughout the cabin along with their fellow (human) passengers. The pilot of the plane snapped the photo and shared it with a friend who posted it on Reddit. Although it seems extremely bizarre to allow these birds on board the plane, it's actually not that unusual in that part of the world, where falconry is a popular sport. Several airlines that serve the Middle East will allow a certain number of falcons to travel inside the cabin with their owners.

A tiger-mauling death at a Chinese zoo is under investigation by local authorities who say the victim climbed a fence into the tiger's enclosure. The attack occurred Saturday at a resort on Dongqian Lake in eastern China's Zhejiang province. A local government statement says the victim, identified only by his surname of Zhang, climbed a fence with a friend instead of buying tickets. Zhang entered the tiger enclosure and was attacked by a tiger. A photo shared on Chinese social media appears to show Zhang lying next to the tiger. Zhang died later in a hospital. State television reported the tiger was shot dead by local police, and three others nearby were dispersed using firecrackers.

Charlotte McCourt, 11, has sold more than 15,300 boxes of Girl Scout cookies and counting, thanks to a frank letter she wrote rating each cookie and describing their respective flaws. “The Toffee-tastic is a bleak, flavorless, gluten-free wasteland,” Charlotte, a sixth-grader from New Jersey, wrote in the letter addressed to a family friend. “I’m telling you, it’s as flavorless as dirt.” Charlotte penned the letter to a family friend in Colorado after she became concerned that only two of the 92 boxes of Girl Scout cookies she had sold so far were designated to be donated to U.S. military troops. Charlotte rated each of the Girl Scout’s famous cookies on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best. The perennial favorite Thin Mint earned a “9” for its “inspired” combination of chocolate and mint. The Do-si-dos peanut butter sandwich cookie earned a “5” for “its unoriginality and its blandness,” while the Savannah Smiles earned a “7” for its “divine taste." Charlotte’s letter gained a global audience when Mike Rowe read it aloud in a video posted to his Facebook page. The number of cookie boxes people have donated to U.S. troops through Charlotte’s cookie ordering website has now jumped to 7,253 and counting, according to Charlotte's local Girl Scouts council.

Planes fly.  Birds fly.  And sometimes, birds fly inside of flying planes. An image going viral after being posted on Reddit Monday shows the inside of an airplane cabin, filled falcons. As for why they're on the plane: Falconry has been practiced in the Middle East for thousands of years and is a popular pastime in the United Arab of Emirates. The falcon is also the national bird of the UAE.  Which is why, according to Atlas Obscura, falcons can get their own passports to fly within the UAE, as well as Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Morocco, and Syria. In this instance, a Saudi prince apparently purchased fares for all 80 of his beloved birds. Qatar Airways stipulates that falcon-loving passengers, “may travel with one falcon in cabin per passenger. There is a limit of six falcons allowed in the cabin.” Falcons must be hooded to travel, so it's unlikely they got to enjoy the in-flight movie.

When 16-year-old Alyssa Elkins of McConnelsville, Ohio found out her leukemia was terminal on January 19, she put together a bucket list. And after having seen her uncle, an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper, being hit with a Taser during his training, she half-seriously added firing a Taser to the list. She got her wish, and then some. According to the Columbus Dispatch, Elkins’ uncle, Josh Barry, worked behind the scenes with her family and friends to make her dream a reality. Newark Police Chief Barry Connell said that six officers and two civilian employees volunteered to be tased after hearing about Alyssa. On Sunday, Elkins showed up at the Newark Police Department and got some training with Sgt. Al Shaffer. They even outfitted her with Newark Police uniform shirt with her name on it. Alyssa took aim in a room full of about 50 people yelling, "Taser! Taser! Taser!" One by one, her targets lined up to get jolted. The Elkins family has a Facebook page, Storming Heaven for Alyssa, with information about her and her fight with leukemia.

Not so much a bull in a china shop, as it was a bull out for a jog. KOTA reports an 800-pound bull led police on a chase around Rapid City, South Dakota Sunday on a course that included a bike path, the local park, under bridges and through Rapid Creek before coming to a halt at the Executive Golf Course, between the second and third holes. Cowboys from a local rodeo arrived on horses to help catch the bull, which got loose when the owner was trying to load him into his trailer. No one was hurt, although the golf course has some divots that may need attention.

