Weird News

Move over pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin spice donuts. The annual pumpkin spice craze has taken a new twist this year with the advent of pumpkin spice pizza. Villa Italian Kitchen will be offering the fall-themed treat for $4.09 a slice. Pumpkin spice pizza will be available at its nearly 230 locations nationwide this Friday, September 22, in honor of the first day of fall. Mimi Wunderlich, Director of Communications and Digital Marketing Strategy for Villa Italian Kitchen, said in a statement, "There's no denying that everyone loves pizza, so combining our hit Neapolitan Cheese Slice with the delicious fall flavors of pumpkin spice just made sense. We are confident that this seasonal twist on our beloved cheese pizza will be a hit with all of our pumpkin spice loving guests this fall!" What exactly is pumpkin spice pizza? The company says it is pumpkin pie filling spread across homemade crust and topped with mozzarella. Then, dollops of pumpkin pie filling spiced with nutmeg, clove and cinnamon are added to the top once the cheese has melted. For more information, please visit the Villa Italian Kitchen website.

A Florida firefighter helped rescue an endangered Key deer by offering it some fresh water. Monroe County BOCC shared video of Broward Sheriff's Office Fire Rescue Lieutenant Nicholas Johnson pouring a bottle of water for the Key deer to drink in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. Monroe County BOCC posted, "This morning a fire crew from Delray Beach Fire Department was surveying some damaged residential structures as part of a Strike Team and came across a weakened Key deer inside." Lieutenant Nicholas Johnson said, "I don't know who was more startled the deer or me," He added, "I am just glad to not only help the residents, but the wildlife as well." After chugging four hand fed bottles of water, the buck ran off.  The Monroe County BOCC also reminded residents, "This is an extraordinary circumstance involving a distressed deer and a trained first responder. Residents of the Florida Keys should contact Florida Fish and Wildlife if they come across a deer in distress."

Paramus, New Jersey police officer Jon Henderson went the extra mile to come to the rescue of a distressed bride-to-be who lost her engagement ring while changing a tire on a local highway. According to a Facebook post by the Paramus Police Department, "On Sunday, Ms. Garcia was changing a flat tire on her vehicle on Route 4. When she returned home she realized that her ring was missing and called our department to file a report."  The post continued, "An initial search by the victim and police failed to find the ring. The next day, Henderson spent his free patrol time scouring the area where she had been and was able to locate the ring near the roadway and return it to Ms. Garcia." The Paramus Police Department added that they are "ecstatic" that officer Henderson was able to recover the lost engagement ring.

A Florida woman gave new meaning to the phrase "organ-ized crime" -- by launching an attack on a stranger who she accused of stealing her uterus. Jennifer Gayle Reese blindsided the victim inside a supermarket on Tuesday afternoon, knocking her to the ground and pulling her hair as shocked shoppers looked on. Security guards couldn't subdue Reese, so they called cops, who manage to cuff her -- and get her to confess she was attempting to "yank out" the other woman's body parts. She insisted that she was told the victim had stolen her uterus and some of her hair, which she was intent on getting back. Instead, she got a trip to Alachua County Jail, where she was being held after being unable to post $2500 bail.

A Florida man who fled north to avoid Hurricane Irma still got caught in quite a storm -- after cops caught him in a wooded area of Massachusetts with his pants down and a sex toy in hand. Paul Thomas West left his Tampa home because he didn't want to be stuck in the massive hurricane, but he hit the radar of cops near his mom's house when neighbors called 911 to report seeing him jogging bottomless along a trail near Salem. One caller said that West spotted him near the trail and began performing lewd acts on the toy he was carrying. The 52-year-old apologized to officers when he was approached, but denied any wrongdoing -- and couldn't explain why he was carrying three separate notes describing graphic sexual acts. He was released after posting $250 bail.

You never know what to expect from a late-night stop at Waffle House. A woman was in the Destin, Florida location when a drunk man walked in wanting some bacon. Instead of paying a couple of bucks for a side of bacon, he decided to take a strip off the woman's plate and ate it right in front of her. She confronted him and demanded that he replace her pilfered pork, but he refused and actually told her to give him more food. Other diners heard the commotion and stuck up for the woman. Police got to the scene and arrested the bacon thief for disorderly intoxication.

When you make a mistake, it's important that you learn something from it. For instance, an Arizona man recently decided that he'll never play with rattlesnakes again. 48-year-old Victor Pratt says he's been playing with rattlesnakes since he was a kid, but he'll he's sworn them off after one nearly killed him a couple of weeks ago. Pratt says he found a rattler in his backyard while hosting a barbecue and decided to show off for his guests by posing for a photograph with it before cutting it up and cooking it. However, the snake must have been a little camera shy because it turned and bit him twice -- once on his face and again on his chest. Pratt's sons rushed him to the hospital, where he received 28 vials of anti-venom. A week later he was still feeling the effects of the bites and said, "Ain't gonna play with snakes no more."

Kevin Coomer, 34, of Burfordville, Missouri, is accused of breaking into and setting fire to Jax Bar and Grill in Delta early Saturday. He is being held on $50,000 at the Cape Girardeau County Justice Center. Delta Police Chief Verlan Graham said the structure appears to be a total loss but that no one was injured. On Friday night Coomer posted on Facebook, writing, “I’m on my way to Delta now to do two things, fight and fight some more.” He later posted eight photos of the fire to Facebook and tagged the bar. He later added a caption to one of the pictures that he had broken into the bar, and then made derogatory statements about the owner Jack Coomer, who shares his surname. Coomer also changed his profile picture on Facebook adding a photo of him standing in front of the burning bar with the caption, “burn in hell JAX bar!!”

A Florida man’s dog was found on Long Island in New York this week, a year and a half after she disappeared in Florida. WCBS-TV reports that Relay, a 4-year-old Shepherd-Russell mix escaped from owner Rick Moneck’s West Palm Beach backyard almost two years ago and was found by a woman who brought the canine to the Bobbi and the Strays animal shelter in Freeport, Long Island. Moneck’s son at first did not believe it when the shelter called to say they found Relay in Long Island. “He couldn’t believe it,” Moneck said. "He said, ‘Dad, there’s somebody who thinks they found Relay.’Shelter workers found that Relay had a microchip and using a national registry, they identified Moneck as Relay’s owner. Susanne Marin of the shelter, said of Relay, “She’s had some journey, and if she could, I’m sure she’d have some great stories to tell." The shelter plans to deliver Relay to Florida personally on Friday.

Grace Jones celebrated her 111th birthday this weekend. Her 79-year-old daughter, Deidre McCarthy said, “She had a wonderful party on Saturday, followed by a lovely party on Sunday.” The secret to her longevity, McCarthy said, is a nice shot of Scotch whisky every night before bed. “She’s been doing it for 58 years,” McCarthy said. "She swears by it." Her friends call her "Amazing Grace." She lives on her own, reads every day and watches television. “She always looks nice no matter when you go over,” said McCarthy. Her daughter said she thinks Jones’ outlook on life is really what carries her through. “She doesn’t worry. She’s always said, ‘Worry doesn’t do you any good at all.’’’

An Indiana man's brain was clearly running on empty when he pulled into a gas station to rob it and made off with an armload of junk food, beer and cigarettes -- but forgot to fill his tank. The man, Sean Harris, left his vehicle to enter the station last Wednesday night and told the clerk that he had a gun before loading up on the goodies and taking off. He made it only a couple of miles down a nearby two-lane highway before he ran out of gas and tried to flag down someone to help him get back on the road. Unfortunately for the 33-year-old, the first person to stop was a state trooper who'd been tipped to the robbery and saw that Harris matched the description of the suspect. Harris, who was well over the legal limit for driving, was charged with robbery and DUI.

 A Pennsylvania man got arrested for breaking into a stranger's house in order to avoid drinking alone.

A drunken Pennsylvania man wound up at unhappy hour -- after he got arrested for breaking into a stranger's house in order to avoid drinking alone. Sean Haller found his way into the woman's home last week, armed with nothing more than two 12-packs of beer and a sob story about how he just wanted some company in getting blotto. Cops were initially called to the scene by neighbors who reported seeing an intoxicated male banging on a door and windows of an apartment. By the time officers arrived, the 39-year-old was sitting at the victim's table, sipping a tall cold one and refusing to leave. A witness said that Haller had also tried to sneak through a window of an apartment owned by Catherine Riston, who was yelling out a window for Haller to leave. She had a previous relationship with him, but refused to allow him inside.

A German guy needed firefighters to cut a metal dumbbell weight off his penis.

When lifting heavy weights, be sure to always have a spotter. When doing what this guy does with weights, be sure to have emergency rescue crews on speed dial. A German man got himself into a jam when he decided to jam his member into the center hole of a five-pound dumbbell weight. The man was unable to free himself, so he went to the hospital where he was met by firefighters carrying some heavy duty equipment. It took them three hours, but they finally cut through the weight and freed Willy. It's not clear exactly why he did this -- whether it was for some sort of sexual pleasure or if he just wanted to see how much his little bro could lift.

The street outside a funeral home looked like a scene from a horror flick.

Visitors to a Baton Rouge, Louisiana cemetery were horrified last week when they pulled up to the funeral home and spotted a stream of blood flowing in the street. Photos of the gruesome scene were taken and sent to city officials. Sewer inspectors and environmental officials discovered there was a leak in a tank behind the business that's used to store a liquid mix of blood and embalming fluid. It's believed the tank burst and sent the bloody mix onto the street and into the sewer for about 20 minutes before an employee realized it and washed it away with a hose. The funeral home, which is under new management, apologized for the leak and insisted that the area has been cleaned and disinfected. It's unclear if the business has been hit with any fines.

Sister Margaret Ann, the principal of the Roman Catholic Archbishop Coleman F. Carroll High School in Miami, showed the world the spirit of Floridians after the devastation of Hurricane Irma. On Tuesday, while attired in a full habit, Sister Margaret went outside the school with a red chain saw to take care of business, hacking branches off of fallen trees. Her colleague Sister Immaculata, told ABC News Sister Margaret was out there for three hours clearing the road so cars wouldn’t get into accidents. "She's the kind of person that leads by example and is the first one to serve," Immaculata said. An off-duty Miami-Dade County police officer recorded Sister Margaret slicing her way through the felled trees and shared the video online, which soon went viral. The police department praised her "acts of kindness" and for "working together to get through this." Her school commented on the post, writing, “We are truly blessed with our Principal and the Carmelite Sisters... thank you for posting.” Sister Margaret may have inadvertently inspired this year's best Halloween costume. 

Three police officers in Florida took a selfie while preparing for the Hurricane Irma and it has generated a lot of interest from the ladies. On Sunday, the Gainesville Police Department shared the picture on Facebook, writing, “Officers Nordman, Hamill and Rengering...part of the night crew getting ready to do some work. #Irma” Soon after, the comments came flooding in, some of which were downright pornographic. The response caused the department to update the post, writing, “We are dying with the comments. You've actually made our chief blush with some of them. MRS. Nordman and MRS. Hamill have also enjoyed knowing how millions of women are going crazy over their husbands. We can confirm that Officer Rengering (far right with the amazing hair) IS SINGLE.” They added, “On another note, Officer Rengering is being placed into Cougar Prey Protective Care, similar to the witness protection program for his safety. Please do not call 9-1-1 and request this group respond to your ‘incident.’” The department also promised a hunky calendar: “Thank you all for the hilarious comments...they have brightened our time up here. As for the calendar, we are going to try and do something fairly quickly and funds raised will go to Hurricane Irma recovery here in Florida.” Look for a Gainesville Police Department calendar coming soon.

Google has revealed the most popular "how to" search trends over the past 13 years. The Google Trends team has developed a site that analyzes the most-asked questions on the search engine, and global searches that begin with "how to" are on the rise. Searches revealed that many people don't know how to make pancakes or boil an egg, according to Google Trends. "How to" searches are up more than 140 percent since 2004, Google's data editor Simon Rogers told UK Esquire. Here is the list of Google's top "how to" searches from 2004 to 2017:  1. How to tie a tie  2. How to kiss  3. How to get pregnant  4. How to lose weight  5. How to draw
6. How to make money  7. How to make pancakes

ABC affiliate WLOX in Biloxi reports that a Mississippi woman is under arrest for allegedly robbing the Wells Fargo Bank in Ocean Springs. Dominique Spears, 35, of Ocean Springs, is suspected of robbing the bank around 11 a.m. Tuesday. She then left the scene in a taxicab. Detective Capt. William Jackson, of the Ocean Springs Police Department, said police stopped the cab in the parking lot of the Golden Nugget Casino in Biloxi. The driver told police he dropped a passenger off at the Reserve Apartments in St. Martin, but was unaware she robbed a bank. Spears is charged with robbery and is awaiting a court appearance.

While one certainly can't question the importance of a nattily-dressed pug, an Arkansas woman pleaded guilty Monday for using a government credit card to buy a tux for her four-legged friend. According to ArkansasOnline, 44-year-old Kristi Lyn Goss, a former administrative assistant to the county judge of Garland County, copped to six felony counts of buying the evening suit -- and some $162,598 of other various personal expenses -- on the county's dime. Goss, who was arrested October 25 of last year, was facing a trial and up to 20 years in prison before she entered her plea. Her sentencing hearing will be November 22.

A guy in Kansas City endured the biggest mistake of his life recently when he attempted to propose to his girlfriend – and ended up dropping her engagement ring into a pond.  Seth Dixon had the great idea of proposing to his girlfriend Ruth on bridge in a park in Kansas City. He had the ring. He had a friend filming the proposal. And then, he fumbled – and had to watch the $3,000 ring fall through a crack in the wooden bridge and into a pond. Seth and Ruth and a bunch of other people jumped into the pond to find the ring. No dice. The next day, they hired someone to scan the bottom with a metal detector. No dice again. As a last ditch effort, Seth and Ruth set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to pay for the ring. It flopped, with people pledging only $261. Which means, Seth is stuck making payments on this ring … that’s not around Ruth’s finger.

