Weird News

On May 23, a new millionaire was made when a winner came forward to claim a $24 million New York Lottery prize just two days before the ticket was set to expire, according to a news release. The lucky individual, who will be identified at a later date pending New York Lottery security's background review, said news coverage of the soon-to-expire ticket prompted the winner to search for the ticket in his or her home where it was found among other old tickets, said the news release. The individual purchased the single winning ticket on May 25, 2016 at Renu Corp Grocery & Tobacco located at 158 Church Street in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City. "We are thrilled that this lucky winner was able to locate this life-changing ticket," said Gweneth Dean, Director of the New York State Gaming Commission’s Division of the Lottery. "We look forward to introducing this multimillionaire who came forward in the nick of time." The winner came to the Lottery's Beaver Street Customer Service Center in Lower Manhattan to claim the multi-million dollar prize with just two days to spare before the deadline of May 25. Lottery prizes can be claimed up to a year after a drawing; if they are unclaimed, the winnings are returned to the prize pool for future winners. The tickets winning numbers were 05-12-13-22-25-35 Bonus #:51.

The Wacken Open Air Festival is a three-day music festival held every year at the beginning of August in the village of Wacken in Schleswig-Holstein, in northern Germany. The festival has been running since 1990 and features artists who play heavy metal, hard rock and various sub-genres like punk and industrial. The festival draws 75,000 people who consume an average of about 5 ½ quarts, per person. Deutsche Welle reports that, in order to better keep up with the staggering demand of its thirsty fans, the organizers are constructing a 4-mile-long pipeline to carry beer to the fairgrounds. The pipeline will carry enough pressure to pour six beers in six seconds. The pipeline will carry about 105,000 gallons, of beer to the festival. Wacken spokeswoman Frederike Arns, said that the pipeline is being built to stop the ground being torn up by beer trucks. "In this way,” she said, “we will no longer have to distribute truckloads of beer kegs across the premises each day." The pipeline will be buried about two and half feet beneath the ground and will allow the festival site to be farmed normally throughout the rest of the year. This year's festival takes place from August 3 to August 5 and features 150 bands from around the world including Alice Cooper, Apocalyptica, Henry Rollins, Marilyn Manson, Megadeth and Volbeat.

According to the Marion County Sheriff Office, a man who tried to escape being apprehended on a felony warrant tried to fool deputies by dressing like a woman. The Sheriff’s office posted a video on Facebook, complete with audio from Aerosmith, which tells the story of deputies chasing down and catching Woodrow Dyer, 38, who they office says decided to dress up like a woman to avoid further detection. The post states, “On May 19th, Woodrow Dyer fled from MCSO deputies who were attempting to serve a felony warrant on him. Dyer got away, but deputies continued their search for him. Knowing he was a wanted man, Dyer began dressing like a woman to try to ‘fool’ deputies. But he was found the very next day. Dyer flees from deputies into the woods during this traffic stop… Dyer was quickly apprehended by K9 Deputy Donahue and his partner K9 Tipster." In a police photo, Dyer bears a startling resemblance to Steven Tyler, of Aerosmith, who is 69. Dyer was arrested May 20 and charged with two counts of resisting an officer. His felony warrant was served for possession of a weapon or ammo by a convicted felon.

A Florida woman raised a holy ruckus when police came to drag her out of a house she had been squatting in -- claiming that angels had purchased it for her because she's actually God. Francesca Pacheco moved into an unoccupied mansion on the state's so-called Gold Coast a few weeks ago, using the pool, the facilities and even a van that the owners had left behind while waiting for the property to sell. Neighbors called officers to report suspicious activity at the home, and when cops arrived, Pacheco explained that she was the ruler of the known universe -- and was being bankrolled by angels, who were footing all the bills. She even went so far as to say she wanted to file a police report of her own, because someone had stolen her driver's license. Pacheco was taken to a hospital for a mental health evaluation before being booked into the Brevard County Jail Complex.

Security guards at a Michigan courthouse went bananas after an X-ray machine turned up proof that a visitor was trying to sneak a small monkey into the facility.

Security guards at a Michigan courthouse went bananas after an X-ray machine turned up proof that a visitor was trying to sneak a small monkey into the facility. Linda Stevenson, who'd come to the Bay County Courthouse to deal with a small claims case, placed her purse on the conveyor belt for scanning, allowing a guard to see the tiny squirrel monkey moving around inside. Security Deputy Pat McIver described the encounter by saying, "I was like, 'What was that?' She goes, 'Oh, that's my monkey.' I said, 'I need to see your monkey. She unzipped her purse, the monkey stuck its head out and looked around, and then she zipped it back up." Stevenson, who insisted the critter is an "emotional service animal," said she tried to get a monkey-sitter for the afternoon, but was unable to. She ended up taking the little fella out to her car for the duration of her visit, without incident.

A truck crash and a horribly named business combine to create this stinky story. 

A hazmat crew in Delaware had to be called to the scene of a car crash after one of the vehicles slammed into a business called AnalTech and released a foul odor. Two pickup trucks collided and one of them slammed into the side of the AnalTech building, leaving a huge hole. The crash damaged a laboratory inside the building, and a strange odor was emitted. Hazmat crews investigated and determined after about three hours that the odor was harmless. Both drivers involved in the accident were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. As for the very unfortunate name of the company, AnalTech explains that it's a combination of the words "analysis" and "technology." The company manufactures thin-layer chromatography plates that are used in laboratories to separate non-volatile mixtures.

A single penguin in England is looking for love and using a dating website to find a mate. According to the Dorset Echo, Spruce, 1, a Humboldt penguin who is a resident of the Weymouth Sea Life Centre, is using the singles dating site Plenty of Fish to meet a lady penguin. Spruce describes himself on his profile as a "single penguin looking for chicks.” Staff at the Sea Life Centre say the avian bachelor is looking for love because other penguins in his group are either male or already coupled up. Sarah Everett, a staff member who cares for Spruce, hopes the profile will help spread the word to find him a partner. Everett said, "It would be nice for Spruce to have another single penguin to spend his time with, rather than his keepers." Some important things to note about Spruce, according to his profile, include that he is a non-smoker, under 5 feet tall and his likes include seafood and swimming. His favorite bands are Reel Big Fish and Noah and the Whale. It also says that Spruce is looking for, "a partner for life who I can make some little chicks with, as I'm a family man at heart.” Everett has high hopes for this singleton, saying, "…after searches for potential mates at other Sea Life centers proved fruitless I thought it was time to look further afield." Interested parties can check out Spruce’s profile and should be aware: Spruce is an Aries and if you want to hook up with him, you’ll have to move to the South of England.

Q'yaron Gadson, 11, was surprised last Friday with a brand new lawn mower, weed-eater and the gas needed to fuel them. The surprise gifts were orchestrated by Bobby and Kimi West, the owners of Grasshoppers Lawn Care in Dunn, North Carolina. Bobby was mowing a lawn in nearby Fayetteville earlier this month when Q’yaron approached him on his bicycle. "He came up and asked me, 'Sir, if I have experience by this summer would you hire me?'" West recalled. "I told him that, to be honest, my 15-year-old son is going to be helping me this summer." Q’yaron rode off on his bicycle but returned undeterred 15 minutes later. "He came back and said, 'Well, sir, do you have anyone who would have a used lawn mower?'" West said. "I took down his name and phone number." Q’yaron told ABC News affiliate WTVD-TV, "I can't just sit in the house and play all my life. I have to get outside and do something at least." West called his friend William Moss, who repairs lawn-mower engines, and they bought Q’yaron brand new tools and spent nearly $400 to give the boy, a stranger, a chance on his own. Q’yaron's mom, Katrina Gadson, said her son first started talking about getting a summer job around Mother's Day because he wanted to be able to help the family. Kimi West, a mother of two, said she hopes other children see Q'yaron as an example of hard work and success.

Residents of one small town in England have floated a demand for city officials to fix long-unfilled potholes on their streets -- by waiting for a rainstorm to fill them up, then plopping rubber ducks into the standing water. The folks in Steeple Aston, a village in Oxfordshire, had their feathers ruffled by politicians who were ducking the notion of allocating repair money, so they started collecting the squeaky yellow toys and letting them loose in the mid-road mini-ponds. Parish council member Helen Wright told the BBC, "Neighbors came out to see what was going on... Cars were slowing down and asking us what was going on, cheering, and giving us the thumbs up."

A Russian man showed a lot of guts by proposing to his nurse girlfriend -- by hiding a ring inside an open wound in his stomach.

A Russian man showed a lot of guts by proposing to his nurse girlfriend -- by hiding a ring inside an open wound in his stomach. The man, whose name was not released, needed abdominal surgery for an unknown reason, and arranged to have the procedure done at the hospital where his sweetie was on staff. He convinced the surgeon who performed the operation to place the carefully sterilized engagement ring at the incision site, before covering it in bandages. When he was wheeled up to his room, the guy made sure to see that his girlfriend was on duty before requesting a change of dressing -- which revealed the bling. The surprised woman went to work and found the ring and burst into tears -- accepting the proposal and slipping the jewel onto her finger ... after washing it thoroughly.

Someone dropped off a bag of clothes at a thrift store, along with 111 grams of pot.

A donor who dropped off a bag of children's clothes to a thrift store in Minnesota is about to find out that this good deed will not go unpunished. Cops say there was more than just clothes inside the bag. There were 111 small baggies of marijuana, and now they're trying to get the donor to come back and claim them. The Maplewood Police Department posted a photo of the donated pot on its Facebook page along with a note that reads, "If you accidentally donated 111 grams of marijuana along with your clothing earlier to a local store, please come to the PD so we can reunite you! We know you spent a lot of time dividing them into these perfectly measured baggies and must be missing them." Cops don't expect the rightful owner to come forward, but they're still confident they'll be able to identify the donor.

A Florida woman trying to get pregnant via artificial insemination called police because she feared the thermos she was using to store sperm and dry ice might explode. Felicia Nevins sought the Pasco County Sheriff's Office help after she forgot to remove a rubber O-ring from the container. The next thing Nevins knew, the incident was all over social media. That's because the sheriff's office posted details on Facebook. Nevins says she was upset because the post was not removed Friday. Nevins was not identified by name but she said she was mortified that enough information was posted for her to be identified. The sheriff's office defended its action, saying it was important to provide the type of safety information contained in the post.

A North Carolina man is trying to explain how his car ended up in a swimming pool. Local news outlets report someone noticed the empty car submerged in the swimming pool at a Winston-Salem apartment complex. Police think it plunged in early Friday morning. Owner James Bradley Poe told police the car rolled into the pool after he got out, thinking it was in park. Poe says he tried to stop the car. He says he left it in the pool because he had to go home to care for his son. Police say Poe has given conflicting accounts about what happened. He's been cited for leaving the scene and for not having car insurance. Poe is due in court next month.

Cold French fries are very disappointing and one woman in Minnesota was hoping to avoid that. According to WCCO, police say Eiram Chanel Amir Dixson, 25, went to the drive-thru of a Wendy’s in Coon Rapids, a suburb in northern Minneapolis, ordered her food and asked that her french fries be fresh. Apparently an argument broke out and employees said Dixson reached through the window at them. Then, an employee then threw a soda at her, so, the employees said, Dixson grabbed a can of mace from her car and sprayed it through the window. The manager of the restaurant directly in the face and hit another employee, according to the employees. Dixson was arrested and charged with use of tear gas to immobilize.

The manager of an Atlanta-area Pizza Hut is feeling the heat after he got a little too crusty with an employee -- by firing pepper spray at her during an argument over pepperoni. Police have issued a warrant for the arrest of Anderson Ramon Lewis, who faces disorderly conduct for the beef, which apparently started when he confronted the victim over placement of the pork. She insisted she was slinging the sausage by the book, but a witness says that Lewis pressed the issue to the point where the eatery's general manager told him to leave. Lewis exited, but returned, still screaming. He wrote down an address on a napkin and told the victim that she could find him there -- and then fired the pepper spray, which landed on her arm. He's still at large.

The Post Courier reports that around 5 p.m. on Thursday afternoon in Charleston, two Palmetto Carriage Works horses -- Yogi and Boo Boo -- pulling 16 passengers, were spooked when a woman dressed in an orange Tyrannosaurus Rex costume got in front of the carriage and started making growling noises. Driver Van Sturgeon said the woman refused to move after he warned her several times that she was upsetting the horses. The horses jumped and the carriage jackknifed. Yogi fell back on his haunches. Sturgeon was thrown to the road and a wheel ran over his right leg, causing a bruised leg and broken foot. The Tyrannosaurus rex shuffled off to a parking garage and got in a car. Witnesses told police it was a woman in the costume. Nicole Wells, 26, turned herself in to police the next day. She was cited for disorderly conduct and the city code violation wearing of a mask or disguise on a public street. She was not jailed. Palmetto Carriage Works President Tom Doyle said people lay down in the street to stop the horses in protest and even yell insults at drivers and passengers. The Charleston Animal Society has called for reforms to the carriage industry and not a ban, but decried this incident as animal cruelty and even offered a $2,500 reward Thursday for an arrest and conviction of the culprit.

A man is suing a Las Vegas hotel because one of its mannequins scared him and he got hurt.

A Las Vegas hotel is being sued by a man who claims he was injured by one of its mannequins, but he may just be showing who the real dummy is. Kent Jacobs Boutwell claims he was walking into his darkened guest room at the Planet Hollywood hotel and casino when he was spooked by a life-sized mannequin on display inside. He says he believed it was a real person hiding in his room to harm him, so he sprinted out and suffered injuries. Planet Hollywood says the mannequin, which was wearing a Miller Lite racing suit and was behind glass, was part of the decor. But Boutwell argues that it's dangerous to have a human figure inside a dark room without any warning.  The lawsuit is seeking $10,000 in damages for physical injuries and emotional distress.

WHBQ reports that Carl Webb and his wife were leaving Barbecue Fest on Thursday night in Memphis. It was after dark, and Carl's sunshade was stuck up, so he couldn't see what was on his trunk. The Webbs got in their car at a nearby parking lot and started to drive home. They didn’t notice they had a passenger. Thankfully, a Memphis police officer did and pulled the Webbs over. Carl Webb said, "There's no way to describe it. It's unbelievable. The officer came up and he said, ‘Mister, are you aware there's a body on your trunk?’, and that did not register. He goes, ‘Mister, I'm not messing with you. There's a body on your trunk.’ So I got out. We walked around and sure enough there he was still hanging on, still unconscious, just lying there.” The Webbs had driven 14 miles with the man sleeping on his trunk, which is only 14 inches wide. The mysterious passenger was so intoxicated, the police officer had to wake him up. Webb said the man started to stumble into traffic but thankfully the officer grabbed him. The lucky man was put in the cruiser. It is unclear if he was charged with anything.

Last weekend, the Golden State Warriors were losing by 21 points to the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA playoffs – and then came back to win the game after the Spurs’ best player, Kawhi Leonard, was injured in a play many believe was dirty. Well, one fan was so distraught by the injury, that he filed a lawsuit. Spurs fan Juan Vazquez is suing Zaza Pachulia, who injured Leonard, along with the Golden State Warriors for $73,000. The court document also requests that Pachulia – who is known around the league as a dirty player – not be allowed in San Antonio. The lawsuit is a nice effort, but isn’t going to get the job done, especially since the NBA isn’t hitting Pachulia with any extra discipline.

A criminal science program at a high school in Ohio pushes students to the limit by spraying them with pepper spray and zapping them with a taser. The class, which prepares students for a career in the military or police-force, teaches the kids exactly what goes on out in the field. One 17-year-old student said getting hit with pepper spray was like "sticking your face into a bonfire."

Sad, but true. The North Andover Citizen reports that North Andover’s 45th annual Sheep Shearing Festival, which will be held this Sunday, May 21, has cancelled Cow Pie Bingo. Originally organized by North Andover Police Lieutenant Eric Foulds, the event has been a favorite for years. The game is played with a grid drawn on the field, and each square bears a number. The game begins when a cow is be released onto the grid. The cow poops, and winners are determined by the number in the square the poop lands on. Unfortunately, in spite of how awesome that sounds, interest has been waning. Foulds said, “It’s a fundraiser, and we didn’t make as much money as we thought we were going to last year, and with the time and effort needed to put it on, it just wasn’t worth it. So we decided to skip this year, and if we get a lot of feedback that it was really missed, we’ll probably start it up again next year.” There will still be sheep shearing demonstrations and sheep herding demonstrations with dogs, as well as vendors and pony rides. No dogs are allowed, because dogs scare the sheep and disrupt the herding dogs. Hopefully, Cow Pie Bingo will return next year.

The Sebastian Daily reports that David Bender, 44, of Sebastian, Florida, was arrested after, among other things, he allegedly urinated into his neighbor’s mailbox. It all began with when his neighbor asked Bender to turn his music down. The neighbor told police that Bender walked into the street and pulled his pants down and flipped him the bird while urinating in his mailbox. Bender then allegedly smashed a homemade bamboo planter affixed to the mailbox. Officers from the Sebastian Police Department arrived and asked Bender to keep the music down. They could see that he was unsteady and detected the smell of alcoholic beverages on his breath. Bender was arrested and charged with criminal mischief. It is not known what music Bender was playing loudly.

A Wisconsin man is going to get spanked in court after breaking into a relative's home and stealing a security camera -- so he could pleasure himself without being caught on tape. Tristan Tucker initially sneaked into the woman's house so that he could recharge his phone and help himself to a bite to eat, but ended up developing a hunger for something different -- and decided to charge his own battery while his phone got some juice. When he realized he was starring in his very own video, Tucker disconnected and swiped the security cameras and the DVR box, trashed them and tossed them behind a nearby store. The relative fingered Tucker because he had done something similar several times in the past.

He said she spent the entire movie texting, and now he wants her to pay him back for the movie tickets. 

First dates don't always end well, but it's rare that one would end with a lawsuit. A Texas man is suing a woman he took out to a movie because she spent the whole time texting on her phone. After he repeatedly asked her to stop texting and start watching the movie, she got up and left the theater. Clearly this was not a perfect match, but Brandon Clarke Vezmar isn't ready to chalk it up to being a bad date -- he wants compensation. He's suing the woman for $17.31, which is the cost of the two movie tickets he purchased for the date. The lawsuit claims that texting is in "direct violation of the theater's policy, adversely affecting the viewing experience of [Vezmar] and others... While damages sought are modest, the principle is important as Defendant's behavior is a threat to civilized society.