Police in Pennsylvania nabbed one of the most unusual drunk drivers they've ever seen over the weekend. Cops say 47-year-old Charlie Ray Carroll was drunk and using a wheelchair to get around, which isn't really against the law. But he was so drunk that he kept trying to grab onto the back of passing cars as they drove by him. It's not known why the man needs a wheelchair or if he's hoping the activity becomes the newest extreme sport. But cops say it was extremely dangerous, and he was arrested and charged with public drunkenness.

A West Virginia man is facing up to 18 years in prison after he left a casino, robbed a bank, and then returned to the casino to continue playing. 52-year-old Kerry Johnson was having a bad day at the blackjack table inside the Mardi Gras casino near Charleston. He put down a $25 chip to hold his spot while he stepped away. He then headed to a bank, where he handed the teller a note saying he had a bomb and another weapon. The teller handed him $5000 and Johnson ran out of the bank. Moments later, he returned to his spot at the blackjack table and continued playing. The next day, police acted on an anonymous tip and visited Johnson at his house. There, they found a yellow legal pad matching the paper used in the note he handed to the teller, and also a hat that matched the one he wore in the surveillance footage. A subsequent search turned up large sums of cash stuffed inside his couch cushions, and detectives later found out that $500 of the stolen money had been used at the casino. Johnson claims he was on a lot of drugs at the time. He's scheduled to be sentenced in March.

Police in New York City are asking for the public's help in apprehending a burglar who wore a white biohazard suit to conceal his identity when he stole a safe containing $200,000 from a home in Queens earlier this month. WNBC-TV reports surveillance video shows the burglar pull a Mercedes-Benz station wagon into the driveway of a home in the Bayside section of the borough on Jan. 6. Police say the man exited his vehicle, entered the home through an unlocked back door and made off with the safe, which contained valuable jewelry in addition to the cash. Investigators have not said whether the home was targeted.

Police say two employees at a New Hampshire Burger King have been arrested on drug charges after authorities were tipped off that drive-thru customers who asked for extra crispy fries got marijuana with their meal. Epping Police Chief Mike Wallace said 20-year-old Garrett Norris was arrested Saturday after police conducted a sting operation. Also arrested was 19-year-old Meagan Dearborn, the shift manager. Wallace said drive-thru buyers would ask for "Nasty Boy," then for extra crispy fries. Wallace said the drugs weren't put in the food; they were sold in a separate container. He said the operation didn't involve the franchise owners. Norris and Dearborn are scheduled for arraignment Feb. 28.

Good news: they've finally caught the phantom shower-taking dude. The Vindicator reports that Jacob Merchant, 33, was charged with three counts of burglary and two counts of breaking and entering after he was found showering in a home in Youngstown, Ohio. Detective Sergeants Ronald Rodway and Michael Cox, who arrested Merchant, say he was involved in a series of incidents in which he enters a home, often bringing his own food, which he cooks.  And then, he takes a shower before he leaves. Merchant was finally arrested when the homeowner returned from work and found her kitchen had been ransacked, and evidence her stove had been used.  When she heard running water on the second floor, she went to check and found Merchant in her shower.

We all know the old joke about clearing out a movie theater by yelling "fire!"  Right? KVOA reports that people attending the M. Night Shyamalan thriller Split in Tuscon, Arizona bolted out of the theater Friday night.  But no one really knows why -- not even the people who ran out. Attendees Elissa Sherman and Courtney Nash were sitting in the front row with friends at the Century Theatres. According to Nash, “We were all kind of spooked out in the first place. And there were some weird noises being made by one guy in the theater.” Sherman said, “All of a sudden a man yelled, ‘Duck down and run for your life!’ So we all just hit the deck.” According to Tucson Police Department Sergeant Pete Dugan, officers never got a first-hand report of what started the commotion. Sherman ran out so fast she left her shoes behind. “My shoes are still left in the theater. Because I ran out without shoes on. It was just pure chaos,” she said. After the incident, staff turned up the lights and officers cleared the theater, finding nothing suspicious. The movies continued later that night.