Two New York City abandoned a stolen car after going through a McDonald's drive-thru -- and even left their receipt inside. The hungry hooligans ordered up a McDouble, French fries, two McChicken sandwiches, a four-piece McNuggets, sweet-and-sour sauce and a large Coke before peeling off into the quiet Queens neighborhood. They may not have realized it, but a surveillance camera captured the entire transaction, giving cops a decent look at the driver -- who compounded his mistake by leaving the meal receipt, holding his fingerprints, in the car's center console. Perhaps cops should check out the Hamburglar's place when searching for the thieves, who are still at large.

A bus driver in Maryland is out of a job, but he's caught up on current events and can tell you everything about Sunday's Redskins game. A passenger on board a Metrobus tweeted a video last week showing the driver reading a newspaper and flipping through the pages as he was driving the bus. Myles Hill couldn't believe what he was seeing and asked his friend, "Is that bus driver reading the paper?" His friend responded, "Oh my gosh, yeah! He's focusing on the paper; he should be focusing on the roads." At one point, the driver nearly missed a stop because he was staring at the paper. The video went viral and the transit department identified the driver. He's been suspended and placed on paid leave while an investigation is conducted.

It’s a whopper of a story. reports that expectant parents were caught in heavy traffic on Route 80 in Denville Township when the mother began to experience contractions this past Friday. The couple pulled over at a Burger King parking lot were assisted by two Denville police officers who helped the mother deliver a healthy baby boy. The very next day, the exact same officers responded to another report of a woman going into labor in the exact same Burger King parking lot. The officers again successfully delivered a healthy baby boy. The couples and police have not yet been identified.

The Burlington Free Press reports that man dressed as a panda stole a gun in Williston, Vermont. On Monday night, a man in a panda costume they say walked into a Dick's Sporting Goods in Williston Monday night and took off with an unpaid-for airsoft rifle. Employees at Dick's Sporting Goods say a man visited the store earlier in the day and looked at the exact same rifle. He said he would be back to obtain it. Police are asking anyone with information to contact them immediately.

An unlikely candidate has entered the political arena in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. The Toronto Sun reports that Finn, a five-year-old Australian cattle dog, is getting a lot of attention after a viral video showing a mock mayoral campaign video starring the canine candidate. Glenn Redmond, Finn’s owner, said, “A lot of people are saying he’s the best candidate.” Redmond, 48, said of Finn, “Finn’s a tireless worker. All cattle dogs are. He’s my buddy more so than anything but he’s trained for a bunch of different behaviors, so we just decided to create some roles for him.” Unfortunately, Finn’s name won’t really be on the ballot. Still, Redmond said the video is drawing attention to local issues such as pot holes and sidewalk snow clearing.

A woman in Alberta, Canada was driving to work one morning last week when she accidentally hit a coyote that darted into the road. She continued driving to work, assuming the animal was roadkill. She was wrong. About 30 minutes later, Georgie Knox pulled up to a traffic light and a construction worker informed her that there was a live coyote stuck in the grill of her car. She got out of the car to look and couldn't believe it. She says, "This poor little guy was looking up and blinking at me." She took a photo and shared it on Facebook. She immediately notified wildlife officials who came to rescue the animal. Despite being struck by the car and taken for a 30 minute drive, the coyote was only slightly injured. He was later released back into the wild. 

A moviegoer found himself alone in a theater with a creepy clown.

As if the new horror flick It weren't enough to get your heart pounding, a British moviegoer got an additional fright from right inside the theater. The guy, whose name is Chris, walked into the theater to find that there was only one other person there -- a creepy clown sitting alone and holding a single red balloon. Understandably freaked out, Chris snapped a photo of the clown and shared it on Twitter. He wrote, "Went to see It, I'm first in the screen, and this [effing] guy's just sitting there." A few moments later, Chris shared another photo of the clown standing by the screen. Chris says he was alone in the theater for about 10 minutes until other people arrived. He added that the prankster didn't even stick around for the movie.

Some bikini-clad baristas in Everett, Washington, filed a lawsuit Monday against the city, alleging that two ordinances banning bikinis and bare skin on restaurant employees, violates their right to privacy and constitutional rights to free expression. The ordinances were passed unanimously by the City Council last month. According to the Seattle Times, the suit claims that these ordinances deny bikini-stand employees the ability to communicate and express themselves through their choice of swimwear. Additionally, they infringe on their right to privacy and deny them due process. Attorney Schuyler Lifschultz said, “This is not about the bikini. It’s about women’s rights and the U.S. Constitution. The City of Everett violated these women’s rights across the board.” The suit, filed in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington, asks the federal court to declare unconstitutional the ordinances which went into effect on September 5. Everett spokeswoman Meghan Pembroke said the city would not comment about the lawsuit at this time. The plaintiffs include seven baristas and the owner of a chain of bikini coffee stands. Derek Newman, one of the attorneys for the baristas, said, “The city knows only women work as bikini baristas, and intentionally targeted women through the ordinances.” Barista Natalie Bjerk says, “This is about women’s rights. The city council should not tell me what I can and cannot wear when I go to work, it’s a violation of my First Amendment rights.” In a statement released Monday, plaintiff Leah Humphrey said, “These ordinances set back women’s rights by 50 years.”

The colony of six-toed cats that live at the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum on Key West fearlessly rode out the hurricane this weekend. All 54 polydactyl cats were looked after by curator David Gonzales and his ten-person team at the Spanish colonial house the author called home in the 1930s. Gonzales said, "The cats are accustomed to our voices and our care. We're comfortable with them, they're comfortable with us." He said the cats seemed to be aware of the storm sooner and some of them actually ran inside knowing it was time to take shelter. The cats are all descendants of Hemingway's own polydactyl cat, Snow White. The cats are one of the museum's most popular attractions and spend their days lounging around the compound.

More than 100 passengers were detained Sunday at Sacramento International Airport when a scorpion was spotted on board an aircraft. The Los Angeles Times reports that American flight 125 to Chicago was cancelled when someone spotted the venomous creature before boarding. Leslie Scott, the airline’s spokeswoman, said, “Our first priority is always the safety or our customers and crew.” The plane was flown to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, where it will be fumigated. Scott said the passengers were re-booked on alternate flights. According to the Mayo Clinic, a sting from a scorpion is rarely life-threatening among adults, but children are at risk for complications. It is not clear what kind of scorpion was on the plane.

Police in China cited a driver for operating his vehicle with an unusual hood ornament ... his wife. Police were called after another driver on the road reported seeing a car being driven with a woman sitting on the hood. The witness was able to catch the unusual scene on video and shared it with police. It turns out the woman had gotten into an argument with her husband, and when he tried to drive away, she jumped on the hood and refused to get off. Her husband then refused to stop and continued driving as his wife calmly sat on the car. Police caught up to them and fined the husband for reckless driving.

The only thing worse than discovering a venomous rattlesnake is discovering two venomous rattlesnakes. Fortunately for an electrical worker in Arkansas, that didn't happen. Well, not exactly. Rodney Kelso was conducting a home inspection when he suddenly came across a two-headed rattlesnake in the backyard. Kelso was shocked by what he saw and was able to trap the extremely rare snake in a box. It has since been donated to a game and fish nature center and given the name "Deuce." Officials at the center say it's rare for such a snake to be found alive and will put it on display.

A team of scientists at the University of Chicago have taught a computer to write believable restaurant reviews that could be featured on Yelp. The scientists had the computer analyze reviews of restaurants already posted on Yelp and then grind out similar reviews, using different language. Amazingly, most people could not recognize the reviews written by the robot as fake – and most people also rated the reviews as being just as useful as reviews written by actual people.

Police say thieves have stolen an SUV and an attached U-Haul trailer — with a casket inside — outside an Albuquerque motel. Albuquerque police say the heist occurred early Monday at a Residence Inn and the casket was later found not too far from the site it was taken. Authorities say the casket contained the body of the victim's father-in-law. The U-Haul was located after police searched for a black 2005 Chevy Trailblazer SUV with Oklahoma license plates. Police said the deceased man's daughter and her husband were on their way from Oklahoma to Kirtland, New Mexico, to bury him. No arrests have been made.

Concessions at concerts and music festivals are notoriously expensive which gave rise to tailing-gating and “pre-gaming” as concert goers booze it up before a show. Sometimes people try to sneak booze in, but that can be confiscated by security.  Alex Diamond of Port Jefferson, New York is a man with a plan. According to Lad Bible, three weeks before the Electric Zoo 2017 music festival, Alex went to Randall's Island in New York City where the event was scheduled to take place. Once there, he buried a water bottle full of vodka. Alex said he was inspired by pirates, burying his treasure and used a high tech way to mark his spot. "I've been going to Electric Zoo for over four years now so I know the layout very well. The planning of the burial was simple. We used Google maps and marked our spot on GPS so we knew where it would be. Then we waited." Weeks later at the festival, Alex and his pals dug up the treasure. His only problem was digging it up without drawing the attention of the security. "It was a bit of an operation but in the end we got through it," he said. "The objective once we got into the festival was to remove the bottle without attracting attention. Once we got to the GPS spot, we all huddled around it. I did a double take to make sure we were in the clear and then one of us dug up the vodka. All in all, it took us about 10 minutes." After his Facebook post about his clever idea went viral, Alex is planning on a writing book of other festival secrets and money-saving tips.

A Facebook post encouraging people to fire their guns at Hurricane Irma drew so much interest, a sheriff took to social media to plead with citizens not to shoot at Hurricane Irma. The event was called “Shoot at Hurricane Irma,” Sunday, September 10 at 10 a.m. ET. The description read, “Yo, so this goofy-looking windy heada** named Irma said they pulling up on us. Let’s show Irma that we shoot first.” While there was no location specified, 55,000 people said they were interested and 25,000 people said they would participate on Saturday evening. In Florida, the Pasco County Sheriff's Office took to Twitter to caution people that shooting weapons at the hurricane is a bad idea, writing, "To clarify, DO NOT shoot weapons @ #Irma. You won't make it turn around & it will have very dangerous side effects." The event was set up by 22-year-old Ryon Edwards, who told the BBC, “The response is a complete and total surprise to me. I never envisioned this event becoming some kind of crazy idea larger than myself. It has become something a little out of my control.” It is unclear if anyone has since tried to shoot at the hurricane.

An alligator in Louisiana was placed under arrest for attempting to bite a woman and slapping a boy in the face. Police received a call from a woman who said an alligator hiding under her car tried to bite her foot as she attempted to get inside. When a sheriff's deputy arrived, he immediately jumped on top of the gator and placed handcuffs on its legs. But while the animal was cuffed, a boy came over to help the officer, and the gator whipped its tail around and slapped him across the face. Fortunately, the boy wasn't badly hurt. The officer then picked up the handcuffed monster and released it back into the wild.

You never know what goodies you might find at a garage sale. Maybe an antique clock or a vintage table. Perhaps even a live World War Two-era grenade. A Michigan man purchased what he thought was a disarmed grenade, but when he pulled out the pin, the handle sprung forward, indicating that it was live. The quick-thinking bargain-hunter immediately put the pin back in, placed the grenade in the woods and called police. A bomb squad was dispatched and collected the device. It was X-rayed and determined to be incapable of exploding. But still, police commended the man for handling it properly and not taking any chances.

We all have those days when we don't feel like talking to anyone, but one Florida woman had an extreme case of it and ended up in jail. A cop in St. Lucie saw 31-year-old Amber Capraro out for a walk at 6:00 in the morning and pulled over to talk to her. Amber made it perfectly clear that she was in no mood to talk by taking off her shoes and throwing them at the patrol car. She kept on walking, and when the officer approached her again, she ran up to the car and kicked the bumper. Again, she kept on walking, and when the officer made a third attempt to stop her, she jumped on his hood, flipped him the bird and told him to leave her alone. The officer then parked his car, got out and placed her under arrest. She's charged with resisting an officer and property damage. It's not clear why the officer tried to stop her in the first place.

A Swiss supermarket chain has started selling burgers and balls made from insects, a move being billed as a legal first in Europe. Seven of Coop's nearly 2,500 stores in Switzerland are serving up the critter concoctions from Zurich-based food startup Essento. A broader launch is planned by year's end. The bug burgers are made of rice, chopped vegetables, spices and mealworm larvae. Coop says its goal is to convince leery consumers to try a nutritious, if unusual food that "preserve the planet's resources." During the limited rollout, curious consumers have had the insect products flying off the shelves. A change in Swiss law in May allows the sale for human consumption of three types of insects: mealworm larvae, house crickets and migratory locusts.

Authorities say a woman stole a paramedic truck in Las Vegas and led pursuing police officers on a 50-mile freeway chase that reached California. Media outlets reported that Clark County firefighters had parked the truck outside a pharmacy on Friday when the truck was stolen. The woman, whose identity wasn't released, ended the chase on Interstate 15 inside California, apparently realizing officers were going to use tire-puncturing spike strips to stop the vehicle. Nevada officers had used spike strips that deflated at least two tires but didn't stop the truck. Las Vegas police, Nevada Highway Patrol troopers and a police helicopter all tailed the ambulance during the chase. California troopers joined the pursuit at the state line. No additional information was released.

Tamara Mayfield, one of the owners of Beacon Rock Golf Course in North Bonneville, Washington, said that the viral photograph showing Washington golfers playing while a hillside behind them burns is not fake. The picture was taken Monday evening around 7 p.m. The fire behind them is the Eagle Creek fire, which has burned an estimated 30,929 acres on the border of Oregon and Washington. Mayfield and her husband, Mark Mayfield, said were there with about 100 people who were golfing while the fire raged. The fire was about a mile away, on the Oregon side of the river, she said. Brandon Crawford of Washougal was the man putting in the picture, who said, "They were definitely not faked. When we first started there was a fire maybe the size of a grocery store. By the end of hole two, it was just crazy. The big one you're seeing on the internet was on hole nine." Crawford said ash the size the soccer balls was falling around them. The photos first appeared on Reddit Tuesday night, but it is unclear who took the pictures. The fire continues to rage after six days and is only five per cent contained.