Anyone who has traveled frequently aboard Amtrak along the Eastern corridor from Boston to Washington, D.C., knows that a delayed train can last for hours. When the power goes out, everything stops and there is an uncomfortable silence. Maddeningly, the dining car/snack car closes. When Amtrak train 161 was stuck en route to Washington on Sunday afternoon, one enterprising commuter decided to satisfy his hunger after the train was delayed and stalled. After passenger Mitch Katz realized that his train would not be going anywhere for some time, Katz ordered a pizza. When the pizza arrived, he took a video and shared it on Twitter, writing, “Stuck on @amtrak 161  got hangry and problem solved.” According to Katz, the train was stalled since approximately 4:30 p.m. The Amtrak website said the delayed train was scheduled to arrive in at Union Station at 8:35 p.m. – more than three hours late. It is not clear what kind of pizza Katz ordered. 

This is how it starts. Once you let them on the furniture, you’ll never get them down. this is the situation with a golden retriever in Austin, Texas, named Huckleberry, who has become famous for hanging out on his roof. Sarafina Nance, who lives in the neighborhood, told ABC News. “And I finally looked up, and I saw this dog looking down on me from this roof. I went to the door, about to ring the doorbell, and I looked to the left and saw this sign. And I was like, ‘OK, I guess everything’s fine.’” The roof actually belongs to his owners, Allie Burnitt and Justin Lindenmuth, who were inundated by their neighbor’s concerns about Huck. So they posted a sign at their front door that reads, “We appreciate your concern, but please do not knock on the door … We know he’s up there! But please feel free to take pictures of him and share with the world! #hucktheroofdog” Burnitt explained how Huck gets up there. "There is about a 2 1/2 to 3 foot clearance between a hill in our backyard and the roof over our house... It took him about six months to figure out the roof was an extension of his backyard. He now goes up every single time we let him outside." Huck has more than 17,000 followers on Instagram. Burnitt says it’s all good. “He loves people, and I think he just loves watching over our house and meeting his neighbors. The official motto here in Austin is ‘Keep Austin weird.’ Huck is definitely playing his part.”

A Florida man probably took a big gulp after cops snagged him on carjacking charges -- because they traced the location of his frozen convenience store drink. Bernell Travaughn Hegwood approached the victim's carholding a gun in one hand and an orange-colored, frozen Slurpee-like drink called a Frazil in the other. The driver gave a detailed description of the clear plastic cup, allowing officers to trace it to a nearby Shell gas station, where he and the cops looked at surveillance footage that showed Hegwood buying the drink and walking toward the parking lot where the carjacking took place. After being apprehended, Hegwood told a Coral Springs detective the gas station photos were of him and confessed to carjacking one driver and trying to take another motorist’s car.

A New Jersey man developed a serious case of tunnel vision after smoking a large dose of PCP and driving into a tunnel that crosses the Hudson River -- before stopping to pleasure himself, blocking thousands of cars in the process.

A New Jersey man developed a serious case of tunnel vision after smoking a large dose of PCP and driving into a tunnel that crosses the Hudson River -- before stopping to pleasure himself, blocking thousands of cars in the process. Ismael Esquelin was on his way to the Garden State from a trip to New York City when he paused to grip his gearshift, oblivious to the fact that rush hour commuters were honking and cursing at him the entire time. Cops approached the idling mini-van out of concern that Esquelin might be in danger, but found he was feeling just fine -- and removing his clothes to double his pleasure. Deputies found a glass pipe and small glass bottles containing PCP on the passenger seat floor and took Esquelin to a hospital for observation.

A hiker climbed a mountain for free pizza and all he got was this lousy hypothermia.

An Arizona man went out on a hike for free pizza, but all he ended up getting was hypothermia. The 30-year-old had accepted a challenge from a local pizza restaurant to climb Mount Eden in northern Arizona in exchange for free pizza. He set out on his hike wearing shorts and a tank top. It never occurred to him that he would encounter freezing temperatures and snow at 9000 feet up a mountain. The man was eventually spotted by a Forest Service employee who took him inside his lookout tower until a rescue team arrived. He was shivering and clearly suffering from mild hypothermia. The owner of the pizza restaurant said the contest was completely voluntary and expected participants to check the weather before hiking up the mountain. It's not known if the man got his free pizza.  

The young black bear was probably looking for treats when he climbed inside a car in Virginia, but it managed to honk the horn. Roanoke police say the 200-pound animal got stuck and blew the horn, rousing the car's owners about 5 a.m. Thursday. An officer was able to open the car's back door, and the bear ran into the woods. Police say snacks were inside the car and reminded people to keep their cars locked. The incident comes shortly after a bear caused a spectacle in downtown Roanoke. Lee Walker of the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries tells The Roanoke Times residents shouldn't be alarmed about the multiple bear sightings. He says bears are more afraid of people than the other way around.

Police in Arkansas have arrested two people for stealing a 16-foot trailer that contained thousands of dollars' worth of Little Debbie snack cakes. Police say the trailer was discovered missing early Wednesday from outside a storage unit in Jonesboro, about 115 miles  northeast of Little Rock. According to a police report, the trailer belonged to a Little Debbie salesman and contained $5,000 worth of snacks. Jonesboro police said the trailer was located in neighboring Mississippi County that night during a traffic stop. A police report says none of the snack cakes were touched. Two female suspects have been taken into custody. The trailer's owner, Roy Frazier, tells Jonesboro television station KAIT he's thankful his property was returned and that he's bought new locks for the trailer.

A United flight from Houston to Ecuador was delayed after a scorpion was spotted aboard. United says Flight 1035 returned to the gate Thursday night after a scorpion "reportedly emerged from a customer's clothing." Paramedics examined the man and determined that he hadn't been stung. It's unclear whether a scorpion was found. United says it found a new aircraft for the flight and all passengers were given a meal voucher for the inconvenience. The flight eventually got underway 3½ hours late. Another man was stung by a scorpion on a United flight from Houston to Calgary, Alberta, last month. United has been under fire since a passenger was violently dragged off an overbooked flight by aviation police in Chicago on April 9.

As if they don’t have enough on their plates with Brexit, now avocados are trying to kill people in the U.K. Doctors from the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons are calling for a safety warning on avocados. The conventional way to slice an avocado -- cutting it down the middle, twisting the halves apart and separating the half with the pit embedded in it by slipping it out with a spoon -- evidently is challenging some epicureans in Britain. Naturally, some people are using knives to try to dig around the pit. The knife slips and stabs the user’s hand, causing nerve or tendon damage. Simon Eccles, the honorary secretary of BAPRAS, said, “There is minimal understanding of how to handle them. Perhaps we could have a cartoon picture of an avocado with a knife, and a big red cross going through it?” Eccles says he treats four people a week for avocado hand. Note to avocado lovers in England: use a spoon.

Red Bull gives you wings, except in Florida you’ll need a shopping cart. WFTX reports that Crime Stoppers in Southwest Florida is asking the public for help finding a man who allegedly stole $300 worth of Red Bull. The incident took place at the Wal-Mart in North Fort Myers on April 27. Crime Stoppers released surveillance images of a store employee attempting to stop a man pushing a shopping cart filled of the energy drink out of the store. The man is a bearded Caucasian wearing black shorts and a gray T-shirt. Images of the man can be viewed on the SWFL Crime Stoppers Twitter account. The man did not pay for the items. Anyone who recognizes him is asked to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-780-TIPS.

A home on New York was all the buzz this week. WABC reports that thousands of bees -- 70,000 -- were removed a bedroom wall inside a home in Floral Park, New York, on Long Island.  Retired New York City Police Detective Anthony Planakis who works as a bee keeper and is known as “Tony Bees,” removed multiple honeycombs from the wall Thursday. The bees will be relocated to another beekeeper's property in – wait for it -- Locust Valley, on the North Shore of Long Island. This incident comes almost exactly two years after Tony Bees removed 40,000 bees under a bedroom floor at a house in Queens near Flushing Cemetery, and not far from Floral Park. That time, Bees used an infrared camera mounted on a pole to find the colony living under the second-floor bedroom soffit. The extraction took more than two hours and those bees were sent upstate to a different beekeeper.

Managers of a Florida Target raised a stink when a guy stormed into the place, knocked back a beverage, then used deodorant and other grooming products before trying to flee the scene. Dale Reynolds helped himself to a drink and walked out of the Target for the first time, then turned around for a second visit -- during which he applied roll-on, splashed on a bit of cologne and "borrowed" some tools to work on his bicycle in the parking lot. When cops arrived to question him about the series of events, he said he thought it was legal to use anything in the store, as long as he put it back when he was finished. He said he was going to pay for the goods, but had just 26 cents and couldn't get more cash because his debit card had gone missing.

Parents are always threatening their kids with punishment, but unless they actually carry through, kids will just keep doing what they're not supposed to. Brad Howard showed his son that he's a man of his word. The Texas dad was sick and tired of getting phone calls from his 17-year-old son's physics teacher complaining about his talking too much in class. So Brad told his son, Brad Junior, that if he got one more call home, he was going to go to his school and sit next to him in class.  Well, Dad received another call. The next day, the younger Brad walked into class and, like he does every day, started chatting with his friends -- until he noticed his dad sitting at a desk next to his. He says he was shocked that his dad actually went through with it. The older Brad says he felt uncomfortable sitting with all the teenagers and hopes he never has to do it again.

Do you ever look around your desk or office and wonder where all of your pens disappeared to? A man in China recently found out. The 50-year-old had to go to the hospital to remove two ballpoint pens from his large intestine. Apparently he remembered swallowing the pens after he lost a bet 36 years ago. An X-ray shows the pens still clearly intact, lodged inside his body. Amazingly, the man says he never experienced any discomfort all these years. Surgeons successfully removed them. It's unknown if they still actually work.

Some daring deer approached a group of hunters in central Indiana and one was so unafraid that it licked the barrel of a shotgun and allowed one of the men to stroke its neck. Perhaps they knew the men were hoping to bag a turkey? Leon Champine says the young animals didn't have their mother with them "to teach them what is dangerous." Champine, of Indianapolis, told WXIN-TV that he and his friends encountered the inquisitive animals over the weekend in Hendricks County. One of the men, Corey Cook, recorded video showing the deer wandering toward the camouflaged men who are hidden in the undergrowth. The video shows one nuzzling the barrel of a gun in the waning afternoon sunlight. Champine calls it a "once in a lifetime encounter."

A truck driver who heard a strange thud while driving down an Ohio highway says he pulled over to find landing gear sticking out his trailer after it was clipped by a small plane making a low approach. No one was injured in the collision near the Fremont airport Tuesday. The pilot of the plane landed the aircraft on its belly. Truck driver Russ Street pulled over at the airport, thinking he might have blown a tire, and saw a small tire sticking out of the top of his trailer. State police say it's unclear why the plane was coming in low. They say the pilot, 71-year-old John Randall, was out for a short practice flight. Investigators from the Federal Aviation Administration are expected to arrive Wednesday.

An awful crime has an adorable ending. According to ABC affiliate WLNE, Lynn Rubin, owner of Simplicity Farms in Bradford, Rhode Island, reported that seventy baby chicks were stolen from one of her barns on Thursday. The farmer said, "I couldn't believe it. Who would steal baby chicks... Who would do that?" Rubin said that her friend, Michael Geary, was feeding the chicks Friday morning when he noticed a barn door had been left open. The chicks were nowhere to be found. Geary said, "As soon as I saw the door open, I knew something was up. Of course I called her and she said, 'I didn't move them,' and I said, 'Well, guess what, somebody did.'" Rubin said that someone stole not only the chicks but the equipment necessary to take care of them.  She called Hopkinton Police and later posted on her farm’s Facebook page about the incident. Locals quickly started sharing the post. Rubin said, "I think they were just as offended as I was that someone would do this.” Luckily, someone who shared Rubin’s post knew about a young man keeping chicks in his garage, and tipped off local authorities. Hopkinton police were able to locate the all 70 of the adorable chicks and brought them back Sunday night. A Hopkinton police officer even gave the little chicks a ride in a squad car. Rubin said, "He was very professional, but did admit that he had never solved a crime quite like this before.  But he was very happy that it had a good ending."

If chocolates aren’t going to cut it and flowers won’t do, Kentucky Fried Chicken might be able to help. The 87-year-old fried chicken chain has introduced a romance novel written – supposedly -- by Colonel Sanders, just in time for Mother's Day. The 96-page bodice ripper, Tender Wings of Desire, is oddly not set in Kentucky but Victorian England and is available for free download on Amazon. According to the book’s description, “When Lady Madeline Parker runs away from Parker Manor and a loveless betrothal, she finally feels like she is in control of her life. But what happens when she realizes she can’t control how she feels? When she finds herself swept into the arms of Harland, a handsome sailor with a mysterious past, Madeline realizes she must choose between a life of order and a man of passion. Can love overcome lies? What happens in the embrace of destiny, on the Tender Wings of Desire?” KFC ha shared a video trailer for the book on Twitter, suggesting, "Give Mom her true heart’s desire this Mother’s Day -- a family meal and a romance novel featuring Colonel Sanders." As Mother's Day is one of KFC's biggest days of the year the romance novel is part of a promotion for the $20 Fill Up special. The book has 3.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon. 

The highway’s jammed with yoga heroes… wait: what? WPLG reports that a traffic accident shut down the northbound lanes of I-95 in Miami, so one woman decided to make the most of it. Kristin Bjornsen had no hope of going anywhere after a crash involving an armored van stopped traffic near Miami Gardens Drive. So rather than let a traffic jam break her, she broke out her yoga mat and began practicing downward dog, her plow pose and her king pigeon pose. Yes, right there on the highway, while everyone else was sitting there getting mad and yelling, Bjornsen made time to practice yoga. For almost two hours Bjornsen took advantage of the unique opportunity to find inner peace. In traffic. When the accident was finally cleared, Bjornsen might have been late, but she was well-adjusted and ready to face the day.

A drunken Pittsburgh woman was taken into custody by cops after she walked away from a bar to sleep off a bender -- in the bed of a perfect stranger. Allison Marie Plusquellic had spent the evening boozing it up at the Lamp Post Lounge, then decided to stroll over to a relative's house, but took a wrong turn and tried climbing into an open window of the wrong place, but couldn't manage to boost herself through. The 36-year-old dropped her purse at that scene, but continued down the road for another mile -- where she found a window that was easier to scale. She ended up wandering upstairs at that place to crash in an empty bedroom, but when the owner arrived home a short time later, she noticed some things out of place and called 911, summoning officers who took her into custody without incident.

A Florida man gave cops something to chew on after going on a crime spree that included a stop where he assaulted a perfect stranger with a barrage of gummy bears.

A Florida man gave cops something to chew on after going on a crime spree that included a stop where he assaulted a perfect stranger with a barrage of gummy bears. Douglas Woods Senior is suspected in three separate attacks over the past week, including one in which he attempted to commit a robbery by making the shape of a gun with one of his hands and threatening to shoot. Woods was finally apprehended after he walked into a candy store and became angry because no one was in front to help him. When a manager apologized and tried to help him, Woods began yelling obscenities, grabbed a large handful of gummy bears and threw them in her face -- then walked out, flagged down a patrolman and complained that cops were harassing him.

A driver rolled his SUV into a ditch because he saw a spider.

It is said that spiders can lift up to 100 times their body weight, but tossing a car into a ditch? That sounds a bit far-fetched. A Michigan driver and his passenger were lucky to walk away from a crash that was caused by a spider. The 26-year-old says he was driving his SUV when a spider suddenly emerged from the sun visor right near his head. He freaked out and drove off the road, rolling his truck into a ditch. The vehicle came to a rest against some trees. Amazingly the driver was uninjured, but his female passenger suffered a wrist injury.

If you're going to cut down hundreds of trees on state land, someone is going to notice.

If a Minnesota man thought he could cut down hundreds of trees in the forest and not get caught, he was barking up the wrong tree. Police arrested 40-year-old David Lawrence and charged him with theft of timber on state land after he was caught cutting down birch trees, which he then intended to sell. Birch is very popular in home design. A conservation officer heard trees being cut down and went to investigate. He found Lawrence standing in an area surrounded by about 100 downed trees. Lawrence told the officer he'd been in the woods for three days cutting down the trees, which he planned to sell to a man in Wisconsin.

A New Hampshire woman was fined and had her car impounded after she was stopped and found to have counterfeit motor vehicle registration and inspection stickers on her car. The Alexandria police on Monday issued a warning to drivers in a Facebook post after stopping the cheesy car over the weekend. Police also shared pictures of the used cut-out flyers from Hannaford supermarket, along with a cheese wrapper which were made to appear as registration and inspection stickers. In the Facebook post, police said, “Driving an uninspected or unregistered vehicle is a violation level offense and punishable by a small set fine. The punishment for making fake stickers is a misdemeanor and punishable by a fine up to $1200. In this case, the driver could be fined up to $2,400, plus her car was towed and impounded until she properly registers it are had it properly towed from the lot.” New Hampshire law states that making fake stickers is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine up to $1,200. New Hampshire police said the woman could be fined up to $2,400. The woman’s car was towed and remains impounded until she registers it properly and has it properly towed from the lot police.

That booty is definitely fake! Arizona ABC affiliate KNXV reports that the unnamed 47-year-old woman is from Nogales, Arizona, and was returning to the U.S. from a trip to Mexico. The woman was detained in Nogales by U.S. Customs and Border Protection at a pedestrian border, allegedly crossing with the drugs. She is accused of concealing heroin, valued at more than $45,000, in the back of her pants taped to her buttocks. Other arrests made at the Nogales border crossing that day include a 38-year-old woman with 22 pounds of meth hidden in the rear of her Ford SUV; a 40-year-old Mexican man with 31 pounds of meth and 2.5 pounds of cocaine hidden in his Nissan; and a 26-year-old woman with 10 pounds of heroin hidden in her Honda.

A police department in New Jersey recently made an arrest in what can only be described as the most cordial arrest ever. The Montvale Police Department shared a handwritten letter on its Facebook page that was sent in by someone they had arrested for an unknown crime.  The letter read, "This is to all the officers who assisted in my arrest. I know that it will not do anything or change. I just wanted to apologize for that day. You were just doing your job. Sorry and thank you, TR." The department, which doesn't usually receive apologies from people they arrest, was touched by the gesture so they shared the letter and wrote, "It takes a tremendous amount of maturity and courage to walk into a police department and hand-deliver a note like this one. Thank you, TR. It was appreciated."

A Florida man got an "F" for effort in a class he was taking to stay out of jail for robbery -- by taking a break to commit a robbery in the parking lot outside. Bert Leitzow was ordered to complete a pre-trial intervention class before heading to court to face charges of petty theft, but he decided to make a pit stop -- to break into the trunk of a pickup, where he picked up two drills, a drill-bit set and a battery charger. The truck's owner confronted him and grabbed a bag containing the tools, causing Leitzow to beg for mercy, and offer the victim $100 to not report the crime to cops. Truck owner Reinaldo Diaz didn't take Leitzow up on the offer and dialed 911 to summon officers, who caught the 66-year-old suspect after a short foot chase.