A Massachusetts man tried to argue in court that he was mistakenly issued a speeding ticket because the police radar clocked a deer, and not his car. Dennis Sayers of Haverhill appeared in court Thursday before Judge Peter Doyle, appealing a speeding violation he received for allegedly going 40 mph in a 30 mph zone in West Newbury.  He had previously appeared before a clerk magistrate who ruled in favor of the police and fined him $105. Sayers’ questioned officer Royster Johnson, who gave him the ticket, asking if he was 100 percent certain his radar captured Sayers’ speed, or that of a deer that might have been in the area. Judge Doyle wasn't buying it, and asked Sayers, “You’re not contending the radar picked up the deer?” Sayers said anything was possible.  Doyle didn't agree and ruled against Sayers, who must pay the $105 fine.

If you want to make your dog happy, break out your Jimmy Cliff and Bob Marley records.  According to The Scottish SPCA, new research reveals that dogs have different music tastes, and reggae is a favorite for man’s best friend. The study was conducted in partnership with University of Glasgow. PhD student Amy Bowman said, “We were keen to explore the effect playing different genres of music had, and it was clear that the physiological and behavioral changes observed were maintained during the trial when the dogs were exposed to a variety of music.” Professor Neil Evans added, “Overall, the response to different genres was mixed highlighting the possibility that like humans, our canine friends have their own individual music preferences. “That being said, reggae music and soft rock showed the highest positive changes in behavior.” The Scottish SPCA will be investing in sound systems. Currently, both the Glasgow and Edinburgh SPCA are able to play music in the kennels.  In the future, they want every kennel in Scotland to offer music, with the hopes of extending this research to other species in their care.

An Arizona man got some strong Facebook dislikes from local police after posting a request for help in launching a mass shooting spree in his hometown. Thomas Hunter logged onto his account on Wednesday to ask "Anyone going on a mass killing spree with me?" He promised volunteers that they'd be hunting humans "in a fun-filled way" with "the most entertaining crime scenes ever imagined." He didn't get any takers, but he did alarm at least one online friend enough to call cops, who paid the 25-year-old a visit. Hunter insisted the post was a "joke," but he was still hauled in on a charge of making terroristic threats.

A Florida crook had cops put a cap on his crime spree -- after tracking him down through DNA on a cap he left behind while trying to swipe a car. The overnight security guard at a used car dealership in Hollywood spotted Michael Jerry Saul on the lot and took off after him, then noticed he and an accomplice had driven a Hyundai Sonata through a hole cut in the barrier fence. Whoever was behind the wheel racked up the vehicle by smacking into a tree stump, but they managed to flee in their original car -- leaving Saul's baseball cap behind. Crime scene technicians swabbed the hat and found a match in the state's DNA crime database, which led to Saul's arrest on charges of burglary and grand theft auto. Guess you could say he didn't use his head!

A Southern lawmaker wants to make sure nobody ever has to see anyone's underwear in public. Republican Tom Weathersby of the Mississippi House of Representatives is sick and tired of seeing men wearing saggy pants, and thinks there should be a law on the books to prevent it. A bill Weathersby has proposed would make it "unlawful for any person to wear pants, shorts or clothing bottoms that exposes underwear or body parts in an indecent or vulgar manner." The penalty for first-time offenders is just a warning, but minors will get a note sent to their parents. Second-time offenders will be fined $20, with fines escalating to $100 for a sixth offense. And six-time offenders will be ordered to get psychological and social counseling.

Atlanta Falcons fans are angry about a column in a Boston newspaper which slammed them for having "absolutely zero enthusiasm for professional sports." The article, written by Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy, suggested that New England Patriots fans are finding it "hard to get pumped up about a Super Bowl against ... Atlanta." Not surprisingly, there are many in Atlanta who don't see it that way. Viral Chhadua, the manager of a suburban gas station, is fighting back by banning the sale of Samuel Adams beer in his store. He says he will not carry the Boston brew until after the Super Bowl. The brewer responded to the ban on Twitter by writing, "Won’t be their only loss." The company later added, "And don't worry Atlanta. We're still drinking Coca-Cola" -- which is headquartered in Atlanta.