Ohio residents should be on the lookout for an unknown critter or critters with a taste for sweets. The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that there was a break-in at the Geauga County Fair on or about Thursday, August 31, and the culprit ate bread, muffins, scones, strawberry-surprise pie, chocolate cake and peach pie. There were 11 first-in-show entrants in the baked goods contest held the previous weekend and whoever is responsible consumed seven out of 11. Secretary and director of the fair board, Paul Harris, said, that the incident was not recorded and there were no eye witnesses, but a raccoon is the main suspect. Harris said they knew it was a raccoon because, "he left footprints when he walked across the tops of cakes.” Harris said the culprit had excellent taste because he only ate the best-in-show entries, adding. "I guess he agreed with the judges."

A police department in Oregon was forced to tweet an important announcement to concerned residents to calm their nerves about an escaped animal on the loose. Word spread on social media that a baby giraffe had escaped from an enclosure outside of Portland and was on the loose. The rumor started with a post on Craigslist that read, "Our landscapers damaged the fence and our giraffe calf, 'Raffi' escaped. At this age, they are easily mistaken for a deer or even a llama, as nobody expects to see a giraffe in Beaverton." It added that the animal was probably hanging around by the vineyards because it likes to eat grapes. Despite how ridiculous a story about an escaped pet giraffe sounds, people believed it and were worried about the giraffe's safety until the Beaverton Police Department tweeted, "Despite social media reports, we are not searching for a baby giraffe. They are cute and we would search for one if they were missing." Police added that if someone really did own a pet giraffe, they would be in a lot of trouble.

Authorities found a pool filled with sharks in someone's basement.

Environmental conservation officers raided a house in New York state on a tip that residents might have been harboring illegal wildlife -- and were stunned to find an above-ground pool in the basement filled with sharks. Authorities found a 15-foot backyard pool in the house with 10 sharks in it, seven which were alive. They included sandbar sharks, leopard sharks and a hammerhead shark. Authorities and aquarium staff captured the sharks, tagged them and transferred them to large tanks inside a box truck, which transported them to an aquarium. No charges have been filed yet. The Department of Environmental Conservation says the case is under investigation.

A Texas woman is being held on several charges after she slipped her handcuffs, stole a police SUV and then led officers on a pursuit that reached speeds of nearly 100 mph. Thirty-three-year-old Toscha Sponsler was being held Thursday in the Angelina County jail on charges that include evading arrest. Authorities say Sponsler had been detained Saturday on suspicion of shoplifting and was in the back of the SUV when she managed to slip her hand through one of the cuffs. Video released Tuesday by Lufkin police show her then squeezing through a partition to reach the front seat. A chase went on for about 20 miles before a state trooper managed to spin her out. Online jail records don't indicate whether she has an attorney.

Authorities have identified a suspect in an Ohio county fair burglary who took a bite out of best-of-show baked goods during the heist. The Plain Dealer reports that officials say whoever broke into an exhibit at the Geauga County Fair in northeast Ohio last week has a masked face, soft fur and walks on four legs. Wanted posters are now on display for a raccoon or raccoons that left paw prints on baked goods judged to be the best in show among the more than 1,000 entries submitted at the 195-year-old fair. Fair Board Director Paul Harris says the raccoon took "a little sample here and a little sample there" from seven of the 11 best-of-show entries, including breads, muffins, scones, pies and a chocolate cake.

Thanks to his app, he’s in trouble after her indiscretion. According to the New York Post, Sean Donis, 37, of Clifton, New Jersey, is charged with felony burglary and unlawful surveillance after he tracked his 38-year-old spouse to the Pomona, N.Y. home of her 57-year-old supervisor and discovered them in bed together. Nancy Donis asked Sean to watch their five-year-old son so she could go to dinner with friends in Elizabeth. Later that evening, Sean noticed the boy’s iPad was missing and activated the “Find My iPhone” app, which showed the iPad on its way to Rockland County, N.Y. Sean took his son to his mother’s and drove to the location where the app showed the device. When he arrived at the home, he found the door unlocked and entered. Inside, Sean found Nancy with Albert Lopez in the bedroom and they weren’t discussing politics. Shrewdly, Sean recorded video and after a brief altercation with Lopez, he left. Donis pleaded not guilty to the charges and is due back in court September 20. Sean’s defense lawyer Howard Greenberg is confident that he will be cleared of any wrongdoing. “He commits a trespass that in a sane jurisdiction is a violation and not a crime, and he uncovers the greater evil of his wife shagging some stranger,” Greenberg said. “No jury is going to convict this man of anything, let alone a felony.” Sean and Nancy divorced in February.

According to the Bangor Daily News, James Clark, 63, of Lewiston, Maine, drove his car into a restaurant wall in Biddleford Monday afternoon. Biddeford Deputy Police Chief JoAnne Fisk said that Clark allegedly hit the gas pedal instead of the brake and drove into the Wok and Roll on Elm Street, injuring a man having lunch in the restaurant. Clark’s cat, who was not named, was in the car with him and was taken to the Animal Welfare Society in West Kennebunk for safekeeping. The impact forced the front wall inward and shattered the window. The diner who was hit sustained unspecified injuries and was taken to Maine Medical Center in Portland. Clark was taken to Southern Maine Medical Center. The accident is still under investigation but the restaurant was secured after being examined by building code officials. 

Bad first dates are just part of single life, but they usually don't end with someone getting trapped in a window while trying to retrieve poop. Unfortunately for one British woman, her worst first date story is far worse than yours. She agreed to meet up with a college student she'd matched up with on Tinder, and the night got off to a decent start. They met for dinner and drinks, and then decided to go back to his apartment to watch a movie. But things took a terrible turn when she went to the bathroom. After dropping a number-two, she discovered that the toilet wasn't flushing. After several failed attempts to try out her amateur plumbing skills, she did the only thing she could think of. She grabbed the poop from the toilet and threw it out the bathroom window. Only the poop didn't make it completely out. It fell between two panes of glass and got stuck. Now out of options, she had to come clean and tell her date what had happened. The guy said he would get a hammer to break the window open, but while he was searching for it, she decided to try one more time to handle it herself. She climbed onto the windowsill and tried to reach down between the windows, but slipped in head first and got stuck. Her date had no choice but to call the fire department, who arrived and safely broke the window to pull her out. Despite the worst date ever, the guy says they've actually gone out again.

A guy got so drunk that he forgot about selling his car and reported it stolen.

A New Zealand man planned to have a big night out on the town, so he sold his car so that he'd have extra cash to buy drinks. That was his first dumb mistake. The next morning he woke up with a massive hangover and very little memory of what happened the night before. When he couldn't find his car, he freaked out and called police to report it stolen. Officers filed the report and began to search for the car. Meanwhile, the guy who'd purchased the vehicle on a car-selling website had suspicions that the car he bought may have been stolen and checked the registration. When he did, he saw that it had been reported stolen, so he immediately contacted police. When police realized that the two men were calling about the same car and that the seller had forgotten that he sold it, they told the men to sort it out themselves.

Five nurses at the Denver Health Medical Center were suspended after they inappropriately viewed the body of a dead patient and talked about it. A hospital spokesman confirmed that the nurses were disciplined for three weeks. Apparently, they admired the size of the dead man’s genitals and later opened a body bag to view him. Denver Health Medical Center spokesman Josh Rasmussen said that a nurse who heard about it reported the incident to hospital staff. According to the Denver Police report, “Multiple staff members viewed the victim while he was incapacitated, including after he was deceased. The complainant, Risk Management for Denver Health, made a mandatory report.” Rasmussen said five nurses were suspended following the investigation. Four nurses have since returned to work. One nurse no longer works at the hospital, though she wasn't terminated. Rasmussen said the nurses will have a record of the discipline placed in their personnel files. It was unclear how the disciplinary action will be worded.

Police in western Pennsylvania say a man who robbed a Pittsburgh-area bank hired a jitney, which was pulled over by authorities who followed the vehicle using a tracking device placed in the stolen money. Allegheny County police say 28-year-old Christian Moore robbed the First National Bank in Homestead about 1:40 p.m. Tuesday. Police say Moore ran to a jitney stand after handing a teller a note demanding money. County police say Homestead officers followed the jitney and stopped it in Pittsburgh's Hazelwood neighborhood, arresting Moore and finding the money and a gun. The jitney driver told police she didn't know Moore had committed a crime before hiring her for a ride. She says Moore told police she "had nothing to do with it, so that was cool of him." Moore was jailed without an attorney Wednesday.

A hotel in Belgium has a new resource for lonely travelers. Mashable reports that The Hotel Charleroi in Gosselies, Belgium will let you rent goldfish if you would like some company during your stay, for the low, low price of 3.50 Euros or $4.17 US Dollars. The “rent-a-fish” business began in 2013. Hotel manager David Dillen says the fish are big attention-getters, but the hotel looks after them and they receive “very good care.” Some people online have expressed concern about the health of the fish and their small rental bowls, but Dillen clearly looks at the fishbowl as half-full. Dillen said, “If they were not taken care of they would have died a long time ago.”

Police shut down a tunnel in Boston to rescue a kitten who officials said "decided to play a little hide and seek." The adorable gray kitten was spotted by drivers in the Route 90 Connector Tunnel on Sunday, according to Massachusetts State Police, and officials received multiple calls. "Thank you for all the calls and especially to the Animal Rescue League of Boston, for their quick response and save," Massachusetts State Police said in a Facebook post on Sunday. "Sergeant Bob Dateo shut traffic down to enable the rescue of her." The kitten lost some fur on her tail due to "some sort of burn," according to police, but the good news is she was medically cleared and "her prognosis is good." Police asked for suggestions on Facebook for what to name the kitten, writing, “In the meantime, we need ideas on what name to give her.... put these facts and circumstances in your thought process; Kitten, Boston, connector tunnel.......annnnnnnnd go!” Several people offered names related to the incident, including Lucky, Hope and Trooper Kitty.

A couple got engaged with the rare blessing of the Pope himself. WABC reports that all eyes were on Dario Ramirez when he visited privately with Pope Francis. The Venezuelan civil rights activist was forced to flee his country three years ago. After talking with the Pontiff, Ramirez dropped to one knee and popped the question to his surprised girlfriend, Maryangel Espinal. Espinal was so awestruck that the Pope had to remind her to answer the question. Needless to say, she said yes. It turns out the proposal was carefully planned and approved by a Catholic cardinal.

Cops in a Pennsylvania borough are serving and protecting, but they're also showing off their senses of humor after a "prankster" imitated the spooky movie It. When red helium-filled balloons began showing up tied to sewer grates -- the trademark of the murderous clown Pennywise in to Stephen King book -- the in Lititz police department took to Facebook. "...we give points for creativity," the post read, "however we want the local prankster to know that we were completely terrified as we removed these balloons...and we respectfully request they do not do that again." The department added, "If you're not sure what we're talking about, search It and watch the preview, but we suggest watching the preview with a friend or coworker with all the lights on and the sound down low."

A California man recently discovered that one of the things brown can do for you is keep you trapped inside your fifth-floor apartment. Jessie Lawrence was inside his apartment when an UPS driver delivered a package to his door. But he couldn't retrieve the package because he couldn't open his door. It was unlocked, but he couldn't turn the door handle. It turns out that the UPS deliveryman left the long rectangular box standing upright and wedged between the floor and the door handle, which made it impossible to turn. With no other way to get out of his apartment and worried about being trapped in an emergency, Jessie had to call building maintenance and wait for someone to come and move the package away from the door. Jessie later tweeted a photo and wrote, "Hey @UPS, your driver left this package under our door knob like this and trapped us in our apartment. Had to call maintenance to get out."

A Texas man returned to his flood-hit home and found a huge alligator under his dining room table.

Texas residents returned to their homes after Hurricane Harvey to survey the damage. Brian Foster did the same, expecting to find flood damage, but he stumbled upon a scary new tenant. While Foster was away from his home north of Houston, a nine-foot alligator took up residence. Foster found the giant reptile hiding under his dining room table and momentarily stopped caring about the flood damage. He called police and wildlife officials, who immediately arrived and taped the gator's mouth shut. They then carried it out of the home and loaded it onto a pickup truck, where it was safely returned to the wild. Officials have warned that because of the flood, alligators may turn up in areas they're not usually found.

An Illinois police officer has delivered his son in a hotel parking lot. The Rockford Register Star reports Rockford officer James Nachampassack was on duty early Sunday morning when his girlfriend called to say she was going to give birth. Nachampassack rushed home to find Phenh Thammavong screaming. He says her water had broken and she was going into labor. During the 20-minute drive to the hospital, Nachampassack says Thammavong told him the baby wouldn't wait. He pulled into a hotel parking lot and told police dispatch he needed an ambulance. Nachampassack delivered the baby moments before a group of fellow officers showed up. An ambulance arrived soon after. While he wasn't trained to deliver babies, Nachampassack says police have to perform under pressure. The couple named the healthy 7-pound, 12-ounce boy Leo.

An unruly Hawaiian Airlines passenger now owes the carrier more than $97,000, a federal judge has ruled. James August, traveling with his girlfriend and her three children from Honolulu to New York last November, allegedly was overheard threatening a flight attendant during takeoff and in flight, court documents say. His girlfriend, who was sitting one row behind him with her children, refused to move her family to their assigned seats next to him. As the plane was taxiing, her 11-year-old son allegedly begged flight attendants, “Can you please just keep him away from us?” A fellow passenger informed the crew that August, who had been drinking, made "multiple life-threatening remarks," including allegedly threatening to slice his girlfriend's throat and swearing at her and her children, according to the documents. When flight attendants asked him to move to another part of the aircraft, he refused, allegedly slapping the shoulder of the flight attendant, the documents state. After August was restrained by two male flight attendants, the captain diverted the flight back to Honolulu, fearing August was a danger to the rest of the passengers and the crew. August pleaded guilty to interfering with the flight crew and now has to pay $97,817.29 in monthly installments of 10 percent of his gross income. The money will reimburse Hawaiian Airlines for landing fees, crew costs, the cost of rebooking passengers on different flights and other assorted expenses. "Turning an aircraft around due to a passenger’s unruly interference with our flight crew not only creates an inconvenience to all guests on board, but is extremely costly," Hawaiian Airlines said in a statement. "We appreciate the efforts of the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the ruling allowing Hawaiian to recoup some of the hard costs it incurred."