A Milwaukee woman is facing jail time for her third DUI after knocking back a few cocktails and getting into a car with a designated driver -- her eight-year-old son.

A Milwaukee woman is facing jail time for her third DUI after knocking back a few cocktails and getting into a car with a designated driver -- her eight-year-old son. Carrie Bernard attracted the attention of a passing patrolman who spotted her car weaving down the highway erratically -- and then noticed that a small child was the one guiding the steering wheel. While she pulled over when chased down, Bernard refused to cooperate with the deputy and failed several field sobriety tests. She now faces charges of driving under the influence, child endangerment and violating a court order -- by having her tee-totaling eight-year-old blow into the ignition lock designed to keep her from getting behind the wheel while wasted.

The seventh-grader liked a photo of a gun and school officials reacted.

A seventh-grader in Ohio recently received a 10-day suspension from school -- because he liked a photo of a gun on Instagram. It wasn't even a real gun in the photo. It was an airsoft gun that Zachary Bowlin and his friends use to play airsoft in the backyard. The photo was captioned, "Ready," and Zachary "liked" it because he assumed it meant that his friend was ready to play. The following day at school, he was called into the office, where he was patted down, searched for weapons and informed that he was being suspended. A notice was sent home saying Zachary was being suspended for "liking a post on social media that indicated potential school violence." Zachary's father thinks the suspension is ridiculous and says, "He never shared, he never commented, he never made a threatening post…anything on the site, just liked it." The school defended its decision to enforce its "zero tolerance of violent, disruptive, harassing, intimidating, bullying or any other inappropriate behavior by its students." However, after speaking with the boy's parents, administrators agreed to lift the suspension.

They’re supposed to be herbivores and to some people, they themselves are delicious. But who ever heard of a deer eating humans? National Geographic reports on a study published in the Journal of Forensic Sciences that revealed something the researchers hadn’t anticipated: a deer chowing down on a human flesh. The initial study was aimed at examining how human remains decompose in the wild. With the help of animal scavengers like foxes, turkey vultures and raccoons a body, even a human body, will decompose quickly So the researchers at the Forensic Anthropology Research Facility in San Marcos, Texas, brought human remains and set up a camera near to see the process of decomposition and whether any scavengers would partake. In the first recorded incident of its kind, a white-tailed deer is seen gnawing on a human rib. It is possible that deer would eat flesh when plant life is scarce in the winter months. The finding sheds light on deer behavior. Lock your doors.

A 10-year-old girl in Orlando, Florida, pried open an alligator's mouth to free her leg after the animal clamped down on her left knee, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission said. The girl was swimming Saturday afternoon in a designated swim area of Lake Mary Jane, in water that was about two feet deep and 10 feet from shore, when an 8-foot-9-inch-long alligator bit her. She was able to pry open the gator's mouth and remove her leg but sustained several puncture wounds to the back of her knee and lower thigh, the state commission said. She was treated by lifeguards, taken by family members to a children's hospital and has reportedly since been released. Moss Park is flanked by two large lakes, Lake Hart and Lake Mary Jane, where gators sometimes appear, according to the Orlando Sentinel. There were four other members of her party, standing approximately 30 feet from the shore when she was bitten, officials said. The alligator was caught and removed from the lake by a trapper. Reporter Julie Salomone of ABC affiliate WFTV tweeted video of the park being closed, and later, a photograph of the alligator that bit the girl. The Florida Wildlife Commission says on its website that some gators in the region can grow to be 14 feet long and weigh more than 1,000 pounds.

A Florida sheriff's deputy has been fired after he went all Denzel Washington in Training Day. Deputy Dean Zipes, who'd been on the force for just a year-and-a-half, waved his gun and his Taser around while quoting Denzel's profanity-filled lines in Training Day, a movie about a corrupt cop. The alleged incident occurred at 4:00 a.m. at a police station. Other deputies and a trainee were around at the time. Zipes insists he was trying to be funny and told investigators, "I am not a rogue, reckless, dangerous, insane guy that slipped through the cracks at the hiring process and somehow got a gun and a badge," adding that he's "just a guy going through some stuff." But he's actually acting a lot like a reckless, dangerous, insane guy. The department is also investigating another incident in which Zipes allegedly "made a scene in a local Starbucks after not receiving free coffee."

A truck driver escaped unharmed early Friday after a massive sinkhole started swallowing his big rig on a San Francisco street. Driver Alejandro Curiel says that he had stopped the truck against the curb when it started slowly sinking on the right side. He scrambled to climb out of the driver side because a tree was blocking the passenger side. Authorities are waiting for what could be two tow trucks to haul out the big rig, which is tilted into the sidewalk. The sinkhole is about 5 feet (1.52 meters) by 15 feet (4.57 meters) and in the city's South of Market district. It's unclear why the sinkhole developed. Curiel told the TV station that he "can't believe it happened to me." San Francisco Fire has warned drivers to avoid the area.

It was a four-legged kidnapping under the cover of darkness at a Minnesota park. Police say two St. Paul officers were patrolling Indian Mounds Park about 1 a.m. Friday when their squad car was nearly struck by a speeding SUV. The officers gave chase and when they stopped the vehicle after 2 miles (3.2 kilometers) they were surprised to find a frightened goat in the cargo area behind the backseat. Police spokesman Steve Linders says the stolen goat, Gordy, was one of 30 that had been situated in the park earlier in the week to eat invasive weeds. Two of four people in the SUV are in custody. The other two fled. As for the goat? Linders says Gordy is back on the job, munching away to control the weeds.

An elected official in a small Michigan town is serving a 90-day jail sentence after he was accused of forging documents to impress an overseas mistress. Charles Rogers is a member of the village council in Northport, north of Traverse City. Authorities say he created divorce documents with forged signatures of court officials and sent them to a woman in London. The Traverse City Record-Eagle says the woman contacted Rogers' wife, who reached out to police. Rogers pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor and began a jail sentence in February in Leelanau County. Northport Village President Phil Mikesell says Rogers plans to be released in time for the board's June meeting.

According to Lancaster Online, a man who “had a problem with bees and opossums” at his home used some leaves from his backyard and charcoal lighter fluid to start a fire on Thursday. According to assistant fire marshal Lt. Carl Everhart, "His intention was to use the smoke from the burning leaves to hopefully scare away the opossums. Unfortunately for him the exterior of the residence was made of wood, and the fire got out of control and spread to the residence.” The blaze displaced three people and caused $50,000 in damage The fire was ruled accidental. The house was condemned. It is unclear what became of the bees and the opossums.

 ‘Tis the season to be jolly. It happened twice in the last month, once in Pennsylvania and once in Connecticut. Now, it’s happened again in Ohio. WJW reports that Jeremy Dean, of Stark County, allegedly hit a car and kept right on driving like nothing happened. He then went to a bank and used an ATM. The driver of the car he is accused of hitting followed him. While Dean was in the band, he was confronted by the driver, a woman who was not named. Dean allegedly fled, but left his ATM card in the machine. The woman followed him and contacted police, telling them were to find him. Police eventually caught up with him.  When they did, Dean was wearing a T-shirt that read, "This guy needs a beer" and allegedly had a blood-alcohol content nearly four times the legal limit. He was charged with operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and leaving the scene of an accident.

Darth Vader is alive and lives in Tennessee. According to the website for Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett in Memphis, Tennessee, the Dark Lord of the Sith, is alive and well and working as a surgery tech at Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett. His name is Darthvader Williamson. Since Thursday, May 4th is Star Wars Day. Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett decided to share his origin story and how he found a passion for helping others. Vader – or rather, Williamson said, "When I was born, my mother wanted me to be named Junior, which was after my father, Anthony Lee Williamson. But him being a Star Wars buff, he was so enamored with the character Darth Vader, he was like, 'This would be one bad name for our son.'" Indeed it was. His mother was reluctant at first, he said, "Under the effects of anesthesia, my mother would've agreed to anything. She was like, 'Yeah, OK fine.' When she realized what she had done afterwards, she was like, 'What've we done?!' Surprisingly, Darthvader Williamson is not a huge Star Wars fan. He likes the original three but admitted that he hasn't seen any of the newer films.

A South Carolina man has found himself in quite a pickle -- after getting arrested for breaking into a neighbor's home to eat a pickle and wash it down with a big slug of moonshine. Joel Puglia was at his own residence when cops knocked at the door to question him about the burglary, which he confessed to, saying he decided to force his way into the house next door "because he was hungry and didn't have anything to eat at his own place." The homeowner said he received a pair of security camera alerts and came home to find surveillance tape showing Puglia make a sandwich, take a pickle out of the unopened pickle jar and knock back some booze. According to the police report, Puglia admitted he’d entered the home on other occasions without the homeowner being aware. The report lists the stolen consumable goods as being a drink of clear moonshine, a Clover Valley kosher whole dill pickle, a scoop of Newk’s pimento cheese and two slices of bread.

A Montana man was racked up by cops who rolled him down the alley to county jail because he scored a strike -- with a bowling pin smashed on the head of an acquaintance. Michael Joseph Schumacher tried to split the noggin of the victim during a brawl outside the motel where they both reside. Two witnesses told officers that Schumacher and the other guy were duking it out on the sidewalk until the 51-year-old suspect went into his room and returned swinging the bowling pin. Officers arrived on the scene a short time later and cuffed Schumacher as he allegedly repeatedly threatened to shoot the victim. Sounds like he has a lot of anger to spare.

A sheriff's deputy in Florida made one of his most bizarre traffic stops recently. It involved a dancing, half-naked man who was drunk on cleaning fluid. The officer spotted several cars pulled over on a shoulder and assumed there had been accident. So he stopped his car to investigate. Then a pickup truck started moving and intentionally struck the front of the police cruiser. The driver got out, wearing nothing but his underwear, and started dancing in the middle of the street. The officer attempted to take him into custody, but the man charged at the officer, who tasered him into submission. Once handcuffed, the man -- identified as Joseph Pemberton -- said he had a "revelation" about how "nuclear bombs were coming." Police later learned that Pemberton had begun his day by drinking an unknown cleaning fluid and then loading four teenagers into his pickup. At some point, they recognized that he was acting erratically and were able to flee. Pemberton was arrested and charged with aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer and child neglect.

A Colombian woman who turned herself into a human ATM lived to regret her decision to hide $7,000 in cash in her stomach. Doctors had to surgically remove rolls of $100 bills from her stomach and intestines after she admitted swallowing them in a bid to hide the money from her husband. Doctors were able to recover 57 $100 bills from her stomach and said the remainder of the cash should pass through her colon.

During the Edmonton Oilers playoff game Sunday, female fans were shocked to find the women’s bathrooms had been converted to men’s. Rogers Place arena switched the designated women’s bathrooms to men’s in order to reduce lines for men. Susan Darrington, general manager of Rogers Place said, “For playoffs, what we’re seeing is we’re getting predominantly men in here – the more exciting the hockey gets, I think the less guys are willing to give up their tickets. So we’ve adjusted our plans and we flipped a restroom on our main and on our upper concourse to be more available for men.” Women were not happy. Jacqueline Comer spent 25 minutes waiting to use the washroom. Charlene Zacharuk said, “I go to the washroom that’s always the women’s washroom and it’s a men’s washroom. So we make our way three-quarters of the way around the building and the women’s washroom is 60 deep. I get that the men had to wait, and it was an inconvenience for them, but they solved the problem by creating another problem.” Comer said male fans were unfairly given preference over women, explaining, “It just felt like we were on the other end of the scale for us in terms of what fans were important.” The City of Edmonton requires 172 toilets and urinals and Rogers Place has 485, although some are restricted, such as company boxes, the Loge Level and Sportsnet Club. On Wednesday, the Oilers lost Game 4 of the second round playoff to the Anaheim Ducks, 4 to 3. Game 5 is Friday night, back in Southern California. The way the Ducks are playing, female Oilers fans won’t have to wait in line until next season.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that a woman was grazed by a stray bullet during Tuesday night’s Cardinals game at Busch Stadium. St. Louis police said the 34-year-old woman, who was not identified, was sitting in section 141 about 9:40 p.m. when she felt pain to her arm. She removed her jacket and noticed a small abrasion to her elbow. Todd Porter, 54, of O’Fallon, Illinois, was at the game, seated in front of the victim. As the eighth inning was wrapping, Porter said the woman suddenly said, “Wow, I think I’ve been shot.” Porter continued, “We thought she was joking, but everybody turned around and she showed me the blood coming down from her elbow. It looked real purple and red and it looked like there was a hole in her jacket.” Porter said that the man sitting with her said, “We need security, she’s been shot,”

A North Dakota man, unfamiliar with the metric system, received a $940 speeding ticket in Canada after traveling nearly twice the posted speed limit. The CBC reports that on May 1, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police of Manitoba tweeted an image of a police radar indicating the driver was traveling 168 kilometers per hour, the equivalent of 100 MPH, in a 100-KPH zone. The tweet reads, “North Dakota driver stopped for speeding. Said he was going 100. Didn’t realize we use the metric system. Fined $940. #noexcuses #rcmpmb” RCMP spokesman Sergeant Paul Manaigre said drivers from the States are sometimes unaware of Canada's speed measurements. "It doesn't surprise me," Sgt. Manaigre said. "I've been policing the Emerson detachment for close to 15 years, so I've caught quite a few speeders...coming over from the States. You don't see it often, but it does occur." The metric system is used by all nations of the world except for Myanmar, Liberia and the United States. He was fined $940 Canadian Dollars, or 684.86 U.S. Dollars.

A shooting was reported less than a mile from Busch around the time the woman was hit. Police confirm that a bullet slug was found “in the immediate area around the victim’s seat,” which they said, appeared to emanate from outside Busch stadium. The victim has retained an attorney and been advised not to speak to the media. The Cardinals confirmed the incident and issued a statement saying, “There is nothing more important than the safety of our fans, and the Cardinals are grateful that no one was seriously injured.” It is unclear who the woman was rooting for, but the Cards beat the Milwaukee Brewers, 2 to 1.

A passenger on a nine-hour flight from Tokyo to Sydney who ordered a gluten-free breakfast option, wound up being served -- a banana. Not just a banana.  A banana with a plastic knife and fork, and a packet of salt.  And a sticker on the banana with "GF" written on it, and the passenger's seat number. That passenger, 32-year-old Martin Pavelka of London, isn't ordering gluten-free to be trendy.  He says he has the autoimmune disorder celiac disease, and gluten causes him severe gastrointestinal distress.  Mr. Pavelka also paid a reported 1,200 British pounds -- about $1,550 U.S. -- for his ticket for the April 20 All Nippon Airways flight. “When the stewardess came to me, she said ‘we’ve got a special meal for you’ and I got the banana," Pavelka tells the Evening Standard newspaper.  “I asked 'is this a joke?' She just said ‘I’m really sorry, that’s the gluten-free meal’.” All Nippon Airways said later Wednesday they'd apologized to Mr. Pavelka, but claimed the banana was "an alternative snack, not an alternative meal." 

The Siri feature on iPhones can answer many questions and do many things – but it recently took things to a whole new level by saving three fishermen from disaster out on the high seas. The three fishermen were cruising off the coast of Florida when they were confronted by big waves. It didn’t take long for the 18-foot boat to start taking on water. While battling the rough ocean, a crew member using a waterproof iPhone 7 used the “Hey Siri” feature to call 911. Luckily, the feature is activated by voice, as the fishermen were dealing with cold hands and fingers – and were having trouble dialing on the touch screen. Not long after the call for help, a helicopter from the Coast Guard went out to search for the guys, found them and brought them back to safety.

Here's a tip for aspiring pizza deliverymen -- if you want to keep your job, don't send dozens and dozens of creepy text messages to a customer on your route. A British Domino's employee found that out the hard way after he was suspended indefinitely for creeping on a 20-year-old college student who'd ordered a pie to share with her visiting cousins. The driver, whose name was not released, sent notes saying things like, "I seen you today," "I really feel you’" and ''You are so beautiful." Though it might seem cheesy from a distance, the woman says she was really worried because the crusty dude knew where she lived, and she's relieved that he won't be coming to her doorstep in 30 minutes -- or ever.

A Florida woman got her panties in a bunch after cops hauled her in on charges of carjacking a stranger -- while wearing nothing but panties and a bra. Sharnett Burton was apprehended in the parking lot of a Walmart after an officer on routine patrol noticed her behaving erratically and approached her -- only to have her ram the car into a utility pole and run inside the store in her undies. The deputy on the scene followed her in and tried to escort her out but got more than he bargained for; it took several police officers, as well as a pair of firefighters, to place Burton inside the police vehicle. According to the police report, Burton also hit several vehicles on her rampage, causing $7,000 in damage.

Police in New Jersey are looking for a missing man. He's described as a clown wearing yellow overalls, big red shoes, a big smile and a giant red Afro. He also goes by the name of Ronald McDonald. A life-sized statue of the iconic McDonald's mascot was stolen from a McDonald's where it had sat on a bench for the past 20 years. The restaurant is being renovated and the 250-pound statue was supposed to be moved to a safe location for storage, but before it could be removed, someone apparently swiped it. The franchise owners say they paid $7000 for the statue in 1993 are offering a $500 reward for its safe return. They say, "Whoever stole Ronald McDonald didn't just steal from us, they stole from thousands of parents who want to share their memories growing up with their kids. They grew up with Ronald McDonald. He's a part of the history and marketing of McDonald's."

According to The Smoking Gun, Nelson Lentz, 71 of Monroe, was arrested after placing sex toys throughout a Books-A-Million store near his home over the weekend.  He was arrested after store surveillance video recorded him in the act and he was identified by store employees. In the arrest report, Lentz said he left the sex toys after having a bad experience with the bookstore. Lentz admitted his whole purpose of going to the store was to leave the sex toys. Books-A-Million employees said there were several incidents in the past where Lentz left sex toys in the religious section of the store. Lentz confirmed it was him on the video. Lentz was charged with criminal mischief and criminal trespassing, and set free on a $700 bond.

A two-year-old toddler in China received just minor bruises after she was run over by two cars. CCTV China surveillance video captured the terrifying moment when the tot dashed into street traffic in southwest China's Sichuan Province. In the video, which was filmed Monday, the toddler can be seen observing traffic on the roadside for a few seconds before running across the road and being met by a white car, followed by another one close behind. After the two cars pass, the toddler appears to be lying face down on the ground before a woman, later identified as her grandmother, rushes over to scoop the girl up in her arms. The toddler was immediately taken for medical attention. Doctors from No. 2 People's Hospital of Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture said that the toddler only had minor bruises on her head and no other injuries. She was released Tuesday. "The surveillance video footage on site and our preliminary investigation show that when the toddler was running across the road, she was in the blind zone of the first car and the driver didn't see her. And the following car was moving too closely behind the first one and the driver failed to see the toddler [too]. So both cars ran over her," said Guo Wei, a police officer with Xichang Public Security Bureau. The toddler's father says that his daughter is a little frightened by the whole ordeal.