Maybe she couldn’t see what she was doing was wrong. A 60-year-old Florida woman received disability benefits of nearly $400,000 for more than a decade, because she was blind.  Except she wasn't. WFTV reports that Veronica Dale Hahn, of Bonifay, pleaded guilty to deceiving the Veterans Health Administration that her service-related injury caused blindness in both eyes from 2001 to 2016. One thing that tipped off authorities?  Less than a year after she started receiving benefits for being blind, Hahn had obtained drivers licenses in New Mexico, Alabama and Florida. The U.S. Attorney’s Office said, “Hahn was also observed driving her personal automobile on numerous occasions,” Additionally, Hahn worked full time at several state correctional facilities as a case manager and transition counselor, which required normal eyesight to perform her duties. Ms. Not Really Blind faces up to 10 years in prison.

Nice work, if you can get it.  Meaning if you're a twin. A New York man pretended to be his dead twin brother for almost 20 years to collect public assistance totaling over half a million dollars. According to the New York Daily News, Thomas Murphy, 54, of Queens pleaded guilty to second-degree grand larceny and first-degree falsifying business records after he was busted using the Social Security number of his twin brother, Robert -- who died a day after their birth in 1962 -- to collect public benefits from 1994 to 2013. Murphy filed paperwork with the Social Security Administration saying his long-dead sibling was in fact alive and suffering from depression.  He maintained separate addresses, driver’s licenses and bank accounts for his deceased brother, collecting more than $580,000 in benefits while he was working for the city Department of Sanitation.  That includes $216,481.80 from Medicaid, $209,902 in state rental subsidies, $140,398 from Social Security and $15,024 from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, aka food stamps. Murphy's promised to pay back the state for what he stole.  He'll be sentenced April 4.

A Texas woman really got into a lather when she tried to ride out a tornado by hiding in her bathtub -- but got thrown completely out of her home in the process. 75-year-old Charlesetta Williams was watching TV when the storm warning came across her screen, and she headed to one of the safe spaces she was taught to seek out. As it turned out, Ms. Williams house was right in the path of the twister, which tore the roof off the place and sucked her up into its middle -- then dropped her in the woods without any major injuries. Ms. Williams says she isn't sure exactly how she ended up where she did, saying “I wasn’t looking. I was under that quilt. I’m a tell you I don’t wanna ride now through another one.”

A Pennsylvania man got a double shot of bad news when he got tossed out of his workplace for being too drunk to do his job -- only to get arrested for DUI in the parking lot when he tried to go home.

A Pennsylvania man got a double shot of bad news when he got tossed out of his workplace for being too drunk to do his job -- only to get arrested for DUI in the parking lot when he tried to go home. Johnathan Ranieri was intercepted by a supervisor when he tried to check in for his afternoon shift, and told he couldn't clock in because he was too wasted. He walked out of the building and went to get his car at a nearby parking structure, but as soon as he got into gear, he got clocked again -- this time by a cop on routine patrol who also thought that he was under the influence. He's due to be arraigned in court next week.

A tweet mistakenly led angry phone callers to a Washington, D.C. deli instead of the White House.

The phone at a Washington, D.C. sandwich shop has been ringing off the hook and it's not because people are placing lunch orders. Bub & Pops restaurant says they're receiving around 50 or 60 calls a day from people wanting to complain about President Trump. It seems odd for people to want to air their frustration with the new administration, but it turns out that someone had mistakenly tweeted out their phone number instead of the White House's public phone number.  The owners of Bub & Pops understand it's an honest mistake considering their phone number is one digit different than the White House's. But instead of getting annoyed, they've been listening to callers' complaints and giving them the correct number to call.

Police on Long Island man say they've arrested a man who has had his driver's license suspended nearly 100 times. The Suffolk County Police Department says 47-year-old Jerry Tenzie was arrested Tuesday night at a park and ride in Commack and charged with aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle, possession of marijuana and criminal possession of a weapon. Police say officers detected an odor of marijuana emanating from Tenzie's car. A search of the vehicle reportedly turned up an illegal rifle, as well as marijuana. Officials say the Copiague man has a total of 95 suspensions on his license from nine different dates. Police didn't say what his suspensions were for.