A Florida man took "bad credit" to a whole new level last week when he got pulled over for drunk driving. He handed the patrolman his credit card instead of a driver's license. Arthur Glen Cook blew through a stop sign after weaving down a busy street in The Villages on Friday night, prompting a deputy to flag him down. After the 75-year-old fumbled through his pocket and handed over the Visa card, the cop put him through several sobriety tests, which he failed as he yelled curses. Cook blew nearly twice the legal limit on two breath tests, earning official DUI charges. He told the officer, “You know what I did when I pulled over a drunk guy while I was in the military? I drove him home."

A Connecticut man wrote a holdup note on the back of his girlfriend's pay stub.

A Connecticut man is probably going to the pen after being careless with his pen: he used it to write a holdup note on the back of his girlfriend's McDonald's pay stub. Steven Gomez-Maya made off with about $500 after handing the threatening note to a teller at the TD Bank branch in Seymour. Cops responding to the robbery examined the paper and saw that it was a pay stub belonging to a woman who lived nearby. They went to that address and found Gomez-Maya. While checking his car for weapons, officers found a hat that Maya wore during the stickup and “a large number of crisp ten dollar bills in the center console of the vehicle.”

An elderly Texas couple didn't have a cow when flooding from Hurricane Harvey hit their home -- they simply called their local Chick-Fil-A and ordered a jet ski. J.C. Spencer, who had become friendly with the eatery's manager, says he knew that there might be a rescue vehicle at the joint, so he placed a somewhat special order. The 78-year-old says he asked for "two grilled chicken burritos, extra egg and a boat. The manager said that she would send her husband, who has a boat, and she did." J.C. and his wife Karen got their trip to safety, but not their burritos -- which they hope to return for soon.

An elderly British man was fined nearly $5,000 for forgetting an important childhood lesson. Back in February, 72-year-old Robert Fergus, joined by his 69-year-old wife Ruth, got drunk and ran naked, with scissors, through the lobby of a luxury hotel in Perth, Scotland. He trashed a display case and threatened other guests with the scissors before using them to cut phone lines in the lobby. His equally blotto spouse threatened to shoot a hotel staffer who intervened. At their sentencing this week, their attorney said the couple had "consumed much more alcohol than was sensible" after skipping dinner earlier in the evening. They agreed to pay fines and never return to the hotel in question.

This lobster looks like a shining pearl of the sea. Maine fisherman Alex Todd caught the rare white lobster on Aug. 24. “I’ve never seen a white one. This one was translucent with just a hint of blue in it,” Todd, 48, of Chebeague Island, told ABC News. The Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association thinks the lobster had a partial loss of pigment due to a genetic condition called leucism. “It was really different and really cool,” said Todd, a 10th generation fisherman who's had his lobster license since he was 6 years old. The seasoned seaman threw the lobster back into the ocean after noticing it was a female and had been marked for carrying eggs. He said “Even if it had been male, it’s an oddity enough that, why cook it for a $4 lobster?”

A Missouri man is inheriting a 19th century courthouse in Connecticut under an unusual lease agreement signed by his ancestors in 1803. The state of Connecticut closed the landmark 1889 courthouse with a Seth Thomas clock tower in Litchfield on Aug. 25 and moved operations to a new courthouse a few miles away in Torrington. Under the 214-year-old lease between the state and six landowners, the property reverts back to the landowners' descendants if the state stops using the property for a courthouse. Seventy-eight-year-old George Beckwith, of Goodman, Missouri, will be inheriting the property, along with the estates of his two late sisters. Beckwith says he doesn't want to be a courthouse owner. He and his sisters' relatives will be selling the property to a historic preservation group in Litchfield.

Even Hurricane Harvey couldn’t stop a Sugarland, Texas Pizza Hut from delivering pizzas to weary flood victims, reports the Houston Chronicle.  However, instead of using cars they had to improvise and load up kayaks with fresh, hot pizzas. Shayda Habib, the branch manager of the Sugarland store knew families were trapped in their homes and were running out of food, so wanted to do something to help. Habib told the newspaper, "We packed 120 pizzas in kayaks and took them out to people in their homes. The people in the houses didn't expect us to come. It was so nice to see their smiles after so much gloom." With just a handful of employees, Habib and her crew loaded the pizzas into delivery pouches on kayaks and delivered the pies to hungry families. She says she will continue to deliver pizzas until the store runs out of food.

Kelly O'Brien, of Black River Falls, Wisconsin might want to consider walking from now on. He just received his eighth drunken driving offense from the Jackson County Sheriff's Office, reports WEAU. All of his run-ins with the law stemmed from him operating the same motorized bike. The fifty-two-year-old was once again driving his favorite two wheeler on State Highway 54 in the Town of Brockway Monday night when he was stopped by a sheriff's deputy.  The officer noted that O'Brien did not have proper lighting and was weaving between lanes. During the traffic stop, O'Brien allegedly admitted to drinking and showed signs of impairment, according to police. He refused to take a field sobriety test and was booked in the Jackson County jail for his 8th OWI (operating while intoxicated). O'Brien was already out on bond from his seventh drunken driving arrest in May when he got caught this eighth time.

A Woodbury, New Jersey man claimed he was injured after he slipped and fell in a puddle of water in a local Walmart store, but the Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office  and the National Insurance Crime Bureau say that he walked through a puddle in the store three times before staging his fall on the fourth pass, reports Thomas J. Campbell was charged with insurance fraud and falsifying records, according to the Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office.  Officials said that the unemployed 40-year-old confessed that he faked the fall in an interview with investigators because he no longer had health insurance for treatment of a pre-existing back injury. Campbell was processed and released, and he is scheduled to appear in court in October to answer the charges.

Lake County, Florida sheriff's deputies are used to dealing with a wide variety of wildlife calls, but last week the officers clearly went above and beyond the call of duty. On Saturday, some utility workers stumbled upon a 9-foot red-tailed boa constrictor in the Royal Trails area northeast of Eustis. Three deputies corralled the snake and turned it over to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, who took it to a reptile facility. The deputies who caught the massive snake seemed amused by the situation in a photo posted to the department's Instagram account. Boas are not native to Central Florida, and this one was likely dumped or an escaped pet. Meanwhile, Miami Beach police had a giant snake encounter of their own on Wednesday, reports the Miami Herald. Officers captured a six-foot Burmese python on the sidewalk in front of  a store and residential building located just two blocks from the west end of a popular local mall. The snake was lounging beneath a royal palm. Chief Daniel Oates tweeted, "Suspect apprehended!" with photos of two officers wrangling the snake. The python will be turned over to a wildlife refuge, according to authorities.

A Florida man could be facing some serious time in detention -- after bolting off his porch and threatening to shoot parents waiting in a school pickup line in front of his home. William Markham, who lives across the street from Micanopy Cooperative School, was irate, shirtless and under the influence of an undetermined substance when he pointed his gun at the line of parents while yelling at them to "get off [his] road." The principal and staff reacted quickly and offered the parents shelter inside the school building with their children until sheriff's deputies could arrive. The 54-year-old was charged with assault with a deadly weapon -- and faces a long grounding once a judge weighs in on the matter.

A Mexican gang thought they could really screw customs officials by hiding drugs in candles shaped like male genitalia.

A Mexican gang thought they could really screw customs officials by hiding more than a million dollars worth of drugs inside candles shaped like male genitalia. The five wannabe smugglers got burned when authorities saw something suspicious in the shipment of X-rated candles, which were stuffed with more than 1,300 pounds of material that was meant to be converted into methamphetamine once it touched down in New Jersey. All five men were arrested and charged with possession of drugs with intent to distribute. The candles, which carry the brand name Amore Total, are said to carry aphrodisiac qualities when burned without any drugs inside.

Two Baltimore men really lowered the bar for stupid criminals by trying to rob a bar full of cops.

Two Baltimore men really lowered the bar for stupid criminals by trying to rob a bar in which a group of police officers was having a party. Joseph McInnis the Third and Tyree McCoy entered Monaghan's Pub on Tuesday night and stuck up the bartender, demanding all the cash in the register. It took a matter of minutes for the cops who were there attending a retirement shindig to figure out what was going on and subdue the pair without much of a fight. The bar owner said it was odd that someone would attempt a robbery there at all, because the precinct is directly across the street.

A Florida man ended up behind bars for assaulting a gas station clerk who tried to make him pay for his unleaded.

A Florida man got a little too tanked before trying to fill his gas tank -- and ended up behind bars for assaulting a clerk who tried to make him pay for his unleaded. David Alan Miles pulled into the Circle K station in the wee hours of Sunday morning and made a small purchase inside, then went to fill his tank -- but found the pump didn't work. When he asked why, the clerk told him he hadn't paid for any gas, which led to a major freakout -- in which Miles began throwing merchandise at the clerk, hitting him with a few candy bars and a lottery paper holder before breaking the lotto dispenser. The whole incident was captured on videotape and Miles was arrested a short time later on charges of battery and vandalism.

Stealing a license plate that is still attached to a vehicle is always a really bad idea. It's even worse when that vehicle is an unmarked police car with three detectives sitting inside of it. According to a police report from the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, Wesley J. Kelley of Loxahatchee, Florida pulled his car up behind the detectives as they were doing surveillance. He put on a pair of gloves, then attempted to detach the license plate, reports The Palm Beach Post. One of the detectives confronted him and he jumped back in his car and drove away. Kelley almost ran down a second detective with the stolen vehicle he was driving before crashing through a chain-link fence, according to the police report. After an hour, the detectives eventually found Kelly hiding in a dumpster.  While on his way to the Palm Beach County Jail, Kelley allegedly admitted he drove through the fence because "he always wanted to try ramming a gate with a car to see if it would bust open like in the movies." Kelley is being held in lieu of $135,000 bail. He faces charges of burglary causing damage over $1,000, assaulting an officer, unarmed burglary, vehicle theft, possession of burglary tools, fleeing and eluding police and resisting an officer without violence. The U.S. Marshals Service also has an active warrant for Kelly, according to the report.

A Florida man was busted after getting a little too much joy out of a joyride -- by rolling stark naked through a Walmart parking lot on a shopping cart that he was using like a scooter. Cops rushed to the big-box store on Saturday after receiving numerous calls from people who reported that Jacob Steiner was running around in his birthday suit, but by the time they arrived, Steiner had found a better means of transportation. The police report described Steiner as “a very well known illegal narcotics user” and noted that the nude romp was “unfortunately a very common practice for him.” The 26-year-old, who had been warned to stay away from the store, was charged with indecent exposure, disorderly intoxication and trespassing.

A Washington, D.C. woman really put the P in public transportation -- by throwing a cup of urine on a bus driver after he told her to have a nice day. The woman, whose name has not been released, boarded her usual bus on Saturday night toting a number of packages, including the lethal liquid, which she claimed to be carrying because she had to relieve herself but didn't have time to find a ladies' room. She admitted to holding a grudge against the Metro system for 35 years and said she'd planned on lobbing the urine away once she got off the bus -- but when the driver used what she said was a sarcastic tone, she tossed it at him. She was detained by cops but apparently not charged with any crimes.

A naked man who startled a mother and her children on a nature trail in Maine has been issued a summons by police. Officers say 67-year-old Ricky Thompson told them he was sunbathing when the family spotted him in Waterville on Thursday. The woman described to police a "naked elderly man" with a walker. So police went to the scene assuming there was a medical issue. Deputy Chief Bill Bonney tells the Morning Sentinel that Thompson was still naked when officers caught up with him. Bonney says police had received similar complaints in the past but were unable to substantiate them.

Police say two women dressed as nuns attempted to rob a bank in Pennsylvania's Poconos. Authorities say the women walked into Citizens Bank near Tannersville on Monday and one brandished a handgun, demanding money from a teller. But they left without taking anything. Each woman was wearing a black nun's habit and veil. One woman also was wearing sunglasses. The FBI is investigating and posted bank surveillance photos on Twitter.

A man riding his bike in the middle of a Philadelphia interstate during morning rush hour traffic — causing delays as drivers tried to avoid hitting him — has been taken into custody. The ordeal happened Friday around 8:30 a.m. in the westbound lanes of I-76, also called the Schuylkill (SKOO'-kul) Expressway. A reporter with the TV station was on her way to work and saw the man riding between the left and center lanes of the expressway — a major artery cutting through the center of Philadelphia. Traffic in the left two lanes was backed up as drivers tried to avoid him. Troopers eventually caught up with him. Aerial footage shows the man being put in handcuffs and helped into the squad car. The trooper then loads the bright yellow bike into his trunk. No details about the biker have been released.

Authorities say police in New York have arrested a 21-year-old man who had his driver's license suspended 81 times. Suffolk County police say Dillon Garcia, of Medford, was pulled over Wednesday on the Sunrise Highway in Oakdale. A police spokeswoman says suspensions usually occur after someone fails to pay fines or appear in court to answer charges. She says she doesn't have specifics on Garcia's case and doesn't know how many summonses he had received. Each summons that went unpaid could have resulted in a single suspension. He is scheduled for arraignment Thursday in Central Islip (EYE'-slihp).

Authorities say an Ohio property owner admitted setting his vacant trailer home on fire because he's tired of renting it to people addicted to drugs. The Chillicothe Gazette reports Ross County sheriff's deputies arrived at property owned by 41-year-old Robert Violette last week and found him trying to extinguish a fire in one of his trailers with a garden hose. An incident report says Violette told deputies he wanted to torch all the trailers on his property because of tenants who were misusing drugs. A township fire department put out the blaze and issued Violette a warning. Violette didn't return the newspaper's calls for comment. Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine filed a lawsuit in Ross County in May against five drugmakers, accusing them of helping create the region's opioid epidemic.