Florida man's failure to password-protect his wi-fi really blew up in his face -- after one of his neighbors decided to use the network to threaten to blow up government buildings. Walter Haider was shocked when investigators showed up at his home to question him about the series of violent messages sent through his system, but the authorities soon figured out their real source -- Terrence Upham, who had parked outside to use the wide-open wi-fi. Upham referred to bombs, which didn't exist, his hatred of America and his dislike of many, many racial minorities in the barrage of posts. While no explosives were found at Upham's home, cops did find a sizeable store of meth, which earned him a trip to the county jail -- where he probably won't have access to free wi-fi. A thief named Mulligan robbed a store, gave himself a mulligan, and robbed it again.

In golf, a player can take a mulligan, which is a second stroke to undo a previous poor stroke. A Vermont man, whose name happens to be Mulligan, must have thought the same rule applies to crime.

25-year-old Ryan Mulligan robbed a convenience store at knife-point last week and made off with an undisclosed amount of cash. Cops were on the hunt for him but only had to wait a week because Mulligan came back to rob the store again. Only this time, cops were able to catch him. He was found with cash in his pocket and admitted to both robberies.

A thief made sure he was properly stretched out before robbing a Dunkin' Donuts.

Police in Philadelphia are looking for an armed robber who walked into a Dunkin' Donuts shop and leaped over the counter -- a physical feat he was able to pull off because he stretched and loosened up first outside. Cops reviewed the doughnut shop's surveillance footage and saw the crook stretching outside in the parking lot before running into the shop where he jumped over the counter, pointed a gun at a worker and made off with $334 in cash. The thief then sprinted away, which he was obviously able to do because he had already stretched.

Florida residents are encouraged to catch wild pythons in exchange for a free T-shirt.

Florida wildlife officials are encouraging residents to help them take care of a little problem. All you need to do is grab a wild python. The state has been trying to get rid of the invasive snakes, but all attempts so far have failed. They've hired more trappers, trained people how to catch them and even brought in tribesmen from India, but the snakes are still slithering all over the place. So now, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has launched the "Python Pickup Program." Under the program, anyone who successfully catches a python can win a prize. All you need to do is submit a photo of the snake you caught and the commission will send you a "Python Pickup" T-shirt. Amateur snake wranglers will also be entered to win other prizes like GoPro cameras, storage trunks, backpacks and a $100 gas card. The announcement of the program isn't sitting well with professional snake hunters, who believe it's too dangerous to send amateurs to capture pythons.

Some residents of a Connecticut neighborhood aren't receiving their mail at home anymore because a local dog is reportedly biting the mailmen. A notice obtained from a local post office says that, due to repeated attacks on letter carriers by a local dog, the postal service will now only deliver mail in a Manchester neighborhood curbside or to the post office. The letter explains that the move is needed so mailmen won't have to get out of their vehicles and risk a possible dog attack. Manchester resident Michael Varni says he'll have to go to the post office to get his mail until he installs a mailbox on the side of the road. Police say they have no knowledge of any incidents involving dog attacks in the neighborhood.

Authorities say a woman led police on a high-speed chase on a North Carolina coastal island but found out it's hard to elude the law when the only highway leads to a ferry dock. The Hyde County Sheriff's Office says deputies were called last weekend about a motorist driving recklessly on tiny Ocracoke Island in North Carolina's Outer Banks. Capt. Jason Daniels says 34-year-old Tara E. Cranmer led deputies with sirens wailing along the lone state highway, a two-lane island route reachable only by ferry. Daniels says Cranmer stopped her truck near the north ferry dock, ran and was captured about an hour later. No one was hurt. Authorities say Cranmer faces several charges and has been jailed on a $22,000 bond.

A pigeon turned woman’s colander into a nest. When Genevieve Roman, 33, returned to her Brooklyn apartment after a two-month trip, she found a squatter had taken up residence in her kitchen. The New York Post reports that while she was away, a pigeon had moved into Roman’s apartment and made a nest in her pasta strainer. Not only that, there’s two eggs in the nest. Roman, an immigration lawyer, found her new feathered friend when she returned on Tuesday and heard “flapping and banging” in the kitchen. She discovered the bird had sneaked in through an open window. She said, “I walked into the apartment Tuesday morning and, you know, I had a squatter.” But Roman bonded with the pertinacious pigeon and named her “Adelaide.” She even gave the expectant mother her own Instagram account to chronicle her unique experience. Roman did look into a rescue organization for Adelaide, but to no avail. “Basically everyone told me in this particular case, if there were chicks without a parent I can take them in,” she said. So Roman vowed to let Adelaide stay until the chicks hatch. Then they have to move on. At least Adelaide is a thoughtful roommate. When she isn’t sitting on her eggs, she flies outside, where she does her business.

Either there are some potato farmers using their fields as driving ranges or there’s a golf course near a potato farm and everyone is hitting in the rough, because some frozen hash browns have been recalled due to possible contamination from golf balls. On Friday, the FDA issued a press release stating that McCain Foods USA, Inc. is voluntarily recalling frozen hash brown products that may be contaminated with “extraneous golf ball materials.” The products include Roundy’s Brand Frozen Southern Style Hash Browns and Harris Teeter Brand Frozen Southern Style Hash Browns, and were distributed in Illinois, Wisconsin, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, District of Columbia, Delaware, Florida, Georgia and Maryland. It seems that golf balls may have been inadvertently harvested with potatoes used to make the hash browns. The products may present a choking hazard if consumed. Consumers are urged not to consume these products. They should be thrown away or returned to the store. Thankfully, there have been no reported injuries. Anyone with questions about the recall should contact McCain Foods USA, Inc. at 630-857-4533,  Monday through Sunday, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. CT.

A Sacramento woman nicely threw a little shade at her favorite team in her obituary. The Sacramento Bee shared the notice of the passing of Christine Kockinis, who was 86. Her obituary tells of her life and devotion to her large family. Kockinis worked for the California Senate as an Associate Director for Office of Protocol & International Relations and faithfully followed the Sacramento Kings basketball team, a notoriously unsuccessful team. As her obituary draws to a close, she took a shot the Kings. It states, “Whether you knew her or not, the world's most interesting woman is going to be missed, and the world a little duller. Christine requested that six players from the Sacramento Kings be her pallbearers so that they could let her down one last time.” The Sacramento Kings are currently Number Twelve in the NBA Eastern Conference standings with 32 wins and 50 losses. The Kings have never made an appearance in the NBA finals, although in 1951 when they were known as the Rochester Royals they won the NBA championship.

9 News Australia reports that a 12-year-old Australian boy who drove 1300 kilometers, or 800 miles, across New South Wales on his own was eventually stopped by highway patrol officers. The boy was in the family car and was apparently involved in a crash. Highway patrol officers pulled him over on Saturday after they noticed the car's bumper dragging on the ground. "He'd taken the family car," Detective Inspector Kim Fehon said, and it was clear there had been some kind of accident. "So it appears he did have an accident while driving.” It seems the boy was en-route to the West Coast city of Perth, 4000 kilometers, or 2500 miles, across the country from his home in Kendall, on the east coast. Fehon said, "His parents reported him missing immediately after he left home, so they were looking for him.” Officers says it is unclear why the boy attempted to cross the country. The boy was arrested and has since been released to his parents.

A family found a bag of $14,000 in cash on the street in Worthington, Ohio. But instead of taking the money and running, they delivered the bag to a nearby police station. It seems someone brought the cash to a car dealer – then decided they didn’t want the car after all. Somewhere along the way, the money was dropped. Luckily, it was found by Jake Bowers and his family. Jake admits that the money could have been used to pay off debts, to take a vacation, or even to buy groceries. Instead, Jake used the money as an opportunity to teach his kids about doing the right thing, knowing that returning the money to the rightful owner would make a much bigger difference in that person’s life.

A Florida woman woke up to find that a stranger had broken into her home and left her a bunch of panties, along with a note pleading with her to share photos of herself wearing them. The victim initially called cops after she spotted strange undies strewn around her house and the front seat of her car, but officers weren't able to sniff out the perpetrator, who also stole a few pairs of her unmentionables. Then, a few weeks later, the victim's boyfriend reported hearing a noise as he prepared dinner in her kitchen and managed to get a look at the intruder, who'd made a cameo appearance to return the panties he swiped.  Deputies caught and cuffed Isitro Sanches, and found a large array of womens' underwear in his home right down the street.

A Florida man proved his bite is worse than his bark by sinking his teeth into a pup.

Firefighters in Wisconsin fought a huge cheese fire.

An 18-wheeler in Wisconsin had a major meltdown when the 20,000 pounds of cheese it was hauling suddenly went up in flames. The driver realized that the truck's brakes were on fire, so he headed to an empty parking lot and tried to put out the blaze himself. What he didn't realize is that the Kraft and Velveeta products that were tightly packed in the trailer were also on fire, and when the cheese fire met the diesel fuel, it resulted in a raging blaze that was very difficult for firefighters to put out. Luckily no one was hurt.

An octopus in Australia was filmed stealing a woman's pair of expensive Ray-Ban sunglasses, and hanging on to them despite attempts to get them back. On Thursday, Emma Solomon was with her family at the north end of One Mile Beach in New South Wales, when she pointed out an octopus in a rock pool. A video taken by a member of her family, shared by the Daily Mail, shows the moment after Solomon used her Ray-Bans to point out the ornery octopus. The creature took a liking to the stylish specs and latched on to them and would not let them go. Solomon tried to pull the sunglasses back without breaking them while her family expressed doubt that the sunglasses will be returned, pointing out that octopuses are unlikely to let go of objects they desire. A man says, "It's not the end of the world, you guys. We can always get another pair." The video concludes with the octopus succeeding. Clearly, it’s a sucker for fashion.

A maxim in journalism states that an unusual event is more likely to be reported than something that happens everyday. A Florida man just reinforced that concept. Zachary Kelly, 30, of Brevard County, was arrested after biting the family dog. Police said Kelly told them he got angry with Pheobe, a four-month-old puppy who was "acting up." Investigators say that Kelly wanted to "teach the dog a lesson," so he said he held Phoebe down and bit her on the ears, causing the animal to yelp in pain. Jessica Wenner, the suspect's girlfriend who owns Pheobe, said, "I'm obviously not happy about it.” Wenner incident also led to a fight between Kelly and his brother, whom he also allegedly bit. Of the bitten brother, Wenner said, "He has some marks on him, but he's fine.” And in spite of the attack, Pheobe appears to be OK. Kelly was ordered not to have any contact with his brother or Pheobe, and was charged with animal cruelty and battery.

A cop in Texas who showed up to do his job -- give Breathalyzer tests to suspected DUIs -- was asked to blow one of his own and failed. Officer Michael Cuellar self-administered a Breathalyzer test that showed his blood-alcohol level to be 0.06, a reading that was inside the legal limit to drive, but way over the limit for an on-duty cop in the Lone Star state. He was given an "indefinite" suspension but probably won't face criminal charges. Cuellar reckoned he’d had three glasses of vodka and two glasses of wine the night before, and estimated that he’d stopped drinking around three hours before his shift started.

A Simpsons super-fan in the U.K. who says he grew up feeling like Homer Simpson was his dad inked up his entire right arm with 52 tattoos of the cartoon character. 32-year-old Ricky Viner says, "I instantly fell in love with the program when I saw it aged eight. I was adopted when I was a kid and never really had a father, so, in a funny way, Homer became the father figure I always wanted." Viner's Homer tattoos extend from his wrist to his shoulder. It took the tattoo artist 14 hours to complete all of them. Viner says he was inspired by hearing about a man with 203 different Simpsons tats on his back. Viner thinks he may have a shot at a record for the most tattoos of a single cartoon character. As of now, the tattoos are all just outlines, but Viner says he plans to get them all colored in.

Gilbert Kalonde, assistant professor of technology education at Montana State University, is suing the retailer for libel after, he says, an employee listed the occupation on his fishing license as a toilet cleaner. Two years ago, Kalonde went to Wal-Mart in Bozeman to buy a Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks fishing license. Kalonde told the employee that he worked for MSU and showed him his University ID, but the employee entered “clean toilets” into the FWP database as Kalonde’s occupation. Kalonde’s lawsuit claims this was done to expose Kalonde to “hatred, contempt, ridicule or obloquy.” When he renewed his license last year at Wal-Mart, Kalonde said he told the employee that he worked for MSU, but “clean toilets” was listed on his license, but they failed to change it. Two days later Kalonde returned to Wal-Mart and asked for a corrected license and a written apology. An apology was never provided. Kalonde is seeking unspecified damages.

The Bruce family of Poinsett County, Arkansas escaped a fire that destroyed their home, thanks to the actions of their pet goat. WREG reports that 10-year-old Abigail Bruce was sleeping Saturday night when Speedy, the loud family pet, jumped on her legs and then her chest. Abigail said, "I was in the living room sleeping. I was thinking what's happening? And all I seen was smoke.” Abigail got up and ran into her parent's room. Her father Nick Bruce said, "I woke up to Abigail running into the room saying it was smoky and she could barely breathe.” He realized the garage was engulfed in flames and the house was catching fire. The Bruces climbed out the bedroom window to safety on the front lawn. The local fire department got to their home minutes later, and though they were able to put out the fire, the smoke and soot damaged everything in the home. But the Bruces know it might have been worse if not for Speedy. Speedy only joined the family two days before the fire. He was a birthday present for Abigail and was living with the family inside their home. "I didn't approve of him at first but he'll be there from now on," said Nick Bruce. "He knew what to do and everything," said Abigail. "I think he was special before we got him.” The Weiner Fire Department and the Jonesboro Fire Department of Poinsett County set up a fund to help the family.

Imagine trekking 500 miles across mountains, rivers and even a Spanish desert. Now imagine doing that with your best friend who's in a wheelchair. Justin Skeesuck and Patrick Gray have known each other since they were born and grew up together. Gray, 41, was even there when Skeesuck, also 41, was diagnosed with multifocal acquired motor axonopathy, a neuromuscular disease that causes symptoms similar to ALS. "I have to have my clothes put on. I have to be bathed in the bathroom. I can do some stuff on my own. I can get around on my own. I use a power wheelchair," Skeesuck told ABC News. "But my wife is my primary caregiver and then Patrick steps in and he’s kind of my No. 2. I call him the vice president of my inner circle." So when Skeesuck, who lives in Eagle, Idaho, wanted to trek the 500 miles of Spain’s Camino de Santiago trail after watching a travel show, Gray didn't hesitate. "I just knew I needed to do it," Skeesuck said of getting the idea in 2013. After a year of training -- and convincing their spouses and families -- they hit the trail on June 3, 2014. "We were going to try to make it, come hell or high water," Skeesuck said, adding that they were just "focused; trying to have fun throughout the process." And, just like The Proclaimers song, they walked 500 miles. The two documented their experience in a book, I’ll Push You: A Journey of 500 Miles, Two Best Friends and One Wheelchair, out June 6. There is also a documentary about their trip due out this fall. Gray said he stole a phrase from his best friend on why they're sharing their experience: "'It’s too much hope not to share it.'"

You can be a Pepper if you drink Dr Pepper, according to the commercial jingle, but you really have to love the unique soda pop to get the company to send you your very own Dr Pepper soda fountain. According to the Wichita Eagle, Claire Daniels, a senior at Kansas State got a big surprise when she came home from class on Thursday. Dr Pepper presented her with a custom-made, maroon-colored fountain that holds five gallons of soda. Daniels constantly tweets about her love of Dr Pepper, and a few months ago tweeted, “I really just need to have a Dr Pepper fountain installed in my house. That would probably be cheaper than how much I spend on it currently.” Much to her surprise, after seeing her tweets, the company decided to present her with the soda fountain and 1,200 cans of soda to keep it full and flowing. Daniels, who is a communication studies major from Augusta, Georgia, said, “It’s really crazy. I am still kind of in awe ... It was just kind of a joke tweet, but here we are. I think it’s awesome. I’m really excited. It’s kind of crazy to think one tweet could make this happen.”

A Georgia man proved he was way off target in his definition of "customer service" -- by coming onto and assaulting a department store employee, then leaving a signed comment card about her on his way out. Ira Davis approached the clerk in the electronics department of a Target near Atlanta and began making sexual comments to her, then touched her before she shouted at him and scared him away. Before he left the building entirely, he stopped at a kiosk and picked up a card to rate the victim's "work," saying she "did great" -- ending by signing his name to the document. Police in the suburb of Sandy Springs picked Davis up on an unrelated suspicious person call and charged him with gross sexual imposition.

A British woman was left stunned and disgusted after making a disturbing discovery inside her newly built home. 50-year-old Mandy Greeves moved into the brand-new home two years ago. When a plumber was doing some work in her bathroom, he removed a wall panel and discovered three bottles filled with urine. She never knew they were there and wouldn't have known if the plumber hadn't removed the panel. The workers who built the house must have relieved themselves in the bottles and stored them behind the wall. Greeves says, "Why did they have to do it in a bottle and leave it and then put the bath panel back on? It might have been the builders. The guy that put the panel on. Why did he not notice it? It’s not nice."

Every gambler can tell you that while playing inside a casino, it's easy to lose track of things like time, money and the bag of heroin you accidentally dropped out of your pocket. Police in Great Falls, Montana were called to a casino after an employee picked up a baggie of heroin that fell from a man's pocket as he continued to play a table game. 41-year-old Dylan Hayes Stephens was unaware that he'd dropped the drugs and was arrested inside the casino. Officers say Stephens was also in possession of three more baggies of heroin, a syringe and "a brass knuckle/knife weapon." He's been charged with criminal possession of drugs, paraphernalia and carrying a concealed weapon.

A group of friends at a Florida state park caught the moment a horse attacked an alligator on video. Krystal Berry and her friends went to Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park in Ocala on Wednesday to celebrate their recent graduation from nursing school and were filming the unlikely enemies as they stood near each other in a field, she told Storyful. In the video, the group of horses appears to be grazing near the alligator when one closest to the reptile suddenly charges toward it, running over the alligator at least twice as it hisses back angrily. The alligator appears to fight back, attempting to bite the horse after the force of the attack sent it into the air. The encounter transfixed a small crowd, which seemed to be on the gator's side. "Just leave him alone," one person behind the camera says. The animals then retreat, with the horse trotting away quickly, keeping an eye on the alligator as it slowly crawls to the opposite side of the field. Berry asked park officials to check if the animals were harmed in the scuffle, and she said they told her that neither showed any signs of stress or bleeding. Paynes Prairie is located about 10 miles south of the University of Florida in Gainesville and is a popular recreational destination for students. The university's mascot is the Florida Gators.

