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Weird News

Dairy Queen workers had quite the wake-up when a man in a rainbow wig entered their store with a loaded handgun. WPXI reports the incident happened in Delmont, Pennsylvania; a man put on a bright yellow safety vest and a rainbow wig to supposedly grab some ice cream. Instead, he grabbed a whole bunch of attention because he was also carrying a gun in his hand. Workers called police, who arrived a minute later to apprehend the man. The suspect claimed he was "undercover" and was "working to restore [Donald] Trump to President King of the United States." The unidentified suspect was taken into custody. Police searched his car, unearthing two more loaded handguns and 62 rounds of ammunition. The man now faces felony charges.

Traffic was snarled in Easton, Pennsylvania, when a rig dumped a whole bunch of white powder on the ground.  Amazingly, it wasn't drugs this time. Lehigh Valley Live reports a rig was traveling up a super-steep hill, but the contents it was carrying were a little too heavy to make the trek. Turns out, the truck driver hadn't properly secured his load, which resulted in nine pallets of flour -- or about 50 big bags -- tumbling onto the street. The pileup forced a road closure so police could clean up the confectionary chaos. No one was injured. No word on what consequences the driver faces.

This man is definitely not an entrepreneur, especially since his business model involved selling stolen goods right outside the store he'd just robbed. WVLT reports a man in Knoxville, Tennessee, stole a bunch of televisions from Walmart and managed to sneak them outside without getting caught. But instead of making off with his treasure trove, he decided to try to cash in on his stolen goods right there in the parking lot. Police found Donald Kirkland outside the Walmart with the stolen TVs. The suspect tried running away, but he wasn't faster than the officers and was arrested. Police found he not only stole televisions, he also swiped a karaoke machine and camping equipment to sell in the parking lot. A Walmart employee told police they saw Kirkland loading a television into his cart, so he was charged with theft of merchandise.

Dr. Govind Nandakumar is a surgeon who commutes to work at a hospital in India. Normally, his drive into work takes between 30 and 45 minutes. Earlier this week, though, he got stuck in heavy traffic -- and was worried because he had an important surgery scheduled. Traffic wasn't moving and it didn't look like he would make it in time. So, Govind hopped out of his car and ran the final two miles to the hospital. Luckily, Govind has a driver -- and that driver was able to keep moving along as the dedicated doctor was running ahead. It all worked out. Govind arrived at the hospital in time to perform the surgery -- and also take care of the other patients he was scheduled to see for the rest of the day, all thanks to an unplanned jog through bumper-to-bumper traffic.