An Albuquerque, New Mexico woman that was the victim of a burglary recently is pleading for thieves to return one of the items they stole, reports KRQE News. The item she wants back is not actually a thing -- it's a loved one. A week ago, Beth Lindsey returned home to find her house ransacked.  She explains, "As I made my way into the living room I saw that my purse, which I don't carry, was dumped all over the floor and the front door was wide open." Lindsey started accounting for all of her possessions. She said, "I have my dad's flag and my mother's urn, and that is when it clicked, the urn was on the desk. Where is the urn? It's gone." The crooks took credit cards, computers and jewelry, but they also stole the cremated remains of Lindsey's mother, who had passed in 2013. Lindsey is asking whoever took her mom to do the right thing and bring her back. Lindsey said, "Somebody has my mother's ashes, like someone has taken a part of my mother and has no right to have that."

After six days on the lam, a missing black-capped Capuchin monkey in North Knoxville, Tennessee was finally captured on Sunday, much to the relief and amusement of local residents, reports The Knoxville News Sentinel. The primate named "Pretty Boy Floyd" escaped from his owner Bill King on August 20 while he was visiting friends in North Knoxville nearly a week ago. That's when a dog barked at 3-year-old Floyd and scared him off into the trees. An unspecified reward was offered by King for the monkey's safe return. Since then there were monkey sightings all around town almost daily, and photos of Pretty Boy started appearing all over social media. Alexis Donaldson took a photo of Pretty Boy on Friday night that appeared to show him sitting on top of a truck.  Donaldson said as soon she posted the photo on Facebook, people were running out of their houses with monkey nets. The monkey was spotted in people's backyards and even took time to eat bananas left out for him by local residents, but he always evaded capture. Animal control officers tried to track him down for days using his favorite snacks of grapes and marshmallows to lure him in, but Pretty Boy was too quick for them. They set up wire cages with doors triggered by pressure-sensitive pads, but those didn’t work. Then on Sunday, King’s 14-year-old daughter was standing alone between two houses and the monkey emerged from the woods and jumped into her arms. He said, "She lured him in with some honey, and he come up to her and she reached out and got a hold of him." King said that Pretty Boy appeared to be in good health after his adventure, but he took him to the vet on Monday to get him checked out anyway.

A video clip of a Louisiana sheriff's deputy's reaction during an alligator capture call has gone viral with more than half a million views.  The deputy can be heard letting out a series of high-pitched screams, as he jumps and runs when the gator suddenly jerks its head. The video was posted to Facebook by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office, and it shows a group of deputies capturing a small alligator that had its mouth taped shut. His overreaction to the gator had both onlookers and officers laughing. The Sheriff's Office posted, "Our deputies respond to all kinds of calls, from crime to gators! Side note, we're not sure if our deputy was screaming like that, but it sure sounded like it, haha."

A Georgia kid triggered a real scare at an Atlanta area mall when he found a gun in a store dressing room and handed it to his mom -- who decided to fire it to see whether or not it was real. The eight-year-old, who was smart enough not to play with the weapon, turned it over to his mother, who didn't come to the same conclusion and let off one shot - discovering that the gun was, in fact, a very real 22 caliber handgun. The bullet did some damage to one stall of the dressing area, but didn't come near anyone else. The woman will not face any charges. The manager of a sporting goods store in the mall said people should assume guns they see are loaded, and advised strongly against pulling the trigger to verify if they're real or toys.

An airline passenger headed from Mexico to California didn't need a plane to get sky high -- as he proved by having a violent meltdown and assaulting several people during a rampage at 30,000 feet. The man, whose name has not been released, freaked out about 30 minutes into his flight, growling, cursing and eventually turning violent. Fellow flyer Laura Aceves told authorities that it took about 40 minutes to kick the man off the plane, saying, “He was hitting and punching other passengers as they were trying to drag him out. He was under the influence, and you could smell the alcohol on him.” It's unclear whether or not the man, who also bit a security guard, will face any charges.

A Missouri woman has had to use some fancy footwork to avoid the spirit haunting the home she just bought -- because she believes it belongs to the late dancer Ginger Rogers. Marge Padgitt says she hadn't lived in the home, located in the town of Independence, for long when she got her first glimpse of Rogers' ghost. She says, “I was standing in the room she was born in and I felt this presence. I [watched] a foggy mist turn into a woman in a ball gown that looked like Ginger. She had a pleasant look on her face.” Padgitt denies that her claim has anything to do with her efforts to turn the old house into a museum devoted to Ginger's career -- which we'd call a bit of a tap dance.

A Florida man took a stab at avoiding drug smuggling charges by telling authorities that a syringe hidden in his prosthetic leg was intended for administering medicine to his chickens. William Conley was initially busted for failing to appear in court on a minor driving charge, and when he was booked, a corrections officer said he had to surrender his artificial limb for a search. Conley initially said he couldn't remove it, but eventually did, and the guard found the syringe -- which was loaded with heroin. The 53-year-old claimed the liquid was nothing more than a vitamin solution, but tests proved that it was intended for him to get his kicks -- and he now faces far more serious jail time.

Coco, a 7-year-old Chihuahua, took a bite out of crime and came to the rescue of his female friend when a man attempted to rob her on Tuesday night in Gainesville, Florida, reports The Gainesville Sun.  According to Gainesville police, the woman was walking the dog when the robber approached from behind and struck her on the head with a glass bottle. He then demanded money. In a bold move, Coco bit the robber's leg, forcing the wounded man to escape into the nearby woods. Coco was rewarded with treats for his crime-fighting efforts. Blake Pfirrmann, Coco's owner and the woman's caregiver of 21 years joked, "He had a bone; he had another bone." Pfirrmann says, "He's very, very protective. He bites if he feels endangered." He adds that Coco is "a hero," and he plans to get him his very own badge. When Coco is not ridding the streets of vile criminals, his hobbies include sunbathing and break-dancing on command, spinning on two legs and barrel rolling. Meanwhile, the Gainesville Police Department is still seeking information about the robber, whom the woman described as wearing jeans and smelling of alcohol.

Galloway Township New Jersey Police report on their Facebook page that a senior citizen was scammed out of more than $147,000 by a psychic for a treatment that she claimed would rid him of evil spirits. The elderly man had been visiting a psychic he only knew as Kim. As he met with Kim, she offered him treatments to cleanse his soul and allow him to live in peace. The first visit required a payment of $5,000, according to police. After additional visits, Kim suggested a 14 step chakra program for him to complete which would cost $10,500 per step. Kim advised him that he had eight evil spirits that only she could eradicate via the 14 steps. Police say Kim also predicted further torment in this life and the afterlife if he did not complete the 14 steps. The man ultimately agreed to the steps and was provided specific instructions to transfer $147,700 from his checking account to her son’s car business. Kim allegedly told the man that he should tell no one of the arrangement or more evil spirits would need to be cleansed. He was directed to tell the bank tellers that he was buying a car. Sally "Kim" Wando and Frank T. Marco were arrested on August 25 and charged with second degree Theft by Deception and Conspiracy to Commit Theft, a crime of the third degree. Both were released on summonses pending their court date.

This man's best friend really does have a best friend in David Maceo, of Tampa, Florida: he built a tiny bedroom for Hennessey, his adorable French bulldog. The dog-sized room was built under a staircase -- a la Harry Potter -- and features a bed, and of course, photos of the little pup and his best human pals: Maceo and his (human) better half. Also, as a tribute, there's a picture of his doggy brother, Patron, who died a year ago. "I don’t have kids, so I have to spoil someone other than my wife," Maceo, 24, told ABC News. "He means everything." Hennessey first belonged to Maceo’s brother-in-law, but when he moved to Colombia he couldn’t take Hennessey along because he has a heart murmur. "He was scared if he had taken him he would have passed, so me and my wife took him," Maceo noted, adding Hennessey beat the odds. "He was only supposed to last two years. He was the runt of the litter. It's been 6 years and he’s hyper as can be. He's very obedient."

A New York woman hopes to take a big bite out of her ex-husband's finances because of his alleged failure to pay alimony -- to their dog. Sarah Bronilla wants a judge to put a tighter leash on ex Joshua Rosen, who hasn't shelled out the $200 per month in pet support he promised after they split up back in 2012. In addition to the monthly stipend, the deadbeat doggie daddy has supposedly declined to pay his share of vet bills and other expenses for the bulldog, whose name is Lola.

He's been a pooping spree that's fouled businesses around his town.

A Florida man is going to be in deep doo-doo when cops catch up with him and charge him for a pooping spree that's fouled businesses around his town. The bearded bozo went about his business without raising any suspicion, dropping a deuce at the back door of a jewelry store, but an employee nearly stepped in his leavings and went to a security camera to see what had happened. The tape showed the dude drop his dung-arees and soil the alleyway before running off without a word. Police Chief Tony Taylor showed a sense of humor asking for leads, saying, “It’s just downright shameful when people don’t give a crap about their town. It really stinks.”

Police were led on a high-speed chase by a driver with a casket on his roof.

Police in Arkansas arrested the driver of a Hummer who led them on a high-speed chase with a coffin tied to his roof. Officers noticed the vehicle parked on the side of the road and thought the driver might be up to something. Of course, the white casket on the roof was a dead giveaway. As they approached the vehicle, the driver sped away. Police chased him and eventually used spike strips to bring him to a stop. They arrested 39-year-old Kevin Cholousky and charged him with driving with fictitious tags, reckless driving and fleeing police. The casket was empty, and police didn't say why he had it on the roof of the vehicle.

A woman bought a salad and got a free pet with it.

A California woman nearly croaked when she found a small frog hiding in the salad she bought at a Target store. Becky Garfinkel says she'd eaten half of the boxed spring mix salad before she noticed the lettuce moving on its own. That's when she took a closer look and found the little frog covered in dressing. She recalls, "As I'm pulling to go stab another bite, I see a frog sitting in my salad plate after I've eaten almost the entire salad. Completely freaked out -- screamed. I threw up afterward because I was traumatized. I'm a vegetarian and I couldn't believe there was a frog in there." She posted a photo of the salad hopper on Target's Facebook page and wrote, "This is the most disgusting thing I have seen." The frog was alive but wasn't doing too well, so they washed off the dressing and even did some chest compressions until its breathing improved. At that point, she decided she had to keep the frog as a pet. She named him Lucky. Meanwhile, Target says it is investigating the disgusting discovery and has offered Becky a $5 gift card, which doesn't even cover the cost of the salad.

One cockroach in your home is one too many, but what about thousands? Video shared by 100 Most magazine on its Facebook page shows thousands of cockroaches scurrying along a seaside wall in the Special Administrative Region of Macau, in Southern China Wednesday. The massive horde of cockroaches was attempting to flee Typhoon Hato. In what looks like a lost scene from The Ten Commandments, the line of roaches goes for several feet in two directions along the wall, as they tried to flee ground soaked by Hato. The video has been viewed more than 500,000 times and received more than 14,000 likes. So far 16 people have been declared dead after the typhoon lashed Macau and southern China. It is unclear what happened to the roaches.

It was a true New York moment: a Manhattan couple walked down the aisle on a crosstown bus. NY1 reports that Kara Mullins and Osvaldo "OJ" Jimenez were joined by friends, family, and regular straphangers, as they got hitched on the notoriously slow M14. Jimenez, an artist and writer, first saw Mullins, an accounts manager, while riding the M14 13 years ago. During the ceremony he said, "I'm glad that I was able to find my way to you! I love you, and heck yes, I do." Mullins replied, "I love you, and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you.” The unnamed officiant said, "If there is anyone present today who knows of any reason why this couple shouldn't be married, please get off the bus!" The groom got on at Fifth Street and Avenue D. The bussing bride climbed aboard a few blocks later. Fortunately, the M14 is slow enough to allow for the 20-minute ceremony. Mullins tossed her bouquet near the end of the line and the start of her marriage. "Look up and look at what's around you," Jimenez said. "This city's beautiful, and don't blink, because you might miss something." The newlyweds are honeymooning in Egypt.

New Jersey's oldest resident died Thursday morning. According to, less than a month after she turned 112, Agnes Fenton passed away at home in Englewood. Fenton gained notoriety when she was appeared on a TV special on longevity at the age of 105, and attributed her long life to her decades-long habit of drinking three Miller High Life beers which she chased with a nip of Johnny Walker every day. Unfortunately for her, Fenton's caretakers had to eliminate alcohol to improve her appetite, but she was allowed some whisky on her 110 birthday. Fenton also said her faith was an important part of her longevity and still received communion at her home brought to her by clergy. In a 2015 interview with NJ Advance Media, Fenton said, "I believe in church. I believe in God. That's all have to say.” Born Agnes Jones on August 1, 1905, in Holly Springs, Mississippi, Fenton owned the Pal's Duck Inn restaurant in Tennessee, where she was one of the first black women to own a restaurant in the state. She later moved to New Jersey with her second husband. Lamont Saunders knew Fenton as "Aunt Aggie" because his late mother was a dear friend of hers. Saunders said the funeral arrangements have not been sorted out, but he was speaking with the pastor of St. Mark's United Methodist Church about possibly holding services there.

A New York couple made a grave mistake while visiting a British museum -- by damaging a valuable antique casket when they placed their son in it for a candid photo. The pair, who checked into Prittlewell Priory, a museum and park in Southend-on-Sea, which is designed to replicate life in the U.K. back in the old days. There are few barriers between visitors and exhibits, which meant they had no trouble boosting their eight-year-old into the 800-year-old sandstone coffin, knocking off a large chunk while prepping their picture taking. A Trip Advisor reviewer, who witnessed the incident, got sarcastic, writing “It’s a very good place to take your unruly kids if they are in the mood to damage 800 year old coffins. Loads of things to break -- remember to leave quickly before anyone discovers the damage. Shame on you!”

A British woman took a shot at making sure she had a day's worth of shots.

A British woman took a shot at making sure she had a day's worth of shots -- but still got busted for trying to smuggle a bottle of vodka into a horse racing event inside a large sandwich. The woman, who was not identified, handed her purse to a guard at the Southwell Race Course and seemed surprised when he turned his attention to a foil-wrapped salami, cheese and tomato sandwich that also included a special ingredient -- an unopened pint bottle of Glen's brand vodka. The embarrassed lush was told she could come back at the end of the day to claim her booze, but she never showed. The track's tweet captured the attention of Glen's Vodka, which responded with the creation of a new drink: "The Glen's Salami Sizzler."