A golfer in Australia encountered an unusual hazard during a recent outing. On April 6, Greg Tannos was playing a round at Sanctuary Point Country Club when a group of eastern grey kangaroos decided to hop on the green and instantly increase the difficulty of an already hard sport. Treating the mob of kangaroos like just another obstacle to surmount, Tannos tried to play through, wheeling his clubs behind him. The kangaroos frolicked around the green, hopped alongside golf carts and even stood still and quiet while he putted.

A Walmart in Waukesha, Wisconsin, has fired an 88-year-old man who worked as a greeter after a wild turkey entered the store and walked past him. WISN reports that Bob Tallinger was working on Monday, March 27, when a wild turkey walked in through the automatic doors. Tallinger said, “He goes back and then he walks out.” A member of the local Humane Animal Welfare Society was contacted and was able to capture the bird by luring it into a net. A few days later, Bob Tallinger, who worked at Walmart for eight years, was fired. Tallinger said, “I says what for? ‘Well, you should have helped get that turkey out of here.” Tallinger was told he should have alerted a manager about the turkey in the store. His wife Janet Tallinger was shocked. She said, “He was hired to be a greeter and that is what he did. He never saw a book of rules that said if a wild turkey comes in here, you better run and get management.” She believes his termination was unfair, and said, “Granted, he’s gotten older and granted he’s lost a little memory, but nevertheless, that hasn’t prevented him from being an excellent greeter.” She added that her husband was the most popular person at the Walmart and loved working there. Walmart issued a statement saying, "We appreciate the public’s concern and take this situation seriously. While we will not comment no HR matters, we can confirm Mr. Tallinger is no longer with the company.” Ironically, the Walmart in Waukesha sells whole turkeys.

By day, 82-year-old Sumiko Iwamuro runs a restaurant in Tokyo. However, when the sun goes down, she gets down -- as DJ Sumirock, a techno DJ who spins at the DecaBarZ nightclub in the Shinjuku district. The New York Post reports Iwamuro first dropped the bass at 70, at her son's birthday party. However, now she's a sought-after DJ with young club-goers -- and a viral video star.

Police in Sydney, Australia had a lot of trouble slipping the cuffs onto one of the s-s-suspects they nabbed in a meth lab raid earlier this month -- a six-foot-long ball python kept around the place to scare off trespassers. Authorities did manage to corral the critter, which they soon sent directly to an animal rehab center, because it had developed a full-blown habit after absorbing fumes and particles sent into the air as the drug "ice" was being manufactured. While the snake was rattled by the experience, it's expected to make a full recovery. Ian Mitchell, a manager at the wildlife center where the slippery fella was treated, said, "Normally these pythons can be a little bit snappy, they are constrictors and not poisonous, and they just lie around. But this one was totally on edge, jittery, slithering and wanting to strike."

It's best to just leave the drunk guy in the NRA T-shirt alone. 

Here's some free advice. Don't get into an argument with your drunken neighbor wearing a National Rifle Association T-shirt. Police in Connecticut responded to a complaint inside a grocery store where two men reportedly got into an argument over some neighborhood issue. They found 58-year-old Mario Williams, drunk and dressed in an NRA T-shirt, pointing a gun at the other man. He was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment, threatening and carrying a firearm while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Again, people, choose your T-shirts more wisely before getting drunk. 

A New York woman wearing a "Support Your Local Bartender" T-shirt apparently did just that before getting behind the wheel of her car with her six-year-old son in the backseat. 31-year-old Ladion Logan was arrested after she slammed her car into a parked vehicle. She made matters worse for herself by screaming and cursing at officers when they arrived at the scene. She was handcuffed and placed in a police cruiser. Her son was placed in the custody of family members. Logan was charged with drunk driving, resisting arrest, and endangering the welfare of a child. This is just the latest case of someone wearing the worst possible shirt at the worst possible time. Earlier this week, a Connecticut man was busted for DUI while wearing a T-shirt reading "Hold My Beer and Watch This." Last week a Pennsylvania man arrested for drunk driving was wearing a "Drunk Lives Matter" shirt.

A driver in Canada had his car impounded by police following a traffic stop after police realized he had used wooden logs and chicken wire to reinforce his vehicle’s suspension. According to the Ottawa Citizen, on Sunday, police in Quebec pulled over a 1999 Toyota Tercel around 10:45 p.m. after noticing the car didn’t have working brake lights. They soon discovered that the unnamed 28-year-old driver had an open container of beer in the front seat and no proof of insurance. It gets better. Upon closer inspection, the police found that three of the four tires were bald, the car had no windshield wipers and had the rear suspension held in place by the wooden logs and chicken wire. Sergeant Martin Fournel said, “It was basically keeping the vehicle up.” Stunningly, the man passed a field sobriety test but nevertheless police impounded the car. The man will have to pay for the towing of his car and was ticketed for various safety infractions.

An eight-year-old boy from East Palestine, Ohio, took his dad's van and drove his four-year-old sister to the local McDonald's to get cheeseburgers. Officer Jacob Koehler of the East Palestine Police said that the boy pulled up to the drive-thru around 8 p.m. Sunday. He had driven from his home about a half mile away, while his parents were sleeping. Koehler said, “He looked up videos on YouTube on how to drive.” Koehler said that witnesses say the boy, stopped for lights, kept to the speed limit and followed the rules of the road. Their grandparents were called to come pick them up, and while they waited, the kids got to eat their cheeseburgers. No charges are being filed.

This squirrel gets more ice cream than you! KABC reports that a squirrel in North Carolina loves ice cream and gets it twice a day. Putter the squirrel, or Putt Putt, is regular customer at Fantasy Isle Ice Cream & Mini Golf in Holden Beach. Owners Scott and Pam Martin say their furry friend showed up last summer and hasn’t left since. She lives in a tree above the shop and comes down every day, often twice a day, for a scoop. Vanilla is her favorite flavor. Putt Putt even has her own little specialty cones.

A Danish group is making a beer brewed using urine collected from music festival guests. The Local of Denmark reports that there is no urine in the beer, but the collected wee is used as fertilizer. Instead of using fertilizer from cows or pigs, the beer makers collect the fertilizer from concertgoers at the Roskilde Festival, the largest music festival in Northern Europe. The Danish Agriculture and Food Council collected 54,000 liters -- 14,265 gallons -- of urine from festival attendees at the 2015 Roskilde Festival, which featured Paul McCartney, Kendrick Lamar, Nicki Minaj, Ryan Adams, Deafheaven and Lamb of God, among others. The following spring 2016, the urine was used as fertilizer and yielded 11 tons of malting barley. The Danish Agriculture and Food Council collaborated with brewery Nørrebro Bryghus [nor-eh-bro bry-gus] on the project, called beercycling, to brew 60,000 bottles of beer.  The beer, a pilsner called Pisner, is set to be released in Denmark in June. Henrik Vang, executive director of the brewery, said, “We want to be a part of the beercycling project partly due to the story it has already told, but also because it is interesting to partake in a project which addresses the challenges of sustainability and circular economy. Basically, it is a cool project,” The public will be able to taste Pisner this summer.

Brian K. Siemienski, 33, of Port St. Lucie, is accused of stealing a woman’s purse then literally running into a police officer’s arms on Monday. The woman, a Denny’s employee, was sitting in her car while the restaurant was being cleaned. Siemienski allegedly approached her. She asked if she could help him and he said, “Yeah, this.” Siemienski then allegedly opened the car door and grabbed her purse. An exterminator pulled up during the struggle and allegedly Siemienski took off running. Someone had called 911, and police arrived just as Siemienski was running by. He ran straight into the arms of a police sergeant. Siemienski was arrested and faces multiple charges.

Timothy Robert Scott, 39, of Springfield, Oregon, was on his way to jail, arrested after he allegedly crashed into a police car while doing 80. The officer was taken to the hospital with neck and back injuries. In an exchange reportedly captured on the in-car video and transcribed in affidavit, Scott allegedly told the officer about the meth stash in his 1998 Lexus 300. “Can you tell me which tow company took my car? I have, like, five pounds in that car.” The officer reportedly responded, “Of what?” “Methamphetamines.” Detective David Lewis of the Springfield police said they thoroughly searched Scott’s car with the help of   a drug-sniffing dog but did not locate the meth. Scott has a history of meth-related cases but does not have any drug charges pending. He was arrested on charges of reckless driving, driving under the influence of intoxicants and second-­degree assault.

Cops in a British seaside town will have quite a "tail" to tell their loved ones after they rushed to revive a collapsed man -- only to find that they'd been called to attend to a very healthy alligator. A bystander called the Brit equivalent of 911 to report that there was a man collapsed on the Bristol boardwalk, but when officers responded, they found a four-foot-long gator on a leash, not far from its owner -- the proprietor of a seaside pet shop. The officers took time out to see if there was any crime to take a bite out of, but found that the critter's papers were all in order, allowing him to slither away in peace.

An Arizona man was pretty unsuccessful on a first date -- in trying to steal a purse from the gal he was meeting.

A Massachusetts man is waiting for the government to explain why they unexpectedly sent him a check for two cents.

A Massachusetts man is waiting for the government to put in their two cents -- about why they suddenly and unexpectedly sent him a check for two cents. Bruce Rideout doesn't have a clue why the Treasury Department cut him the tiny check this week, and has been showing it to his friends asking for guesses. The 79-year-old told a local paper, "First, they all laugh. The second thing is always, 'Do you know how much it cost them to send this check?’" The retiree has eliminated a number of possibilities, including his monthly pension and a tax refund, both of which he'd already received. But even if he never solves the mystery, he has no intention of cashing the thing. Instead, he'll hang it on his living room wall -- in a custom frame he purchased for $82.15.

A lot of us have to pinch pennies when we go to the supermarket to buy groceries,but a couple in Maryland nearly had their groceries pinch back -- when they found a live scorpion in a bag of pre-washed spinach. Sri Sindhusha Boddapati says she and her husband brought the greens home and opened the bag when they spotted what they thought was a cricket crawling around inside. After a second or two, she found out things were even worse than she'd imagined -- the critter was actually a small, but still-deadly, scorpion. The market issued a statement saying, “We regret any inconvenience to our customer," but declined to pull the product from its shelves.

A Florida con artist was busted with dozens of different wigs she'd used to impersonate her victims.

A Florida woman didn't use her head when working out an identity theft scam -- she was busted with dozens of different wigs she'd used to impersonate her victims. Dianne Garrett was initially arrested for breaking and entering after surveillance tapes showed her sneaking into unlocked cars and skulking off with purses, sunglasses, wallets, pretty much anything imaginable. But when cops went to the motel room where Garrett was living, they found a lot more -- including 30 or so wigs chosen to match the drivers licenses of women she was trying to imitate in order to use their credit cards. Authorities set a relatively high bail, since the 31-year-old's past includes fraud charges in Florida, Kansas, and Oklahoma.

A Montana man thinks he really got screwed by his state government -- after the treasury refused to cash his property tax check because he wrote "for sexual favors" on the front of the document.

A Montana man thinks he really got screwed by his state government -- after the treasury refused to cash his property tax check because he wrote "for sexual favors" on the front of the document. Scott Dion, who lives in the northern town of Havre [pr: Hahv], says that he sent off his payment of $745 to the state office last November, but has yet to see the cash debited from his account. He's hired a lawyer to force the hand of the government, saying refusal to cash the check amounts to "official misconduct." The office of the treasurer says the check remains uncashed because the department is unsure where the funds should actually go.

Police have released video of a man suspected of robbing a Pennsylvania credit union that shows him dropping some of the money while bicycling away from the crime scene. Springettsbury Township police say the man robbed the Members First Credit Union on Thursday. The video is from a security camera on a business on a nearby street, about 10 minutes after the robbery. The video clip posted on the police department's Facebook page shows the suspect riding down the sidewalk and dropping cash before he stops, gets off the bike, and returns to scoop up the loot. Police have not yet charged anyone in the heist.

Great Britain doesn't exist in Slovakia. There's an institution with a power to issue fines of up to 6,600 euros ($7,000) for those who would disagree. The state Geodesy, Cartography and Cadaster Authority has warned Slovakian media that a 1995 law says the country that comprises England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Island man only be called the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, or United Kingdom for short. Using Britain and Great Britain are illegal. The authority says it plans to organize trainings on the proper terms before imposing fines. The British embassy in Bratislava and Slovakia's own Foreign Ministry could run afoul of the law. Spokesman Peter Susko says the Foreign Ministry uses United Kingdom in official documents, and terms "understandable to people" in common communication.

A worker at a Massachusetts hotel got a slithery surprise while cleaning a room — a 5-foot ball python left in a drawer. The Telegram & Gazette reports that staff at the Marriott Residence Inn in Worcester found the snake last week and called animal control. Animal control took the snake to a pet supply store. General manager Rod Dzivasen says the snake appeared to be in good health. Officials don't think the snake was in the room for long. Police say the person renting the room and believed to be the snake's owner had checked out the prior day. It's unlikely anyone will be charged.

An Ohio woman got herself locked up just after she got herself locked in -- at a store she was robbing just before employees closed the joint, leaving her stuck inside. Joanne Havens was shoplifting from a Kohl's just outside Kent when she tried to hide from a clerk by sneaking into a dressing room, not knowing the place was about to shut its doors. When she realized she was trapped, Havens called 911 to ask cops to rescue her, not realizing that they were already on their way to the store because of the alarms she set off while sneaking around inside. The 35-year-old denied any wrongdoing, insisting she just lost track of time, but officers sent to the scene found a number of items hidden in her purse when they reached her.

A Florida man who busted out a number of windows on his rental property blamed his roomie's cats for trashing the place.

A Florida man was hauled in by cops for busting out a number of windows on his rental property, but he thought he had the purr-fect alibi -- he blamed his roomie's cats for trashing the place. Hervey Hernandez had been booted from the house early on the evening of March 22nd, and had a hissy fit when he couldn't get back in, pounding on doors and windows all around the place. Eventually, he just started smashing glass to make a point -- and that's when someone called 911 to report him. Hernandez, who'd lived at the place for seven months, smelled strongly of alcohol when officers arrived at the scene. He told them he had nothing to do with the incident -- insisting the victim's 11 house cats conspired to trash the joint.

A photo of the snake-like cheese puff has gone viral. 

A Tennessee woman has gone viral thanks to an unusually long Cheeto. Jessica Rupie opened a medium-sized bag of Cheetos and found the extra long, snake-like cheese puff. Her roommate, Rue Lawrence, took a picture of it and posted it on Twitter. The picture quickly went viral. It appears that the long Cheeto is actually several Cheetos which somehow got stuck together end on end. The women thought about saving it, and perhaps should have considering there are people willing to pay good money for weird items like this on eBay. But ultimately, Rupie gave in to her hunger and munched down on it. Frito-Lay has not yet commented on it.

A horse was returning from a trip to Taco Bell when it fell into a underground sidewalk vault.

Many of us have regretted a late night trip to Taco Bell, but perhaps no one feels worse about a late run for the border more than this horse. Authorities in Riverside, California say a horse and its rider were returning home from a trip to Taco Bell when they fell into a five-foot-deep underground utility vault. The owner was able to climb out on his own, but firefighters needed to help pull the horse out of the vault. A veterinarian on the scene examined the horse and said he had suffered only minor cuts.

WFLA in Tampa reports that Leonard Vanderpool of Winter Haven was watching television with his wife when he heard a large crash on the patio. When he checked to see where the noise came from, he found a catfish swimming in the backyard pool. Vanderpool said, “I come out and there’s a big hole in my screen, and there’s this big bullhead swimming in the water. It didn’t kill him or anything. He’s going crazy. The water was moving like crazy." He called Winter Haven Police because he didn’t know how the fish had just fallen from the sky. An officer helped get the fish out of the pool. Dawn Vanderpool said the officer was surprised. “He had to take pictures because he knew they wouldn’t believe him back at the station.” Police determined that a bird accidentally dropped the fish while flying over the home. The officer set the catfish free in nearby Lake Ruby.

A Florida man who posted on social media that he wasn’t going to prison, is in prison after he was captured by police Tuesday night. According to WFLA in Tampa, Ricky Ratton, 36, was convicted of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon but failed to appear in court for sentencing on Friday. After the Polk County Sheriff issued a warrant for his arrest, deputies discovered that Ratton had posted on social media that he wasn’t going to prison and told police good luck finding him. Tuesday night, deputies pulled over an SUV Ratton was riding in as a passenger, but they say he took off running. The sheriff’s office released their K9 unit and caught Ratton. Ratton was bitten by police dog Dexter and treated for bite wounds He was later booked into the Polk County Jail.

A couple in Canada won a multimillion lottery for the third time. The Western Canada Lottery Corporation reports that Barbara and Douglas Fink of Edmonton, Alberta, won the lottery in 1998 and 2010, but on Tuesday they claimed their biggest prize so far, winning $8,163,061 in the corporation's 6/49 draw. Mrs. Fink said she called her husband at work to share the good news, saying, "He didn't answer, so I waited five minutes and tried again. That time, he picked up. I said, 'I did it again!'" The Finks were one of two winners and split the $16.3 million jackpot. Fink said she and her husband would spend the money on their family. "Family comes first," she said. "We want to make sure that our daughters and our grandkids are looked after." Mr. Fink added, "Barbara wants a new house, so she'll get one.”

An Ohio man had his hunger pangs come back to bite him -- after he pulled a gun on a stranger in a bar and demanded she buy him something to eat. Galen Kincaid was already pretty sauced when he walked into a Cleveland joint called The Drink just before midnight on Saturday in search of some supper -- and someone to buy it for him. He sat down at the bar next to a woman who had just dropped her watch, waited for her to sit back up, then pointed a handgun at her, asking "Is you going to buy me some food or what?" She bolted the bar in order to call police while a bouncer restrained Kincaid. He admitted he'd been drinking for several hours, but denied making any threats. He's been charged with attempted robbery.

A Florida criminal learned the meaning of "be careful what you wish for."

She knew to get a designated driver -- she just didn't get one old enough to drive.