A guy was arrested for peeing on $600 worth of Halloween candy.

Police in Ohio arrested a man who walked into a storage area of a Kohl's department store and relieved himself all over packages of Halloween candy. 48-year-old Christopher Burks was caught on surveillance footage entering the employees-only room and then urinating on a "large amount of Halloween candy." The store estimates the damage at more than $600. Burks, who has several prior arrests for things like burglary, assault and disorderly conduct, was arrested and charged with criminal damage. Authorities don't know why he chose to pee on the candy when there's a restroom inside the store.

The busker was so bad that officers told him to go home and practice.

Everyone's a critic, and that includes police in Denmark, who had all they could take of one street performer. Officers approached a busker who was playing the Oasis song "Wonderwall" and told him he had to stop because he was awful. The police department says on its website, "Just because you can play ‘Wonderwall’ does not mean you should... The guitarist played loud, bad and noisy. He did not sound like Liam Gallagher. A patrol talked to the singer and sent him home to practice."

For better or worse, in sickness and in health and the occasional bar fight.  A pair of newlyweds was arrested Saturday night after a fight broke out in downtown Edmonton. The bride was still in her gown and the groom was still in his tux. Neither was identified. The picture of the bride has gone viral. Eyewitness Matt Machado said nine members of a wedding party walked in to Denizen Hall around 10 p.m. "They're getting drinks. They're just really, really super banged up," he said. "And then all of a sudden we see the smoke pit doors just, like, blow open. Like, you know, in the old Western movies, when a big fight happens and the doors just explode open and everybody piles out? Then security's got this one guy in a headlock and they tumble down the stairs. The bride is just like following behind, just swinging." Security was able to stop the fracas as a stunned bar looked on. Police showed up and cuffed the bride in her white wedding gown while the officer wrote her a ticket. Edmonton police said Monday the bride, 36, was charged with assault while the groom, 37, was charged with mischief. Court records indicate the couple each have been in trouble with the law. They were released and left the bar together with a promise to appear in court at a later date. Hopefully, their honeymoon will be less eventful. 

A Bronx woman left $300,000 to her cats in her will. Ellen Frey-Wouters, a widow from the Bronx borough of New York City, who died in 2015 at age 88, left $300,000 to her cats, Troy and Tiger. Tiger is now living in Ocala, Florida, while Troy lives with Rita Pohila, one of Frey-Wouters’ former home health aides. Dahlia Grizzle, another former home health aide to the late Ellen Frey-Wouters, is taking care of Tiger. She said, “He deserves it. He’s a wonderful cat.” Frey-Wouters from the Netherlands worked for the United Nations and married a Brooklyn College professor who passed away in 1989. Their only child died in infancy. Grizzle said, “The cats were like her babies.” When Tiger and Troy pass away, the remainder of their trust will go to Frey-Wouters’ sister in the Netherlands, who is her only living family member. Frey-Wouters’ $3 million estate was divided among two other aides, charities and her lawyer.

This Trump trip was a bust. German authorities arrested a father and his teenage son for allegedly carrying bags full of the psychedelic party drug ecstasy that featured President Donald Trump's likeness, police said in a statement. Five thousand orange tablets with an estimated street value of about $46,000 were seized and tagged as evidence in the northern German city of Osnabruck, according to a police statement. They were allegedly being brought into Germany from the Netherlands by a 51-year-old man and his 17-year-old son. Around 9 p.m. on Saturday, according to the statement, the men were pulled over during a traffic stop while traveling in an Austrian-registered Peugeot 307 car along A30, a highway that runs adjacent to Osnabruck. The men were allegedly driving back from the Netherlands where they had been looking to buy a car but didn't find one, according to police. It was during their return home through Hanover that cops pulled them over and found a large, undisclosed amount of cash and 5,000 pills featuring the 45th president's face. The father and son were both arrested and their car was impounded, according to the police statement, and on Sunday, a judge ordered both to be remanded.

A New York City man called police to report that a woman he invited back to his place one night left with a lot of jewelry, but he may have lost a lot more than that. 37-year-old Jean Pierre Henderson told police he met the woman one night and invited her back to his apartment. He later discovered about $50,000 worth of jewels missing, including a wedding ring and Rolex watch belonging to his wife. That's right, his wife. Henderson is going to have a lot of explaining to do and after he gets the jewelry back, he may have to get a good lawyer.

A Middle Eastern drug smuggler hid millions of dollars worth of illegal pills in cases of sheep intestines.

A Middle Eastern man showed a lot of guts by spearheading a drug smuggling scheme -- in which he hid millions of dollars worth of illegal pills in cases of sheep intestines. The man, whose name has not been released, tried to blame it all on his brother and insisted he had no idea he was actually transporting amphetamines. Authorities didn't buy his belly-aching and have hit him with drug distribution charges that could land him in prison for life. Cops made the bust in Dubai, but the pills were headed for Saudi Arabia, where they're in common use.

A Florida crook got busted after driving off in a stolen car, then pulling over to watch the solar eclipse.

A Florida crook had his sunny outlook dimmed on Monday when he got busted after driving off in a stolen car, then pulling over to watch the solar eclipse. Jocsan Feliciano Rosado swiped the ride in Orange County, but didn't simply hit the open road. Instead, he stopped at a home-improvement store to purchase a welder's mask, which he slipped on to view the once-in-a-lifetime nationwide eclipse -- allowing cops to nab him shortly before peak totality. To add insult to injury, Rosado was told that welder's masks aren't even approved for eclipse viewing.

A 1-year-old girl thought she spotted her dad in the mall. Instead, it was a statue of Batman. Melissa Millsap was taking her four kids back-to-school shopping at Lakeside Mall in Sterling Heights, Michigan, but she couldn't understand why her 1-year-old daughter Layla kept yelling, "Da da!" "I was trying to figure out what she was talking about," she told ABC News. Millsap, 37, eventually discovered that her daughter was referring to the Batman statue, located inside the mall. "It's funny because she's never seen Batman before. We don't have anything Batman in our house," she continued. Millsap decided to take a video of her daughter yelling "Da da!" at Batman to send to her husband of 17 years. He thought it was hilarious. "I was cracking up because the way she shot it was perfect," Erik Millsap, 39, told ABC News. "I was not expecting to see Batman at the end of the video. I was laughing."

An ATM at a drive-through in Arkansas was picked up and carried away by someone driving a forklift. The Conway Police Department shared a video on Facebook this weekend asking for the public’s assistance in identifying the driver and/or the owner of a commercial forklift. A post from August 18 stated, “The Conway Police Department needs your help identifying the person/persons responsible for stealing an ATM from First Service Bank around 3:00 Wednesday morning. The suspects cannot be seen but if you recognize the truck or you were in the area when this happened or have some information you want to share on this case, please call Detective Williams at 450-6130. Thanks in advance for your help.” In the security footage obtained by the police, a large forklift skewers the ATM and successfully pulls it from its foundation.  Police suspect the thief or thieves may work in the construction industry. It is unclear how much money was in the machine at the time of the theft. 

A Missouri couple had an out-of-this-world wedding in St. Joseph, during the total solar eclipse on Monday. “Being able to do the wedding on the day of the solar eclipse couldn’t be any more perfect,” bride Samantha Kuhn, 28, told ABC News. After completing their vows, the bride and groom joined their guests, all wearing certified solar eclipse glasses, in a field behind the altar to take in another “rare and wonderful” occasion -- the total solar eclipse, in the path of totality. “I’ll go out and have about 2 minutes and 40 seconds of totality and just take in that moment,” the bride said on Good Morning America Monday morning in anticipation of the ceremony. “It’s going to be amazing.” The astronomy-loving bride has been obsessed with all things celestial since she was in the third grade, even wanting to become an astronaut. “Once I realized the planets were out there and we were all suspended in this solar system, I couldn’t wrap my head around it but I loved that. It completely fascinated me,” she told ABC News. So when her now-husband Cameron Kuhn popped the question, picking the day was a no-brainer. “The coolest part about this, the eclipse is kind of like a time stamp,” the groom said. “It will stand out in everybody’s memories even more.”

A Florida man nearly found out that the first cut really is the deepest after he tried to steal a hatchet from a Wal-Mart by shoving it down his pants. Security personnel called cops to the store after seeing Joseph Thornton hide the sharp implement in his trousers, followed by a speaker and a USB cable. The police report says he also put on a pair of socks he didn't pay for, but the store manager agreed to let him keep those, since they would have been destroyed anyway. The Wal-Mart folks were not willing to bury the hatchet over the other items, though, and Thornton will be charged with petty theft and illegal possession of a weapon.

A New York man doesn't have a prayer of avoiding court after the spirit moved him to break into a Catholic church, get naked and drink a bottle of sacramental wine. Witnesses called 911 after spotting Nathaniel Schultz sitting on the steps of St. Mary of the Snow church, stark naked except for a towel wrapped around his waist. When cops arrived at the scene, the 26-year-old appeared to be intoxicated and incoherent. He had downed most of a bottle of sacramental wine after busting into the house of worship. Schultz was busted for a similar offense back in May, when surveillance cameras also captured him lying naked in the church and urinating into a trash can in one of the priest's changing rooms. He was ordered held on $30,000 bail.

A man in China woke up last week and immediately experienced a strange sensation -- right from the gecko. The man had pain in his ear, so he went to the hospital to get checked out. Doctors discovered a live gecko inside. It's believed the tiny lizard climbed in while the man was sleeping. Doctors anesthetized the reptile to keep it from climbing further into the ear canal and were able to use tweezers to pull the lizard out -- most of it, anyway. The gecko was mysteriously missing its tail. Doctors searched further into the man's ear but didn't find it, which led them to make the assumption that it lost its tail before its aural explorations.

A New Hampshire woman is safe and back on dry land after she had to be rescued from her four-foot-deep backyard swimming pool. Leslie Kahn went for a swim in the above-ground pool and when she stepped on the ladder to get out, one of the rungs broke and the ladder collapsed, leaving her stranded in the shallow pool. No one else was home at the time and her phone was inside the house, but her iPad was near the pool, so she was able to use a pole to pull it over to herself. She then went on Facebook and posted her call for help on a community page. Neighbors arrived at her house, but pulling her out of the pool wasn't easy. After several attempts with chairs and other methods, they were able to use a step ladder to help her climb out.

Police in suburban Kansas City are on the hunt for a man accused of stealing a TV while wearing a T-shirt with the phrase "I'm Broke Baby" on it. The Lee's Summit Police Department says on its Facebook page Monday that "yes, we realize his shirt is ironic!" A photo on the page shows the man wearing the black and white shirt, a matching ball cap and sunglasses. He's clutching a cellphone and what appears to be a shopping cart handle. The post says he's suspected of stealing the large TV from a retailer. It doesn't say when the theft occurred. The post has been shared more than 300 times and generated comments including: "Get a job, baby!" and "Shirt says it all."

Two Florida college students browsing at a thrift shop paid $1.20 for a stack of authentic NASA flight suits that could be worth $5,000 or more. WKMG in Orlando reports that Talia Rappa, 20, a junior studying astrophysics at UCF, and Skylar Ashworth, 24, who was recently accepted into a college aerospace program at Eastern Florida State College, were shopping at a thrift store in Titusville when they found five blue NASA flight suits and a white "control suit" beneath a pile of clothes in a plastic bin. Rappa said, “They were kind of in a weird corner. Skylar pulled them all out at first, then brought the whole handful over to me.” According to experts at the American Space Museum,  the names and flight dates on the suits suggest they belonged to astronauts George “Pinky” Nelson, Robert A. Parker and Charles D. Walker, who flew shuttle missions between 1983 and 1985. Ashworth said, “It just blows my mind. The bin was under two other big totes, I moved them off to the side and I’m digging through a whole bunch of sweaters and stuff, and I found the white one with the patch just kind of laying there.” The students plan to offer the suits at a special auction tentatively set for November 4 at the American Space Museum. For more information about the auction, visit the American Space Museum online

A Wisconsin man is lucky to be alive after a nail pierced his heart during a construction accident. While building a frame for a fireplace seven weeks ago, Doug Bergeson, of Peshtigo, Wisconsin, was holding a nail gun and accidentally fired a three-and-a-half inch nail into his chest. "It didn’t really hurt. It just felt like it kind of stung me," Bergeson told ABC affiliate WBAY in Green Bay. But his work for the day was definitely over. “When I saw the nail moving with my heart, it’s kind of like, 'I’m not going to get anything done today,'" he added. Though the small metal spike was sticking out of his chest, Bergeson didn’t bother to call 911. He drove himself 12 miles to Bay Area Medical Center in Marinette. "It seemed like the thing to do," Bergeson said. "I felt fine, other than having a little too much iron in my diet." Hospital staff rushed Bergeson to Aurora BayCare Medical Center where he underwent open-heart surgery. "A wrong heartbeat, a wrong position and he would have had a much more complicated problem than he was bargaining for," said Dr. Alexander Roitstein, who performed the surgery. Bergeson did not have any permanent damage to heart, just a scar and an appreciation for the power of nail guns. "Accidents, they can happen so quickly, and fortunately this one had a good ending," he said.

A Florida man had better hope his lawyer can come up with a good defense -- after getting arrested for pulling a gun to prove martial arts are a bad defense. George Meyer dropped into a self-defense seminar at his son's school and told instructor Christopher LaSala that weapons would always be superior to martial arts, which he called "crap." To emphasize his point, Meyer reached into his pocket and pulled out a small back handgun, pointed it at the teacher and said, "Bang, you're dead." LaSala said he was not, in fact, dead, but Meyer pressed the point, saying the gun was "locked and loaded" and ready to be fired at any time. Meyer was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill and improper exhibition of a firearm.

A Philadelphia woman ordered a Chick-Fil-A sandwich and bit into a small rodent that was baked into it.