A 32-year-old high school math teacher in Florida is under arrest after she got drunk and let a 14-year-old boy drive her car because she wanted to go to Waffle House. Police say Terra Virgin consumed five drinks and did the math to figure out that she was too drunk to drive. So she did what she thought was the responsible thing: get a designated driver. Unfortunately, she chose one who was underage, and they got pulled over by police. Cops say there was an open beer in the cup holder when they searched the vehicle. The woman identified her 14-year-old chauffeur as her boyfriend's son. She was charged with child neglect and allowing a minor to drive. Next up for her is a hearing with the school district, which will decide her professional fate.

Police are trying to identify this little mermaid.

In what sounds like something out of the Tom Hanks movie Splash, police in Fresno, California are asking for help in identifying a woman who claims to be a mermaid. The woman was discovered nearly naked and wandering on the street around 3:00 in the morning when officers approached her. She was soaking wet and told police that she'd been in the water because she's a mermaid. Adding intrigue to her story: She has webbed toes. Unfortunately, cops couldn't get much more information about her because she wouldn't answer their questions. However, they believe they've tracked down a possible relative and might know her name and where she lives -- assuming it's not actually in the ocean.

A real estate developer in New York City has agreed to give up half of his $2 billion fortune to end his messy divorce case – and it doesn’t seem to be bothering him too much. After 58 years of marriage, 79-year-old Harry Macklowe is dumping his wife for his 62-year-old mistress. The mess all started when the wife figured out that Harry put the mistress up in one of his apartments, less than a mile away from their home. The wife filed for divorce and – in order to speed things along – Harry’s on the hook for a cool billion bucks. He’s OK with this because, obviously, it’s more money than he can spend anyway. And, he wants to get remarried as quickly as possible.

A homeless man who bought pizza for his companion on her birthday was cited for eating pizza at a bus stop in San Francisco. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that a police officer cited the man, a senior citizen, after he was seen eating pizza in a bus shelter. In the City by the Bay, eating on public transit is prohibited and that apparently includes bus shelters. The man was cited for violating an ordinance against “eating or drinking in or on a system facility or vehicle in areas where those activities are prohibited by that system,” which can carry a fine of $250. The incident happened at the intersection of Market and Seventh streets, where many homeless people congregate. Kelley Cutler, an organizer with the Coalition on Homelessness, said the man brought his citation to homeless-outreach workers Friday. “Some people get agitated or upset, but he was being a good sport,” Cutler said. “He laughed about it. He kept saying he bought the pizza for his friend on her birthday.” Cutler said that the citation was what some authorities refer to as a “quality of life” enforcement, adding, “The problem is, whose quality of life are you talking about?”

Orange City Police went on a wild goose chase to catch a Florida man who said he “does stupid things” when he’s high. Michael Caruso, 31, was first arrested Sunday afternoon at Kohl’s after he allegedly tried walking out of the store without paying for a Shark vacuum and Marley speaker, valued at $529. While chasing him in his cruiser, the officer left his car in gear as he got out to arrest Caruso. The car rolled forward and as the officer ran to stop it, Caruso allegedly made a run for it. The officer finally managed to take him into custody and brought him to the Orange City Police Department for processing. While he was there, Caruso told police he needed to defecate so an officer took him to the restroom and waited outside the door. Caruso allegedly managed to smash the sheet rock and crawl through a hole he made in the ceiling. He then is accused of crawling through the attic, removed a fan and escaped. Caruso later allegedly was held at gunpoint by a homeowner who called 911 when Caruso showed up at his home asking for a ride. He managed to escape that situation and after allegedly trying to break into another home was finally brought down by a K-9 unit when a dog bit him. Caruso told police that he tried to escape because he didn't want to go back to prison and he "does stupid things" when he is high on drugs.

Chocolate Easter bunnies are a staple of American consumerism in the spring, and maybe you buy them every year, but is there a right way to eat them? According to the New York Daily News, a new study reveals that 59 percent of people eat the ears first. Conversely, 4 percent begin eat the tail or feet first, while the remaining 37 percent offered no preference in candy-bunny binging. The study, "Seasonality of auricular amputations in rabbits," was published this month in The Laryngoscope journal. The study was conducted by an otolaryngologist at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Kathleen Yaremchuk. She analyzed online searches by 28,113 online subjects between January 2012 and January 2017. She and her research team used search terms such as “chocolate,” “Easter Bunny,” “ears,” “amputation” and “bunny” to help determine patterns in confectionary rabbit auricular amputations. Yaremchuk acknowledged that the study is “tongue in cheek” but concluded there are “fewer reports of anatomical defects in relation to confectionery symbols.” “In the end,” she added, “we’re taking about ears.” Nevertheless, if you choose to go bottoms-up or sideways, it doesn’t mean you’re wrong. 

The South Florida Water Management District’s effort to rid the Everglades of pythons is making great strides. As part of the “Python Challenge,” the agency is paying hunters to remove the invasive species over a 60-day period. Nicholas Baños and Leonard Sanchez captured and killed a 15-foot-2-inch python, weighing 144 pounds. That was only the second biggest catch so far. Patrick Campbell made the biggest catch, a 15-foot-10-inch, 135-pound Burmese python. The kill paid him $350. The Burmese python is an invasive species that has moved to the top of the food chain in the Everglades and researchers fear they are spreading. Pythons are estimated to be in the tens of thousands and the damage they are doing to native species is alarming. Last year researchers found a 15-foot female python that had eaten three white-tailed deer. Python hunter Omar Gomez said, “Every one pulled out is one less out there, and every time we go out there and pull out another one, it’s one less mammal, one less native mammal, native bird, or native whatever that’s being taken out by one of these guys.” So far, the challenge has removed 10 pythons.

A Jamaican man traveling to New York was busted allegedly trying to smuggle cocaine while in disguise as an airline crew member. WPIX in New York reports that on March 27, when arriving at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport from Kingston, Jamaica, Hudson was intercepted U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers. Hudson claimed he was a “dead-heading crew member” and appeared to be wearing a pilot’s uniform. However, his two Delta Airlines ID badges were allegedly fraudulent. Hudson’s suitcase was searched and according to officials was tested positive for cocaine. The total weight seized was about five pounds with a street value of $85,000. He was arrested and turned over to Homeland Security Investigations. Mario Hudson wasn’t the only person who saw Leonardo DiCaprio in Catch Me if You Can. When a crew member is “dead-heading,” it means they are flying as a passenger but not working; however, they must travel in uniform. Pilots and flight attendants carry badges that identify what airline they work for and what airport they regularly fly from. Hudson claimed he was a “dead-heading crew member” and appeared to be wearing a pilot’s uniform. However, his two Delta Airlines ID badges were fraudulent.

A man who is under arrest for allegedly hitting another man in the head with a rock tried to run from police but failed miserably. The alleged victim was standing near an apartment complex in San Diego on Monday when the suspect hit him in the head with a rock, according to police. The suspect, whom police did not name, fled the scene. Officers and a K-9 unit chased down the suspect and cornered him on the other side of a fence. Police asked him to jump the fence toward them, and when he did, he got his pants stuck on spikes at the top of the fence. Police got the man safely off the fence but not before ripping his pants. The suspect could face an assault with a deadly weapon charge. The suspect did not know the victim, authorities said.

Traffic in northeast Houston, Texas was disrupted Wednesday when drivers slowed to look at a man who was duct-taped to a yield sign. WFAA reports that police responded to a call and arrived just in time to see a man with a knife approach the poor duct-taped soul. An officer shouted, “Drop the knife or I’ll tase you.” It turned out the man was there to cut his friend down from the sign. They explained to the officers that Miguel Chavez was duct-taped to the sign after he lost a bet on the Rockets/Warriors basketball game Tuesday night. The Golden State Warriors beat the Houston Rockets 113-106 Tuesday night at the Toyota Center in Houston, bringing their league-best winning streak to eight games. Chavez bet on the Rockets, but at least he was rooting for the home team. Police helped Chavez down and gave him a ride home.

As part of a campaign to save Giant Pandas, the adult entertainment site is encouraging people to upload videos of themselves fornicating while dressed or painted as pandas. The idea is that scientists and zookeepers will then show these videos to actual pandas to help get them in the mood. This is 100% real. Pornhub Cares, the philanthropic arm of the porn site, will donate $100 for every video added to the category “Panda Style” through April 16. Additionally, they will donate one cent for each time a video is viewed. Donations will go to nonprofit groups like the World Wildlife Fund, who work to ensure the preservation and propagation of the endangered giant panda. Giant pandas are one of the world’s most vulnerable species. One of the reasons for this is that male pandas are reluctant to fornicate. Males spend as much as 16 hours a day eating and sleep the rest of the time. Female pandas are only sexually receptive two or three days a year. Getting them together can be difficult. If that doesn’t stimulate you and you still want to help save the giant pandas, you can always make a donation to the World Wildlife Fund and “adopt” a panda via their website,  

A man in Northern Ireland died Wednesday at his wife’s funeral. The Belfast Telegraph reports that James McCallister was at his wife Kathleen’s funeral in Cushendall on Wednesday, shaking hands with people at St Mary's Church, when he took unwell and collapsed at his wife's graveside. Kathleen passed away on Monday. The McCallisters were in their 70s. Mr. McCallister's funeral will take place on Friday at St Mary's Church.

The Panama City News Herald reports that an Alabama man was fined $25 last week after he and his son used a metal garden hoe to dig in the sand to build a sandcastle. Bryant Rylee, a youth minister, along with his wife and their seven-year-old son, were at Panama City beach building sandcastles when they were approached by Panama City Beach Police Department. A PCBPD officer believed he had spoken with them the day before about using metal tools to dig holes on the beach. But Rylee said they were mistaken and he was unaware of the law, so he asked the officer to cite the law to him. "If I'd been warned or knew, I wouldn't have done that," Rylee said. "That would be foolish." Rylee was given an opportunity to avoid a citation by filling in a moat they had dug around the sandcastle, but since he insisted on seeing the law he earned himself a ticket. The law banning metal shovels on the beach was passed after Spring Break 2015. Now, metal shovels are not permitted on the beach, and any holes in the sand cannot be deeper than 2 feet. Mayor Mike Thomas said the law was intended to promote safety and prevent crime. Despite the events and the $25 ticket, Rylee said he’ll still come back to the beach.

A fire that put a Massachusetts water treatment plant out of commission was caused by birds. The Salem News reports that the water treatment facilities in Peabody were heavily damaged after nesting birds chewed up the wiring in an exterior light fixture, which then heated up the nesting material and ignited the roof. The roof was destroyed, and one side of the building was heavily damaged. Some operation equipment used the facility also was damaged. Lt. Chris Dowling said, “It looks like it was possibly birds that were nesting in the soffit area of the building. There were nests there, and they chewed away at the insulation to the wiring.” The plant remains inoperable and officials say it may be up to a year before it's running again. The building has since been boarded up and tarps are covering gaping holes in the roof. While the plant is shut down, the city is pumping in more water from the Massachusetts Water Resource Authority to supply customers. It is not clear what kind of birds caused the fire.

A Florida woman ended up hauled off by cops after causing a ruckus over copper -- by pulling a gun on a store clerk who wouldn't accept her jar full of pennies. The still-unidentified cheapskate walked into a 7-Eleven in Melbourne and picked out a few items before going to the checkout, where she hoped to hand over the change. The counterman wanted nothing to do with her payment, saying he had no intention of going through a jar of "gunked-up, dirty" pennies and telling her there was a limit to how many he would take at one time. That caused the woman to flip, toss items off the counter and storm outside -- then return a few minutes later with a pair of handguns. She berated the man for a few minutes and did a bit more damage, but did not fire the weapons or take the items she'd come for.

A Florida man blames his arrest on some bad legal advice he got from Wikipedia.

A Florida man arrested for driving with a suspended license and not having insurance told cops he didn't know it was illegal because Wikipedia told him he'd only get a summons. Moving forward, 22-year-old Justin Miret might want to get his legal advice from a lawyer. A police officer pulled him over after seeing him blow a stop sign. The cop ran his license and discovered that it was suspended last year and his insurance had been cancelled. Miret then started shouting at the officer and made a fist to try to intimidate him. That's when the officer placed him under arrest. On the way to jail he admitted, "That’s the last time I listen to Wikipedia about driving. It said I would just get a ticket."

A family is lucky to be alive after their SUV collided with a flying turkey.

A New Jersey family will have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving -- they're lucky to be alive following a terrifying run-in with a 30-pound turkey. John Tarabocchia was driving his family in a rented SUV on a highway near South Bend, Indiana when a flying turkey suddenly crashed right into the windshield. The bird was killed on impact and the family suffered minor cuts, but nothing worse than that. Officers say it's mating season for the wild turkeys and they're often spotted around the road. The Sheriff's department shared the frightening photos on Facebook.

A California couple is suing the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office for destroying their home after a homeless man holed himself up there. David and Gretchen Jessen filed a lawsuit this month over the incident, which happened in June 2016. A five-hour standoff ensued after Chanly Un, 38, threatened that he was armed and would shoot anyone trying to enter. During the standoff, police deployed over 50 vehicles, a K-9 unit, two helicopters, two ambulances, one fire truck, a crisis negotiation team in a large motor home, a robot, a SWAT team and a back-up SWAT team from the Clovis City Police. There was no one at home at the time Un entered the house; but David Jessen told police he kept guns inside, though he insisted there was no way they could be accessed. Un was later arrested without incident. He did not have any weapons, but had eaten an ice cream bar. The lawsuit states police ripped out a wrought iron door and interior door to the Jessen’s home office; pulled the wall of the office off the foundation; broke the window to the office; shattered the sliding glass door to the home for “robot” entry; ripped a wrought iron door off the laundry room; flash bombed the laundry room and the business office breaking six windows; teargassed the laundry room, kitchen, master bathroom, sewing room, another bedroom and a bathroom near the office; and destroyed over 90 feet of exterior fencing with a SWAT vehicle. The Jessens maintain that damage exceeded $150,000 and that police were negligent when they destroyed the house. They are seeking general damages, attorney fees, costs of the lawsuit and any additional costs the court deems proper.

Shawn Mercer wanted to do something special for his wife for her 50th birthday. So gave her an exact replica of the red BMW 325 ES she drove in college back in the '80s. Rebecca Mercer had gotten the original car as a high school graduation present from her father. When she first met Shawn in college, he was admiring the car and they ended up talking. Rebecca and Shawn dated for a while but eventually broke up. They each married other people. Rebecca’s first husband sold her beloved car without her permission. Six years ago, and both single, Rebecca and Shawn got back together and got married. And though the car was just a memory, every time she saw a car like it, she’d take pictures and reminisce. So he found the same model and year parked on a nearby street and over the course of a year had it restored without me knowing it." Shawn spent $30,000 restoring the car, adding a new engine, heated seats and a new paint job. The car was ready for her 50th birthday and Rebecca got the big surprise in front of family and friends.

A North Carolina girl was suspended from school because she was wielding a stick that resembled a gun. WTVD in Raleigh-Durham reports that Caitlin Miller, 5, of Hoke County, was on the school playground with two friends. They were were using their imaginations, playing "King and Queen." Caitlin was a guard protecting the King and Queen and picked up a stick to use as a prop gun, which she was going to use to shoot an intruder into the kingdom. Hoke County Schools said the kindergartner was in violation of the school’s zero tolerance policy that ensures every child has a safe learning environment. They said Caitlin posed a threat to other students when she made a pretend shooting motion, and was therefore in violation of that policy. She was suspended from school for one day. According to the school system, "Hoke County Schools will not tolerate assaults, threats or harassment from any student. Any student engaging in such behavior will be removed from the classroom or school environment for as long as is necessary to provide a safe and orderly environment for learning." Caitlin’s mother, Brandy Miller, said she understands the policy, but would like the school to apologize to her daughter, who was unaware that using her imagination while playing with a stick was a violation that would get her suspended. The school has not apologized.

In Scotland, a reality show sent 23 men and women into the wilderness for a year, only to have them all return to civilization and learn that their show was canceled. The show – called Eden – was promoted as a social experiment. These people were cut off from any contact from the outside world and had to decide on their own rules and laws, build their own shelter, grow their own food, and raise their own livestock. But as the ratings on the show slipped, the network pulled the plug on the show. One small problem – they didn’t bother to tell the remaining contestants, who endured boredom and infighting, and were reduced at one point to eating chicken feed.

A South Dakota man was mentally running on empty when he called cops for help after he ran out of gas -- and then stole the police car, which he also ran past "E." Troy James placed a call to 911 pleading for a ride early Monday morning, summoning a deputy who stepped out of his own vehicle for a closer look at the situation. As he got closer to Harris's car and began asking questions, the suspect bolted, hopped into the driver's side of the cruiser and sped off. James managed to elude pursuing police for more than two hours, covering 140 miles before he slipped up -- by running out of gas yet again. He's been charged with felony grand theft auto.

A Florida couple caught doing something indecent under a blanket claimed to be part of the secret Illuminati.

A Florida couple arrested for disorderly conduct is really bad at keeping a secret, especially if they belong to the groups they claim to belong to. 37-year-old Kristen Morrow and 25-year-old George Major Harris were arrested after a neighbor called police to report that they were in public doing something indecent under a blanket. An officer approached the couple and they immediately became combative. They were shouting and screaming about being part of the Illuminati and Freemasons, and also claimed to have powerful connections that could make the officer lose his job. The couple also claimed to be "a famous music talent" with a record deal. Despite their claims of belonging to a secret society, the officer arrested them for disorderly conduct.

Who is that guy and why is he walking a kangaroo in Detroit?

There are some things you just don't expect to see in Detroit -- one of them being a man taking his kangaroo for a walk. A Snapchat user was in her car when she spotted a man walking a kangaroo on a leash. The man is mostly seen running along with the kangaroo as it hops down the street. It led to a lot of speculation as to where the man got the marsupial, but Detroit's local CBS affiliate got to the bottom of it. The man's name is Javon Stacks and he has a company called Exotic Zoo, which brings exotic animals to schools and kids' parties. He insists the company is licensed and the animals are treated well. When the video was taken, he says, he had the kangaroo at a birthday party and was taking it out to stretch its legs.

Stay in school, kids! Hip dads of the world are not going to let your bad grades slide. TIME magazine reports that one father, who is a basketball fan, wanted to make certain his son knows that that school matters. On Friday, an unidentified NBA fan showed up at the Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Charlotte Hornets game with a sign that hilariously called out his son Thomas for his unsatisfactory academic performance, hoisting a sign that read: “Thomas, get your grades up and next time you’ll be here. Love Dad.” In the bottom right corner of the sign was a little teary-eyed yellow smiley face, which was captured on Twitter by another fan. But that wasn’t the end of this Dad trolling his son.  On Sunday night, he showed up at the Houston Rockets vs. Oklahoma City Thunder Game with another sign which was captured on Twitter and by ESPN. With that sign he emphasized his son should be a student first, and an athlete second. The sign read, “Thomas, can you hear me now? STUDENT then athlete son. In that order. Love, Dad.”  Hopefully Thomas will get his act together for next season.