A Philadelphia woman just developed a beef with a chain that hates beef -- because she ordered a Chick-Fil-A sandwich and bit into a small rodent that was baked into it. Ellen Manfalouti is suing the poultry-pushers for emotional distress after biting into her sandwich and discovering a tiny mouse in the top bun. She says a co-worker had brought lunch back to a conference room at their office and handed her the sandwich, which she bit into and "tasted something funny." Manfalouti's lawyer says she's suing the franchise owner and chain management because neither one was responsive to her complaint.

Police say a Connecticut woman and her 12-year-old daughter were locked inside a convenience store by an employee who suspected them of stealing, and they kicked out the store's glass doors to escape. The girl is also accused of using a stun gun on the 7-Eleven worker. Police say 41-year-old Bridgeport resident Dorsey Saunders and her daughter were locked in the Fairfield store Sunday night by a clerk who said they stole energy drinks. They kicked out the glass and ran into the parking lot, where the girl used the stun gun. Saunders and her daughter face several charges, including larceny. The mother was charged with impairing the morals of a minor. Saunders denied stealing and told police she broke the doors because she was scared.

An alligator has been found in a swimming pool at a motel at the New Jersey shore. The 3-foot-long alligator was discovered Tuesday morning at the Bayview Inn & Suites in Atlantic City. Authorities say it's not clear where the alligator came from, how it got into the pool or how long it had been there. Animal control workers safely lifted the alligator from the pool. It was taken to an undisclosed site.

German customs officers say they have found and destroyed 20 rotten snake heads found in a package that had arrived from Nigeria. A spokeswoman for Munich's main customs office said Wednesday that officers discovered the snake parts when they X-rayed a 6.6-pound package last week. Marie Mueller said that when officers then opened the parcel the stench of the rotten snake heads was "simply overwhelming and unbearable." Mueller said the snake heads were immediately burned to prevent the spread of possible diseases. She said the customs office has repeatedly intercepted packages from western Africa with snake heads which are sent to Germany as a delicacy.

A Florida man is in custody after a rampage that allegedly caused more than $100,000 damage to a construction site. Police responded to 911 calls who said a man was using a forklift to damage a liquor store under construction at the Crestview Wal-Mart. Callers to 911 also said the man “was throwing cinder blocks off the scaffolding in the construction zone.” The man allegedly broke into the construction site and used an extendable forklift parked there and destroyed the building under construction. According to the arrest report, when Crestview Police officers arrived on scene, the man aimed the forklift at them. He was stopped at gunpoint and “stated his name was Alice Wonderland and he was told to commit the offenses by a hookah-smoking caterpillar.” He was later identified as Mathew Horace Jones. Jones also allegedly damaged a city of Crestview fire hydrant and a 2-inch water meter valued at $3,200. Additional damage was estimated at $40,000 in scaffolding and materials; $15,000 in block and mortar; a $15,000 forklift; $7,500 mixer; $1,500 mud pans; and $4,000 in damaged fencing. Including $10,000 in labor to clean up the site following the incident and $20,000 plus $30,000 in overtime labor to rebuild the toppled walls and get back on schedule, company officials estimated total damage at $128,000. According to the police report, Jones said that Wal-Mart was building a place to sell alcohol and he had a problem with it. Jones was booked on multiple charges and remanded to the Okaloosa County jail.

The Indiana University Police Academy shared video on Sunday of an unconventional education tactic used to test a cadet’s focus, by squeaking a yellow rubber chicken next to their faces. The Facebook post states, "The Chicken Test - Designed to test a cadet's demeanor, focus and sense of humor! Not bad..." The video shows a uniformed officer walking behind the recruits and squeaking the rubber chicken next to their faces at the Bloomington campus. The cadets have to stand at attention while offers administer "The Chicken Test" and try to remain stoic in the face of such silliness, but anyone who laughs or even cracks a smile is made to perform push-ups.

A Florida woman had a lot to get off her chest -- so she started by stripping off her top, then running around her neighbors' yards while screaming obscenities at the top of her lungs. Cops were called to the scene of Mandy Deane Jones' meth-fueled rampage moments after she charged at a moving car, jumping into the back seat and grabbing a bottle of water before sprinting off a second time. Paramedics who accompanied the deputies managed to calm the 36-year-old, who admitted she'd ingested a fair amount of meth in the two hours leading up to her freak-out. Jones was charged with petty theft and taken to a nearby hospital for observation.

An Alabama man probably should have made a run for the border - after he bashed his twin brother in the head with a baseball bat for asking to share his Taco Bell meal.

An Alabama man probably should have made a run for the border -- after he bashed his twin brother in the head with a baseball bat for asking to share his Taco Bell meal. Tyler Dukes got a little hot and saucy when his grandmother dropped by the place he shared with his sibling with tacos for the pair to share, because he felt there were only enough for him. When the victim tried to grab one, Dukes grabbed a bat and hit his twin, opening a gash in the back of his skull. When a deputy asked Tyler if he committed the assault, the 19-year-old quickly admitted he had, saying of his twin, “He is always disrespecting me.”

He was simply showing off the results of the male enhancement supplements he'd bought.

An Ohio man was so pleased with the results of his male-enhancement pills that he returned to the store he'd purchased them from, showed off his results and promptly got arrested. Cops say 21-year-old Shedrick Nichols purchased the supplement from a GNC nutrition store and returned a short while later with his genital exposed, enthusiastically declaring, "These supplements really work." He then left the store, and the clerk's boyfriend followed him to a nearby Dollar General store, where police arrived and arrested him. The GNC clerk told police she didn't want to press charges, but they discovered Nichols already had a warrant out for his arrest, so they cuffed him and hauled him into the station. It turns out this wasn't his first time dropping his pants in public. He was convicted of public indecency twice already this year.

A Florida couple transporting a barbecue grill in an SUV with the hopes of cooking up some burgers and hot dogs, ended up barbecuing themselves and destroying the vehicle. Police say the married couple loaded the grill and the connected propane tank into a rented SUV and drove away. It turns out that the propane tank was open and the grill was in the "on" position, which they eventually figured out when the wife decided to light her cigarette. The vehicle exploded and continued rolling until it hit a pole. Both occupants suffered burns and were taken to the hospital for their injuries which amazingly are not life-threatening. The SUV was destroyed and the roof was nearly blown off. The blast also damaged another car that was driving alongside them. The man inside the SUV was later arrested on an outstanding warrant.

A bear broke into a sport utility vehicle in southwestern Colorado, trashed its interior and caused it to roll out of a driveway and smash into a mailbox. Neighbors heard the crash early Friday and called law enforcement officers in the small city of Durango. Ron Cornelius joked that he doesn't usually get up at 5 a.m. "unless there is a bear driving a car down the street." Cornelius took photographs of the car with its steering wheel pulled off and the radio pulled out of the dash. The bear's actions may have released the parking brake or put the transmission into neutral, causing the SUV to roll out of a driveway. The SUV's back window was broken. The bear was gone when authorities arrived.

USA Today reports that the white Ford Bronco used by O.J. Simpson in his infamous 1994 police chase down the 405 freeway in Los Angeles, will be featured on the Las Vegas-based reality television show Pawn Stars. The Bronco will be showcased on Monday, August 14 episode on the History channel. Simpson is back in the headlines after he was granted parole last month, having served nine years in a Nevada prison for his participation in an armed robbery. He is scheduled to be released sometime in October. Simpson’s friend Al Cowlings drove the Bronco during the chase, five days after Simpson’s ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ron Goldman were murdered.  Simpson was found not guilty in the 1995 murder trial. Pawn Stars personality Rick Harrison, who co-owns World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, said, “It’s in amazing shape. I drove it around and it felt a little odd, but it runs great.”

Good news for bros who love brews, a new study from Austria says that a little beer might be a good thing. WBZ reports that researchers at the University of Graz conducted a study that found that mild intoxication can aid in clearing mental blocks and also spark creative thought. The study examined 70 volunteers, aged 19 to 32; giving them both alcohol-free and regular beer before taking a series of tests. Apparently, the participants performed better on a word problem test after drinking a pint of beer than they did having alcohol-free drinks. However, researchers noted that concentration and memory issues were a problem for the drinkers in other skill tests. The study’s lead author Dr. Mathias Benedek said, “While many activities usually benefit from high cognitive control, some may actually suffer from too much focus. Alcohol may reduce fixation effects by loosening the focus of attention. Thereby, alcohol may facilitate a broader associative search and the effective solving of creative tasks that are prone to fixation effects.” Researchers also noted that consuming more than a pint of beer may negatively affect the drinker’s creativity. Dr. Benedek cautioned, “Beneficial effects are likely restricted to very modest amounts of alcohol, whereas excessive alcohol consumption typically impairs creative productivity.”

A family in Hamilton, Ontario -- Canada -- discovered an alligator that was not a pool toy, in their back yard. The Toronto Star reports that Hamilton resident Walter Ertsinian said his daughters, Sophie Ertsinian, 11, and Christina Ertsinian, 18, first came upon the alligator when they were swimming in the family pool. Ertsinian said that at first, his girls thought it was a pool toy. “They both looked at it and said, ‘Maybe dad bought something for the pool like a vinyl blow-up thing, or maybe dad bought some kind of weird statue as a joke and put it on the side and didn’t tell us.' And then they saw the head move and said, ‘No, it’s alive!’” Ertsinian created a barrier with the remains of an old picnic table, then he called police. They put him in touch with Hamilton Animal Services, who quickly arrived to help out. Ertsinian shared video on Facebook of an Animal Services officer corralling the nearly five-foot gator. On Sunday, Hamilton Animal Services posted an update about the gator on Facebook, “See you later alligator… We bid farewell to our strange and infamous guest, brought to Animal Services after being found in a lower east Hamilton backyard on Thursday. Officer Matt shed no crocodile tears over his departure as he transported his scaly friend to the skilled folks at Reptile” They added, “Many thanks to the Reptile for housing this fellow until they arrange transportation to his native habitat in Florida.” It is not clear what the alligator was doing or where it came from, but Hamilton residents are not allowed to keep alligators as pets and reptiles are prohibited under city bylaws governing responsible ownership.

A Michigan man probably should have consulted the "hive mind" before trying to solve a bee infestation with his own solution - which ended up setting him on fire and sending himself to the hospital. Leslie Howard Cross discovered a large underground nest holding hundreds of bees and decided he couldn't put up with having the little buzzers right beneath his home. He created a makeshift flamethrower, but the device didn't work as planned and he ended up engulfed in more flames than the nest itself. A neighbor who called 911 for help was able to help Cross douse the fire, but not before the 46-year-old suffered burns severe enough to require a stay in the E.R.

A Virginia man found that someone had broken into his house. The intruder didn't clean him out, he or she cleaned the place up.

A Virginia man returned home after a long weekend away to find someone had broken in. But the intruder didn't clean him out, he or she cleaned the place up. The victim, whose name has not been released, called cops to report that items had been moved around. He was perplexed that nothing was missing. Whoever entered the place just straightened up, did some light cleaning and split. The man said he didn't employ a cleaning lady and insisted no one else had keys to his place. Cops are sweeping the Arlington area in an effort to find the mystery cleaner.

A woman had metal wire removed from her small intestine 10 years after she thought her braces were removed.

A 30-year-old Australian woman who had her braces removed 10 years ago recently found out the hard way that not all of the metal was taken out. She went to the emergency room complaining of abdominal pain. A CT scan revealed a wire lodged inside her small intestine. It had pierced the organ in several places. Doctors performed emergency surgery and removed a nearly three-inch wire used in orthodontics. The woman told doctors she had her braces removed 10 years ago and had no recollection of swallowing any metal. Doctors say it's unusual that it took so long for the sharp wire to cause her pain.

A man claims he found two geckos inside a can of Heineken. 

A California man claims he cracked open a can of Heineken, took a long sip, and immediately detected something wrong. It wasn't that the beer was skunked. The foul taste was likely from the two dead geckos he claims were at the bottom of the can. George Toubbeh says he bought the 24-ounce can from a Ralphs Grocery Store and experienced severe stomach pain after drinking it. His daughter looked inside the can and found two juvenile leopard geckos. Toubbeh said he became violently ill and went to the emergency room where he was given Xanax and Zofran for his nausea and vomiting. Two days later he was back at the doctor complaining of pain and loss of appetite.  Toubbeh has now filed a lawsuit against Heineken, the Kroger Company -- which owns Ralphs -- and a beer distributor. He's seeking unspecified damages. Heineken responded to the lawsuit saying it is without merit.

It’s not delivery, it’s Digiorno… but it won’t be arriving anytime soon. At least not in Arkansas. According to Arkansas Online, tragedy struck Little Rock after a traffic accident scattered hundreds of boxes of frozen pizzas all over the westbound side of Interstate 30, stalling traffic for miles in each direction on Wednesday. The crash happened around 1 o’clock in the afternoon when the tractor trailer apparently hit the Mabelvale Pike overpass, ripping apart the vehicle's trailer. The truck spilled diesel fuel and its load of frozen pizzas, most of which appear to be Tombstone and Digiorno, according to Arkansas Online contributor Emma Pettit, who tweeted video of the cleanup. No one was hurt. Arkansas Department of Transportation Department spokesman Danny Straessle was at the scene and said, "…there's a lot of frozen pizzas laying out on the interstate right now. Lots of pizza fatalities." All lanes were reopened by 5:30 p.m., more than four hours after the wreck.

A Florida family discovered a six-foot boa constrictor living in their attic. Englewood resident Bob van der Herchen, 75, told ABC News, "From time to time, we would hear noises in the attic. I wasn't really sure what they were." A few days later, van der Herchen caught a glimpse of about a 6-inch portion of the boa and thought to himself, "Wow, that's really big," he said. When Sarasota County Sheriff's Office Animal Services arrived, the snake was out of sight, and the responding officer said it was against protocol to look for it. The family called 19-year-old Mark Lampart to help retrieve the snake. Lampart, a landscaper by day, traps snakes as a hobby with his girlfriend, 18-year-old Kyleigh Wofford. On July 24, he and Wofford arrived at the van der Herchen's home and attempted to push the snake out of the small space with a PVC pipe. But, as soon as the snake saw him, it started "heading in the other direction." Lampart then reached his arm out as far as he could and grabbed onto the snake's tail, which he handed to Wofford. The two then pulled it out. Lampart said he believes the snake, a female about 10 to 15 years old, was someone's pet before it got out. He believes it was feeding on rats and had been "wild" for a while, since it kept trying to bite them.

A California man really missed the boat when he called the Coast Guard to help bail out his stalled ship -- forgetting that he had more than 1,200 pounds of weed on board. The man, whose name was not released, sent in a distress signal saying that his battery had died about 29 miles off Loma Linda beach, and asked for a rescue. Uniformed personnel arrived within minutes and boarded the vessel to offer help, only to find bales of marijuana. The suspect and an accomplice were taken into custody on felony drug charges.

A guy rode his horse into the fast food restaurant, did a little dance and then rode out.

A Whataburger restaurant in Texas was more like a what-the-heck-a-burger the other day when a man in a cowboy hat and boots rode in on a horse and danced on the tables. Diners and employees were stunned when the man rode a white horse into the fast food joint, dismounted and started dancing on the tables as others ate their food. Workers yelled at the man to leave, which he eventually did, but not before giving one more dance performance. A friend was there with him to capture the scene on video. Eventually, the cowboy got back on his horse and rode off into the sunset. He was never identified and police were not called.

You expect to see the world's smallest horse and the snake-lady at the fair. Not a couple having sex. 

A Wisconsin couple is in police custody after they were caught having a little too much fun at the fair. Instead of getting a mouthful of fried Twinkies and funnel cakes, the couple was getting a mouthful of each other in full view of others, including kids. The X-rated display took place in an open-air coliseum on the fairgrounds as several people watched in disgust. It was even captured on video and posted to Facebook.  Police say they arrested Desiree Anderson and Robert Beasley, both 28. At one point in the raunchy video, Beasley -- a professional wrestler who goes by the name "Bobby Valentino" -- notices that he's on camera and gives a wave and a smile. A State Fair spokesperson called the incident "appalling" and "inexcusable."

A town in upstate New York is trying to solidify its claim that it's the birthplace of the hamburger by repainting its water tower to look like one. Hamburg, New York, a town just south of Buffalo, is one of several locations around the world claiming to be ground zero for the burger. The claim is celebrated there every July with an event called Burgerfest. Now the town is looking to let the rest of the world know. A petition started by a Hamburg resident and presented to the town council states, "Our town's name closely resembles the classic American food, as well as a water tower which is shaped similarly. I would like to propose that we repaint this piece of our town's history to look like a hamburger." The petition has received more than 1,500 signatures from residents who think it's a fun idea. The author of the petition is also working to raise funds so that the paint job won't have to be paid by taxpayers.

Everyone likes a deal, but a restaurant owner in China is under fire for a "vulgar" and "discriminatory" promotion, which offered discounts of up to 65 percent based on bra size. The Trendy Shrimp restaurant, which is located inside a mall in the city of Hangzhou, hung up a sign explaining that all women will receive a discount. But those who wear an A-cup get a five percent discount, while those who wear a G-cup save 65 percent. The offer lasted only a few days before the owner was pressured to take it down. Despite the public outcry, the owner claims his female customers loved it and business jumped 20 percent.

They’re not looking for the Guardians of the Galaxy, just someone who has what it takes to protect the planet Earth from all kinds of aliens. The starting salary is $124,406 to $187,000 per year. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is looking for a Planetary Protection Officer. What’s that? According to the job listing, “The Planetary Protection Officer, or PPO, is responsible for the leadership of NASA's planetary protection capability, maintenance of planetary protection policies, and oversight of their implementation by NASAs space flight missions.” NASA says that planetary protection is focused on avoiding and defending the planet from any contamination or breach of spacecraft on a human or robotic mission that is returning to Earth. So basically you have to stop aliens from making their way back to harm us in one of our own ships, whether they’re microbes, “Greys” or marauding acid-blooded Xenomorphs. Qualifications for the job include a degree and a combination of education and experience. So if you have fought aliens before, that would be a plus. Security clearance is listed as “Secret,” so you might have to fib to your friends and relatives about what you do. The job is open to U.S. citizens and applications are being accepted until August 14.

A Maine man shared his recent lottery winnings with employees and diners of a local restaurant he patronized nearly daily for more than a decade. Hal, who asked that his last name not be used, won a $2 million jackpot from the Maine lottery in April. The 77-year-old, a retired truck driver, said he took home $1.4 million after taxes. He used the money to help his children, and he kept playing the lottery. Last month, Hal played the same Pick 3 game he has played for years, but as a new millionaire, he bought 56 of the $5 tickets. He picked the same three numbers for all 56 tickets. Hal’s three numbers were winners and each of his $5 tickets became $420 winning tickets. One Sunday last month, Hal took the winning tickets to Lori’s Cafe in Liberty, Maine, one of his favorite restaurants. “He was sitting at the counter and a young girl was doing dishes. It was only her second day working here,” the cafe’s owner, Lori Mayer, told ABC News. “He said, ‘Have you been busy today?’ and she said, ‘Oh yeah,’ and he whipped out one of the tickets and said, ‘Well, why don’t you have this today.’” Hal passed out another five or so winning tickets that day and then came back a few days later to give tickets to more employees and longtime patrons, including Mayer’s mother and aunt. He gave away all 56 of the tickets in about two weeks, surprising complete strangers at gas stations and grocery stores with the $420 prize. Hal also plans to keep playing the lottery.

It will only cost you ten dollars to own and live in a 4,000-square-foot, six bedroom, three-and-a-half bath historic home. But there's a catch. reports that a historic home in the tony neighborhood of Montclair, designed by famed architect Dudley S. Van Antwerp and built in 1906, is for sale at the low, low price of $10. The catch is you have to move the house and live in New Jersey. The Montclair planning board recently approved a subdivision for the land the home sits on, so the home must be moved to preserve it, but the new owner has to agree to literally pick up the entire house and move it to a new location a quarter mile away or less. According to town officials, the buyer would be responsible for buying the nearby land and financing most of the cost of moving the home. The seller will pay $10,000 toward the moving cost. The estimated cost of moving an entire house, according to the website, “How Stuff Works,” is roughly $12 to $16 a square foot. If the top price is taken and multiplied by the number of square feet, that comes out to $64,000. And that’s probably a conservative estimate. Anyone interested in making an offer on the $10 home must do so before August 31, via email to

Alabama motor vehicle officials will probably be taking a closer look at vanity license plate applications going forward, after this. The Alabama Department of Revenue on July 24 sent a belated rejection letter to the Madison County owner of the FKYALL vanity license plate, after being alerted to it by folks who'd spotted it on the road.  Pics of it have also apparently has been popping up on social media, according to In case you still don't quite get it, put a 'U' and a 'C' between the 'F' and 'K', then add "y'all." The plate appears on the back of a Chevrolet SUV displaying a giant Confederate flag in the rear window.  The owner applied for and received the plate as part of a state program that allows residents to pay an extra fifty bucks for a vanity plate to support state organizations -- in this case, Sons of Confederate Veterans. The letter sent to the plate owner, whose name's being withheld, declares the plate has been rejected because it's been "deemed offensive to the general public." The plate owner can appeal the judgment, or surrender their plate and receive another one that supports their organization of choice, free of charge.

An Arkansas man is facing charges after he made an ass of himself -- by using a bag of tasty carrots to lure one of his neighbor's donkeys into a spot where he was able to get busy with it. Everett Compton was arrested after the Whitaker family, who live on the property next door, set up surveillance cameras because their donkeys started acting strange. Shortly after 1:30 in the morning of July 16th, the 49-year-old was caught in the act, but told cops that he was only feeding the critters because they looked hungry. After a bit of questioning, Compton confessed, saying he had been smoking weed, which always makes him do "sick things." Owner Joyce Whitaker said, "It makes me sick to know that she couldn’t tell nobody and that she was having to go through this and she couldn’t tell nobody." We'd say Compton should "burro" into the ground in shame.

A British couple decided they couldn't stomach a neighbor's nasty antics -- and had him convicted of harassment for his non-stop, ear-splitting belches.

A British couple decided they couldn't stomach a neighbor's nasty antics -- and had him convicted of harassment for his non-stop, ear-splitting belches. Ian Lavender marked himself as the neighbor from hell by blasting songs by Otis Redding and Louis Armstrong at maximum volume, then upped the ante by sneaking onto the victims' property and burping into their open windows with gusto. The couple got a restraining order against Lavender, but he refused to abide by it and continued to creep them out, so they took him to court -- and won. Lavender, who denied any wrongdoing, was ordered to move in with his parents until sentencing in September. The judge in the case said, "Living next door to you must be a complete and utter nightmare."

A man in British Columbia was arrested Saturday after setting off fireworks at his home in Williams Lake, defying a fire ban. CTV News reports that the unidentified 34-year-old man was intoxicated, according to Williams Lake Royal Canadian Mounted Police spokesperson Cpl. Jesse O’Donaghey. O’Donaghey said the man, “told police that he set the fireworks off in celebration of returning home after his evacuation.” The Williams Lake area was evacuated last month as wildfires raged nearby. The evacuation order was lifted on July 27, but the area remains under alert as wildfires continue to rage, so province-wide open fire and campfire bans are in effect. This includes the use of fireworks. According to police, the man spent the night sobering up in police custody and was released with more than $1,000 in fines. Crews are still battling more than 100 separate wildfires in British Columbia and roughly 7,000 people have been evacuated from their homes.

A man in England who asked police to remove his mugshot from social media because it was unflattering has turned himself in. Wayne Esmonde, 35, of Forestfach, Swansea, saw his face on the South Wales Police Facebook, saying he was wanted for an alleged assault. His mugshot picture shows him looking goofily wide-eyed and intense. Esmonde took to the Facebook page and wrote, "I am him. Not a very flattering mugshot. I'd appreciate it if you'd take this post down. Innocent until proven guilty and all that. I've spoken to my solicitor and they will advise me what to do next. Thanks." He turned himself in at Swansea Central police station on Thursday. He was wanted in connection with a July assault. South Wales Police have since updated their Facebook post.

An Iowa man allegedly tried to deposit a million dollars at his local bank. The problem was he was trying to deposit a one-million dollar bill. The Sioux City Journal reports that Dennis Strickland, 33, of Sioux City, tried to deposit the fake money at Northwest Bank on Thursday. A bank teller notified the Sioux City Police Department. Sergeant Judy Kellen confirmed that Strickland tried to deposit a piece of paper he claimed was a $1 million note. When police arrived at the bank and questioned Strickland, they asked him to empty his pockets, and he allegedly pulled out a bag of methamphetamine. Strickland was charged with possession of a controlled substance. He is being held on $1,000 bond and has a court appearance scheduled for next week. The United States does not print million-dollar currency notes.

A sewage leak at Nashville International Airport may have contaminated about 200 Southwest Airlines passengers' bags, the airline said in a statement Thursday. Airport officials told ABC News that the source of the problem was a single toilet in a women’s restroom inside the terminal, closely positioned over the baggage handling area. The sewage flowed through the bathroom floor, leaked into the bagging handling area and seeped into some bags that were checked in for Southwest’s early morning flights, according to the officials. The bags are currently being sanitized, and replacement bags are being offered on a case-by-case basis, the airline said. According to the airline’s statement, its employees “identified which bags may have been affected” and are “proactively contacting customers, processing bags and reuniting customers with their luggage.” The airline said the leak didn’t cause any flight delays. Baggage handlers identified the leak and sorted through the affected bags before beginning the clean-up process, according to the airport officials. They added that some passengers opted to travel without their damaged bags.

A Scottish-based brewery chain with a U.S. presence in Ohio wants to make beer, not walls. In a statement released on the company website on Wednesday, BrewDog announced that it is planning on expanding its presence in the United States. The company, which produces kegs and cans of its signature beer in Canal Winchester, just outside of Columbus, Ohio, is turning its beer goggles south. Smack dab in the middle of the border between the U.S. and Mexico. “We’re planning to build an awesome craft beer bar on the border between the USA and Mexico,” the statement reads. “Our 'Bar on the Edge' will take back the great frontier between the U.S. and Mexico before it is taken away forever,” it continues. “Half in each, with amazing beer from both. Heck, you can order up a four-beer flight and drink two Mexican craft beers in the U.S. and two from our Ohio brewhouse south of the border.” BrewDog has bars all over the world and has been seeking to expand in the U.S. for some time. While this current statement may simply be some clever marketing, it’s unclear how it will be received – by Americans or Mexicans. In the meantime, BrewDog is planning a party. They say, “To celebrate the unveiling of these plans, we’re hosting a beery event in DogTap, Columbus this weekend, featuring a selection of some Texas and Mexico's finest liquid exports.” As they continue their plans for expansion, the company says, “The walls we’ll be building aren’t for dividing people, but for bringing them together. Over a beer.”

Since you’ve already grown bored with goat yoga classes, alpaca dance classes are the next logical step. Travel + Leisure reports that 313 Farms, located in the Canadian province of Manitoba, is offering dance classes, with alpacas. Each of the 45-minute classes taked place outdoors where participants can get fit while dancing with the funny, fuzzy mammals. Weekend classes this summer include hip-hop and barre classes as well as cardio and Pilates sessions. They also feature “Mommy and Me” classes for toddlers and their parents. Ann Patman, one of the founders of the series, said, “We have one in particular, his name is Benny, who likes to give kisses. So he’ll walk right up to somebody and stick his face up and wait for you to bend down and touch noses with him. When it’s warm out, they also like to get sprinkled with the hose.” Videos and pictures of the alpacas can be seen on the 313 Farms Facebook page.  Patman used to work at a dance studio and was inspired to create the classes because of how friendly alpacas are. When a neighbor started goat yoga classes nearby, she knew what she had to do. Classes are currently scheduled through August 19. Online registration for classes start at $10. If there is continued interest, Patman may add more classes in the fall.