Echo News reports that Connor Slocombe, a sixth grade student in Eagle River, Alaska, won the nation’s only contest honoring smelly shoes at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! in New York City on March 28. Connor won the 42nd National Odor-Eaters Rotten Sneaker Contest, a national competition that featured seven of the nation’s ickiest tennis shoes worn by kids. Connor’s foul footwear won the coveted title of “Smelliest Sole.” Along with the title, he won $2,500, a year’s supply of Odor-Eaters, a two-night’s stay in New York City to see the play Aladdin and lifetime recognition in the Hall of Fumes. Sneakers were judged on odor, condition and the child’s personal description on why their sneakers are simply the stinkiest. Judges included NASA “Master Sniffer” George Aldrich, a chemical specialist for NASA space missions; Rachel Herz, Ph.D., an expert and author on the psychology of smell; and two reporters, Buck Wolf from the Huffington Post and Greg Mocker from PIX 11 News. The contest started in 1974 as a promotion by a sporting goods owner in Vermont looking to advertise a new line of sneakers. Odor-Eaters became the official sponsor in 1988.

A gargantuan alligator interrupted a golf tournament in South Carolina on Monday, nonchalantly walking across the course as players watched carefully nearby. The gator was photographed at The River Course on Kiawah Island, as it snuck up on players participating in the Barrier Islands Free Medical Clinic's 10th Annual Celebrity Golf Invitational. At first, the men did not notice as the alligator approached them, said photographer Carrie Moores, marketing and communications specialist for the Barrier Island Free Medical Clinic. Once Moores alerted them to the gator's presence, "they hopped in their carts to zoom off," she told ABC News. In a second photo, the players are watching the gator from the safety of their golf carts. A representative for The Kiawah Island Club told ABC News that gators often walk onto the courses before retreating back to the ponds. The invitational raised money for uninsured patients in the area to receive free patient care at the clinic, based on nearby Johns Island, according to ABC Charleston affiliate WCIV-TV. A video posted to Instagram Monday afternoon shows another large gator crashing a round of golf at the Osprey Point Course -- also on Kiawah Island, about four miles east of The River Course. In the video, golfers stop and stare, as the alligator slowly makes its way across the grass. It's unclear if it was the same alligator observed at The River Course. Kiawah Island, located about 25 miles southwest of Charleston, is known for its beaches and acclaimed golf courses.


A New Hampshire woman was down in the dumps after a loud fight with her boyfriend, and she decided to take things out on the cop who came to investigate the fracas -- by threatening to take a dump on her! Kristina Roberts and her boyfriend got involved in a loud argument in the wee hours of Monday morning, waking a neighbor who yelled at them to quiet down. Instead of doing that, Roberts grabbed a carton of eggs and began pelting the guy's car with them, prompting him to call 911. When officers responded to the building, Roberts tried to block them from entering while her boyfriend made a motion towards grabbing a gun that was in full view -- at which point he was arrested. A female officer had to struggle to place handcuffs on Roberts, who attempted to sit on her, then threatened to defecate on the deputy's leg -- which she was unable to do.

A Florida woman gave new meaning to the phrase "calling all cars."

A Florida woman gave new meaning to the phrase "calling all cars" by running around the parking lot of one of Donald Trump's Florida properties and trying to hold conversations with empty vehicles. Amanda Ayres Kerwin was wandering around a service area at Mar-a-Lago, looking confused and disheveled, when security guards spotted her shouting obscenities at random parked cars. A police officer summoned to the scene said that the 37-year-old smelled strongly of alcohol and appeared to be intent on making her way inside, where she insisted her friends were waiting. The deputies took Kerwin to the Palm Beach Police Department, where she refused to get into a holding cell. She was charged with disorderly intoxication and resisting arrest.

His baggy pants got caught on a spiked gate as he was trying to get away.

If you wear baggy pants and you're a prowler, pay close attention and learn something. An Arizona man was trying to break into an elementary school in Tucson but got caught up when his baggy pants got snagged on a spiked iron gate as he was trying to flee. The mishap left him dangling upside down and on display in just his boxers. A passerby snapped a hilarious photo of the bottomless prowler and shared it on Facebook. Police say a janitor spotted the unnamed man on school grounds trying to get into a classroom. When the man realized that he'd been spotted, he tried to hop the iron gate and got stuck. Officers showed up moments later and helped him down -- and then into the back of a police car.

The bad mom was drinking all day and forgot where her daughter was.

You can take this Florida woman's name out of consideration for Mother of the Year. 29-year-old Maria Irias is under arrest after she called 911 to report that her six-year-old daughter had been kidnapped. She told police she and her daughter were at a supermarket and accepted a stranger's offer of a ride home. But when she got out of the car, the driver sped off with the child. It turns out, though, that Irias made up the whole story when in fact she had been drinking all day and had simply forgotten where her daughter was. Authorities issued an Amber Alert for the girl and asked for the public's help in finding her. After Irias admitted to making up the story, she was arrested and charged with child neglect and falsely reporting a crime. The little girl was found unharmed.

Deep in the heart of South Texas, visitors are getting the chance to fire a real-life war machine. has set up shop at an 18,000-acre ranch in Uvalde, Texas, about two hours west of San Antonio, where people can take control of real tanks on battlefield courses set up with special effects to recreate scenes that seem right out of Saving Private Ryan. The company is the brainchild of Todd DeGidio, a former Houston police officer and Green Beret. His collection has tanks from various countries, including the United States, Germany and Russia, as well as anti-tank guns, a Howitzer and a few mortars, and machine guns all from different wartime periods, including World War II and the Korean War. The company’s crown jewel is the 1944 Sherman tank, the same model that Brad Pitt drove in the movie Fury. It’s a working tank that shoots live ammunition, meaning participants can launch a solid steel, 14.5-pound projectile at more than 2,500 feet per second. DeGidio gives new participants a quick run-through of how to drive the tanks and then guides them through the courses. The company offers various packages. Shooting the Flamethrower is $300, but driving a tank over an old car runs about $1,000. Firing the Sherman tank costs about $3,000.

There was a time when you weren’t allowed to squeeze the Charmin, now you’re lucky if you get any. Park authorities in Beijing have installed toilet paper dispensers with facial recognition technology at the Temple of Heaven Park to prevent theft and waste. According to the BBC, machines at the park scan visitors' faces before dispensing a fixed length strip of paper. Signs indicate visitors must remove their glasses and hats before being scanned. The machines then dispense strips of toilet paper measuring about 24 to 27.5 inches. Additional paper will not be dispensed to the same person until nine minutes have passed. What inspired the Chinese to do this? Media outlets in China reported that visitors to the bathrooms at the Temple of Heaven were taking excessive amounts of toilet paper, with some even taking rolls home in their bags, a problem the park has had since it began dispensing free toilet paper in 2007. The daily use of toilet paper in the park has dropped by 20 percent, which is part of the plan. Mercifully, officials are not heartless. A park spokesman told the Beijing Evening News, "If we encounter guests who have diarrhea or any other situation in which they urgently require toilet paper, then our staff on the ground will directly provide the toilet paper.” Six machines have been installed for a half-month trial. Staff remains on standby to explain the technology to visitors. Additionally, the park upgraded the toilet paper from one-ply to two-ply.

The Taunton Daily Gazette reports that Pedro J. Rodriguez, 74, was arrested Friday after police seized a 1,352 grams -- about three pounds -- of cocaine valued at least $150,000, and more than a pound of marijuana from his apartment. He was arraigned Monday on charges of trafficking cocaine and possession with intent to distribute marijuana. Rodriguez was living at the Richard Dewert Terrace apartment complex for the elderly and disabled, which is owned by the City of Taunton Housing Authority. Rodriguez also had an extensive coin collection, with hundreds of different coins, which police said is a common way to launder proceeds from drug deal. Police also found uncut sheets of US paper currency, silver coins and proof sets. Rodriguez's bail was set at $50,000. He is scheduled to appear in court on April 11.

A Florida woman just dropped a couple of notches on the list of Mother of the Year contenders -- by getting drunk and puking all over one of her favorite watering holes, then forgetting she'd brought her five-year-old along on the bender. Deana A. Pulis and her husband David decided to tie one on at the de Bine Brewing Company just after midnight on Saturday, and they partied hard enough for Deana to pass out in her own vomit. When a bouncer tried to get the couple to leave, she refused, and her hubby picked a fight -- which he lost so badly that he ended up bleeding in the street in front of the joint. One bystander reported that the couple's daughter, who Deana denied having along on the trip, witnessed all the action, right up until her folks were carted off to jail on charges of public intoxication, assault and child endangerment. She's now in custody of child protective services.

A Mississippi woman smuggled a batch of meth to her prison-inmate boyfriend -- inside a Bible!

A Mississippi woman broke at least one of the commandments by breaking bad and smuggling a batch of meth to her prison-inmate boyfriend -- inside a Bible! Courtney Ford tore open the binding of the holy book and dropped it off for her sweetie, Stephen Jason Estes, but she made a mess of the meth stash, which was quickly discovered by corrections officers assigned to the Lee County Jail. A spokesman for the facility says it was easy to see something was amiss, because the binding was loose and there was an obvious bulge in the back of the book. Estes initially denied being in on the plot, but Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson says, “We know he knew about it because that day, he kept asking where his Bible was, even before she dropped it off." Estes was already serving time on meth distribution charges; Ford was out on bond for the same thing.

A hair salon is offering neck massages performed by a four-foot python.

A hair salon in Germany is offering an unusual service where customers can get a haircut and then seal it with a hiss. For an additional fee, customers at the Haar Mode Team salon in Dresden can get a neck massage from Monty, the owner's pet python. Those who don't have a debilitating fear of snakes -- and believe they won't be choked to death -- can have Monty Python slither around their neck and send soothing pulses to loosen up tight muscles. Monty's owner insists that the snake is trained to be gentle and customers have nothing to worry about. The only thing is that Monty works only two days a week and doesn't accept walk-ins.

A snake carried onto a commuter airplane flying between Alaska communities caused a commotion this past weekend. The loose snake was spotted Sunday on a 90-minute Ravn Alaska flight between Aniak (AN-ee-ak) in southwest Alaska and Anchorage. Photos show a pale snake about 4 to 5 feet long curled up under a carry-on bag. Another shows a flight attendant placing it into a trash bag. Ravn Alaska spokesman William Walsh says a passenger violated airline policy by bringing the snake aboard. He didn't confirm the type of snake or whether the passenger could face charges. Walsh says the airline prohibits rodents and reptiles, including snakes, from being used as emotional support animals. Snakes aren't found in most of Alaska. The flight landed as scheduled in Anchorage.

The World Happiness Report is out and subjective well-being is America is not good. Norway leads the way in happiness and Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland and Finland follow; then comes the Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Sweden. The U.S. didn’t even make the top 10: we came in at 14 out of 155 countries. The Central African Republic came in last. According to the report, six variables are used to measure happiness: income, life expectancy, having someone to count on in times of trouble, generosity, freedom and trust. Trust is measured by the absence of corruption in business and government. Declining social support and increased corruption are significant contributing factors to our misery. Why is there a happiness report? Some experts say that it is an excellent way to measure a nation's progress and that social well-being drives better public policy. People in the U.S. may not feel like going outside today.

A soccer player in South Africa has become a viral sensation, but not for anything he did on the field. Mohammed Anas of the Free State Stars is backtracking after a post game interview last Friday.  The Independent reports that Anas was named "man of the match" after a game last Friday and in a post-game interview with South African television, he offered thanks for the honor. "I appreciate my fans, also my wife and my girlfriend, I mean my wife," he said.  "Sorry to say, I'm so sorry, my wife...I love you so much!" After the interview went viral in South Africa, Anas was quick to backtrack telling the BBC that by "girlfriend" he meant his daughter. "My family knows that I call my daughter my girlfriend," he told the BBC. "That's what I was talking about. I don't have a girlfriend." The video of the interview quickly earned more than a quarter of a million views on YouTube.

All they do is eat and sleep but now they can have an even cushier life. Introducing Baby Spa Perth, the third "baby spa" in a franchise that started in South Africa. It's the first of its kind in Australia, where babies may indulge in hydrotherapy or massage sessions for the low price of $65. According to Anita and Kavita Kumar, the spa directors, infant hydrotherapy benefits "range from improved sleep quality, reduced discomfort from colic, wind, constipation and reflux while regular visits can benefit the cardiovascular and respiratory systems." The Baby Spa website states that it is the only facility in the world to use a specially designed floatation device, sort of like an Elizabethan collar, which supports babies in the water, allowing them freedom of movement that they would otherwise not experience. If Australia is too far for you to travel to indulge your baby, there is a similar spa in Texas called Float Baby

In Australia, an 18-year-old guy jumped into a crocodile-infested river to impress his girlfriend. Lee De Paauw was hiking with his girlfriend, Sophie Patterson, and started bragging about swimming in the river, despite the alligators there. Sophie didn’t think he was serious. Unfortunately, he was serious. Lee jumped in the river. It didn’t take long for the crocodiles to sense him – and attack. Realizing he was in trouble, Lee swam to the riverbank and tried to escape the water. He couldn’t get out because the crocodile had him by the arm. He managed to free himself by punching it on the snout and in the eye. Sophie explained that “it all happened very fast” and that “there was splashing and screaming” as well as “a lot of blood” and “a lot of bone.” Lee ended up with a serious arm injury – and Sophie is standing by her man. The two plan to see a movie together … once he’s released from the hospital.

A woman from California has become the latest victim of an alleged serial dine-and-dash-dater, who skips out on dates before the bill arrives. The guy – who went by the name Paul Gonzales while pulling off this heist – bailed after eating a massive meal at BJ’s restaurant in Pasadena, California. He got away with $50 worth of food for himself, including a glass of red wine, a Caesar salad with a side of shrimp, a steak, and a baked potato.

A fake California dentist is in very real trouble for running a meth lab under the cover of a dental office. Police say 59-year-old Joseph Hirsch ran an unlicensed dental office with everything you would find in a real one. He had a dentist's chair, an X-ray machine, dental tools and other equipment. But he also had tools and equipment used for making drugs like methamphetamine. It's believed that he treated patients and cooked up meth for about six years. After a three-month investigation, police raided his office and arrested Hirsch on several drug and weapons charges.

Cops are investigating a woman accused of assaulting her mother -- with a cheeseburger.

Police in Indianapolis are investigating a fight between a mother and her daughter that culminated in the daughter assaulting the mother -- with a cheeseburger. According to police, the family spat began at home when the mother informed her 39-year-old daughter that she could no longer live in her house. As she was driving the daughter to a friend's house, the daughter asked to stop at a McDonald'd drive thru. While they were sitting in the parking lot, the argument turned physical and the daughter smashed her cheeseburger into her mother's face. Police were called, but the daughter fled the scene in a friend's car. Officers confirmed that the mother had been walloped by the burger because she had ketchup and pickles on her swollen face. She also complained of pain and added that her daughter had threatened to kill her. So far, no arrests have been made.

The runoff from your shower might just become part of your next beer. The Times of San Diego reports that the city’s largest brewery introduced a craft beer made with 100 percent recycled water. The Stone Brewery in Liberty Station, the nation’s ninth largest brewer, produced five barrels of the beer using water from the city’s Pure Water demonstration plant in Miramar. Chief Operating Officer Pat Tiernan said, “Stone has a long history of sustainability,” The demo was part of the city’s ambitious, $3 billion project to get a third of its water from advanced recycling. Mayor Kevin Faulconer tried the beer and said, “It is fantastic. There’s no better way to highlight the purity of this water.” Stone’s senior manager of brewing and innovation, Steve Gonzalez, said the recycled water only needed some salts to be added to be perfect for brewing.

A spring breaker in Florida caused quite a stink when he failed to pay for his new ink -- and then posted a photo of his stolen tattoo on Instagram. Andrew Villanueva sat for several hours to get a tribal shark needled onto his thigh, but when it came time to pay up, he handed the owner a credit card that was declined -- and then bailed after promising to come back with the cash. Villanueva might have gotten away with the scam -- had he not hit up his social media account to brag about the new art and his clever ruse. Jamie Snediker, owner of Southernmost Tattoo, didn't take kindly to seeing the posts and responded with a note advising Villanueva to “bring your punk a-- back to my shop and pay for your [bleeping] tattoo" -- and then contacted the kid's father.

A Missouri woman came home from picking her young sons up from school to find a strange woman sitting on her couch -- wearing her birthday suit.

A Missouri woman got a surprise when she came home from picking her young sons up from school and found a strange woman sitting on her couch, saying she was there for "the birthday party" -- while wearing her birthday suit. Catherine Therell was perched calmly on the sofa, stark naked, when Brianna Willey came home with her four- and six-year-old boys. Willey says the intruder said she was waiting for the party, but agreed to put her clothing back on. Unfortunately, she put everything on backwards and started over, leading to another interlude of full-on nudity. According to the police report, Therell "appeared to be highly intoxicated" when cops arrived on the scene to take her away. The homeowner told a local TV outlet, "All we hear about is the naked lady -- including at school. School gets to hear about the naked lady too."

A Florida man can't find his pet cobra.

Nothing makes your neighbors more nervous than when you tell them your pet cobra has gotten loose from its enclosure. A Florida neighborhood is on high alert after Brian Purdy reported that his two-foot venomous cobra had escaped. Purdy holds a venomous reptile permit, so he's allowed to keep it as a pet as long as it is in a room it can't escape from. But Purdy's friend, who's trying to obtain his own venomous reptile permit, was watching it and somehow let it get out of its enclosure. The Florida Wildlife Commission is leading the search effort to find the snake. Its whereabouts are still unknown and it's possible it is still inside the house. Another theory is that the owner has other pet reptiles and one of them may have eaten the cobra. Either way, until they find some evidence of the snake, neighbors will be on a heightened state of alert.

A robber in Virginia ruined his own getaway — first by breaking his leg in a jump off a balcony, and then by calling the authorities to help him. Police say 21-year-old Leoul Yosef will be charged with burglary for robbing an Alexandria apartment on Wednesday and then jumping off the second-story balcony after the owner returned home. Fairfax County Police Officer Don Gatthardt says Yosef left tracks in the snow when he jumped. Officers say they were following the snow trail when they received a 911 call from a man in the vicinity saying he'd broken his leg. Responding officers matched the identity of the caller to the burglary suspect. Gatthhardt says Yosef will be charged after his release from the hospital.

Key West police detectives nabbed a man wanted in Georgia for an assortment of violent crimes, including felony strangulation and aggravated assault with a weapon — after he used a store rewards card, which tipped authorities off to his whereabouts. Cobb County Sheriff's officials contacted Key West police Thursday saying 37-year-old Jamaal Seymour was possibly in Key West and was wanted on a number of counts. Shortly after, Seymour used his rewards card at a CVS pharmacy. Card holders can earn benefits like coupons. Detectives spotted Seymour that night and approached him. Police said the man took off running, but they caught him a short time later. He was booked locally for resisting arrest, giving false ID to an officer and being a fugitive.

French gendarmes called to a robbery found the suspected thief stuck in a hole he'd made with a hammer in a shop window. The national gendarmerie on Sunday published a photo appearing to show the man half-in and half-out of the hole. "Drunk, he robbed a shop but got stuck ... in the window before being arrested," the gendarmerie tweeted, with the hashtag "ThugLife." The 46-year-old man was arrested Thursday morning in the Pyrenees town of Mauleon-Licharre in southwest France, a duty officer for the regional gendarmerie told The Associated Press. Firefighters were called to free the man, who was then taken into custody, said the officer, who wouldn't be quoted by name, citing official policy.

If you've bought basically anything or signed any online contract nowadays, you've inevitably come across a "terms and conditions" rider.  And if you're like everyone else, you probably scroll to the bottom of the legally-binding document without reading it and click "accept." The Australian consumer group Choice isn't like us.  They hired an actor to read the ENTIRE "terms and conditions" section that came with an Amazon Kindle, as if it were a book. Any guesses how long it took?  Would you believe nine hours? If you're a sucker for punishment, Choice popped the entire 73 thousand, 200-plus-word reading in one-hour chunks on YouTube. The idea, of course, is to highlight how ridiculously long and complicated the contracts are, in hopes of convincing the powers that be to make them more manageable.

Georgia cops are looking to grill a woman who got a little too salty at a fast-food joint -- and flung her order back in the face of a counterperson because the fries weren't coated in enough salt. The woman, who's still at large, went into the Zaxby's location and placed a large carry-out order, which she took in the direction of her car, but wheeled around and stormed back inside. She began berating the clerk, then threw the contents of both bags at the hapless employee before punching a hole in the ordering console and stalking out. One witness, who noted that the woman was angry over the fact that the potatoes came up a bit shy on Zaxby's famed seasoning salt, simply said "that was wrong. What she did was wrong."

A British man stopped by his local McDonald's for lunch earlier this week and ordered off the no-value menu -- by asking for a cheeseburger with no ketchup, pickles, onions, bun....or burger!

A British man stopped by his local McDonald's for lunch earlier this week and ordered off the no-value menu -- by asking for a cheeseburger with no ketchup, mustard, pickles, onions, bun....or burger! Col Merchant, who clearly wanted to have it his way, produced a receipt on Instagram that chronicled his special order, which netted him a single slice of American cheese, wrapped in waxed paper -- which ended up costing the same amount as a fully dressed burger. In British terms, that means he paid just over a buck and a half for the bite-sized orange snack. One of Merchant's followers expressed confusion over the charge, since it only costs about 50 cents to add a single slice of cheese to any sandwich, but he insisted he was happy with his gluten-free (and meat and veggie -free) lunch.

An Ohio library keeps finding empty steak sauce bottles on book shelves. 

A public library in Ohio has plenty of mystery novels on its shelves, but there's an even saucier non-fiction mystery they're trying to solve. For the past few months, staff at the Avon Lake Public Library have been noticing empty bottles of A-1 steak sauce placed all around the library. According to the library's Facebook page, 30 bottles have been found on book shelves since January. The library's public relations coordinator doesn't think there is any bad intent behind the anonymous prank, but they're not giving up on trying to figure out a possible hidden message or whodunit

Stop asking Alexa Seary for directions to the nearest restaurant.

When Amazon introduced the Echo and its voice-controlled personal assistant, Alexa, it immediately made life a little more difficult for girls named Alexa. Being in the same room with an Echo device causes a lot of confusion, not to mention having to hear the same jokes from everyone. But there's something that's even worse, and a 21-year-old woman in New Jersey knows all about it. That's because her name is Alexa Seary [pr: siri]. She shares the names of the two most-popular virtual assistants -- Amazon's Alexa and Apple's Siri. Alexa Seary says, "It started off at work. It would be, ‘Siri, do this, Siri do that,’ and now they do the same thing with Alexa. Mostly people just say, ‘Haha, I’m telling you what to do,’ and I’m like, ‘OK, haha, that’s a new one.'"

Michael Lorusso, 50, was arrested in Key West, Florida this past weekend for burglary and misdemeanor trespassing. An employee of Kino Sandals called police to complain that Lorusso had been constantly urinating behind their warehouse. Lorusso apparently told the employee, “You may kick me off now, but I’ll be back.” He was found by police sleeping in the back of a Kino’s truck. Lorusso told police his home address is the city’s overnight shelter on Stock Island. Police said he had been warned before. There are public restrooms in Key West.

State troopers have charged two Pennsylvania women with disorderly conduct for a hair-pulling fight that erupted over a newly shoveled parking spot on a snowy street. Troopers in Schuylkill County say a 23-year-old woman claimed she shoveled the spot only to have her 43-year-old neighbor's husband park his pickup in it. It happened in Ashland borough on Tuesday night. The region took the brunt of that day's winter storm. Police say the women argued about the parking space before pushing and punching one another, and then pulling each other's hair. Both have been charged with disorderly conduct. The citations are being mailed to the women.

Sierra Leone's government says that a pastor in the country's Kono district has found and turned in the largest uncut diamond discovered in more than four decades in the West African country. Presidential Spokesman Abdulai Bayraytay said Thursday that a 706-carat diamond was presented to President Ernest Bai Koroma on Wednesday. He said that Pastor Emmanuel Momoh found the diamond in Yakadu village in Sierra Leone's diamond-rich eastern province. This is the second largest diamond to be found in Sierra Leone. In 1972 the 968.9-carat Star of Sierra Leone was found by miners. The president promised proceeds from auctioning the diamond to the highest bidder would be distributed transparently. The presidential spokesman said the diamond has not yet been valued, but has been deposited at the Bank of Sierra Leone.

A anonymous donor left a little something extra to the Goodwill in Monroe, Washington, last week. Goodwill employees were very surprised when they opened a cooler that was donated and found lots of marijuana inside. Employees called local police, who came in to investigate. The Monroe Police Department said the weed inside weighed 3.75 pounds and had an estimated street value of $24,000. They later tweeted, “This cooler was donated over the weekend to the Goodwill.  Employees surprised when they opened the lid.  Police were called...” Goodwill is examining footage from its surveillance cameras to see if they can locate the mysterious donor.

While not everyone appreciates the importance of having and using good grammar, it came in handy for a group of delivery drivers in Portland, Maine. They won their case because of a lack of a comma. The Bangor Daily News reports that the U.S. First Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of 75 delivery drivers for Oakhurst Dairy who sued the company for $10 million in unpaid overtime wages. A lower court had initially ruled in Oakhurst’s favor in the dispute, but the appeals court found that the wording of Maine’s overtime rules were written ambiguously because the statute did not employ an Oxford comma. An Oxford comma is the comma before the conjunction.  It provides clarity in a list, such as, “I’m going to buy some beer, fish, and chips.” Without the comma after the word fish, the sentence reads, “I’m going to buy some beer, fish and chips.” and makes it sounds like the speaker is heading to a bar instead of a grocer. According to Maine state law, the following activities are not eligible for overtime pay: The canning, processing, preserving, freezing, drying, marketing, storing, packing for shipment or distribution of: (1) Agricultural produce; (2) Meat and fish products; and (3) Perishable foods. The ambiguity centered on whether “packing for shipment or distribution” is a single overtime-exempt activity, or “packing for shipment” and “distribution” are two activities. U.S. appeals Judge David J. Barron wrote, “For want of a comma, we have this case.” So the drivers have won their case for now, thanks to grammar ambiguity. The case likely will see more proceedings before the lawsuit is finally decided.

A Florida woman may be reconsidering her opinion of reptiles after finding a snake in her bathroom Friday, and for good reason. WZVN reports that a Lehigh Acres woman called the police Friday after she found a snake in her bathroom. Shortly after she placed the call, she was attacked in her home. According to a Lee County Sheriff’s office report, Malcolm Porter, 28, of Fort Myers, is accused attacking the woman.  WZVN  cites police reports accusing Porter coming up behind the woman and grabbing her by the neck. Porter allegedly choked the woman, took off her underwear and threatened to kill her. The victim told police she believed Porter intended to rape her, so she says she told Porter to get condoms from another room. When he did so, she ran outside to deputies, who had just arrived, responding to her call about the snake. Neighbors expressed their disbelief. Kaitlin Soeder, who lives in the neighborhood, said, “It definitely is a wake-up call that things like this happen all the time." Anita Ackley of Lehigh Acres, said, "I think it's crazy that that happened. The snake played a role in saving her." Porter is currently behind bars, charged with domestic battery by strangulation.

A Florida couple returned from vacation to find a complete stranger spending his vacation at their condo -- after breaking in and spending the better part of a week living there. Kayin Harper was taken into custody by cops who responded to a 911 call from Bruce Kramer and Heather Tufford, who walked into their home to find him sprawled out on their couch, surrounded by dirty clothes and carry-out food containers. They initially just ordered Harper to leave, but he refused and tried to attack both of them -- at which point Tufford ran to a neighbor's house to seek help. One neighbor accompanied her back, armed with a cast iron frying pan and subdued the intruder, who had a paper check worth $584 and a Capitol One credit card both belonging to Tufford in the pocket of his brown sweat pants when officers searched him. There were signs that Harper had slept in the couple's bed and had a nice warm bath shortly before his arrest.

A Minnesota man crashed his car into a frozen lake, then broke into a stranger's house to warm up in front of the TV.

A Minnesota man had to cool his heels behind bars after he crashed his car into a frozen lake, then broke into a stranger's house to warm up in front of the TV. James Sundby careened off an embankment and landed more than 200 feet out onto Lake L’Homme Dieu [pr: lum-DYOO], where his vehicle started to sink. He managed to wade through the frigid water and make it to shore, and then wandered to the home of Andy Armstrong and settled into an armchair in the living room. Armstrong woke up when he was startled by the sounds in the other room. He says, "My TV was on and he’d flipped through the channels because it wasn’t on the same channel as when I went to bed. The living room lights were on, kitchen lights, bathroom lights... He even took his shoes off when he came in the house.” Police caught up with Sundby about 15 minutes away from Armstrong's house, but he decided not to press charges, since no harm was done.

A substitute teacher got hammered on box wine.

A substitute teacher in South Carolina recently taught her class a valuable lesson -- never bring a box of wine to work. 52-year-old Judith Richards-Gartee was arrested after a school administrator called police to report that she'd been drinking in class. When officers arrived, they found her throwing up and unable to stand. Officers then discovered a box of wine in her bag, which students say she kept drinking from.  Richards-Gartee had to be taken out of the classroom in a wheelchair. She was transported to a local hospital for treatment. She's facing disorderly conduct charges and is out of a job.

A man led cops on a 10-mile chase -- in a street-sweeper.

An Oregon man is under arrest after he stole a street-sweeper and tried to make a clean getaway. Cops say Tyler Haguewood waited for the driver to exit the large vehicle, and then hopped in and drove away. Police located the sweeper and pursued the thief for 10 miles at speeds as high as 65 miles per hour. They finally stopped him by laying down spike strips in the street. Haguewood was charged with auto theft and attempting to elude police. He's also facing a parole violation connected to a prior conviction.

Firefighters save hearts and homes but the fighters in Pendleton, Oregon, save reptiles, too. The East Oregonian reports that the crew of the Pendleton Fire Department responded to an afternoon call about a house fire on Friday. The fire damaged the home but the family — and their 20-pound iguana — were unharmed. An unnamed family of three lives in the house, with their unnamed iguana, but only one adult was home at the time of the blaze. Firefighters Craig Murstig and Marc Proctor removed an iguana and aided it, giving it oxygen. The assistant chief of the Pendleton Fire Department, Shawn Penninger, said the department got the call at 4:43 p.m. Penninger said preliminary investigation indicates the fire was caused by smoking materials which were improperly disposed. Firefighters cleared from the scene after about two hours.

Six Flags Over Georgia has settled its Super Bowl bet with Six Flags New England. Wearing a New England Patriots jersey, Six Flags Over Georgia Park President Dale Kaetzel announced in a video posted to Facebook that the park's 240-foot tall swing ride would be renamed the "Patriots SkyScreamer." All-season dining plan holders also are being offered New England clam chowder, Kaetzel said. He congratulated Six Flags News England and Patriots fans before saying to a cheering crowd: "We are really here today to celebrate the best fans in the NFL. Falcons fans. Am I right?" Kaetzel and a group of Falcons fans then went for a ride on the Patriots SkyScreamer, shouting the Falcons' slogan, "Rise up!"

Not everything can be delivered. A Pennsylvania man is in trouble after he allegedly tried to use 911 as an emergency escort service. Penn Live reports that Joel Eric Cummings, 39, of Duncannon, is accused of calling 911 several times "requesting girls be sent to his location.” The incident took place on March 9 shortly after midnight, according to state police. Cummings was charged with disorderly conduct. It is not clear if alcohol was involved or if Cummings has heard of the internet.

If you’ve been looking for a job or thinking about a career change, the state of Florida might have an opportunity for you. The South Florida Water Management District announced an experimental program Thursday. According to the district's website, “The Governing Board has approved a pilot monetary compensation program that will incentivize a limited number of public-spirited individuals to kill pythons.” That’s right: Florida wants you to get those you-know-what snakes off their you-know-what Everglades. As part of their effort to reduce the population of Burmese pythons in the Everglades, Florida is hiring snake hunters at $8.10 an hour, with incentives starting at $50 for each 4-foot-long snake and $25 for each additional foot above that. A snake guarding a nest with eggs will net you an additional $100. The Burmese python is an invasive species that has moved to the top of the food chain in the Everglades and researchers fear they are spreading. Pythons are estimated to be in the tens of thousands and the damage they are doing to native species is alarming. Last year researchers found a 15-foot female python that had eaten three white-tailed deer. The application period for the program will open at 9 a.m. on Friday, March 10.

A pair of Indiana-bred brothers showed a really strange form of "brotherly love" last week -- by making out while stark naked and stoned, then attacking a stranger who crossed their path at the wrong time. Noah and Timothy Batz were spotted kissing passionately behind the dumpster of an apartment complex by a property manager who called 911 and yelled for residents to steer clear of the oddball pair. One woman couldn't help herself and got a little too close while rubber-necking, a decision that earned her a couple of sharp punches to the face. The brothers chased her to the parking lot, where she locked herself in her car as they rambled in and out of other vehicles, smooching the whole time. After being taken into custody, they both told cops that they were under the influence of psychedelic mushrooms, among other substances.

An Ohio couple had a bloody hard time convincing cops not to haul them off to jail after concocting a prank that made it look like the guy had killed his girlfriend -- by covering her prone body in ketchup and sending photos to their friends.

An Ohio couple had a bloody hard time convincing cops not to haul them off to jail after concocting a prank that made it look like the guy had killed his girlfriend -- by covering her prone body in ketchup and sending photos to their friends. Nataleigh Schlette and Micah Risner both received citations for "inducing panic" by staging the elaborate hoax and posting the so-called evidence on Facebook, as well as texting it to their pals. Sandusky police Sergeant Dawn Allen said, “He started sending the picture and texting that he did it. We had people calling in hysterical not knowing what was going on.”

An Anchorage, Alaska, man has been charged with using an unusual tool to steal an ATM — a front-end loader. Federal authorities have charged 25-year-old Adrian Turnbow with bank larceny in the attempted theft of an ATM. It was the fourth Anchorage ATM theft with heavy equipment since Dec. 25. An FBI affidavit says a security guard at 6:10 a.m. Monday called Anchorage police to report a front-end loader trying to take an ATM from an east-side bank. Officers spotted the loader attempting to flee until it got stuck in a parking lot embankment. Turnbow was driving. Police found the ATM in a bank drive-thru lane. Turnbow remains jailed. Federal public defender Darrel Gardner says the case is in its early stages and Turnbow has not entered a plea.

Do you remember that scene in Terminator 2: Judgment Day when the Terminator explains that the whole saga began when the machines became self-aware? Tell your stomach to get ready for Judgment Day. Food & Wine reports that CaliBurger, just announced that it will soon be using a burger-flipping robot to handle grill duties. Created by Miso Robotics, Flippy is a robot chef with a fast food mind. According to a promotional video, “Flippy cooks burgers perfectly – every time.” Flippy is equipped with cameras and sensors that allow it “to see” thanks to “intelligent Cooking AI software.” Not only that, Flippy can be set up in less than five minutes. CaliBurger, which is an international chain with outlets in twelve countries said Flippy would be working in more than 50 locations by the end of 2019. Miso Robotics CEO David Zito said, "Flippy is positioned as a kitchen assistant, supporting humans in the food service industry primarily with dull, dangerous and dirty tasks. This is a technology that is meant to be a needed third hand to improve efficiency, productivity, consistency and value." 

A four-year-old girl was swept off her feet by fierce winds in Northeast Ohio Wednesday when a gust hit a door that she was trying to open. Security camera footage from the home of Ohio resident Brittany Gardner shows her young daughter, Madison, walking toward the front door of the home. She is seen slightly struggling as she walks up the steps due to high winds forcing her backwards. As soon as Madison reaches for the glass door, the force of the wind flings it open -- with her still attached. In the background, Gardner does not seem to notice Madison's predicament as she rummages through the family SUV and helps her other daughter out of the car. Areas near the Great Lakes were under a high wind warning at the time. Madison called out for her mother throughout the ordeal, though, Gardner wrote on Facebook. "All I hear is 'mommm!' So I look back and she's pinned between the house and the glass door," Gardner wrote. Nearly a million people lost power in Michigan after high winds Madison was OK and laughing when Gardner went to check up on her, the mother said.

A bride and groom’s new life together got off to a bumpy start when their party bus exploded and was engulfed in flames on their way to the chapel. The 26-year-old bride, Krissi Buhrow, said she knew something wasn't right during the trip because she could smell smoke. So, the bus driver pulled over and the wedding party quickly scrambled out of the vehicle. Just minutes after everyone was a safe distance away, it actually blew up – flames, smoke, explosions. Showing an ability to look at the bright side of things, Krissi – along with her husband, Shane – were able to get some pretty unique photos with the wedding party as the firemen put out the flames in the background. Of course, then there was the problem of getting to church on time. The whole ordeal ended happily when the party bus company sent a replacement bus so the couple could get married and the friends and family along for the ride could continue their celebration in style.